The action "Safe High school climbed"

4 and 5 May, that is, in the first days of baccalaureate students WSPiAi will appear on the main pedestrian crossings in the area high schools. Rzeszow, Przemysl, Jaroslaw, Krosno, Jaslo, Debica, Mielec and Tarnobrzeg in these cities will take action "Safe High school climbed"

During the action, students will be equipped with reflective safety vest and special signs to help guide pedestrians across the road. At pedestrian crossings in front of schools will be handing out reflective bands for good luck. - In addition, each met by the students climbed high school graduate university will also receive”fudge" on the improvement of humor before the exam. First of all, the action is to help students focused on the matriculation examination, arrive safely to school - says Przemysław Pawlak, spokesman climbed. On Wednesday, 4 May 2016. Students will meet at pedestrian crossings in the area of all Rzeszow secondary schools. On Thursday, the passages in Przemysl, Jaroslaw, Krosno, Jaslo, Debica, Mielec and Tarnobrzeg. The action is organized by the university for the second time. Last year, before the eight secondary schools 60 students climbed given away more than 3,000 reflective armbands and fudge for good luck. Advertisement

Checks bicycles and reflectors to cyclists

The police Bialystok patrolwki checked cyclists on the roads of the city. Only a few hours action policemen inspected the nearly 30-wheeler. Additionally, for the sake of the safety of cyclists, officers handed them reflective vest.

Uniforms of Bialystok patrolwki conducted activities related to the verification of the legality of bicycles on the roads of the city. Only a few hours action officers inspected nearly 30 such vehicles. Moreover, such checks were an excellent opportunity to talk with cyclists on the security or proper protection wheelers, they would not have fallen prey to thieves. Additionally uniforms during the action handed drivers bikes reflective vest purchased with funds citywide task P. N. "Rowerzysto! Similar actions will be continued by the police throughout the season cycling.

Ministry of Transport distributes reflective vests in Conchali

The minister with communal authorities continues to deliver the pledge to start being mandatory carriage from Friday 1 January.

This morning the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Andrs Gmez-Lobo, deliver some reflective vest for drivers traveling through the Conchali.

As part of the mass about the size of vests, the transport ministry has given in various parts of the capital garment. This morning in the activity the mayor of Conchali, Carlos Sottolichio will also find, next to the PPD deputy Daniel Farcas.

On January 1 it enters into force of the decree requiring the carrying of this element in all vehicles as a safety measure in case of emergencies on the road.

In addition, the activity will continue with the "Desacelrate" campaign launched by the Ministry of Transport and police with reflective tape for the holidays this year and massive capital outflows this long weekend.

The figure decreased slightly from 202 cases for the same period in 2015.

This afternoon, the largest Tulio Benavides of the 32nd Precinct Transit, reported that in the country have registred 196 traffic accidents so far in 2016.

The number is less than 202 accidents in the same period of 2015.

On the other hand, on the use of safety vest, uniformed highlighted the "positive balance of use" because, according to their statements, most Chileans has complied with the law, helping to reduce the number of accidents. In addition, the largest noted that have carried out 208 controls drunk in the year.

This weekend vacationers a replacement occurs, at which there is greater movement of vehicles on the roads. Regarding this, Benavidens noted that there is still a specification of the number of traffic accidents yet.

Birthday pages are best

RANA: Class 3C at Gruben primary school is a vigorous bunch. They went down to Rana Blad to learn more about how the newspaper is made.

The trip from the schoolyard to the newspaper house took only 50 minutes. Well inside the doors of the newspaper house students could tell that the best newspaper is birthday sides.

- It's these pages I read first, says Christine Jensen.

She finds it exciting to visit the newspaper and get to learn about how it's made.

- I'm most excited about how to set your photos into the newspaper, says Vegard Lysfjord Sterhaug.

Not everyone is as hooked on birthday pages. Something had more taste for the sport.

- Since I am doing orientation, I find it printed too little about the sport I do, says Even-Johan Kaspersen.

Aleksandra Terese Henningsen pointed out that the main reason why the class took the walk down to Nytorget was to learn about how the entire newspaper is made. Inside the call center students are welcomed by editor Kirsti Nielsen. She bought me both reflective bands and buns on them.

Design and Textile students won 2nd prize in Safe Trafikk reflex competition. Now garments sold.

It was right after school that NPRA and Road Safety announced the competition which was to demonstrate reflex. All secondary schools in Akershus design and crafts to participate.

- Under the national reflex day we asked ourselves up outside Ullensaker Culture to showcase our products consisting of knitted hats, headbands and scarves with sewn reflexes and reflex action line, says Anniken Olsen in vg2 textiles and design at Jessheim high school.

The aim of the competition was to increase reflectors use by letting people notice how necessary and effective reflector. According to Safe Traffic is namely usage percentage of reflex today at only 17 percent.To sell products- A few weeks ago we learned that we had won the second prize of 3,000 crowns, cheering Alexandra Riter.

The prize money will probably go to class trip. But design students hope the products will eventually provide more krona treatments at checkout.

- We are in the initial phase of establishing a youth, says head of department on textile and design, Gunn Thordis Bertinussen.

- Where will the students sell these products. We are not out on the market yet, but the plan is to take up orders for Christmas, says department manager. Along with teacher Hanne Ruyter she experience that more and more are now seeking to tekstilfag.

- Students have been both good and eager. It was of course a carrot that this was a competition, but I think they have developed excellent products.

Although knit garments were made just a month ago, they have already managed to be out on the fans. NPRA has lent products to a seminar to showcase good examples.

- There are several who have asked where I bought the hat, says Anniken adding that they have not yet managed to promote the products otherwise than to dress up with them.

- The point of the garments is to show off reflex to youth in a cool way, so that they start using it, clarifies Alexandra Riter adding that it took about three weeks to make garments. The ready-made products are prototypes. Eventually want girls to further develop the ideas they received along the way.

- For example, we provided input for Road Safety that there might be an idea to use reflective acting thread in knitwear. For it is difficult to obtain here in Norway. We had to cut up reflective tape which we again had to take off jackets, says Anniken.
Reflector is cool

In addition to showcasing products in Jessheim on reflection day, shared the girls out glare and had posters with slogans hanging around the booth.

- For example, "Reflex is a must, even if you have not resolved", laughing Alexandra.

- There were as many adults who came up to us. Families with children and grandparents. It did not seem as if the youngsters cared so much, says Lena Knutsen.

- I use reflex now, but when I was in junior high, I remember that it was so cool to take on the yellow, ugly matter. Therefore we thought it was wiser to stick reflex on hats and scarves, for it takes one might in anyway.

Motorist just ran off

The cat family Nordengveien in B.R.A. Road in Kristiansand was overrun yesterday. Motorist wearing safety vest did not stop.

We must all take into account that the cat could get run over when we live near a busy road so that B.R.A.-road, but it's not ok that whoever ran the cat did not care about stopping even, says Helen Nordengveien.

She is upset with the way her family lost cat on. Whoever did it should take responsibility for it, she says.

Although not the one who drove the cat stopped, did two other motorists just that.- A helpful man took care of the cat, while a helpful woman helped me to comfort the two boys. They were at home when it happened, and was naturally very upset, tells Helen.

So the cat from the kitchen Lille Linus in three years says: After the cat died, we saw it from the kitchen window. We can get nightmares about it, think three-year-.The adults at the site did what they could to shield their children the most.- Driving too fast Tonje Nordengveien is also upset that too many motorists do not keep the speed limit. HA is firsthand witness to several motorists obvious is far above the speed limit of 50 km / h.- Check or speed bumps are the only thing that helps. There are too few speed trap here, seems Tonje Nordengveien.

Driving on an animal

Driving on an animal is not punishable. It can however be if you do not report the incident or the stops to make sure the animal's state if you run on smaller mammals or birds, you have to stop to make sure that the animal is dead. Most small animals are killed instantaneously by a rear-end, but if the animal is only wounded, one must consider to kill it or possibly alert the police with reflective uniform or municipal wildly authority hendelsen.1) Call the police 02800 and report the hendelsen. Flg instructions from police. by injuries call 113.

2) Set the animal in the road, set out varseltrekant. Husk taking on signal west.

3.) If the animal runs from the place, mark the spot with reflective tape or other material available. Certain possible also escape direction. This will facilitate the possibility of bloodhound to find wounded game. If in doubt about how to describe where the collision took place, turn on the car's tachometer when you leave the place and measure the distance to the nearest known location (junction, kilometer post el.). Call this information into the police.

Ga 1.300 reflexes

Wet and dark - and especially important reflexes Haugesund Avis distributed Friday morning. In Kopervik, krehamn and at two locations in Haugesund stood employees wearing safety vest in Haugesund Avis and distributed reflections in the morning hours Friday.
- We must use the power we have to do good things. We have done a lot and we must do even more, and reflectors use is an important issue, says CEO Osteen Vormestrand.
The newspaper has purchased approximately 1.300 reflexes to be distributed, and together with journalist Tone Ltcherath had the director taken up by the underpass at Lillesund school.
They felt that the majority of the passers-used reflective band, but hit both adults, adolescents and children without.
- Racers was particularly adept.
They had gladly both light and reflective vest, says Ltcherath.
Rector Toralf Geitung on Lillesund school was even out and saw that the students made it safely into the schoolyard.
He's the year round, but extra nasty, traffic situation around the school in darkness and rain.
- A brilliant initiative that you hand out reflex, he said to Haugesund Avis.
Only one with reflective tape
Get going in krehamn made reflective material moved to Kopervik.

By AASEB and Coop Mega distributed the many reflections, which were very well received.

- We found that people were very bad at using reflectors. We met only one man with reflex, the rest was, telling news editor Gaute-Hakon Believe.

Many reflexes were also handed out by the team that was in different locations in the center of Haugesund, including through college.

- We met people both with and without reflection. Many would have reflex, says sales consultant Bente Ellingsen.

Saturday after 12 o'clock will be dealt even more reflections on Oases Tormenter.

The implementation of highway law 19.061

Since the start of implementation of Law 19.061 on Saturday until Thursday, Highway Patrol applied 364 fines, most of them for driving without wearing a motorcycle jacket or reflective bands. This was stated to The Observer Highway Patrol spokesman, Daniel Segovia.

As explained Segovia, in the first two days of application of the traffic law, that is, between Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 March, the hundred fines were exceeded, but as the days went by the numbers were declining. "People started getting the vest, as happened with the briefcase he began to buy, then lowered (the amount) which is what we wanted," said spokesman Coalminer.

In the case of the child restraint system from Highway Patrol he was assured that the amount of fines "is well below" of those applied by the use of reflective vest or kit. "There are more compliance, which was expected, because the sensitivity of what the child brings to worry a bit," Segovia said regarding the compliance of Article 1 of the Traffic Act, which requires children between 0 and 12 years to ride in the back seat with an appropriate child restraint system to the size and height.

In case the vehicle is moving violation for children without restraint use, apply a fine Caminera 2 UR ($ 1,611) and to continue, place the child or a seat belt with reflective tapes. If the offense is by moving people in a truck bed, another situation that regulates the new regulations, in addition to the fine 4 UR ($ 3,222), passengers must get off as no vehicle was allowed to continue circulating that.

With regard to accidents, only in the first weekend of Easter 40 accidents were recorded, two of them fatal.


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