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To break loose crows

It's nice in summer, but I like autumn. I like it very much.

It is then yellow and red, and a little brown, making its inputs on nature's palette and everything becomes more colorful.

The leaves on the trees and the ground, the sunlight glowing fiercely behind the mountain tops. The first white frost under the labors of the four-legged fur coat.

I had a holiday this year and it was nice to see the huge changes nature had undergone as I extended the summer to warmer latitudes.

Some are still waiting impatiently for the snow to come and the opportunity to ski there, but it's coming. In any case, we who live here north should not fear snowless winters. All experience indicates that we get more than enough.

Autumn brings with it a great deal, among other things, the winter season and winter sports are not far away, whether you want to be active yourself or cheer on the couch.

Soon comes the blessed Joachim Nielsen called "the cold, fine time".

For those who are not sports enthusiastic, but happy to be entertained, the TV channels will also be more offensive in the autumn than they have been this summer. And the fall is cinema time for many.

Autumn is a visually strong season.

The leaves on the trees testify that a change is about to happen, and although some people take the color play as a sign that it is now getting colder and grayer and that daylight is gradually disappearing, it is undeniably beautiful.

One of the best things I know about autumn is putting music in your ears (or just enjoying the sounds of nature and a purring dog) and strolling in the dark, not too cold autumn nights, preferably with a little breezy wind.

It is also indescribable to breathe in cold, clear and clean autumn air.

October has reached the tip of the nose now. The light and sounds get thinner every morning. In no time you can break the crow cries out of the sky.

Autumn can make anyone a little more poetic.

But the season also comes with increasingly darkness, so keep in mind - especially in the evenings. Don't think everyone sees you, but do what you can to be seen.

I got myself a pack last fall that the red light reflective tapeI had on my arm for a late afternoon walk with the dog was not good enough.

So then it became a reflective vest. Reflex should be a matter of course in the fall, and not just for children. It's simple, cheap and it helps.

Autumn is also a time when many feel it is better to be inside.

The stacks of wood that have been worked up should now give fire in the fireplace, a good follow for a good book on the sofa, large cups of tea or coffee and preferably under a blanket.

The name autumn comes from the harvest of fruits, vegetables, and grains traditionally stored for the winter, started in September.

So it was a very important time, especially if we go back a few generations.

A good crop and a good harvest could save a family or village. A bad one can lead to a horrible year in many ways. For some, it could be the difference between life and death.

Now it is in many ways easier in the food route. But autumn is still a food-time.

Lamb, mushrooms, moose, warm soups. Is it any wonder one gets happy in such a season?

Good harvest. Enjoy it!

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