We'll advise you how to ride for running in the dark, winter and rain

This autumn has been extremely favorable for runners in terms of weather, but the change of the seasons is inexorable. light is diminishing, the temperature is decreasing, the probability of fresh weather is increasing. Learn how to sneak in the dark, winter and rain.

Running in the dark

Some runners are accustomed to the darkness. Most people, however, train from daylight in the spring to autumn, and in the darkness, they go only in the highest distress. However, the sun's late sunrise and its early west have greatly diminished the possibilities, so almost everybody who has to think about it in the winter months at least a little seriously.

In the dark, the runner can encounter two main problems: he cannot see and cannot be seen.

Most parks and cycle paths are now fitted with street lighting and there is no reason to wear your own light source. The first problem is most likely to meet runners who run in the field or outside the city.

The easiest and most effective way to solve the situation is to purchase a headlamp or headlamp. You can get them in different forms from the basic ones that come out of you a few hundred, up to the top devices for several thousand.

The amount of potential investment should depend on how much light you need. For running on roads, pavements, and paved roads, you'll have a simple low-power headlamp, but as soon as you're thinking about night-time jogging on the ground, make sure that cheap headlamp is not enough. For more information on how to choose the right headlamp, you can look forward to an article that comes out in a few days.

Finally, it is advisable to add that when using the headlamp, you should consider your surroundings. When the counterman firs the pupils directly in the eyes by direct light, it is not pleasant. For pedestrians, runners, bikers, and cars, therefore, be careful that the intensity of the light is not unnecessarily high and that the headlight is slightly flanked.

Problem number two, on the other hand, will be mainly runners who are moving in the city and its surroundings.

There is nothing worse than when a cyclist or a car driver overlooks a bicycle because he simply does not see you. Everyone who runs in the dark is supposed to add his overlays to the reflective materials and ideally also to an active light source such as a reflective vest with integrated diodes or a color indicator that can be attached to his backpack or clothing.

Some runners also use special flashlights that can be attached to the running shoe, but I personally prefer ordinary "pin" flashlights that can be pinned wherever you are. Thanks to them, you can cover all possible angles where there is a danger of collision.

Running in winter

Summer is a beautiful season, the runner does not have to solve anything and it suffices with a functional T-shirt and well-fitting shorts. With the advent of autumn and winter, however, one layer stops you enough, and in order to keep you warm, you will have to dress.

The absolute foundation is to use exclusively functional materials that manage to quickly sweat away and maintain body temperature. These materials are by no means a cotton which, after sweating, remains wet, studying, and can run uncomfortably during the long run.

Another principle is to use thinner layers instead of one robust. Rather than warm your jacket, you'd better take two tricks and a light windbreaker. Ensure a much more efficient sweat sweep away from your body and you will not be as dirty as a heavy and breathable jacket.

You can read about how to lay clothes properly in this article.

Running in the rain

Rain is the greatest enemy of the runner in every season, perhaps except for the summer. The problem is that when the cloth is satisfactory waterproof, it usually does not offer very good vapor permeability. You will have a lot of sweat under the waterproof upper, which is not pleasant for the intense movement.

The number one option is to wait until the rain stops and dry, but if you want to run out of the rain for some time or other, you will need a quality membrane jacket that will be reliably waterproof and breathable at the same time.

These requirements are met by a number of jackets made of reflective fabrics such as Shield, Gore-Tex, or Blount. The used membranes are even more on the market, but these are among the most reliable and most widespread. The Gore-Tex membrane is considered to be the absolute leader but counts on jackets made from this material to cost you five to nine thousand crowns. The other diaphragms can usually be obtained for somewhat more favorable sums, but in any case, it is necessary to prepare for a quality waterproof jacket never to represent an investment of hundreds of crowns.

Every second reflective vest did not meet the requirements

"Every second safety vest had a low luminance factor," said the Office of Consumer Protection and Competition on Tuesday. It was emphasized that this means the lack of adequate visibility of the user, which poses a threat to his health and life.

As we read in the communiqu, "The Trade Inspection has taken a closer look at the reflective clothing, reflective accessories and hearing protectors". Inspectors checked mainly wholesalers and stores. They looked at 53 products and questioned 16 of them (30.2%), including due to the negative results of laboratory tests, errors in the instructions for use and the absence of a declaration of conformity confirming that the manufacturer has carried out the conformity assessment procedure.

"Most entrepreneurs have removed errors voluntarily"

"Every second warning vest with reflective fabrictested in the laboratory had a low luminance coefficient, which means that there is no adequate visibility of the user, which poses a threat to his health and life when he moves to the side. For the reasons of formal incompatibility, the inspectors also questioned 5 hearing protectors " it was written in the communiqu.

It has been added that most entrepreneurs have voluntarily removed errors. The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection initiated proceedings in five cases.

"The instructions must be in Polish"

The audit took place in the second quarter of 2017 in nine voivodeships.

Koki pointed out that companies often hand out accessories that resemble glare. "It is not known, however, whether they have the appropriate properties because they have not undergone a conformity assessment procedure." The confirmation that the reflective element meets the requirements is the CE mark, placed directly on the reflector or on the attached label "- it was written. The Office stressed that it was necessary to check whether the name of the producer and "type of glare (1 - freely hanging, 2 - removable, 3 - fixed permanently) on the packaging or label".

First graders of the Lessing elementary school are "certified pedestrians"

After a theoretical and practical exam, the first graders of the Lessing Primary School can call themselves "Certified Pedestrians".

Traffic education is especially important for first graders. In the middle of September, Thomas Roth, chairman of the HRC in the ADAC, gave the ABC marksmen of the Lessing Elementary School luminous safety vests with reflective tapes. "By the signal effect of the neon yellow safety vest, you will be visible from afar. Seeing and being seen is a very important moment in the traffic as well as on the way to school, especially now in the hazy and dark seasons ", Mr. Roth had given the students on the way.

On Wednesday morning, Thomas Roth paid the girls and boys another visit. On the one hand, to see how the primary school students complete a two day theoretical and practical training as a "certified pedestrian" and on the other hand, to check whether the first graders really wear their safety vests.

"What do I have to determine? Not everyone is wearing the vest? "As the HRC chairman saw. "The safety vest with reflective material must also be worn because only then does it fulfill its purpose," said Thomas Roth again.

While the class 1 a had already completed the practical exam the day before, this was on Thursday for the students of the class 1 b on. Theoretical knowledge PHM Sandra Paul of the police inspection Gera had taught to the children had to take an exam. "They coped very well with that," class manager Kanji Peter estimated.

On the other hand, it looked a bit different in practice: The Lessing elementary school is located directly on the busy intersection. Wait at the curb, look to the left and right - not so easy. "A feeling of safely crossing the street is only given to children when they actively participate in traffic," said teacher Petra.

Often the students are not used to going to school alone - they are brought by car and brought. The role model effect of older students or even adults - both positive and negative plays a major role in traffic education.

The first graders were proud to accept the "Certified Pedestrian" pass this morning.

Now the lessons learned had to be intensively put into practice, the police officer, the educators, and Thomas Roth agreed.

Unstable weather and security for Halloween

In Ottawa as in Gatineau, the superheroes, ghosts, princesses, and companies that will storm the streets on Wednesday night for Halloween must remember that there are safety rules to follow for the party do not turn into a nightmare.

Police authorities urge children and parents to respect the Highway Safety Code by crossing the street at intersections and designated locations, avoiding zigzagging. Sign of the times, the Police Service of the City of Gatineau (SPVG) indicates that it is important not to text crossing the street.

Pedestrians and motorists are encouraged to exercise caution during this busy evening. It is recommended to stay on the sidewalks and walk on the left side of the road in the opposite direction of traffic if there is none.

It is also noted, among other things, that it is better to travel in a group for candy collection, that parents should avoid following their children in a vehicle and that vision should not be obstructed. The costume should be as short as possible to avoid falls and preferably be light color or with reflective tapes.

Police also recall that children must always stay outside homes during their neighborhood tour and never allow themselves to be driven by vehicle unless they have permission from their parents.

As usual at this party, adults are invited to check with their toddlers the state of their sweets before allowing them to eat. Treats or fruits and vegetables that are not unwrapped should be discarded.

Ottawa police say that instead of lighting candles in pumpkins, people should consider using cheap light sticks.

Parents are also advised to be informed of the route their children plan to take if they are old enough to collect on their own. We can also agree on a school break.

Again this year, the SPVG, elected municipal officials and volunteers will travel the streets of Gatineau between 5:45 pm and 8 pm on Wednesday. Luminous items will be distributed to costumed children for the occasion.

Those interested will be able to obtain some from agents who will patrol the entire territory of the city or by going to certain parks where police officers will be present. The devices will also be distributed the project, near the streets of Sucre and Chalumeau, in the Gatineau sector.

Freezing Rain

Halloween could begin with freezing rain in several areas.

Environment Canada issued a special weather report indicating that "freezing rain could start falling on Wednesday morning as it approaches a trough from the Great Lakes". This notice concerns the Livre River sector, the Low-Wakefield sector, the Haute-Gatineau, and the Petite-Nation.

"Motorists must be prepared for dangerous winter conditions on the roads," warns Environment Canada.

There is also a "risk of freezing rain" early in the morning on Wednesday in the urban area of the Federal Capital Region.

It is expected that freezing rain will change to rain during the afternoon as temperatures rise above freezing. On the other hand, the precipitation should stop in time for the collection of treats in the early evening.

Safe, because of the reflection

The WRD police officers handed out reflective tapes to students of the SP No. 5. There were also a talk and themes on how to use the road on the subject of their application.

Magdalena and Sergeant. Barrows held a lecture with students from the University of Silesia No. 5. Classes were an opportunity to discuss what children know about basic traffic regulations. Therefore, during the meeting, the police asked students questions to talk about whether the rules mentioned by the children are interpreted correctly.

There was also an opportunity to summarize the art competition on road traffic and to award children with diplomas and gifts. Everyone also received a reflective tape from the policemen. Worn on the sleeve will make every student more visible on the road.


In this opportunity, while the cyclists ran the time trial that ended in the Main Park of Sesquil, the Social Classic 2018 focused on reading and using the bicycle as educational tools for progress.

Aiming to strengthen the commitment to education that has both RCN Radio, the country's leading beverage company, joined the Social Classic 2018 with the program, which delivers bicycles to children and young people from rural areas to improve their displacements between the home and the educational institution they attend.

On Tuesday, the educational institution and 60 of its students were the beneficiaries of the Program, who was given 60 bicycles equipped with a helmet, reflecting vest with the reflective fabric and maintenance items.

"We want to contribute to the purpose of promoting the education of the RCN Social Classic. With the program we have made the bicycle an integral tool to transform the lives of the beneficiaries, avoiding student desertion, improving study indicators and contributing to families having a means of transport, "said Martha Ruby, Director of Sustainability on the podium while the children were given the official delivery of their bicycles.

Bicycles are delivered presently a resistance superior to all those existing in the market and have a load capacity of up to 100 kilos. The seats are ergonomic, the frames reinforced, the tires protected against punctures, the brakes resistant to the climate and are easy to repair.

From 2014 to today, the program has delivered 7,576 bicycles in 12 departments, with an approximate investment of $ 6,066 million, resources coming from direct contributions and from allies who have believed in the program.

It is more than clear that stage 5 of the Social Classic RCN 2018 took the bicycle as a transformation tool and facilitator of the country's development.

Days still short

Pedestrians and cyclists represent 21% of the mortality recorded on the roads of France in 2018 (respectively 559 and 162 people killed). This mortality is increasing compared to 2017, respectively of 19.4 and 8.7. For the fourth consecutive year, the MAIF Prevention Association has been conducting a national awareness campaign on the visibility of pedestrians and cyclists at night.

It is in this context that Nicole and Jean of Prevention MAIF were welcomed at the school of Saint-Auvent by Chloe, director, Odette, teacher of the schools, and Audrey, representative of the municipality at the level of road safety. 46 very caring and aware children of the danger of the road, at the time of the change of time at night, each received a reflective vestand a signal lamp system.

The possibilities of company clothing

The purchase of company clothing can be such a task that you do not want to spend too much time and money on. Nevertheless, it is advisable to sit down for a while. Because you have nothing on a piece of clothing that is not worn afterward. How do you ensure that your employees are well cared for while they can do their work safely and efficiently? With the attention points below, you can map out the wishes in the field of corporate safety clothing.

Point of interest 1: Safety

Safety comes first. According to the Working Conditions Act, you as an employer are responsible for providing your employees with the right personal protective equipment to carry out their work safely. It is important that you comply with the EN ISO 13688 standards. Does your staff work under special circumstances, such as with toxic substances or with fire? Then you may have to meet more standards. Take a good look at the circumstances that apply to your employee and opt for firefight reflective tape, or reflective clothing with reflective fabricfor high visibility.

Point of interest 2: Functionality

You will be particularly inclined to pay attention to the price tag when purchasing company clothing. And let's be honest. That is also a very important factor. But do not just wrap the first work shorts into your shopping basket, because believe me, one is not the other. There is sometimes a whole philosophy behind something seemingly simple as bags. Always involve your staff in the choice of new company clothing. After all, they can tell you what they really need to be able to work efficiently and pleasantly. Also thinks of comfort. You can, after all, purchase such a nice work coat, if he does not like your employee, he will certainly leave the coat on the left.

Point of interest 3: Professional appearance

Always choose high-quality materials. It is more than worth the investment. Because worn out work trousers quickly no longer meet the safety standards. Cracks and discolorations are also not neat. The quality can, therefore, play an important role in representing your company correctly. And that does not only apply to the individual employee. Uniform corporate clothing not only ensures that your team is recognizable to others, but you also create a sense of unity. Handy, if you work a lot with hired workers.

Point of interest 4: Promotion of the company

Some companies have opportunities to increase their brand awareness when buying company clothing. Sin! If your staff is well looked after, it is a calling card for your company. And of course, logo and contact details also belong to a business card. You can, for example, have your company clothing printed. But even more up-to-date (and hardwearing) is it to have your logo in the clothing embroidered. Did you know that certain company clothing is deductible for the tax if it is provided with a logo?

Elementary school students get safety vests

The first two classes of elementary school have received reflective vestsfrom the ADAC. Zapf (back left) from Motorsport-Club Landau presented the brilliant gifts.

Wearing the safety vest gives children safety on the way to school, especially in autumn, when it is still dark in the morning.

Safety vests radiate through a high proportion of reflectors. Despite satchels, the first-graders are so good to be seen. "Promise me, that the vest not only hangs in the cloakroom but be worn diligently," Zapf said. And the first-graders did that with a loud yes.

"Please wear these vests and explain to your parents what's in it," said Mayor Rolf-Peter. Everyone hopes that the children will be extra safe with their presence on the way to school.

The Cabildo is committed to promoting the use of bicycles among schoolchildren

The objective is to raise awareness and inform the public to promote the use of bicycles in urban and semi-urban environments. "With these words, Maria del Cristo, Sports Minister of the Cabildo de Tenerife, presented the Guide for users of bicycles, an initiative that will contemplate the diffusion of 10,000 leaflets that will be distributed among the population of the island, and that includes a campaign of diffusion among students of 5th and 6th grade of the different school centers to promote the use of the vehicle.

Perez especially praised "the transversal work" carried out among the different administrations and entities such as the Insular and Canary Cycling federations to carry out a project "that aims to improve the training of young people of the Island and encourage healthy living habits among the population. "

The guide, next week

The guide, which will begin to be distributed starting next week, refers to the different security elements (helmet, lighting systems, bell, the reflective vest?) Essential to the user of the bicycle, as well as traffic regulations, tips of maintenance and indications on signaling maneuvers. Pablo Calve, Provincial Traffic Chief of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, said that "it is a complete guide, aimed at anyone who uses the bicycle every day, and with some simple recommendations that all road users must comply with. Avoid accidents ", defending its use as" an economic, clean and healthy transport "and inviting parents to" promote their use in a responsible manner ".

The publication of the guide is complemented by the visits that agents and entities linked to the world of cycling, such as clubs, schools, and collectives, will make to schools during school hours and in which the advantages and norms of behavior will be emphasized. The cyclists. In addition, and in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic, various activities will be carried out with road safety education circuits.

Ofelia Manson, insular director of Roads, highlighted the work done by the Cabildo in promoting the use of bicycles, detailing that 1.9 million Euros had been allocated for the program to improve bicycle routes in several points of the island, In addition, "a road education program aimed at children, whose objective is to teach the youngest of the house to respect traffic regulations, as pedestrians and as future drivers, continues to be developed."

On the other hand, the presidents of the Insular Federation, Juan Marrero, and Canarias Federation, Ramn Sierra, expressed their confidence that "the guide reaches all corners of the island, through the work of cycling schools and schools " Marrero defined the guide as "short and accurate to improve the world of cycling and safety on the roads," while Sierra stressed the importance of "starting awareness by the base, by education and children."

Within this line of action, the Insular Corporation is committed to developing a Master Plan to encourage the development of the use of bicycles and to appoint a technician to review the projects that are going to be tendered and are bike friendly. In the same way, the area of roads that Ofelia Manson directs has been involved in promoting the use of the bicycle among its employees, acquiring two electric vehicles for displacement to other buildings.

Demon laughter in Mayotte

A - Yellow reflective vests

For several months, the prefecture, which is only a shadow of itself with the seat of the office of foreigners, communicates and plastered about the decline of delinquency. The new prefect probably wants to take advantage of it. The population hostile to foreigners who resemble them too much does not want to believe a single word. One can understand her doubts: she who associates immigration and delinquency, how could she admit the fall of the crime when the evictions are prevented by the Comorian authorities. The foreigners of the neighborhood flock every day and no one is expelled. A logical nonsense. The more foreigners there are, the more delinquency there is, so the authorities lie.

We also know that the state likes to associate delinquency with immigration: the equation allows to cultivate a xenophobia useful to its maneuvers. But "at the same time", he has an interest in admitting that he controls the population.

On the other hand, I had heard of neighborhood initiatives, a sort of "watchful neighbor". But it seems that the practice in Mayotte is a little different. Indeed it is difficult to be wary of a passer-by whose face, color, facies do not come back to us. Everybody looks the same. The young boys bring her back a little and intimidation. Sometimes, often, they act out. The "watchful neighbors" here are called "yellow vests". These are inhabitants dressed in the fluorescent vest with the reflective tapethat circulates in the village, (this is what we call the urban space that would suffer in the metropolitan area nickname "neighborhood"), sometimes until late at night. They calmly agitated groups of young people, invite children or young teenagers to go home and accompany them back home.

Some newspapers had linked the decline of delinquency to these brigades of volunteers. This morning, listening to RFI, I hear the presenter wondering about these volunteers for village peace: "where are the yellow vests"? And to give the answer: the yellow vests volunteers are all foreigners, the foreigners here, everyone has assimilated right now, designate the inhabitants of the neighboring islands. It would be more accurate to talk about intruders, unwanted neighbors. Now that the headquarters of the prefecture of Mayotte prevents the renewal of residence permits and places the entire non-French population in an irregular situation, it has become risky to continue the pacifying rounds. Whatever may be said, the evictions have resumed for two months. At present, holders of expired residence titles are also returned. So the yellow vests with reflective materials went home. Mistrust! And Mayotte to fear the return of delinquency!

Ah! If the social world could be as simple as the governments would like!

B - A Facial crime in Mayotte.

The Mahorais, those who besiege the prefecture, those who demand the expulsion of foreigners, those who obtain from the authorities the approval of their xenophobic claims, are not distinguished well from those whose conduct they require at the frontiers. So the police, the gendarmerie, make raids, stop everything that moves, all that more or less resemble a Comorian. And since the inner whiteness of a black man can be read on faces far less easily than the whiteness of a white man, the poor policeman cannot tell the difference between a Mahorais who is no longer Comorian since 1975 and a Comorian who Since the same date, the referendum of self-determination has been more popular.

So what was to happen happened. A certain person, a CFDT trade union official on one side, and the other prominent member of a local group hostile to the presence of "foreigners" and who besiege the immigration service of the prefecture undergoes police control. He cries scandalously, refuses to submit, commits an outrage to the agent, is embarked, placed in custody. All this produces on the island a nice fuss. Scandal: the state attacks those who defend the interests of Mayotte! The custody is renewed. Some people express their dissatisfaction, invest the town hall of Mamoudzou when the guy is held at the nearby gendarmerie. It will be presented to the court in an immediate appearance Wednesday, October 3 at 14 hours. The prosecutor feels obliged to specify that the alleged facts "have no connection with the activities or the commitments of the person concerned that the gendarmes who carried out the control were totally ignorant". Devil! Besieging a prefecture! Which prosecutor would sue for such a trifle?

This man, unfortunately, had forgotten the color of his skin. He felt lulled into the illusion of France. Only white in Mayotte is not suspected of illegal stay. Although it may be undesirable.

But quietly, day after day, the foreign service of the prefecture remains closed. The women who besiege her are pampered by the state, which apparently does not demand so much. I learned that a member of Parliament had spent last night with them as a sign of support.

Did he prevent them from sleeping?

Running at night. How to ensure safety?

Running at night allows you to enter into the training of a note of mystery, better focus on feelings, your own thoughts, but also to become less visible to the surroundings. You have to prepare yourself for running at night. You should choose clothing that will make you noticeable and use additional accessories - lighting, reflectors or light signaling our position. What is worth wearing on yourself to be more secure?

Running after dark or at night is one of these activities at the end of the day, which we can do to improve well-being, care for your own form or mental relaxation. However, you have to be careful, because even within cities, some streets are poorly lit, which makes it difficult to see a moving person. The danger grows when we are wearing dark-colored clothing that does not have reflective fabricor other solutions to improve road safety. One way out of this stalemate situation is running with a larger group of people. After all, as they say: the group more clearly. The more people, the more noticeable the package increases. Another advantage is the presence of a second person in case something happens to us. In the evening, it is easy to tip over and hit something hard, such as a stone or root sticking out of the ground. When running in a group, someone can always help us. To run at night, you have to prepare in such a way that on the one hand you become visible to other participants of the movement, and on the other hand, they saw what is in front of us on the road.

Why do many people choose evening escapades and train after dark? A more dangerous time for running, but more often chosen?

You'll probably agree that a lot of full-time work is to be said. If we leave the house and go to work at 8.00-9.00, it is difficult for us to drag ourselves out of bed at 6.00 in order to run an hour earlier. Especially when the window is still dark, cold or blows autumn winds or rains. All this affects the fact that we prefer to go running after returning from work. We will eat something, rest for a moment and go to training. In the autumn period, it will probably be dark, but it is not as big a hurdle as going out at 6:00 in the morning for training. That's right? Of course, running at night is extremely climactic, so magical and it might seem that at this time of the day somehow the training works better and we relax more effectively - physically and especially mentally. All pressure "in the head" accumulated during the day, after the evening running, goes into oblivion. You have it too?

Since we have already got used to running at night and we do not want to change the time of training, it is worth taking care of our own safety. And you can do it in several ways. Regardless of clothing, you must have something that can act as a source of light. Not so much for ourselves, to see the route a few steps forward, but for those other road users, eg drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, etc. For all those who move at night differently than on their own feet. It is these people who may not notice us and cause us problems. Good when the light source is light and easy to use. It can be a LED light, signal light or running lamp. During the night training, lighting is the key. Even more important than the appropriate sports clothes. Why? The best reflections on the training clothing will not be as visible as the light emitted by the headlamps. The second place is clothed. Running at night does not have to be risky and reflective clothing essentially provides the maximum level of visibility. Specially designed reflectors are visible even from 150 m. It is a safe distance from which the driver sees a person moving along his path. Apart from the functions related to the possibility of noticing our person, there are also those supporting running on cold days.

Running at night - how to become more visible?

We have already talked about a good lead or other sources of light, now a few sentences about the topic of clothing. Autumn is primarily a windy, cold and rainy period. With this trio will come to face us in the next few months. Running at night will be safer with a carefully chosen set of clothes. You need to pay attention to every element of clothing - starting with a T-shirt. It does not matter that it is not visible from other layers. Like a sweatshirt or jacket, but it also plays an important role. Running T-shirt is the first layer that adheres directly to the body. A thermoplastic T-shirt with a long sleeve will prove to be a proven purchase. This choice will be perfect because the T-shirt efficiently receives moisture while maintaining the temperature regulation of the body and protecting it from overheating or chilling. In turn, the fitted cut protects against abrasions and causes that the shirt does not restrict movement.

Pants will be equally appreciated during the training as the shirt. The temperature at which we intend to run and the duration of our training is important. At current temperatures outside the window, in the vicinity of a few degrees, leggings that moderate the body will warm up - in other words not yet with, for example, an additional "midsection" in the middle, like a winter fleece. Such clothing will come in time, but definitely closer to December-January. In the foreground, they are designed to use a large amount of reflective materials. In fact, there are reflective dots on the entire surface of the thighs, calves, and sides. Conventionally, it would be possible to use belts in several places - such a solution is the most common, but in many situations, it does not ensure sufficient visibility of the person on the route or in the field.

Many runners simply adore black and it is hard for them to overcome resistance to colorful, even flashy clothes. Black and gray are dominating, sometimes something cyan, celadon happens, but this is a real rarity. This is not always the case with clothing from other manufacturers, so if possible and your own tastes, it is worth choosing only those clothes that guarantee visibility for autumn workouts. Any combinations of bright colors, like turquoise, pink, purple, orange etc., will be beneficial. All these colors will help us be more noticeable in the dark.

Road bike clothing for better visibility on the road

New Magic Vision Line is designed to give ambitious racing cyclists safety training in the cold and dark seasons. The reflective clothingrange includes jacket, helmet, and shoes. Another special feature of the French cycling specialist is a special app for smart phones, which should provide additional security in the transparent back pocket of the Vision jacket.

Year-round training is undoubtedly the basis for success. Due to their job, most training sessions are often canceled in the evenings. Especially when driving in the dark racing cyclists need additional protection in the form of increased visibility. Magic's new Vision Line has been designed to meet the extreme demands of autumn and winter training. In addition to the usual criteria that must meet cycling clothing, the design was also on highly visible, reflective surfaces value.

The Manic Cosmic Pro H2O Vision Jacket features breathable Warm Shell ST outer with 37.5 technologies. Active particles absorb body heat and prevent sweating. A water column of 20,000mm ensures that no moisture can get inside. The cut and fit of the close-fitting jacket are optimized for use on the road bike. Reflective tapesarranged all around sure, with the bright yellow of the jacket, an improved perception by other road users.

On the back, the Manic Cosmic Pro H2O Vision jacket is equipped with a transparent zippered pocket. The bag has space for a Smartphone, which in combination with the new and free Manic Vision app for IOS and Android to further increase the visibility. After entering the route, the display also indicates to the backers of the direction of travel. The Manic Cosmic Pro H2O Vision jacket is now available at a price of 320 Euros.

Safe to school: ADAC safety vests for students

22 first graders of the Vosges school in Karlsruhe received on Wednesday not only bright yellow safetyvestsbut also tips on the correct behavior in road traffic by ADAC traffic expert Christophe.

In luggage had a glowing safety vest for each student. While a dark-clad pedestrian can only be recognized by a car driver from a distance of around 25 meters in poor visibility, the visibility in light-colored clothing is already improving to 40 meters, the traffic expert explained to the students. However, anyone who wears reflective clothingis easily noticeable even at a distance of around 150 meters.

Introduce students to road traffic as early as possible

In the dark school, the corridor was tried, how well you can see the reflective safety vestwhen it is detected by a ray of light. "The safety vests help us in our traffic education work and we try to familiarize students with road traffic as early as possible," explained Deputy Headmistress of the Vosges School Heike Bohr.

In order to further improve the traffic safety of school children, parents should practice the way to school with their offspring. The ADAC recommends. However, municipalities are also required to create the conditions for a safe way to school, and not least the motorists. You should always keep a close eye on children at the edge of the road and drive extra cautiously near schools, the ADAC says.

Apparel for better visibility

Better visibility in the dark

With reflective fabricand high-contrast colors in the visible zones, the Manic Vision line offers great visibility and an extra dose of style during training.

Hardly anything is more important in autumn and winter than to be seen by other road users. Light clothing or reflective tapesis therefore essential. The French tradition brand Manic has recently introduced its new Vision collection, in which the developers have taken on exactly this issue.

Manic Vision: Helmet, vest, leg, arm and knee rings

The helmet, vest, leg, knee and arm warmers, as well as Vision series gloves all, bear the unmistakable signature of Manic designers while ensuring good visibility on the road. The products are in addition to the classic white-silver-colored reflector strips and elements in Manic yellow attached. Both together should make cyclists more visible and protect them from accidents at dusk.

The reflective vestis particularly striking. It has a body-contoured cut, good temperature management and is waterproof. Light yellow zones are placed so that you are best seen in the riding position. There are also more reflective details for better visibility at night. In trade, the Manic Vision vest costs 130 Euros and will be available from the beginning of 2017.

Mandatory reflective vests will be available from July

After May adjustments to the point system and the number of fines, Germany is preparing another change in traffic regulations.

From July, drivers in Germany will have to carry reflective vestsin cars, and they will be subject to a fine. At the same time, the environmental rules for entry into some German cities, which will no longer have cars with a red and yellow emission plaque, will be tightened.

Incorporating a reflective safety vestinto mandatory car equipment should improve the safety of drivers who need to get out of the car in the event of an accident or disruption. As motorists in the surrounding vehicles will be better able to see. The new adjustment does not specify whether the reflective vest should be orange, yellow or green. Unlike Austria, German regulations do not require a vest for every car passenger, just one on the vehicle.

If a driver does not have a reflective vest which sewn-on reflective tapesin the car, a roadside penalty of 15 Euros (410 crowns) is threatened by a roadside inspection. The German ADAC club, however, points out that if the driver does not blink when leaving the vehicle, it is not an offense. In such a case, however, it is unlikely that he will be entitled to indemnity from the insurance company if the passing car is injured.

Since July, rules for entering some German cities have also been tightened. While cars with three types of emission plaques have still been in use, new vehicles will only be allowed to drive with a green plaque indicating the engine with the least environmental burden. The measure concerns 21 cities in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. For a long time, similar arrangements have been made in Berlin, for example.

The reflective vest belongs to the car cabin

Central Bohemia - A reflectivevest, which is part of the mandatory equipment of a vehicle, belongs to the cabin of the car and not to its trunk. This is the basic lesson of which motorists could meet (and meet in the past few days) in traffic checks around the metropolis. The Central Bohemian Police have engaged in a preventive action aimed at increasing the visibility of motorists.

Its mission is to remind motorists of the use of a hi vis vestevery time a driver leaves the car to solve a technical defect or traffic accident. That's why he should have it - and not in the luggage compartment, Monika Shined reminded her.

There is a duty to have one vest intended for a chauffeur in the car - police officers draw attention to the need to ensure safety for the entire crew. The ideal one is for Uncle Unseen to have a reflective jacketin the car for everyone sitting in it.

Not just words. As part of the preventive action, police officers will hand over another vest to the inspected driver. "It's just for the passengers," Shined explained, adding that the drivers had a very positive reaction.

Using reflective elements not only in the dark

Traffic specialist Roman Bosky draws attention to the other pitfalls in the news, which many pedestrians will not realize: Reflective vestswill be mandatory even under reduced visibility, not just in the dark. "Pedestrians must remember their visibility using reflexive elements even at dusk or dawn, even in the daytime in the case of mist or heavy rain," he says, pointing to the local delimitation only outside the village.

It was originally intended to impose a duty regardless of whether a pedestrian is in or out of the village. "The quality of road lighting was crucial. Foreign colleagues, for example, from Finland unambiguously affirm that in countries where it was primarily the duty to wear reflective clothingoutside of the community, a universal duty has been introduced over time. Still, there are many dark corners in the towns and villages, where the driver can overlook the darkness of an invisible pedestrian, "ends buds.

And watch out for one trick! "It is not enough to have a flashlight or other light source. From the point of view of the legislation, you must have retro reflective materials, "says Pert Omaha of the Czech Republic.

What can I do if an employee refuses to wear safety clothing?

Within our construction company, wearing safety clothingis of course mandatory. Now one of the employees refuses pertinent to put on his saw trousers if it is more than 25 C. Last Wednesday it was that time again. He was walking in his shorts which don't have reflective tapes. I have had a tough conversation with him, but he remains stubborn. What now?

Employers' responsibility for the safety of employees goes very far. That is why an employer may also take far-reaching measures if employees do not comply with the safety regulations. If a tough conversation does not help, I would refuse the man access to his workplace and send him a letter with an official warning and the announcement that he is only allowed to work again when wearing his reflective vestand saw trousers. It can also help to announce in advance that, as long as he cannot work, for this reason, he is also not entitled to wages. For although an employee is almost always entitled to continue payment of salary, even if he is, for example, suspended, in this case, the employee chooses not to work, namely by refusing to wear his saw trousers.

Intensify the distribution of reflective vests

Traffic agents are intensifying the distribution of reflective vests, within the campaign for all Galicia at this time of year, but with greater concern after the rebound of abuses in the province. The last cost the life on Saturday to a woman of 76 years in A Valens (Barbados).

The action is part of an awareness and awareness campaign that also includes talks aimed at the elderly in the different councils. The most common profile of fatalities caused by collisions in Galicia is usually over 65 years old, dressed in dark clothing that walks near their home on secondary roads, without a reflective safety vestand that crosses outside the pedestrian crossings. However, Traffic remembers that, so far this year, three of the four road accidents in which pedestrians killed by a vehicle died took place in urban centers.

To this day, the total number of fatalities due to road accidents in the province of Orense amounts to 12, which means that 33% of them were pedestrians, to which are added another 20 that were injured in varying consideration. For this reason, the Provincial Traffic Headquarters, together with the Traffic Sub-sector of the Civil Guard of Orense, is carrying out a campaign to raise awareness among pedestrians about the importance of pedestrians being visible to drivers. 500 vests(especially sewn-in reflective fabric)will be handed out until the end of this year and talks will be held in the town halls, especially in those where there are more abuses.

Every year Galicia is 5 points above the national average in terms of death due to abuses and, therefore, the Civil Guard wants to highlight "the need to insist on the use of high visibility vests, also day and not only at dusk, when it is mandatory, in order to avoid any mistakes or errors that the approaching driver may have. "

Peugeot Scooters also offers its airbag vest

PTW manufacturers and specialized equipment manufacturers know that motorcycles or scooters can seriously affect your health. In order to limit the risks, Peugeot Scooters proposes, in turn, an Airbag reflective vest.

Legally proud to be the first manufacturer to have equipped a scooter 125 with a standard ABS braking system (read our test MNC March 23, 2006: Peugeot Steles 125, ready for takeoff), Peugeot Scooters "goes further by proposing equipment to protect the driver and passenger directly ": the airbag vest!

Developed in collaboration with specialists of Halite / Protein bag, this hi vis vestis simple and - we hope! - effective: unlike the "wireless" electronic vests of Bering and Dinesen (read our Special MNC Airbag Motorcycle Folder), the system proposed by the manufacturer franc-comatose binds the scooter to its user with a security cordon, as on the jackets DiMaggio and the Aurelia or Gauzy jackets (read MNC of 2 July 2010 and MNC of 17 September 2010).

"The trigger is a mechanical system consisting of a striker, a ball-key, and a spring," describes Peugeot. "In the event of a fall, the key ball connected to the safety cord is detached and the striker pierces the cartridge under the pressure of the spring." The high-strength polyurethane air cushions then create a 0.35kg inflated protective shell. / cc that unfolds in 0.1 seconds The cushions automatically deflate in a few tens of seconds.

The vest (sewn-in reflective fabric)weighs less than a kilo and is worn - no sir agent, not above a simple shirt! - above the jacket or jacket. In case of a fall and if the vest is not damaged, a new CO2 cartridge (€ 29.99) and a connecting cord (€ 22) are required to hit the road.

Available in "high visibility neon yellow" or in black, in all sizes from S to XL, this new airbag is already available from Peugeot Scooters network dealers for € 449.90.

Policewoman celebrates success with reflective hood

In Vienna, the police officer Manuela made her big appearance on Wednesday: At the kick-off for the traffic safety campaign of the AMTC under the title, "See and be seen" was presented what comes from her hand. Wilhelm: "Three years ago, I crocheted hoods with reflective yarnfor the children of a friend. The visibility of children in the dark season on the road was a concern to me.”

At the same time, the AMTC issued a competition. Wilhelm handed one of her caps and won.

Now the special handicraft celebrates a success. The AMTC presented the reflective hoodsand their "inventor" in Vienna at the campaign launch. That does not mean that the police officer in her free time crochets out hell. "I only do the hoods for so-called home use," says Wilhelm. However, after their submission, the AMTC makes the caps in larger quantities and they are available in every AMTC base.

Safety vests for cycling training

The road safetyadvisors of the county police authority Unna carry out the cycle driving education with all fourth classes of the elementary schools in the circle Unna. The correct use of the bicycle is trained with the children first in the schoolyard and later also in the public traffic area. At the end of the cycling training is the bike test, after the existence of the coveted bicycle license is handed out.

Matthias, the traffic safetyadviser of the police, and the elementary school children in Werner today had every reason to shine: punctually to the test-drive for the bicycle-driving license Dirk.In addition, his team from the driving school handed over 40 light vests, which from now on at the primary schools in Werner be used. The reflective vestsincrease the visibility of the kids, thus contributing significantly to the safety of little cyclists on our roads, especially in the darker season.

Mandatory retro-reflective equipment

It is now official: drivers of motorcycles and scooters over 125 cm3 and motor tricycles over 20 hp must wear retro-reflective equipment, under penalty of a fixed fine of 68 Euros and a withdrawal of two points!

The Ministry of the Interior has just published in the Official Journal Decree, specified by a decree of 3 January 2012. Relating to retro-reflective equipment is that will be mandatory, from 1 January 2013, for drivers and passengers of motorized two-wheelers of more than 125 cm3 "or of a vehicle of category L5e with a power greater than 15 kW.”

Not required for cycle and 125

Specifically, if it is aimed almost exclusively at MP3 drivers, this obligation does not affect - for the moment - riders cycles and 125 cm3. This is surprising enough, because of their smaller size and less powerful lighting, cycles, and 125 are even less visible than the big cars...

According to our information, it is explained in particular by the fact that these vehicles circulate mainly in urban areas, where fatal accidents are fewer. On the other hand, the users of mopeds and 125 have already been sufficiently "cooled" by the previous decisions of the IRB, with respectively the technical control and the training of 7 hours. It is a safe bet that this obligation will extend in the future to every two and three wheels regardless of their displacement, following the same pattern as the wearing of the helmet and safety vest.

Is my jacket compliant?

According to the decree published today in the Official Journal, retro reflective equipment may be "in one or more parts" but must imperatively "be of a total area of not less than 150 cm2.”

Waiting to see on our roads - with some perverse impatience, let us face it! - The "forces of the order" to release their meter of tailor, it is thus necessary to measure precisely all the retro reflective parts of your current jacket to know if it will pass the bug of 2013. If the retro-reflective equipment is not in conformity, it will be necessary to change the jacket, or to "superimpose one by any means" if it is "worn on the upper body, with the exception of the helmet, from the belt to the shoulder line, so as to be visible to other road users ".

Clearly, a retro-reflective armband of 30 cm by five threaded on the sleeve will do the trick ... which is curiously not the case of the one distributed to journalists by the Ministry of Transport! With its 25 cm by 5.8, the official armband "Road Safety all responsible" is simply not consistent...

The obligation to wear a fluorescent vest is also valid for cyclists

The Interdepartmental Committee on Road Safety (IRB) of February 13, not only decided to make mandatory the presence of a retro reflective safety vest and a warning triangle in each vehicle, cyclists are also concerned to a lesser extent.

Based on the principle that bicycles are equipped with low-intensity lights, making them often not very visible at night, especially outside built-up areas, the cyclist and his prospective passenger will have to wear a retro-reflective yellow or orange vest as of October 1, 2008. It is advisable to wear it all the time, but the wearing obligation is only valid outside the night, or also during the day when the visibility is insufficient.

While cycling has developed strongly and encouraged for energy reasons, this measure comes into play when the number of fatal accidents naturally falls sharply. Indeed, in 2007, 60 cyclists were killed in the city and 82 outside urban areas, a decrease of 21.5% compared to 2006 (conversely, the number of injuries slightly increased by 2.7%).

While we can only congratulate ourselves for wanting to bring down the dead on the roads, the mandatory nature of this measure once again underlines the safety drift that tends to secure our daily lives. Nevertheless, 'reassure us', nothing like that still seems to be planned for what comes out of our exhaust pipes, is spread in the fields, is in our cosmetics, etc. The essential is therefore safe, we will always have our daily dose of pollutants and industrialists, and other farmers wearing reflective clothing can continue their small business without fear of fines.




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