The company SS manufactures a new mesh vest

The Spanish company Services has expanded its catalog of products with the manufacture of a new version of its full mesh openwork vest CHS-5, approved under EN ISO 20471 CLASS 1, as a perfect solution in High Visibility vest for summer.


The characteristics of this new garment are the use of mesh openwork yellow, orange or red, all fluorine, combined with thick fabric tape above and below the horizontal reflective band, the latter of 3M, sewn one horizontally and two vertically from front to back, passing through the shoulder.


As in the entire range of SS, this garment can customized with reflective logos and manufactured in various sizes. The CHS-5 vest completes the extensive range of High Visibility garments of this Spanish manufacturer, whose textile range is not only focused on AV clothing, but also orientates its productions to the corporate image of its customers, making garments that combine colors, designs, logos, trimmings ...


In addition to these developments, the catalog of products manufactured by this Spanish firm is completed with all kinds of reflective vests and breastplates, harnesses, sleeves, gaiters, belts, windsocks and helmet tapes, as well as a variety of modules, texts and logos made of fabrics and reflective sheets, for application in garments, vehicles and road signs.


SS concentrates all its facilities - offices, warehouses, and workshops - in Madrid, which allows it to offer each of its customers a quality tailoring service that is totally personalized.


In addition, the Spanish firm has new equipment for laser cutting technology, plotters, drum cutting machines, automatic and roller heat-sealing machines, high frequency welding machines, digital printing and screen printing systems, as well as specific sewing machines for each type of job.


Another outstanding facet is the manufacture and distribution of tapes and marking products such as speed reducers, fences, traffic flags, floor and vehicle tapes, cones, beacons, vertical, horizontal, and complementary signs, panels, traffic mirrors and surveillance, and eye protection products such as glasses and masks, among others.


Services and Security has been a pioneer in the homologation of high visibility garments. Already in the 80s bet on this sector, when its founders, then specialized in the field of road signage and emergency vehicles, began to manufacture protective garments High Visibility.


Although these first articles today would not comply with the existing regulations, they have been able to adapt to the new requirements of EN-471: 1994 to continue being pioneers, obtaining the certification of their vests as High Visibility garments in May 1997.




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