Reflective heat transfer film is used in backpack

The reflective backpack is a very important piece of equipment for a motorcyclist. As motorcycles do not have luggage, it is the most practical option to take with you to work or to take a trip. At the same time the backpack cannot interfere with driving, cannot open itself, and cannot cause danger to the driver during the fall. Today we change the motorcycle backpack from the top shelf - Mach 5. This is one of the more expensive proposals for motorcyclists on the market; the question is worth the price?

No Drag Mach 5 is a modified version of No Drag Mach 3. The backpack has gained the capacity to expand its capacity, additional shoeboxes, viewfinder and some other nice extras. In addition, the Mach 5 has the ability to carry a 15-inch laptop, a helmet hanger and the option of folding one of the arms for easier removal of the backpack.

Reflective Material used and finish: The backpack is made of extruded outer shell that gives it a distinctive shape. The carrier system is made of hard-wearing synthetic fabrics. The inside pockets for the shoes and viewfinder are made of mesh and soft flip. The whole is done very carefully and aesthetically. The highest quality materials used and the quality of workmanship make after half a year of use on the backpack, apart from minor scratches, practically no signs of use.

 Comfort and daily use: I would use the comfort of this product in two areas. The first would be backpacking, the second using the backpack alone. As for the ride, it's hard to get a better motorcycle backpack, and I've had plenty of backpacks to ride on two wheels. The Mach 5 is perfectly placed on the back, with straps that fit well into the driver's silhouette, even if the driver's jacket is aerodynamic. The backpack fulfills the manufacturer's promises. It does not interfere with driving; it does not generate turbulence and tug. 250 km / h on a naked motorcycle is sufficient speed to be convinced.

 The Ohio has a great fastening system that prevents the rucksack from opening while riding (it is located on the driver's back). The pockets were designed so that nothing would happen to them. Here we come to the second aspect of using a backpack. Hard casing and fixed form have their limitations. Even with the backpack which has reflective heat transfer film zoom option, the outer shell will never fit into your luggage. Either it is housed or not. Well protected locks require a bit more attention and care in handling. They are not as readily available as in a classic backpack, so efficient packaging and unpacking Mach 5 requires a bit of practice. The laptop pocket is great, the left shoulder strap for easy removal of the backpack is a real revelation (why other manufacturers did not come up with it?), and the helmet fixing system works well, the organizer squeaking is a bit too shallow.

The No Drag Mach 5 is a great idea for a backpack of everyday use during commute to work, or for short trips. It works best on sports and sport-tourist motorbikes. Due to the form has its limitations, but great quality convinced even unconvinced. The only real minus ... is the price. Nearly 800 are quite a lot.




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