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Guide patrons to make safety and fashion

Supporting the creators of a system for producing tailor-made jeans with reflective strips, the editors of a new fashion magazine, or the designers of an androgynous clothing collection are three examples of the projects you can wager on Kick starter, a platform for Make patrons and go shopping that is experiencing a great boom.

Fashion and innovation are two concepts that often walk together. That is why it is not surprising that a web that rewards originality is frequented by fans and professionals to hunt trends. In addition, betting on crowd funding also means saying yes to a financing system that turns its back on banks. Something that has a lot of pull if we consider the popularity they have enjoyed since Lehman Brothers and company panicked the world.

In essence Kick starter’s operation is extremely simple: you propose an idea that you want to finance (there are exceptions), the amount of money needed to put it into practice, explain what your patrons will get in return based on your donations and make a presentation of Your project as clear and beautiful as possible. You should keep in mind that Kick starter is in the United States, although there are ways to present a project from Spain.

Whether seeking to make a donation selflessly or to purchase a reflective product that has fascinated the procedure is simple. You only need to use your Facebook account to sign up for Kick starter and also have one on Amazon to make payments. That's enough to start looking for projects that interest you.

You can bet on those who have already obtained the funding they are looking for and are raising funds or not. In the latter case if the project at the end of 90 days has failed to raise enough money, you have the money that you have contributed. You should also keep in mind if you want to get a product that the project managers send out of the United States. Something that happens in many cases adding a supplement to the amount requested.

Keep in mind, however, that Kick starter does not offer guarantees on the projects it hosts. Some have ended in fiasco after achieving the amount that was marked as goal. But you do not have to be too scared. It is not often that happens. In any case if you have doubts you can always ask the promoter directly anything before making any donation. It may also be well to goggling a bit to gather information on those submitting the projects if you are going to make a large donation.

Here are three examples of fashion proposals that have not yet achieved the quantity that have been marked and that allow shipments to Spain. Reflective clothing is good for riding or skating. If you are horrified by the typical reflective vests you can try to get one of the T-shirts from the Fix project. They are ideal to make yourself visible while riding on bikes or skates. As its design is attractive you can also wear them for the day. You have less than 10 days to support the proposal and for 55 dollars to get a shirt (with shipping costs to Spain included).

Some of the projects are very reminiscent of the teleshopping ads. That is at least what we have suggested stockings with socks built to wear Boo tights high boots. You can get a pair of them for $ 25 plus the 5 that costs shipping to Spain. Although, yes, at the moment does not go very well. They have only risen just over $ 3,000 and have to reach 25,000 by August 23rd.

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