Required cycling vest? So, what else is not!

crop up from time to time various changes planned highway code. We just got one.
Most recently, a link received by e-mail our staff, which is part of a blog concerning the 2017 changes dissects cyclists.
(We emphasize: not accepted - Ed.) According to the blog, it may be mandatory under the age of 14 cyclists spent on non-use of protective headgear. With this view, "it does not have to argue about, a good idea in the West, this trend is spreading, in addition to higher age limit as it pulled."
However, it will be mandatory for foreign and inland cyclists to use the reflective vest, in addition to living room, anywhere, anytime.
Not like him
Csaba Csohny long time travels by bicycle's office is located in Miskolc Wheat field or even in the neighboring Szirmabesenyőről Szentpteri gate.
He loves this simple, environmentally friendly, and a cheap form of transport.
- I do not like, not the symptoms of the yellow vest - said colleague permanently use a reflective vest.
- The color is not my problem, but I do not want to pick up. Of course, obviously useful because glare in humans, but in the summer heat and winter can be a nuisance to pick up.
Csaba thought: The problem is that many sites are not secure under the existing bike paths, safer conditions, according to him even more kerkproznnak.
- During the fourteen years I can understand making headgear mandatory one, I say this despite the fact that I do not wear a helmet - he added.
- Full stupidity has a draft!
- Robert Luke has already Disgyőr live art teacher said, who is, you can make your bike locks and taken to the Avas the "school" of course, but in his spare time in Beech also keen to travel around. - Bicycle paths should be built, not yellow jackets with reflective tape akasztgatni people. In addition, the so-called special technical cycling clothing does not work if you take out a nejlonmellnyeket. I am certain that I would not be myself.
However, under the age of 14 compulsory wearing of protective headgear would welcome a "tutor".
- Always wear a helmet and do not let my son sit on your bike without a helmet - said firmly.
-Even Before either house!
I hope that was a joke
Francis David in Miskolc downtown and were addressed to him in the draft.
- I just do not understand why I think that someone vest factories ... - he replied.
- I hope this is a bad joke and is not going to happen. It would be nice if once out of Copenhagen or Amsterdam mayor of issuing an invitation to someone to Miskolc and the Dutch or the Danish city leaders explain that we have, from what you could do. Because the safety vest do not think the good way.

Keep safe when you go on holiday

Do not forget the warning triangle and reflective vest when you go on holiday! Consider other essential features for passenger car on the open road
It looks mind these days only beaches on the Black Kettle local or other horizons of full sun, exotic?
Until you get there, you have to do one very important thing: to prepare with the utmost diligence trip.
Once, in a previous issue of the newspaper Freedom, Auto Bild specialists gave us tips advised on checking the technical condition of the car today deals with two aspects as important: comfort and safety during its journey, because dream holiday can begin under the best auspices.
compulsory equipment
For your safety and all passengers in the car, you must ensure that you have the following equipment:
Triangles with reflective tape and first aid kit are mandatory in our country, but you need to travel abroad and vest.

Right tools can help you in case of minor defects, while a tow rope can prove useful in case of serious damage.
Power cables, fuses, spare bulbs and a flashlight are items that should not miss on board during the trip.
For remote areas, a full fuel canister may prove salutary, but attention! - Ferry and in Greece it is prohibited.
practical accessories
Often travel takes longer than you planned.
In this case, a range of accessories can be very useful. E.g:
A refrigerator car can prove extremely useful. It keeps drinks cold and food fresh.

A DVD player that can be mounted on the headrest will help children in the backseat to spend time more enjoyable.
For machines that do not have windows with thermal protection, may prove very useful application of solar film on side windows and rear window.
A navigation system helps a lot to orientation in a foreign country, being especially useful in finding alternative routes in case of traffic jams or road sections closed.

Change a tire run over and killed on the A4

Portogruaro. The horrible end of a turkish truck driver hit by a colleague The Slovenian driver of the car transporter risk license suspension
PORTOGRUARO. Horror in no later than 23 A4 highway on Monday. A truck driver without safety vest turkish 45 years, Ali Karadag, residing in Istanbul, died torn by a car transporter as he was back on the truck. The victim, together with the co-worker who accompanied him on the trip of a second half, had just finished replacing a rear tire damaged while driving. The disaster occurred on the roadway west in the stretch between Portogruaro and San Stino, in Portogruaro area, the height of the fractions of Pradipozzo and Lison.
The highway is not closed, although the Venetian Autovie dealership has providentially reported the crash site by turning on a dozen torches. What was left of the corpse he has been recomposed by the firm mortuary Dal Mas Portogruaro, which transferred the case endeavored zinc recovery in the monumental cemetery of Via Mercalli, to the judicial authority that has entered in the register of suspects' driver of the car transporter, Slovenian PT, 45, who was also charged with manslaughter. also risks the suspension of the license and the consequent loss of the post of the driver works. For the second consecutive day, therefore, in the district of Portoguaro there was a fatal accident. Sunday was touched Valentina Genovese, the Trieste parallel. Ali Karadag was traveling behind the wheel of a truck with reflective tape and trailer, both sheeted, followed closely by a fellow truck driver. The 45 year old, born October 2, 1970, was in fact marching in the direction of Venice, when he was forced to pull over the vehicle and to stop on the hard shoulder. This decision has enabled Karadag preserve other lives, avoiding accidents. Five kilometers over the Portogruaro exit, in fact, the means tarpaulin carrying bulking, had suffered the drilling of a rear tire. Karadag good pace it started work to replace it, but it is unclear whether or not wearing a reflective vest, mandatory to guarantee their safety.
He completed the task in minutes. He greeted the fellow who gave him a hand and then he walked towards the cab of his truck. He has not had time to climb. Just at that moment is coming up in a gallop the car transporter that transports a dozen cars. The middle two floors has centered in the middle Ali Karadag, making havoc of the body. The driver, a Slovene same age of the victim, P.T., was immediately stopped, but there was nothing to do.
On the spot they rushed firefighters from Portogruaro fire and officers from the Traffic Police of San Dona, who have completed the surveys. Difficult the recovery operation of the body. Intervened also the Venetian Autovie officials with a couple of means.

Winter time: safety vests for more visibility of pedestrians and cyclists

TV Rheinland: Signal West available not only on the way to school useful / west for motorists now mandatory / Permitted safety vest at each inspection by TV Rheinland
Especially in autumn and winter increase the risks on the road, because the safety conditions are worse in the dark. In the evening and night hours, therefore, reflectors or signal vests are for pedestrians or cyclists very useful to be better perceived: "With a high visibility vest, the visibility doubled in the light of car headlights on around 150 meters," explains Dieter Knape, traffic safety expert TV Rhineland. Passersby without warning clothing in contrast are already in the twilight of motorists only perceive from a distance of up to 80 meters.
Reason for the high visibility of the west is the striking and reflective design. If a breakdown or accident, they also offer motorists extra protection. Therefore, it is also compulsory in Germany to carry the safety vests in cars. "The vests do not store in the trunk, so they are directly at hand in case of breakdown. They include, for example, in the glove box or under the seat. "The West should not be exposed to the sun, because the materials then age more quickly.
In Germany sold vests for adults with the standard DIN EN ISO 20471 must comply and are only permitted in red, orange and yellow. Reflective vest for children is also available in pink, green and other colors. For this, the standard DIN EN 1150. The respective numbers applies the standards can be on the vest itself or locate the label. Knape: "There are always complaints about the West, which are made of inferior materials. therefore buyers should not save in the wrong place, because even good jackets are not expensive. "To buy are approved safety vests with reflective tape example to all around 130 service stations by TV Rheinland Germany at a price of 3.20 euros.
Note for websites and all editors:
Press Photo and Video to download and use for editorial purposes free can be found as well as the press release from www.tuv.com/presse on the website of TV Rheinland.

Safety vest from 2014 duty

Commercially used vehicles have long vests on board. From 2014, mandatory for all cars.
The Federal Council has now decided a reflective vest mandatory for Germany. At the latest from 1 July 2014, be present in every vehicle a vest. The new regulation applies to all cars, trucks and buses registered in Germany. Motorcycles are still excluded.
In the company car safety vest has long been compulsory
For company cars, the trade association regulation for safety and health at work under paragraphs 31 and 56 of the accident prevention regulation Vehicles (BGV D 29) the safety equipment required for a long time.
"The operator must equip mechanically driven multi-track vehicles with suitable warning clothing for at least one insured." Fleet managers should however be ensured that always at least two, but preferably as many as safety vest seats are carried in their company cars.
To reread is the requirement to carry warning clothing in the BG regulations for health and safety at work under paragraphs 31 and 56 of the accident prevention regulation Vehicles (BGV D 29). It reads in part: "The operator has to equip mechanically driven multi-track vehicles with suitable warning clothing for at least one insured."
Abroad up to 600 euro fine
In many European countries there is already an obligation to carry a reflective vest in the car and to contribute to a breakdown or accident.
The compulsory wearing of the signal west applicable in Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary. Coupled obligation for both a waistcoat in the car as his should be taken also mandatory in case of need, there is currently in France, Croatia, Norway, Austria, Portugal and Slovakia. The penalties for infringement are, depending on the country between 14 Euro and 600 Euro.
Pay attention to the standard DIN EN 71
Approved in Germany West in red, orange and yellow reflective tape, which comply with the standard DIN EN 71.
For children there are also other colors with the marking DIN EN 1150. Available the west are from about two euros for example ADAC, as well as at many petrol stations or in accessories shops.

And where is the safety vest?

Since July it is mandatory - but also every driver has a case? Police are now asking whatsoever to the safety vest in the car. Some drivers have safety clothing once looking like a check shows.
The driver in the black small car has been in a bad mood.
She has not been buckled and was beckoned by officials of Neubrandenburg police station to the edge of the roadway. Aid kit and warning triangle Police Chief Superintendent Michael Hillger has let this show. "And where is the safety vest" asks the policeman recently at each inspection .. "I do not know," replies the driver. "Well then you are looking for times," replies the officer. The woman looks in the side compartment to the back door. None. Next try the boot: you pushing a folded stroller and a plastic bag for storage - again nothing.
The safety vest she finally finds in the pocket for a warning triangle.
"It is more favorable when the put in the glove compartment," the police commissioner says friendly. "That was my husband. The glove box is full, "pflaumt back the woman. "That I comment not" answers Hillger left and draw up the cautionary about 30 euros for the violation of the seat belt. Had the vest was missing, 15 euros would come to again.
In Germany, drivers must have at least one copy of the protective clothing in the car since 1 July.
one driver was only a few days before the start of obligatory according to a survey of the emergency center of car insurers nevertheless still without reflective vest in his car on the road. More than one in five motorists had not even heard up to this point some of it and did not know that he safety clothing must carry shortly. And what about six weeks later?
Without vest one is almost invisible
to police foreman Peter Bartels has made a silver Renault at the checkpoint in the Neubrandenburg city.
"Do you have a high visibility vest here," he asks the driver. The pensioner reaches under the passenger seat, pulls out a plastic bag and presented two copies in the execution of red-orange. "The times I ordered cheap at a shipping trade," he says. Used he still has it. "But can happen always something."
Around 40 drivers controlled the officials this morning.
All have a high visibility vest with reflective tape here. And those who still carry any safety vest in the car, should be quickly retrofitted advises GDV spokeswoman Luge Erhardt. This not only increases safety but also protect your wallet. In other EU countries threaten to infringements of the safety vests mandatory fines up to 600 euros.

Ignorance can be costly

From July 1, a reflective vest requirement also applies in Germany, it must be present in every vehicle a safety vest. Motorists should have for each occupant a vest available, experts advise.
Who from 1 July has no safety vest in the car, which may be a fine of 15 euros will be imposed.
And who bears at an accident no safety vest, who even risked his insurance coverage.
Safety vest: Pay attention to the norm
Available are the red, yellow or orange vests, which are mandatory in other EU countries for years on the Internet from two euros.
But many gas stations have safety vests. But beware: The vest must conform to DIN EN 471 or EN ISO 20471: 2013 match.
Pro car only a high visibility vest for the driver must be available to the new rule.
But experts advise carry several West. Ideally be for each occupant a vest in the vehicle, advises TV Rheinland. Inmates must wear the vest when leaving the vehicle include a breakdown or an accident on public roads.
Reflective jackets are compulsory: Act now yet
Especially private car owners are affected by the new safety reflective vest duty.
For commercial vehicles it was considered for some time, motorcycles are still excluded. The vests shall comply with European standard EN ISO 20471: 2013 match. This requirement calls for a 360-degree visibility by encircling, at least five centimeters wide reflective strips. Furthermore, fluorescent material is prescribed in yellow, orange or red-orange. Finally, the vest must have a velcro.
stow in easy reach
"Important in case of emergency is natural that the safety vest from the driver seat is available quickly," says Clemens Klinke by Dekra.
"Therefore, it should in the glove compartment, are kept under the seat or in the side pocket of the door - not as in the trunk." The expert organization also discourages them to hang the vest over a seat: With sunlight, the signal color to fade with time.
Fines in Europe partly high
With the new high visibility vest with reflective tape compulsory Germany follows the example of many other EU countries, where it is partly for years in force.
In some countries, it is, unlike in Germany, that any person who leaves the car around in case of breakdown, must wear a vest. The fines abroad are partly sensitive high.
According to the ADAC relates the motorist in Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Hungary.
In Portugal motorists should expect a fine 120-600 Euro.

You're leaving for a long weekend? Do not go crazy on the roads. There will be more patrols

Many people decided to take advantage of favorable your calendar and plan your long weekend. Enough on Friday to take a vacation day. Aware that there are policemen in reflective vest who predict increased patrols on the roads of Lubuskie
This weekend will mean increased traffic and, consequently, increased service traffic police officers. We'll not only on the main arteries of the Lubuskie Province, but also on the roads of county or municipal - says Marcin Maludy of the Regional Police Headquarters in Gorzow.
Uniforms equipped with safety vest, laser speed meters and a shield to stop vehicles, will take care of that the road was safe. - Drivers can count on valuable tips, important recommendations and assistance in obtaining information on alternative routes. On the other hand, road pirates need to be aware that they will be disciplined by uniformed give a mandate, a proposal for punishment to the court or losing license - warns Maludy.
At the end of appeals to drivers with reflective tape: - Keep careful, sober and do not underestimate regulations. It should take yourself to the heart to the whole and healthy return several days of rest.

German Themis is afraid to communicate with the "Sharia patrol"

The Regional Court in Wuppertal refused to examine the sensational case
Late in the evening September 4, 2014 on the streets of Wuppertal left 11 young bearded men, dressed in bright orange reflective vest (they use the road and railroad workers) and large black inscription on the back of Shariah Police (Engl. "Sharia Police"). At the entrance to the Turkish discos, restaurants and casinos are under the operator stopped filming his youth, admonishing her for giving up alcohol and gambling.
Soon raid Sharia "guardians of morality" cut short outfit the city police, who established that all of them - familiar to law enforcement agencies, local Salafis. Rewriting of setting data, the police ordered them to disperse and remove safety vest that are implicitly performed. But in the morning he appeared on the Internet video clip in which the offensive known in Germany Salafi preacher Abu Adam, in the world - 35-year-old German-converts Sven Lau, commenting on a raid of his spiritual disciples, declared that "we want to live according to the laws of Allah," and He urged the audience to live according to Sharia.
The appearance of a movie, and then followed perturbed reaction of the German media stirred up the whole of Germany. With an angry statement was made by Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia Ralf Jaeger: "There is no justification for this self-appointed guardians of public morality. We will not allow extremist organizations to threaten local residents on the streets of our cities ", - he declared.
We spoke as the head of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, Thomas de Maiziere and Heiko Maas: "Sharia on German soil will not be tolerated!" - Said one. "There is no parallel, illegal organs of justice!" - Echoed the other. And on September 8 this occasion acted as Chancellor Angela Merkel: "For certain activities there is a state monopoly", - she reminded and encouraged "to take decisive action against the self-proclaimed Sharia Police".
Muslim organizations in Germany immediately distanced themselves from the antics of "chicks nest Abu Adam":
"Illegally usurping police work is unacceptable, - said the head of the Coordination Council of Muslims Ali Kizilkayya. - Even though the vast majority of German Muslims do not identify with the Salafis, this action has damaged the reputation of the entire community. "
In the same spirit he spoke and the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims Aiman ​​Maziek, not failing, however, to emphasize that "these young extremists have long departed from the Muslim community."
The investigation of this case, in general, a trifling with the evidential point of view, went more than a year, but in the end the charges were formulated. Guided by 3 of the "Law on Assemblies" (prohibition "to appear in public in uniform, or similar garments, which are an expression of the general thrust of the political way of thinking"), the prosecutor's office in Wuppertal attracted to the responsibility of all nine members of the "Sharia patrol" at the age of 24 to 34 years.
Separate charges were brought against the ideological inspirer of this action Sven Lau, which the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (internal counterintelligence in Germany, is the structure of the Interior Ministry) said "ideological link Salafi scene in Germany."
In November 2015 the matter was referred to the Supreme Court of North Rhine-Westphalia in Wuppertal for consideration on the merits.

How can you notice a pedestrian without reflective vest?

By mounting type I divided them into five types. The first - the "magnetic" bracelets cost from 150 rubles. Metallic strips, which are best suited to be worn on the sleeves. Less certain - the impossibility to fix rigidly, so that they do not fall down while wearing to the hand. Type Two - reflectors. Real reflective vest as cycling from our childhood. Round, in the form of hearts, snowflakes. There are white, red and blue. Fasteners - a long plastic springs. whether it will take the cold, not break it? Country of origin (Finland) as it suggests that sdyuzhil ... Price - 100 rubles. The third type - "medals", the icons on the pins of small size. Attract various inscriptions such as "I love the sport!", So for everyday wear can be mistaken for ordinary youth icons. Approximately 100 rubles. Type fourth - Tape with Velcro, operating on the principle of thistles. There are long, to be worn on the hands (70 rubles per one, wholesale almost half the price). There are short, for pens and other bags (40 rubles in retail). The latter are made of dark material, which again is good for those who want to "blend in" and does not show in normal reflective "abilities". Finally, the fifth type - perhaps the most inconvenient for ordinary clothes. Stickers (18 rubles in retail). It is best to put on their school bags, backpacks items, strollers ...
Try, how it works and whether it works, go out into the street the industry's first to the fire station. There is weak automobile traffic, no street lighting and a flat straight section of the road. In our arsenal Two Liftback - "Lada Granta" (ordinary light) and the latest "Skoda Superb" (xenon). In addition to see whether it affects the work reflectors separate light sources, so also evaluate different "schools" create the headlights - the budget and the actual premium.
Along the side of the road we arrange the cones. They act as reference points, which will be near the pedestrian. 30 meters from the car, 50, 80 and 100. No more law-abiding citizens on the road to besiege his car with a speed of 90-100 km / h at a distance of 100 meters, when he noticed a pedestrian without safety clothing? Enough, even in the wet! A illegitimacy that flies fast as 100? And this scoundrel you must first straighten brains, that we do not. Turn on the dipped halogen "Grant." Black and black Roman, our test subject, sometimes begins to glow like a good garland. It departs 50 meters, then 80, finally, is 100 ... The first striking reflectors in the form of a heart. We reflectors attached to the bag, so he hangs out with walking. From the driver's seat red shimmer looks as if the lamp flashes on the sidelines. It attracts attention. But it is worth considering that for some body position reflectors ceases to be visible. Almost always, in any position of the body and all our checkpoints, visible strips Belarusian bands on the sleeves and "magnetic" bracelet (the one that is longer; short had to take a test - its length is simply not enough for the arm circumference). Regularly reflect light and stickers Halloween, however, we conclude that, for better visibility, there should be a lot on one surface. The same story - with small-kruglyashami stickers and small tapes with Velcro. They work great, the more of them the better. I remember about a photographer who had gone into the darkness of Roman. Novel something shines, and photographer (also around the dark, but without a reflector) has ceased to be visible within 40 meters from the small. All, if it was not human!
Change the "Lada" to "Skoda" with bi-xenon headlights, and "intelligent" light adapts to the profile of the road.
So, firstly, it is immediately noticeable difference in the illumination of the road between the domestic budget and the Czech car, the cost of which crosses over 2 million rubles. Brightness spots on both machines is sufficient, as the uniformity of lighting. But "Skoda" dipped beam has further: the driver can see even the cone, which stands at 100 meters (the band itself is illuminated by 65 meters), while the boundary of light and shadow from the headlights "Grants" is held at a distance of 40 meters from the Liftback! "Skoda" does not blind oncoming. Spot as it goes around the oncoming lane, well "catching" the left side of the road and is great - right. Once again I was convinced: the "Grants" very weak dipped.
Here's what's interesting. Pedestrian reflectors like reflective tape with almost equally well visible even under illumination lights "Lada-Grants." How is this possible, ask readers. The brightness of the two light sources may be the same or different is not strong. But the beam direction ... That's what's important! For myself, I made this conclusion. How can you notice a pedestrian without reflective vest?


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