The reflective dress on the fashion show

The time of a pause, the discreet Anne Valerie Hash wear reflective dress and unveils. The City of Lace and fashion in Calais unfolds the first 13 years of creation of one of the few French women to have parade in haute couture.

The exhibition declines the process of creation and manufacture of a seamstress who does not approach the sewing work by the pencil but by the chisel and the needle. "" Delray "is a neologism that refers to the vocabulary of sewing, the" dice ", here, no traces of pencils, sketches or sketches, but traces of" chalk "tailors," describes Sylvie Marot, Curator of the exhibition. And scroll the canvases, buildings and other patterns, so many "drafts of clothes". The clothes are uncovered without glass, without filter.

On the cartels is detailed the number of pieces that was used to constitute the garment. In each showcase, a text chalked in chalk, reflective clothes, and photographs specially made for the occasion by Fabric Larches, a close collaborator of Anne Valerie Hash.

From the first piece, a dress made from men's trousers, to the last one, a lace and reflective fabric tailoring suit, the exhibition develops a thematic course organized around the lexicon of sewing where it is question of "" Debase, "" disintegrate, "or even" unfold.” Since her first collection in 2001 called "Filename", Anne Valerie Hash defends her style and defines her identity: a male locker room totally disfigured to develop a women's locker room. The seamstress decays, decodes and sews. "Its luxury is to take the time to undo and do," says the commissioner. And the visitor discovers by how little trousers can become a jacket, the art of disproportions, and the dissymmetry: "Some pieces have parading carried in several senses", decrypts Anne Valerie Hash. "I love workshop work and accidents," she says.


Are you going side of the road? You must have reflectors

From September each foot, which after dark is moving outside built-up must have reflective elements. Until recently, such an obligation was only children. After the changes warrant this also applies to adults. Moving on the road at dusk outside the built-up area, we must have a reflective vest, armband fluorescent or light - he explains mі.

The more reflective elements are the better. - Do not be ashamed to wear them - marks the policeman. This increases the safety of all road users. - A pedestrian who do not have reflective clothes fluorescent elements is seen by the driver only from a distance of 20-30 meters. It does not give the teacher a vehicle virtually no chance to react.

Those not complying with the new rules threaten the mandate penalty ranging from 20 to 500 dollars. Pedestrians have the right to move without reflective material only on the sidewalk.

At the same time the driver should ensure that the lighting in their vehicles functioned flawlessly. - The lights must be set well and the headlamps clean - adds Mark.


Boiled chicken to the menu Telethon

This is a family that has just walk for the Telethon, well equipped reflective vests, and lamps

It is gone, the program is completed, and reservations open for lunch Telethon this year, Saturday, December 3, where the boiled chicken is on the menu (preceded by Japan beads and accompanied by stuffing, rice, then cheese, salad and dessert, appetizer, wine and coffee for € 12, € 6 to 12 years). Remember to bring cutlery (soup plate, cutlery and glass). The evening will be hosted by a young singer wear reflective clothes came from the Gers, accompanied on accordion and singer Piaf... and his own compositions. The Baladours, who have previously supervised the march of hope, not fail to go to their catchy choruses.

Note that the march of hope will leave this year (new: parking the industrial zone, near the fence of the railway, road Oursbelille). € 3 walking, 2 € the glow stick, remember lamps, safety vests and good shoes (route across fields partially appreciated in recent years). On Oursbelille, the bus will take you to the starting point in Bazet between 17 hours and 17.45.

And sometimes on the road, sometimes across fields, the arrival will be at Oursbelille.


Enola man went to the street stealing a house plant

Videos man with glasses is a resident of the house, who arrived home around two o'clock at night. With him arrived uninvited guest, who was wearing a yellow safety vest in Estonian Air. "Is not it a yellow Kaval-Ant, who went through the whole house to look, what to take. It took three pots. One was kunstpuu, others were real. What he does with them, it is difficult to understand, "said Fathom. According to him, is not a resident of the house taimevargaga familiar?
Solid said not a thing in the property damage, but a fundamental sense. "Well, where did you put the flower pot with two going at night?" Asked Fathom, perplexed.
Estonian Air's media spokesperson Iona Estelline who wearing a uniform with reflective vest says they do not have to do with this man whatsoever. "Absolutely stranger, our staff has not he ever had," said Estelline. He could not say how the man himself came to vest it, because it sent five years ago utilization. "At least five years have not been used in our facilities such reflective clothes," explained Estelline.




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