The Road Safety mobilizes for children

The association conducts a campaign called "Zero children killed on our roads." Its local director in safety vest was caned for a soccer tournament focuses on prevention.

Last Saturday was held in Cande-sur-Beuvron the first challenge in tribute to Jules Renault. This young footballer of 13 years died accidentally in February on lifting Chailles, his friend who was driving the scooter hit by a drunk driver has it been seriously injured, the football tournament organized by the club AS Chailles Cande-99, focused on the prevention of risks facing teens, especially on the road. Five measures to reduce road mortality of children

The Departmental Association of Road Safety was present. Its director, Philippe Paris, educators and several volunteers were keen to participate in this event, which brought together a hundred young people and many parents, to convey a message of prevention and driver education alongside firefighters, police and associations. In addition to an introduction to driving simulators, the association has taken this opportunity to raise awareness of a national campaign launched a few weeks ago entitled "Zero children killed on our roads." It offered everyone sign a manifesto claiming five strong measures to reduce road mortality of children. These claims are: lowering the VAT rate of child car seats from 20 to 5.5%; implementing pedestrian collision avoidance systems on all new vehicles; introduce speed limits to 30 km / h on all areas near schools, gymnasiums, conservatories, public parks and gardens; safe pedestrian crossings with zebras and a stop line for vehicles 5 meters before passing; mandating reflective tape on school bags and backpacks of students.

 "This is to encourage a national awareness and sensitize adults to road hazards younger," says Road Safety which collected many signatures at the stage of Cande. At year end, the national petition will allow the association to bring its proposals to the authorities and local officials, every year in France, the Road safety awareness and form 1.2 million children and adolescents on its road education tracks and through multiple actions.


Pedestrians should wear reflective clothing to road safety

Our cars now full of assistant’s conduct that protects the driver and passengers in a collision. The technology she also takes care of him?
In 2014, the Road Safety has identified 499 pedestrians killed in France, an increase in mortality of 7% in one year, 159 cyclists without reflective clothing killed (+ 8% in one year) and 165 moped (+ 4% in one year). A majority of these fatalities occur in urban areas has primarily affected young people aged 10 to 20 years and over 65 (51%), while the latter represent only 18% of the population.
In 2003, the European Commission drafted the directive "pedestrian impact" for implementation in 2005 with as a first step the prohibition of very popular bull bars on 4x4 at the time, but terribly destructive for pedestrians and cyclists with reflective vest. Prior to 2005 and the famous Directive, only the speed limits were the parade in an attempt to curb these accidents. Now the European Commission has moved the lines and demanded automakers that new vehicles feature a faзade "less aggressive" to "achieve a level of protection 80% higher than normal."
Moreover, since 2009, the "pedestrian protection" has become a scoring criterion for Euro NCAP, the independent body responsible for testing the safety of all cars in Europe. Auscultator each vehicle thus receives a final rating ranging from one to five stars. The "pedestrian protection" is a separate note, which account for the final result.


Members the French Federation of Angry Bikers

They threaten to block Carcassonne and Narbonne on 13 February.
"We are forced to cancel prevention day we had scheduled February 13 in Ornaisons" is he unworthy. "Why? Because different authorities, policy makers, officials, as they say, do not we have never answered for operation during which we wanted through various workshops educate young bikers trajectories and realize an educational rally on the Crosiers roads " he says. Jean-Louis Errand is even more outraged that different people Road Safety, police, gendarmes, "Mr. Moto", but also firefighters, they interact on the ground, agreed to participate in the demonstration on February 13.
"No more demonstrations bisounours"
"we cannot make a day of prevention, well it is a day of demonstrations they will have the same date. We will block if necessary Narbonne and Carcassonne, that is the end of bisounours events, "says the spokesman of FFMC11. But the cancellation of this operation is not the only object of his anger: "The technical control project for motorcycles, the fluorescent jacket made with reflective fabric under the seat, wearing gloves mandatory .... Prime Minister envisages total twenty-two measures! Now when it comes to road safety is to touch the wallet biker, this is not the road but the renter Prevention ... there is only repression," s unworthy spokesman bikers angry, determined to mobilize its troops. On Saturday, February 13, undoubtedly the decibels will resonate in the streets of Carcassonne and Narbonne to illustrate the raps-le-boll bikers in safety vest.


"Zero children killed on our roads": the manifesto of the Road Safety

REPLAY - In 2015, 86 children were killed on the roads in France, and 4,295 were injured. The association is launching a call for mobilization around the theme.
The figure remains unchanged for ten years. This damning report today pushes the Road Safety to launch a major appeal for general mobilization around the theme "Zero children with reflective vest killed on the roads of France." For this, the association encourages us all to sign a manifesto online. She claims five simple and immediate actions. The first is to reduce VAT on car seats (5.5% against 20% today).
It also requires the widespread pedestrian collision avoidance systems on all vehicles, but also the speed limit to 30 km / hour to all children’s life areas (schools, gymnasiums, conservatories, parks and parks, housing estates ...). The Road Safety finally claims the secure management of all pedestrian crossings and the requirement to include reflective tape on all the back to school bags and satchels.
Prevention campaigns

The year 2016 will also be marked by a number of campaigns and operations to prevent the risk of accidents. In partnership with Allianz, the Road safety has presented a hyper-original virtual experience to educate adults about the dangers facing children on the street.
Using helmets and goggles, we literally put in the little child a high to a grasshopper and have not the same peripheral vision as us adults. It crosses the road, playing with his friends, makes skateboarding and did not see the car tumbling or rushes out of a garage. All these films will be shown all over France by the Road Safety in the coming months.


Traffic Safety in West Africa use safety vest

Our country is home tomorrow the 6th General Assembly of the Organization for Traffic Safety in West Africa (OSRAO). In preparation for this meeting, the Technical Committee of the organization met yesterday at the Bamako International Conference Centre. The meeting gathered around the Acting Director General of the National Road Safety Agency (Amasser), S. Manado Connate, the president of the OSRAO, Osier Tutu, as well as many other officials.

Participants from ECOWAS countries discuss several topics such as updating the regional assessment by ECOWAS of the Decade of Action for Road Safety (201-2020), the updating of the use of retro-reflective tape for road safety agencies, the implementation of regional information system vehicle management and the African action plan for road safety in the next five years (2016-2020).
The president of the OSRAO, Osier Tutu, has emphasized the need to create a synergy of actions at regional level to curb the scourge of road accidents. The factors of accidents on the road are almost identical in our country, he noted.
"I was disappointed to see that in Mali, people drive without wearing helmets or seat belts," lamented Mrs. Paulina in this Agyehum, expert on road safety issues in ECOWAS. Our country has yet committed to the fight against road accidents a battle of national, sub regional and international. Mali's authorities have the firm will to curb the scourge of road accidents considered by WHO come a public health issue, confirmed the Acting Director General of Amasser.
Yesterday's meeting with safety vest was to reflect on common concerns and develop a report whose contents will be submitted to the Executive Committee meeting held today.
The Organization for Traffic Safety in West Africa was established on 7 May 2008 by the agencies responsible for road safety the Member States of the Economic Community of West African States.


Why the move to winter time is dangerous for pedestrians

WINTER - While all Europeans have changed their hours that night, the Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety warning on the risks of over-accident rate associated with this transition to winter time: it increases the number of pedestrians killed.

"Switching to winter time: be more vigilant!" It is with this message that the Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety alert pedestrians and danger road users related to winter time change. For our watch back an hour increases the number of accidents involving pedestrians.

The demonstration of the Observatory is simple: winter time lengthens the daily dark period in the late afternoon - which corresponds to the output slot offices, making it denser road traffic. The darkness becomes more important, pedestrians without safety vest are less visible and the density of night road traffic led to a de facto increase in pedestrian accidents.

Bad for road safety and health

The Observatory notes that "the month of November 2014, a few days following the time change, was the deadliest", with 62 pedestrians killed including 46 at night, against 23 killed including 10 night in the month of May 2014 . A cautionary balance sheet, with nearly four times as many killed the night in November until spring. So, on its website, the Observatory recalls some basic rules to limit the risk of accidents: pedestrians put your yellow jackets with reflective tape!

While the time change has been introduced to limit the use of artificial lighting - and to be in tune with the sunshine hours - it turns out bad for road safety and ... our health. As Liberation recalls, the transition to summer time also kills. A US study has in fact noted that the time change summer increased the risk of a heart attack.


Reflective tapes reduces the risk in the dark

Music and art collective, founded in 2008 by Mange of A-ha, Guy Berryman in Coldplay, Jonas Berra of Mew and Martin Terrene, designer year's reflections for Road Safety.

Plays with genres, and symbols in the indefinable area between popular- and high culture, and now they've created cool reflex medals and humorous, band or military inspired reflective tapes for you to be seen.

Medals are a strong way to give status to reflections on. Getting a medal gives pride and medals worn always with a straight back, says Mange Furuholmen, on behalf of Apparatjik.

"I deserve a medal"

Reflex reduces the risk of getting hit in the dark with 85 percent. Furuholmen and the other in Apparatjik think its fun to work with an art concept which additionally can save lives. The reflective tapes reads "I deserve a medal" and "Badge of Honor" on reflective tape "I am a star", "A Particular merit" and "A".

Wear with pride! I'll be using reflexes when I'm on stage, and of course when I'm out walking in the dark, says Magne Furuholmen.

Road Safety is proud that Apparatjik has made this year's reflexes. In recent year’s cooperation with, among others Nicolay Alamode, Unna Ask eland and Pushwagner, shows that artists help to increase awareness and awareness of the use of reflex.

Refleksmedaljene makes you visible in the dark and everyone deserves to be seen. Attach the medal to all outerwear before going out - it could save your life, says senior adviser Carina Penske inRoad Safety.

The national Reflex day is important to get more people to use flare. Road Safety encourages police in reflective vest, NPRA, counties, municipalities, businesses and NGOs to help make Reflex day known. The day is marked with various activities, such as providing employees with reflections and information about how important it is that even adults use reflex. Safe Traffic work with Reflex Day is collaboration with Spare Bank 1 Forsaking.


Designed the retro-reflective vest for road safety

Since the last meeting, which was also the first for ages; the National Council for Road Safety, the outcome was known. But it is always better to say it and, especially, by reading it in the Official Gazette. So granted, since Tuesday, "the decree of January 3 relating to retro-reflective equipment worn by all drivers or passengers of a motorcycle with an engine capacity of 125 cm3 or of a vehicle of category L5e ( three-wheeled) of more than 15 kW is repealed. "

It is the epilogue of a drama begun there is exactly one year, which would impose the wearing of retro reflective vest. A battle of every moment is took place both in the streets and on the pavement in the corridors of the State Council. Headwind against this political decision of a government since disappeared, the French Federation of Angry Motorcyclists argued the strength of his point of view, to reverse the situation.

This determination, sprinkled with an electoral turnaround, is to the credit of the FFMC who joined the work of the Council and above out of limbo. Now the debate is moving towards an encouragement to the port of another safety vest, airbag that. To be continued...




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