The police persuaded the pedestrians to be seen!

Please be on the road to see and wear reflective vests, protecting yourself and others. This would sum up a police message to the pedestrians, which the policemen handed over to them last week as part of the preventive action on local roads and crossings. The event took place throughout the region, including the Karvina district.

"The visibility of pedestrians is important throughout the year, but in this period, conditions are usually worse, often raining, fogs are diminishing soon. When a pedestrian wears a dark garment without reflective fabrics, it is virtually invisible under the conditions of the driver, "Laure, a spokesman for the Karvina police, said during the event.

Traffic accidents involving pedestrians are not very low, and those with children are also increasing. "This year, we have solved 36 road accidents in the territory of the Karvina district with the participation of pedestrians, four of which ended with the death of the pedestrian," the police spokesman further points out.

So what can pedestrians do for their safety? In addition to increased attention around roads and crossings, they are just reflective elements, for example, the police handed out reflective tapes to people. "Although it is not mandatory in cities, pedestrians should think about their safety and use reflective elements, it is true for all ages," she added.

As mentioned earlier by the Austrian BESIP Coordinator for the Moravian-Silesian Region, we should all think that when there is an unfortunate event on the road, two people and two families, the injured pedestrian and the driver, will be responsible. By thinking about our safety, we are mindful of all others.


The possibilities of company clothing

The purchase of company clothing can be such a task that you do not want to spend too much time and money on. Nevertheless, it is advisable to sit down for a while. Because you have nothing on a piece of clothing that is not worn afterward. How do you ensure that your employees are well cared for while they can do their work safely and efficiently? With the attention points below, you can map out the wishes in the field of corporate safety clothing.

Point of interest 1: Safety

Safety comes first. According to the Working Conditions Act, you as an employer are responsible for providing your employees with the right personal protective equipment to carry out their work safely. It is important that you comply with the EN ISO 13688 standards. Does your staff work under special circumstances, such as with toxic substances or with fire? Then you may have to meet more standards. Take a good look at the circumstances that apply to your employee and opt for firefight reflective tape, or reflective clothing with reflective fabric for high visibility.

Point of interest 2: Functionality

You will be particularly inclined to pay attention to the price tag when purchasing company clothing. And let's be honest. That is also a very important factor. But do not just wrap the first work shorts into your shopping basket, because believe me, one is not the other. There is sometimes a whole philosophy behind something seemingly simple as bags. Always involve your staff in the choice of new company clothing. After all, they can tell you what they really need to be able to work efficiently and pleasantly. Also thinks of comfort. You can, after all, purchase such a nice work coat, if he does not like your employee, he will certainly leave the coat on the left.

Point of interest 3: Professional appearance

Always choose high-quality materials. It is more than worth the investment. Because worn out work trousers quickly no longer meet the safety standards. Cracks and discolorations are also not neat. The quality can, therefore, play an important role in representing your company correctly. And that does not only apply to the individual employee. Uniform corporate clothing not only ensures that your team is recognizable to others, but you also create a sense of unity. Handy, if you work a lot with hired workers.

Point of interest 4: Promotion of the company

Some companies have opportunities to increase their brand awareness when buying company clothing. Sin! If your staff is well looked after, it is a calling card for your company. And of course, logo and contact details also belong to a business card. You can, for example, have your company clothing printed. But even more up-to-date (and hardwearing) is it to have your logo in the clothing embroidered. Did you know that certain company clothing is deductible for the tax if it is provided with a logo?




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