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In the autumn, let's be careful on the road!

Autumn is a dangerous time for all road users. Police statistics show that the most accidents happen at this time of the year. During this time, the conditions on the road are very variable and dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians who become less visible on the road. Fast darkening, rainfall, slippery surface, are factors negatively affecting safety.

Heavy rain, fog, early darkening, reduce visibility on the road. The wet and slippery roadway is also not conducive to the driver. An additional difficulty is often lying on the roadway leaves - in such conditions, the braking distance may dangerously extend, and in extreme cases, the driver may slip and not control the car. In the autumn, roadways may already be frozen, and therefore slippery, and in such situations, the wheels easily lose their grip. Overtaking in such conditions, passing, cornering can be very dangerous. You should pay special attention to the depressions of the terrain, on hills, near forests and water reservoirs - the road can be particularly slippery there. Exercise extreme caution near pedestrian crossings. Also, be careful when commuting to them. If the pedestrian enters the passage, the driver may not slow down.

The police recommend that you check the condition of the tires in the vehicle in use (tread depth and correct tire pressure) and vehicle lighting. Drivers should remember to navigate the road with lights on and observe speed limits. It is worth remembering that in conditions of reduced air transparency, we should turn on the low beam, and if the visibility is limited to less than 50m, turn on the rear fog lamps. Note that we do not move on daytime running lights with reduced air transparency. Such security measures can save lives not only for us but also for other road users.

Changing the aura forces drivers to change their driving technique and adjust their speed to the prevailing road conditions - unfortunately, many of them seem to forget about it. We remind you that exceeding the speed limit and not maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front is one of the most common causes of accidents in autumn. If there is fog or heavy rainfall and heavy traffic on the road - you should slow down to the speed allowing the driver to control the traffic situation. Remember - permissible speed does not always mean speed SAFE! It is also important to remember about the proper and compliant use of fog lights and daytime running lights.

This period is also dangerous for drivers of motorcycles, who are increasingly using their machines until late autumn, and even throughout the year. Unfavorable atmospheric conditions reduce the grip of asphalt tires and even a seemingly ineffective fall when trying to brake suddenly can end tragically.

A special appeal is also directed at pedestrians not to go directly in front of an oncoming vehicle. Even at the pedestrian crossing, make sure that the driver can slow down. Of course, the pedestrian takes precedence over the passage, but here the principle of limited trust is most applicable.

Every pedestrian and cyclist should also remember about their safety and take care to be visible. A reflective vest, keychain, headband or even a flashlight will make it easier to see the oncoming driver when moving on a poorly lit road. We would like to remind you that from August 31, 2014, all pedestrians who move around the dusk along the way outside the built-up area must have a reflection visible to the drivers. The lack of a reflective element is threatened by a fine. Although traffic regulations do not impose an obligation to use vests and reflective elements in the built-up area, they, to a large extent, improve visibility. Therefore, we encourage pedestrians to wear reflective clothing which made of reflective materials at any time of the day, also in built-up areas, because they greatly improve visibility and avoid tragedy. They give drivers valuable time to take the right response - often saving lives and health.

An additional difficulty in the autumn (not only for drivers) is often worse well-being. The bad mood can affect the speed of reaction and concentration, which is also worth remembering when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and moving on the road.

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