The reflective dress on the fashion show

The time of a pause, the discreet Anne Valerie Hash wear reflective dress and unveils. The City of Lace and fashion in Calais unfolds the first 13 years of creation of one of the few French women to have parade in haute couture.

The exhibition declines the process of creation and manufacture of a seamstress who does not approach the sewing work by the pencil but by the chisel and the needle. "" Delray "is a neologism that refers to the vocabulary of sewing, the" dice ", here, no traces of pencils, sketches or sketches, but traces of" chalk "tailors," describes Sylvie Marot, Curator of the exhibition. And scroll the canvases, buildings and other patterns, so many "drafts of clothes". The clothes are uncovered without glass, without filter.

On the cartels is detailed the number of pieces that was used to constitute the garment. In each showcase, a text chalked in chalk, reflective clothes, and photographs specially made for the occasion by Fabric Larches, a close collaborator of Anne Valerie Hash.

From the first piece, a dress made from men's trousers, to the last one, a lace and reflective fabric tailoring suit, the exhibition develops a thematic course organized around the lexicon of sewing where it is question of "" Debase, "" disintegrate, "or even" unfold.” Since her first collection in 2001 called "Filename", Anne Valerie Hash defends her style and defines her identity: a male locker room totally disfigured to develop a women's locker room. The seamstress decays, decodes and sews. "Its luxury is to take the time to undo and do," says the commissioner. And the visitor discovers by how little trousers can become a jacket, the art of disproportions, and the dissymmetry: "Some pieces have parading carried in several senses", decrypts Anne Valerie Hash. "I love workshop work and accidents," she says.


Trying to save life with this reflective dress

If you like black bear, live in the winter of dangerous, says Larraine. That is why the Miss Switzerland will soon generate more safety on the road.

"Look, if you wear in the dark only black that can be dangerous on the road," Larraine explains the message of the awareness campaign, the Canton police Freiburg. From November the Miss Switzerland radiates from posters in their home canton and advises the public to attract bright and reflective clothing when they are out after sunset.

The pink, reflective dress she wears on the campaign subject, there is, however, not to buy. "It has been specially made for me," she says, "and I was allowed to keep it." At a preventive use it will not come: The part hangs currently with her in the closet.

Uncertain future

There are projects of reflective material like this that are the 23-year-old at heart: "I am happy when I can do things that might change a little bit the world." And it is also what the task of modern Miss Switzerland is since the choice was taken in summer by entrepreneur Guido. Instead of beauty and entertainment charity and commitment have ever since been on the agenda of the official holders. But sponsors can therefore no longer be attracted.

"So far I have invested more than five million francs [out of pocket]," Florin reveals in the latest issue of "Schweitzer Illustrierte", "if we fail to make the choice on a broader ownership, we must decide whether I am committed again "until the beginning month said Nick Schwab, media spokesman for the Miss Switzerland organization against the Switzerland on Sunday." As long as Guido Florin is the owner of the Miss Switzerland is a remain "Should Florin the line Make the image of Miss could be so changed again, as PR expert Ferris Buhler or 3+ boss Dominick Kaiser recently demanded.

Part-time Miss Switzerland

If and when a change of leadership is pending, is currently unclear. Larraine Salina one-year term would end in November, but because no successor was chosen because of uncertain financing still makes only times further. However, it is may be only until February 100 percent Miss Switzerland.

"It was from the beginning, my deadline," explains Laureate in reflective dress, "I go back to university and want to finish my archeology degree." "I do not know when the next election will be, and that's no longer my business," she says.




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