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Reflex tape test for the best and the worst

The lighted mobile or the white T-shirt will not save your life on the night road. You'd better buy reflective elements, ideal for the widest bands in bright colors. But there are huge differences between them - the ability to reflect light is the best of them, compared to the last sixty times.

The Pilot Formula 1 takes about a quarter of a second before it can respond to an unexpected impulse. The average driver is four times slower. When the evening is torn from work or disturbed by dense chameleonic, its reaction time is still significantly prolonged. Now imagine what happens if a chauffeur in such conditions and moods encounters the "invisible" pedestrian road.

For example, over 130 pedestrians died on the roads last year, 60 percent of which were killed at night. Therefore, according to the amendment to the Road Act, pedestrians are obliged to wear so-called retro reflective material as of February when they move on an unlit road outside the village in the dark, dark, in heavy rain, snow or in the tunnel.

If your life depends on a plastic bracelet, which is roughly the same as one black coffee on the bottom, the question is: Are all of the same quality?

Therefore, the MF DNES Test has tested 26 reflective tapes together with BESIP. We bought them in different places - in shops, post offices, gas stations and e-shops. Measurement of the retro reflection, the intensity with which the tapes reflect the light, was undertaken by an accredited laboratory of the Center for Transport Research.

Most of them are bright yellow

At first glance, tapes at both ends of the qualitative scale are virtually the same - light green, plastic, self-winding. "In fact, it's not the color of the tape, but the amount and density of a special glass mass that provides a reflection of light in the tape," explains the principle of BESIP Martin. However, it is difficult for the layman to know.

The first advice on how to properly choose a reflective tape is, according to the Painter, "Be careful if the tape complies with the standard."

In mind, the standard is EN 471 or 20471. Look for the tape or the enclosed instructions. However, as the test showed, the quality of retro reflection does not necessarily have to be directly related to the quality of the information given. That is why the Farer recommends considering color.

"We recommend the color most bright yellow that is best visible and red or green," says the BESIP chief. Although the red color of reflective elements conforms to a technical standard, it is also better to choose the lightest shade - which is also confirmed by the test results. There was no red or even orange tape in the first half of the ladder, but the last eight had a color of just five.

"The ideal is white and silver, where no color is applied to dampen the reflection. The color will partially absorb the light that falls on it, so the darker the strip will be, the less it will shine, "explains the consequences of physical laws Lukas of the technology company 3M, which deals with the development and production of reflective materials.

The third advice when selecting a tape is quite practical, namely to try to get the widest reflective strip. And when you have the option, choose a predicable dealer for your purchase. Ideal is to get the tape directly with the BESIP logo, the top three also received two products from the Czech Post offer.

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