The car collided with the "invisible" pedestrian

On Sunday morning, a passenger car in the darkness of the pedestrian hit the road I / 13 at the bus station in Most. It happened the day after the law began to apply to the pedestrians moving along the road outside the village to wear reflective vest.

"The breath test eliminated alcohol from the driver. For the pedestrian, the alcohol test could not do because of his state of health, "said regional police spokesman Alana. Whether the pedestrian was marked by reflective elements is not clear. The police did not investigate the extent of their injuries.

Reflective elements provide people with better visibility. Drivers are able to see the pedestrians in a timely manner and thus avoid them. If a pedestrian is not visibly marked, he can get a fine of up to two thousand crowns. No such penalty for the weekend in the county fell. "The policemen did not notice anyone so badly in their patrols," Bartok said. Crash in Most is an example of why pedestrians should be better seen. "It's a high-speed road where pedestrians have nothing to do," the police spokesperson confirmed.

There was no special police action at the weekend for pedestrians. And the hunt for those who are not properly marked by reflexive elements is not yet ready. Only preventative actions are prepared to explain people to the news. The police will also distribute the reflective tapes to be clipped on the side of the body that is nearer to the roadway.

The information campaign will be held throughout the region this week. "We will focus mainly on seniors - pedestrians. He confirmed that the police would be lenient at first and badly marked pedestrians. "First of all, we will deal with offenses more informally, explain people than give us fines. However, it also depends on how the person will react. If he can explain it, because he did not know about it or whether he would be arrogant, "said Oak.

The police are about to give out a quarter of a million reflective tapes across the Czech Republic. However, people can make the necessary markings themselves. It can be found in sports stores, for example - flexible reflective tapes cost about 40 crowns, and flashing LED bracelets are for 150 crowns as well as reflective vests. Always pedestrians will go cheaper than fines, regardless of possible tragic consequences.

There is a big difference for the driver when he sees a dark-dressed pedestrian at the last minute or when he sees it at a distance of 200 meters thanks to the reflective element. The headlight can be seen even for 400 meters, a recent MF DNES test showed. Just last year, 72 people died, who were not able to see the road as a pedestrian at night.

You have three times the chance at night with the reflex tape

They have tested whether the reflection element can actually save life for pedestrians. It turned out to help surprisingly much. The walker with the strap is seen three times as far away as a pedestrian in ordinary clothing. Therefore, the driver gets valuable seconds to react.

One would say: a plain striped belt. When I kept him at dusk in the alley, I almost doubted he was going to do something for me. However, in the darkness that only the reflectors of the car brighten, the belt suddenly shines. The Ministry of Transport and Traffic Police jointly suggest that all the pedestrians who are in poor visibility on the edge of a street where street lamps are not lit (more here) should wear the belt the following winter. The relevant law has already been drafted, and it approved by the Ministry in the second half of the year.

Do you think introducing mandatory pedestrian reflexes is a good idea?

Together with the camera operator, we took three measurements. We started by trying to see how far the driver of an unlit pedestrian can see. Followed by a two-piece reflex tapes experiment wrapped around the sleeve and around the foot. For the third time, I put on a reflective vest, which is used for example by roadmen.

The precursor to the current head of the traffic police played in the interviews with the idea that the pedestrians should wear a vest. At the first attempt, I went like an illuminated figurant on the sidewalk, and the camera operator in the car had to stop now he saw me. Then I used the mobile and GPS app to measure the distance between my position and the car. We verified the distance by stepping.

It was just before eight o'clock in the evening, not yet complete darkness. We were told we had seen 50 meters in front of the car, and it was because it was only blushing and I had the red pants at the same time. These are better than dark. The second attempt took place with the reflective strip a few minutes later in the regular darkness. A measured distance of 147 meters was shown on the mobile display. It came to me that the car is from a safe distance from me.

Reflex tape test for the best and the worst

The lighted mobile or the white T-shirt will not save your life on the night road. You'd better buy reflective elements, ideal for the widest bands in bright colors. But there are huge differences between them - the ability to reflect light is the best of them, compared to the last sixty times.

The Pilot Formula 1 takes about a quarter of a second before it can respond to an unexpected impulse. The average driver is four times slower. When the evening is torn from work or disturbed by dense chameleonic, its reaction time is still significantly prolonged. Now imagine what happens if a chauffeur in such conditions and moods encounters the "invisible" pedestrian road.

For example, over 130 pedestrians died on the roads last year, 60 percent of which were killed at night. Therefore, according to the amendment to the Road Act, pedestrians are obliged to wear so-called retro reflective material as of February when they move on an unlit road outside the village in the dark, dark, in heavy rain, snow or in the tunnel.

If your life depends on a plastic bracelet, which is roughly the same as one black coffee on the bottom, the question is: Are all of the same quality?

Therefore, the MF DNES Test has tested 26 reflective tapes together with BESIP. We bought them in different places - in shops, post offices, gas stations and e-shops. Measurement of the retro reflection, the intensity with which the tapes reflect the light, was undertaken by an accredited laboratory of the Center for Transport Research.

Most of them are bright yellow

At first glance, tapes at both ends of the qualitative scale are virtually the same - light green, plastic, self-winding. "In fact, it's not the color of the tape, but the amount and density of a special glass mass that provides a reflection of light in the tape," explains the principle of BESIP Martin. However, it is difficult for the layman to know.

The first advice on how to properly choose a reflective tape is, according to the Painter, "Be careful if the tape complies with the standard."

In mind, the standard is EN 471 or 20471. Look for the tape or the enclosed instructions. However, as the test showed, the quality of retro reflection does not necessarily have to be directly related to the quality of the information given. That is why the Farer recommends considering color.

"We recommend the color most bright yellow that is best visible and red or green," says the BESIP chief. Although the red color of reflective elements conforms to a technical standard, it is also better to choose the lightest shade - which is also confirmed by the test results. There was no red or even orange tape in the first half of the ladder, but the last eight had a color of just five.

"The ideal is white and silver, where no color is applied to dampen the reflection. The color will partially absorb the light that falls on it, so the darker the strip will be, the less it will shine, "explains the consequences of physical laws Lukas of the technology company 3M, which deals with the development and production of reflective materials.

The third advice when selecting a tape is quite practical, namely to try to get the widest reflective strip. And when you have the option, choose a predicable dealer for your purchase. Ideal is to get the tape directly with the BESIP logo, the top three also received two products from the Czech Post offer.

Fire extinguisher in the car somewhere mandatory

Often the driver thinks he just abroad mandatory equipment, as is usual in the Czech Republic, however, the opposite is true. In each state must equip the vehicle otherwise. For example, in Spain must have two spectacles or when parking on a hill in Estonia should be a vehicle with a wedge? Some differences in the necessary equipment and transport regulations found AMK.


Children traveling in vehicles registered abroad must be ensured in accordance with the laws in force in the country of origin. Reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who emerges from the vehicle during the incident. This regulation does not apply to motorcycles. The cyclist, who rides a road in poor visibility or in a tunnel, must wear a reflective vest.


Children less than five years must not under any circumstances be carried on the front passenger seat. There is prohibited for drivers eating and drinking while driving. Each vehicle must have the necessary equipment, two warning triangles.


Fire extinguisher is required in passenger cars and two buses weighing more than 5 tons. First aid kit is mandatory for buses with more than 25 seats are required two. Pedestrian, cyclist or biker crew member of a vehicle running on a road in poor visibility must wear clothing reflective vest.


Pedestrian, cyclist or biker crew member of a vehicle running on a road in poor visibility must wear a reflective vest wearing. Motorcycle or moped is not permitted to carry children up to 12 years. Child aged 3 to 17 years, measuring less than 1.50 m must be transported in an appropriate restraint system in the rear seats only.


Reflective vest is mandatory only for drivers of vehicles registered in Germany. In German cities have introduced low-emission zones, and it is therefore necessary to have a low emission plaque.


Pedestrian, cyclist or crew member of a vehicle running on a road in poor visibility must wear a reflective vest wearing. Its Obligation to carry a fire extinguisher in a wheeled vehicle.


is prohibited to carry on board camera in a vehicle. Reflective vest is not required for vehicles registered outside the Portuguese territory.


Aid kit is mandatory for motorcyclists and be in packaging which prevents ingress of dirt into the contents of first aid kits. It is forbidden to carry cameras on board the vehicle. Reflective vest is mandatory only for motor vehicle drivers and other crew members of the car are recommended. The colors are allowed: orange, yellow, red. Around Vienna Austria and other parts are introduced low emission zones for vehicles in category N without weight restrictions.


Children under 12 may not travel in the front seats of cars. Its Obligation to carry a fire extinguisher in a wheeled vehicle. Reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who acts in the incident of a motor vehicle, day and night.


Pedestrian or cyclist moving along unlit communication or communication outside built-up areas in poor visibility must wear a reflective element. Reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who acts in the incident of a motor vehicle, day and night. Navigation or similar device should not be placed on the windscreen in the driver's field of vision.


GPS device is allowed, but any other screen that could distract the driver's attention - television, DVD devices, etc. - is prohibited. The driver having eyeglasses or contact lenses must have with they even one as a spare. Reflective vest is not mandatory for passenger vehicles registered outside Spanish territory.


Wheeled vehicle parked or stopped that night, including dawn and dusk and in bad weather must have turned on the sidelights or in case of failure on the side lights warning lights. It is recommended to carry a reflective vest for each vehicle and a fire extinguisher.


Fire extinguisher is required in passenger cars and two buses. It is prohibited to transport children younger than 12 years, and less than 145 cm in the back seat of the motorcycle.


Motorists LHD should ensure that their headlights were adjusted for driving on the left side, otherwise they risk being stopped by the police and fined up to 1000. Medical certificate that is issued abroad and exempts the holder from using the seat belt is not valid on the islands. Reflective safety vest is not a mandatory part of mandatory equipment passenger vehicle.

Reflective vest make people become shining

It's all about shirts that are ... shining! Reflective vests, but how? What do they have a glare? It began as it usually happens from the case. Petra from the Foundation visited a lecturer at University of Technology. He talked about an interesting design student project. The theme of her work was the contemporary form of warning clothing. "It was very difficult for me to get away from stereotypical thinking about reflective clothing.

See it differently than just a vest - recalls 26-year-old Cousin Luke Zak, co-author of photos to the accusative Ida. I tried to make a vest from another material; I stuck the stripes of fabric. There was a piece of reflective heat transfer film. I decided to use it to make an old sweater. The effect was amazing. Agonies changed the college project and in fact created a modern line of warning clothing.

"Last year, after the end of the next edition of the Local Action grant program, we came to the conclusion that we are one of those organizations that only gives something," recalls Port of Science for the Environment. The Foundation is one of the largest in Poland. Her annual budget is one million zlotys. And so it has been for eight years. "This is not very clear, because the money goes through the organization. We realize really big European projects. But we lost the fact that the Union gives you money and you have to act, give it to people. Recently in Italy, where the EU wave of money has already passed, I saw what was going on with the organizations that acted that way. They disappeared. We have come to the conclusion that we need to change our profile a bit. Not only to give, but also to encourage people to integrate them into the action - says Port.

I do not like to feed down cans, give someone some money just because he is taught that someone will help him. Our idea was different. We have searched for a product that will be practical, cool, which we will be able to sell and be independent of the self-government and the Union, from which money will go to local activities I then crossed the road members of the Foundation, who today is a trainee. Sam from every trip brings my shirt, because it is practical. The brainstorming started - the shirts had to be unique. And the mission of the Foundation was not meaningless here. First, since Learning for the Environment, nature must have been in the first place. T-shirt manufacturer was chosen very carefully. They come from the Czech Republic. - They are made of organic cotton from organic farming, produced without pesticides, artificial fertilizers. Cotton is not used for children. The producer does not use chemical dyes enumerates. T-shirts for babies produced come from Africa. They have a certificate, and their purchase is a support for the local population. When the shirt was out, models were needed. Today's graphics are a lot to choose from - bicycles, insects, skulls, anchors, dots, fruits. T-shirts can be personalized, indicating the place where the graphic is to be found. Reflective element is fused into the material, making the pattern permanent. You need to wash them up to 40 degrees and iron on the left. Athletes who already use them do not save and often wash, do not make a complaint.

Reflective vest is important to peoples safety

If the Police who wear a reflective vest request your medical kit or fire extinguisher in your traffic and you do not have them, you should know that the fine is quite high: 4-5 fine points that are 580 - 725 lei or half in two working days. If the car is firm, the fine is between 20 and 100 points, between 2,900 and 14,500 lei.

When it became mandatory for each car to be equipped with a first-aid kit, the officials thought that all drivers could help someone who had suffered an accident. This is rarely done in practice for at least three reasons: many have no idea to do so; others have no courage, and do not want to do so in order not to further affect the health of the injured person. A call to 112 is often the best help if a driver is witnessing a road accident.

And doctors are pretty much the same, especially because, they say, the kit does not contain much what it should be.

"It contains more things that can help the one who intervenes to give first aid, take care of wounds, than for something else. There is, for example, a collar. The victim's throat cannot be immobilized if necessary. Now, anyway, do not interfere with that if you do not know what you are doing. In addition, the accidents that occur nowadays, either people do not have a big deal, or have to do with specialized personnel. Helping yourself with your own kit is harder. Maybe someone who gets an accident who knows how much to take first aid can use the kit, "said Drama, UPU doctor and ambulance in Sibiu.

Asked about the or pharyngeal tubes that are included in the kit, the urgent person says that if the injured person is unconscious, and someone unspecialized inserts that pipe, he can move the cervical column, for example, and harm them if the injured person has a column fracture. Likewise, it can create a reflective jacket, which is also not desirable in the case of an unconscious wound.

"You need to know what you do when you use them. It's more complicated for someone who does not know. It is best for the person who gets or involved in a road accident to call 112. If he knows what he does and has as much instruction as he can. Driving schools do training, but I doubt they all remember and they all have the courage to intervene, "the doctor said.

It's not a fortune to buy a first-aid kit. It does not even reach the half of the fine that drivers have to pay within 48 hours.

According to art8 of GEO 195/2002 to be driven on public roads, every motor vehicle, agricultural or forestry tractor and tram must be equipped with a first aid kit, two reflective triangles and a fire extinguisher, all approved.

In case of non-observance of these provisions, the driver is sanctioned with a fine of 4 or 5 points, according to art. 100 paragraph 1, point 13 of GEO 195/2002. In the legal persons the fine is between 21 and 100 points, the representatives of the Sibiu Police say.

We find kits on the internet or in the gas stations. Costs differ. A first aid kit costs between 30 and 54 lei, an extinguisher between 25 lei and 40 lei, the most expensive are the reflective triangles ranging from 20 to 55 lei. From the last we should have two pieces. To be whole, the kit must also contain a reflective vest, which can be purchased at prices of up to 20 lei.

Be careful, however, not to expect the products! All have shelf life on the box. The fire extinguisher with reflective element, however, even if it is valid, must be changed if you intervened to fire a fire.

Romania, Croatia and Austria are the only countries in the EU where the medical kit is mandatory in the car. In other countries, this is only recommended.

Police wear reflective vest when handle a case

The man who has become the protagonist of the fact is a 32 year-old Nigerian.

At midnight yesterday, the men of the State Police wear safety clothing - Commissariat of Faenza - intervened for a request received from Pope John XXIII community workers who had found a car in the parking lot of the facility. On arrival, a facility operator signaled the fire of his car and the obvious damage to the vehicle used by the community, both in the car park.

Police officers immediately identified the presence of 32-year-old Nigerian E.C. who, immediately under personal search, was found holding a reflective element lighter in the jacket pocket. The man, charged by the cops, confessed he had burned the operator's car because he had prevented him from entering the facility.

In fact, it turned out that the 32-year-old had no title to be hosted in that community, in which, among other things, he had repeatedly had problems with other guests due to his intolerant and violent attitudes.

He was also arrested two days ago by the military of the Faenza Carabineer Company for injury and resistance to the Public Officer, forcing three soldiers to go to the First Aid Room for several bruises. Also on that occasion, the military had intervened at the reception facility at the request of the operators who complained of Nigerian episodes of intemperance.

E.C was arrested by police officers who wear reflective vest at Faenza's Commissariat for arson, continued aggravated domicile and aggravated damage. The man spent the night in the Security Cells of the Commissariat and, at the disposition of the competent Judicial Authority, was brought into jail in Ravenna today.

Road safety Lesson of Dorati

On Saturday in the conference room he hosted Grove command actress Dorati. The aim of her visit was to conduct for volunteers and pupils Volunteers Good Heart safety lessons in the field of road traffic. Everyone be hand out a safety vest, made by reflective fabric material.

Dorati many years, organized jointly with the Police and other institutions under the banner of many actions, among others, "Be visible on the road." These actions included its reach tens of thousands of children, equipping them with reflective elements and proper knowledge on security.

On Saturday, the actress visited the District Police Headquarters in Grove. During the meeting, among others, he spoke about how important it is to wear reflective elements after dark, and reminded the volunteers and ward Good Heart from Grove, which side of the road you should move. Then Mrs. Stalin explained the audience what the rules every move during the busy road. She also cited the story of the accident, pointing to their own experiences and explaining how it was founded Hope Foundation, whose aim is to undertake and finance measures aimed at preventing road accidents and assisting victims of road accidents.

The youngest could also demonstrate their knowledge and take part in a mini competition on road safety. After the meeting, all participants were given reflective vests. At the end of the meeting he appeared, who handed each child a sweet gifts provided by Volunteering Good Heart. The initiative was held by Mrs. Dorati cooperation with the District Police Headquarters in Grove and Mr. Karol of Volunteering Good Heart.

Reflective Rostov

Primary School in Raze is one of the schools, which is involved in the action the Regional Police Headquarters in Krakow "Reflective School".

The action "Reflective School" came to an end. October 28 Primary School in Rewire ceremonial its summary.

Our meeting began with a joint march of children through the village with banners in purchased by sponsors and parents safety vest and flares to draw attention to the inhabitants of Drown and passing drivers on the goals and objectives of action to promote road safety, in particular pedestrians - says Anna Wisecrack , school coordinator of the action.

After returning to school children in second class presented a brief presentation of the basic rules of the road and a fashion show, where students encouraged wearing a variety of reflective elements. After the artistic part of it's time for awards in competitions organized as part of the action. His poems read by the winners in the category of literature.

During the campaign organized a school for disadvantaged children meetings with invited guests: the officers of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Nosy Sacs and inspectors from the Delegation of South Main Inspectorate of Road Transport in Krakow.

Students with teachers visited several Town in Cud, where the classes learn proper behavior in traffic. Each trip from leaving or children accompanied reflective vests.

They have also been organized in the school until four competitions: artistic, graphic, literary and knowledge, and classroom hung thematic newsletters to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge of safe movement in traffic. Traditionally, we trained the youngest pupils and ultimo with older rules to go through the pedestrian crossing. Once again we appealed as of sobriety behind the wheel during the "No profile - no problem." At the end of September solemnly picked up the prestigious Certificate "School promoting security" - says Anna Wreck?

I pedestrians and cyclists welcomed by reflective vests

This is a very difficult time on the road. Tore police suggest how to ensure the safety of children - including cyclists with reflective vest- on the way to school and back.

Soon dusk begins to fall earlier and earlier, and the darkness did not once "catch" students when classes they will return to their homes. And while in the children move are usually lit sidewalks, so the villages often go in complete darkness. There are a few simple ways to increase the safety of children.

The most important thing to a pedestrian or cyclist is visible. This is possible thanks kokum reflective, reflective element on a school bag or clothing. If the child moves the bike should be additionally helmet and pads. Same bike but must have lights front and rear, and efficient bell brake. A student should also have a card cycling and safest when moved will be on the path designed for two-wheelers - explains Wetter Dansk, a spokesman for the police Torun.

That glare really work, knows every driver. After dark, a pedestrian dressed in dark clothing is seen by the driver of the car a distance of about 40 meters. While walking, sporting reflective clothing, it becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters. These additional meters allow the driver to brake safely and get around on foot.

One of the most serious sins pedestrians and cyclists on the roads is to use headphones.

The law does not explicitly prohibit the use of such equipment. However, the road user must see and hear everything that was happening around him - adds Drake Witt.

From today launched a police action

Since Friday, several thousand officers will take care of security during the police action "Candle 2015". Joint police patrols, city guards can be found in the vicinity of cemeteries. As every year, traffic police will watch over the safety of those who choose to travel, to visit the graves of their loved ones.

Officers will check among others state of sobriety managers, technical condition of vehicles and the speed with which they move along roads. We call for a safe, responsible and cautious driving. Pedestrians are reminded of the obligation to wear reflectivesafety vest outside built-up.

All Saints is a special period, for many hundreds of kilometers to drive, to make a candle on the grave of their loved ones. That's when Polish roads are filled with cars, increases traffic in the cities, especially in the vicinity of cemeteries, for the police this time of hard service - all in order to ensure safety. Operation "Torch 2015" - the most secure in the country would take 4 days from Friday 30 October to Monday 2 November.

This year, like in previous years, during the Saints over our security will be supervised by several thousand officers. You will get more patrols, especially on access roads to the cities and in the vicinity of cemeteries. Officers will direct traffic, as the largest cemeteries in the cities will change traffic organization - so it is worth checking planned difficulties and instead of going to the gates of the cemetery, guided by specially designated parking spaces. As far as possible, it is better to use public transport - the experience of previous years shows that this is so, and faster and more convenient.

As part of the "Candle" cemeteries, bus stops and markets will also be patrolled by plainclothes policeman. Officers from the intelligence departments are very familiar method of criminals. And because that blend into the crowd, can effectively pick out from the crowd for example, as every year during the All Saints to the action turns on the aviation police. Officers on patrol helicopters will motorways, express roads and smaller roads in the vicinity of cemeteries.

The actions associated with these particular, the November days the police will be supported by other uniformed services. The security will be attended by officers in reflective clothing of the Military Police, municipal police and municipal and Railway Security Guard.

Moving further in the journey, each driver should remember a few basic principles. First, you must get in behind the wheel, being sober and rested. Secondly, before heading out on the road you have to prepare your car to drive: check that all lights are working, or fluid in the engine is completed, if the tires are properly inflated, do we have all the documents. Another principle is to wisely plan your journey - so as not to defeat the whole, sometimes kiekies kilometer wagon distance at a time, just spread it into several stages. It is, at about 100 km, take a short break: get out of the car, stretch the legs, and breathe fresh air. Fourth, traveling, remember that everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt; the driver must always be switched on in the car lights.

About their safety they should care not only control, but also pedestrians and cyclists. The turn of October and November is the period where the weather conditions are highly variable and faster nightfall. Each pedestrian and cyclist should remember and take care of it, to be visible. Vest, pendant, bracelet, or even a simple flashlight will make moving around the dimly lit road will be more visible to oncoming drivers. It is important to place them: reflections should appear on the knees, hands, near the center of the chest and back - then we will have confidence that they are clearly visible to other road users. Reminder: from 31 August 2014. Every pedestrian who is moving after dark on the road outside the built-up area must be placed in a reflection visible to managers, for the lack of reflective element of risk mandate.

Cyclists should not forget about the proper labeling of their bikes, so that these are visible on the street.

During the last year of the "Torch 2014" on Polish roads have been 196 accidents in which 20 people died and 252 people were injured. Research carried out by the police sobriety led to the elimination of 910 traffic intoxicated managers. Among the victims they were on the road as pedestrians. The data show that this was a safer time than in 2013 when there were 338 accidents, which killed on the spot, 38 people, and 410 people were injured, stopped 1,298 managers, who decided to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Shine example at night - a parade of motorcyclists

Foundation One trace invites to the fourth edition of the "Shine example at night, or IV reflective motorcycle parade," which will be held on Friday, June 17.

"Our goal is to spread the use of reflective elements. At the moment among Warsaw motorcyclists to use the flare is at once more popular. Through our action we want to show that reflective vest are part of improving safety at night and during the day and they look just as good on textile clothing and leather suit. We believe that our actions can measurably reduce the number of accidents. We invite all users of two-wheelers, these small and large, Japanese, Italian, American and German. We assume glare and illuminates together Warsaw. "

The collection starts at. 21.00 on the grasslands of the National Stadium, but this time at ul. Sokol, a night parade will begin at 21:30 and will lead through the center of Warsaw. This year's co-organizer of the action is BMW Dealer Auto Fus, located at ul. Ostrobramska 73 in Warsaw and there was, the passage will have its ending.

This year's "Shine example of Night" will start Warsaw Road Safety Week ", on which the honorary patronage took Mrs. Mayor of Warsaw. Patronage shares are Municipal Roads in Warsaw and the BMW Dealer Auto Fus.

The police department traffic met the students of the School of Mechanical in Opole. Start of spring usually coincides with the start of motorcycle season. The officers therefore decided to discuss with young people the principles of safe travel single-track.

The meeting at the School of Mechanical Opole was already ninth edition of the event promoting the safety of users wheelers without safety clothing in traffic. At the open day they were invited to school traffic police and the director of the examiners and the Provincial Road Traffic Centre in Opole.

Gathered young people listened to a lecture on road safety. Deputy Inspector. Maciej Milewski - traffic cop discussed the most common mistakes made by motorcyclists and moped riders. In addition, he introduced a few tips that will help in a safe traveling.

Not careless, reflex saves lives

For generations we have known that reflective vest saves lives.This is Budstikke editorial Tuesday, 18 November 2014: Therefore, it is discouraging when so many apparently forgot it when the autumn darkness comes. This increases the risk of serious accidents on our roads. A survey presented by Asker and Traffic Safety Association says that the numbers of reflective vest users, despite strenuous efforts, remain low. In 2014 1514 registered, of which only used 29 percent flare. The same sad figure reached by census year. 28 percent was then reflex users. Read "Reflex consumption increases not" here

One number is fortunately something nicer, there is use among children. Here it was this year 58 percent who went with reflex. The knowledge that reflex saves lives is old in our society. Also parents and grandparents generation got in his childhood and adolescence inculcated that sewn-on reflective tape or reflective vest was absolutely necessary to be visible to other road users. When we know that 35 per cent of fatal accidents in Norway happens to air in the dark, there is not one good argument that the reflex is not used.

Parents who are not careful to ensure that children use reflector, takes on a heavy responsibility. One day is unlucky also in Asker and Brum.

We think not legislation is the way to go. But when we see how the requirement for use of seat belts by a few years gave overwhelming results, some will ask whether society should take more powerful in order to ensure that everyone uses reflex.It will reduce injuries and mutilations on some roads and would therefore be a major contribution to road safety.

Asker and Traffic Safety Association take reflectors use seriously. On libraries association has laid out 20,000 pieces.

Read more opinions and debates here so parents, run and fetch or run and buy a reflex chip.
Road Safety has estimated that reflectors use reduces the risk of being hit in the dark by 85 percent. The same association has wanted a trial by decree on reflex, but has been refused by the authorities. In a survey MMI has undertaken want 3.2 million Norwegians an amendment calling for the use of reflex. All adults have a responsibility for themselves and their children. And we would like to: own parents. Reflective figures in Asker and must significantly up over the coming months. Many companies are preparing Christmas with corporate gifts. Why not this year let the money go to reflex and a proper advertising campaign and purchase of reflective element ? We assume that a request for Asker and Traffic Safety Association can be the start of an awareness campaign that reaches the kitchen table at home and at all workplaces, kindergartens and schools in Asker and Brum.

The passenger should also be seen

Strakonice - throughout Thursday morning, police handed out reflective vest for drivers
Police Presidium of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech Insurers' Bureau launched from 15 November 2015 nationwide preventive action aimed at increasing visibility for motorists.
A police spokesman Jaromir Novakova confirmed that the action is also involved police traffic police Strakonice Territorial Department. "On Thursday morning, we are the traffic controls to inform the driver of the obligation using safety vest, which are mandatory equipment in the vehicle. Furthermore, we talked about the importance of the use of reflective elements and visibility in traffic. At the same time we boarded each driver passed a reflective vest for passengers in the vehicle, "she said.
Renata Gerlichov driver thinks that such events certainly make sense. "Reflective vests are a very good thing. Now, in the winter I wear a vest or reflective tape even to walk the dog, because as the driver know very well that man is in the dark on the road very difficult to see. In the car, I take it, of course, too, but I have to admit that only one, "she said.
The Czech Republic is committed to carry in your car, at least one reflective jacket in force since January 2011. But in terms of safety vest should be put on every passenger who during emergency exits outside of the village on the road from the vehicle.
Police of the Czech Republic for many years been involved in awareness and prevention activities, which informs road users on safety and appeals to increase visibility. Besides, it also advocates for legislative changes where even pedestrians have a legal obligation to wear a reflective elements.

Pedestrians beware! Starting today, you must have reflective elements!

If the weekend going for a walk, do not forget to pack and carry a safety vest or at least tape. From today actually began to effect the amendment of the Highway Code, which introduces some innovations.
The most important news is that pedestrians outside the village must be wearing reflective elements. Otherwise, they face up to two thousand fine.
"If it goes walker outside the village of reduced visibility on the shoulder or side of the road in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting is required to wear elements of retroreflective material placed so that they are visible to other road users on the road," it says literally in the amended road traffic Act.
The change is motivated by a desire for better visibility and thus protect pedestrians and cyclists. A reflective elements in this area can truly work wonders.
"A series of tests has shown that moves when the road pedestrian wearing dark clothes, a driver approaching vehicle visible to only 18 meters in white clothes is already visible at 55 meters and if his clothing supplemented reflective marking see a driver on the 200 meters, which is sufficient clearance for safe maneuvering, "wrote police on its web site.
Ever since the autumn and traffic officers in the field handing out at work pedestrians reflective tape. According to Police Headquarters as they are circulating in the population of a hundred thousand. And handing supposedly will continue.
Chief Traffic Police Thomas Lerch promises that by the end of his subordinates dealt a further 150,000 reflective tape.
"The amendment to the law but at the moment it does not mean that the traffic police will start massively penalize all checked pedestrians. Although part of the pedestrians will be an offense, they will in these cases, especially the police access request, explaining, preventive action," calms Lerch.

Do not underestimate the reflective elements

Stop pedestrians killed, that's the sad nationwide statistics only for this year. In the Slim region was only during to 155 collisions with pedestrians in safety vest, many of which in 38 cases caused by ourselves. "Fourteen of them unfortunately died in those clashes," said county for the slim police spokeswoman Monika.

Certainly by police and traffic experts to these numbers also contributed to the fact that pedestrians often on our roads are not visible. Therefore, the police, together with workers BESIP decided within the framework of a nationwide safety campaign called We see it in the streets handing out pedestrians reflective tape, which they can, especially in this season to save his life. Was no exception Thursday in Slim and other cities in our region?

"This morning's long dark afternoons again soon. In addition, people walking in dark clothing and is often on the road and crossings cannot be seen. We want them to become aware of how important it is to be seen and that these safety features they can save lives, "approached for the Slim police spokeswoman Lucie Javořkov that yesterday ribbons handed out.

According to her, it then depends on people, whether they wear ribbons. "We particularly hope that this is then reflected in the statistics as people our recommendations are taken to heart and reflective elements are used," wishes for police Lucie Javořkov. She noted that the police in regards to the issue of the visibility of pedestrians, not diminishing, luminous tapes distributed throughout the year, during various security operations.

Their action also acknowledges the regional coordinator BESIP Zeneca Patoka that Thursday's action, together with the police, also attended. "During that time, I for Road Safety, I am trying to promote reflective elements," mentioned Patoka. He added that there is still a lot přejetch pedestrian and people would according to him, were mainly themselves realized that they have only one life.

"And such relative smallness, such as the use of reflective tape on the upper part of the garment can save lives," said a regional expert on road safety Patoka. In addition, according to him, have such safety actions make sense. "Although it would have saved one life, so these actions make sense, "he stressed.

Reflective strips on the streets of Slim people slowly getting used to, and at yesterday's event was not surprised the deal. "I go for a swim in the evening and its dark, the tape I really needed it," he thought David Šmigura from Slim.

His words were confirmed by his friend Martin Franc. "Even I fit and I wear it," he promised. Reflective tape came as three Slim Petra Kořnkov students, Santa loaders and Christina. "We really like the fact that the police have concern for our safety," agreed to.

Five Tips for traveling by car with safety in tunnels

Traveling by car through one of the many tunnels in Spain is not always easy. Therefore, at a time which will produce million journeys, it should review a number of precautions that should be taken to move about safely with reflective element.
This Easter is planned over 14.5 million long-haul journeys by road, according to estimates by the Directorate General of Traffic. If we consider that to facilitate the movement towards mountainous and urban areas, the Spanish geography has led to the construction of more than five hundred tunnels containing about 1,000 kilometers of roads underground, it becomes essential to properly circulate know each they.
Therefore, Aral proposes a number of tips that help exercise extreme caution when driving on these paths that although every day, are not without danger.
1. Maintain the safety distance is critical. It is important to note that in the tunnels, introducing a more humid environment than outside, asphalt reduces grip, so you have to drive with extreme caution. In a tunnel, being indoors, evacuation and access for emergency services in case of accident, it is complicated; hence to be very strict with the safety distance is becoming a vital precaution. It should be remembered that are 100 meters to the vehicle or 150 meters if traveling in a car more than 3,500 kilograms.
2. Avoid breathing ambient air. When driving through the tunnel, it is important that the air conditioning system of the car locks in the re-circulation mode. So we avoid that between the outside airs because these paths are toxic substances from car exhausts concentrate should be avoided.
3. If the flow stops, turn off the engine. If due to traffic, circulation becomes increasingly slower and vehicles begin to stop inside, you have to stop as far as possible the car in front, in addition to connecting, of course, the emergency signal to warn the drivers behind and maintain the position lights on. If the stop exceeds the minute duration, should turn off the engine.
4. If the car breaks down inside the tunnel, locate the emergency zone. In the event that the car surprised us with a breakdown inside the tunnel, the first thing to do is try to bring the car to the nearest area reserved for emergencies in the direction of travel. If there were or were impossible to reach it, you have to glue the car to the right as possible. Not forgetting that you have to put reflective vest and place the warning triangle, the next step will notify emergency services. If the car cannot move, as recommended by the DGT itself, we must abandon the vehicle and head for the nearest exit without walking on the road.
5. In anticipation is the key. Knowing that both entry and exit of the tunnel are in the time of greatest risk because it is worse when we see, it should adopt a proactive attitude. Before entering, we turn the lights dipped and take off sunglasses; before leaving, it's back to get sunglasses and even place the lens hood to avoid glare. In addition, it would be nice slightly slow down and be prepared to stop if the driver with reflective accessories traveling in front has not had sufficient caution.

Lahemaa the eve of tomorrow's marathon Mart Riemann tells safety and give recommendations

September 6, will take place again in Lahemaa Marathon. The competition provides an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to test themselves on sterling. The event is open to both professionals and amateurs.
The main organizer, Mart Riemann with reflective element, welcomes the Movement for the Year 2014 to all my fellow countrymen: so those who plan to undertake a serious competition, as well as those who simply wish to spend a nice day and its fun, and its ability to test the row to come.
Sea must be respected, says a seasoned sailor. The sea has a million faces, the mood. Every day is a unique special. Tomorrow will be no false aerutamismaratonile is expected this year, good weather, which makes this passage easier. Safety is the key word, which can never be over or around the marine context.
We asked the main organizer, an experienced paddler, Riemann Mart, even before tomorrow's marathon recommendations and share tips and answer some questions.
How has this year secured a marathon?
Lahemaa region is one of the most interesting meresstasiduks north and Kirkkonummi in the bay can be considered safest bay in Northern Ireland. The event is hedging Africa fugitive from justice Intentional Rescue Association and the Estonian Volunteer Marine Rescue Lake and the 10-boat. Sea Rescuers have attended training courses and trainings in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the UK. Marathon is realized paddler and sea rescuers common interest. Marine rescuers interest in the competition was a real pstmiskogemuste securing the acquisition of a real opportunity to see the accident, not only the consequences of the deal and save.
It is probably also the biggest around here paddler and volunteer marine rescuers concentration and integration. How often do you think kaatrifriigid that kayaking is a pointless exercise, here are various reasons a large part of the sea rescuer managed to both short and long journey kayak attract. Some even have a voluntary sea rescuer Finland paddle.
Do you recommend people rely on the safety boat or take a personal responsibility?
Despite the security team is, however, important to the security of each competitor himself, and to think about the equipment. It is known that in addition to security also important competitor launches a personal contribution to security. All participants must be able to swim and must also know how to behave in the event of a rollover. All competitors must wear a safety vest and wrapped in a waterproof cell phone (this does not need to be waterproof bag phone just makes waterproofing a security tool - a condom).
What would you recommend to wear marathon tomorrow?
In order to have an enjoyable and memorable kayaking experience to dress so that it would be warm when wet still. It is important to prevent cotton. Since the weather during the marathon has predictably warmed, there is no sense in them too thoroughly wrapped. Tomorrow's weather fit well with shorts and sandaaalid or kalipsosussid. It is always wise to something in the water and wind resistant and certainly spares clothes. As a safety vest is obligatory, it also keeps safety vest quite warm. Sea is necessary to protect from the wind and sun hat. One can also think of sunglasses.
With the weather tomorrow is allowed?
Did the information has yet to be reviewed tomorrow, but there is going to be good weather warnings not. Tomorrow will be cloudy, the visibility mostly good, South, southwest wind 3-9 m / s.
How to choose the distance?
If 24 km is too much for the opportunity to participate in a shorter 9 km Pedassaare round. Be honest with yourself and take the appropriate distance capabilities. 24 kilometer distance is required after the 12 km kayak
come out and Mauls Island drinking a bottle of run. This is good
sirutusharjutus kayak because driving legs and hips tend to be stiff.
Who is expected to participate in what must be the people's physical preparation?
In order to participate in the marathon does not have to be every day working out. If prior to paddle at all, the marathon is not painful turn. Sstavistlustel are frequent situations how respectable gentlemen with elegant beer stomach aerutmmetega young and muscular mehehakatised leave behind. Paddling is a big part of techniques but a good athletic form, excellent stamina technique can compensate for the shortcomings.
Please share more tips and recommendations with regard to safety?
1. Watch carefully over your marine equipment. The injection is in good condition, wearing a life safety jacket, and certainly to the pump. Smart is also possible to take with paddle float.
2. Polishing your driving techniques and skills. It is advisable to do all year round. Learn more experienced. Attend training for weeks at sea. If possible, take part in some professional training.
3. Take the water to the mobile phone, which has a waterproof bag (waterproof bag if did not want to buy a security tool also helps a condom). If you have a choice, take the keys to the cell phone, because smartphones mostly through the waterproof bag will not work and the water is being awkward to handle.
4. Before the marathon adjustable pedals carefully, look at the sea, and over the starboard mentally prepared to be fixed at 24 kilometers.
5. Paddler slightly inclined forwards and leans not on the seat back. This helps to maintain a better balance and better implement your strength.
6. Feel free to paddle a wave or slightly diagonally. Keep the injection constantly in motion, since moving into a better direction and keep the wave the same time better controlled. This applies particularly to the rear - the wave of the event. The more waves of baptism to keep the kayak, it is safer to fly. For the purpose of moving a larger wave along sikksakkjoont.
Upwind stones after note that the wave carries you to the stone (s) closer, and you can either drive into a stone or a stick klglainesse side against the rocks.
Stay away from possible murdlainetusest. Murdlainetuses upper water layers move faster than the lower one, and here is the risk of rollover. Usually, such a place in either low or submerged rocks, which increases the risk even more. If murdlainetuse passage cannot be avoided, it must pass through the possible transverse wave.
7. Try to feel the sea, because the kayak paddler moves the light and the interaction of the sea.
8. Although it is a competition notice the people around you. Go for help when someone needs help. Despite the fact that it is well secured a marathon, not always winning the main target. This last is one of the most important points.

Reflective tape for pedestrians can save life

Prague - The Czech roads have died this year for the first nine months of 96 pedestrians, which is seven more than last year. Right now, while there is period when it gets dark early and pedestrians are on the road difficult to see. Director of Traffic Police Leos Trail therefore wants to propose to pedestrians threatened with a fine if they were moving in poor visibility out of town and had to wear reflective elements.

If a pedestrian is wearing light-colored clothing so drivers can see it at a distance of 55 meters. But when clipped onto clothing reflective tape, so the distance is extended to 200 meters while the reflective tape can be purchased at the store for fifty crowns. However, can get just anywhere, CT crew went to the shops with car accessories and sporting goods, but succeeded only in trade with cycling equipment.

Reflective clothing accessories also gives organizations BESIP year said tens of thousands. According to its director Roman Budskho is distributed in public spaces, squares, shopping malls or traffic playgrounds. This program manages 14 regional coordinators. Five thousand items will be given out and the police, but highlights how Leos Trail, so this number is enough and one regional headquarters.

Since 2016 is mandatory carrying of reflective vests in private vehicles

Security measure seeks to reduce the risk of abuse due to poor visibility. Fines would reach $ 22,000.Reflective clothing may be a good solution.

From January 1, 2016 start to be mandatory carriage of high visibility vests into private cars. The measure aims to reduce the risk of collision with drivers for some emergency should descend from his car.

Undersecretary of Transport, Christian Bowen, told T13 a person without an accessory like this is visible to twenty meters, with the vest as it is possible spot it at 150 meters.

On the characteristics that must have the safety vest, Bowen said that no matter the color and "the important thing is that it also has fluorescent and reflective elements."

"It's the cheapest life insurance I know," he added.

The fines for not carrying the article will be about $ 22,000 and Undersecretary explained that it is important that this be carried into the cabin of the car to avoid the risk of going to look for the trunk.

How to check the quality of reflective elements

Not all materials have the required quality. Many of the patches after a short washing operation and dramatically lose their protective properties. Some of the icons or suspension originally has such a low coefficient svetovozvrata that are just decoration, but does not provide the necessary security to the owner.

1. Assess the appearance of stripes. The surface of the reflective element should be smooth, responsive and smooth to the touch; it should not have cracks, scratches, abrasions, creases and folds.

2. Make sure the tape has been sewn, if we are talking about the clothing / backpack. The lines must be located at a distance of 2-3 mm from the edge of the tape. This is to protect the edges from damage patch when washing or dry cleaning.

3. High-quality reflective strip has only a fabric base. Check the foundation can be slightly tilting edge sewed stripes. The largest manufacturers of retro reflective materials commonly labeled fabric base, to confirm the quality standard of the tape. It is also testament to the quality can be a tag with the manufacturer's logo, which is attached to clothing, shoes, and briefcases. If there is a drawing of reflectors, it should not be smeared and / or erased.

4. At home, check the quality of already purchased "Reflector" can be wrong. Aim the beam at an icon or badge - if you are in the hands of high-quality retro reflector, it will shine brightly in the beam. It is important that retro reflector operated at any angle, it is necessary to rotate the icon or suspension in different directions, continuing to shine on them. The glow of the retro reflective material shall not be degraded or disappear.

Without reflector in dark is dangerous

See the man in dark clothing without reflective stripe in a dimly lit passage (in the city and districts such places abound) is very difficult. It happens that even one little gleam of the key fob can prevent trouble, - said Eugene Senyukov driver.

Where to buy a reflector in Syktyvkar? In "Electrics and Light" at the October Avenue, at the intersection with Highway Systole! For preschool student or junior level, you can choose a vest. It makes the child is visible on all sides: the front, rear and side.

School children and older teenagers may flicker or stick to clothing or attached to the bag stylish keychain. When placing the flicker on the clothes, it is desirable to take into account the fact that when a person goes on a pedestrian crossing, the driver sees him often on the side. I have two children. One daughter goes to kindergarten, the other - to school (second shift). Therefore, going to the store "Electrics and Light", I gladly bought what has long sought: reflectors Velcro. It focuses on two sets: one - eight applications-feet, in another - a dozen strips. The cost of each package - only 90 rubles! Just stick them on your clothing, backpacks, and bags for shoes. Now calm. But the SDA we still study, -kommentiruet Irina Svelte, ecologist.

Reflector Adhesive is very convenient. It can be attached anywhere. And in the wash just remove flickers with clothes and glue them back into the package.

In July 2015, amendments were adopted in the SDA recommending townspeople wearing reflective element for safety. Since among the injured in road accidents at pedestrian crossings most children, this topic is relevant primarily to parents. On the need to wear reflectors told the taxi driver? Young mother reported Syktyvkar where you can buy inexpensive reflectors.

The amendments made in the PDD are not accidental. Over the past year the number of accidents at pedestrian crossings increased. And most often affects children.

How to protect the child on the road? This topic is in the light of the latest about cars is becoming more urgent. In addition, it reduced daylight hours - not far off when the kids will go to school and come back home with the lessons of the sections and circles in the dark.

One of the simplest solutions - attach flicker or reflector.

In accordance with the Government of the Russian Federation 1197 from November 14, 2014 "On Amendments to the Road Traffic Regulations of the Russian Federation", and from July 1, 2015 pedestrians duty is to use reflective elements at night. In the city it is a requirement is a recommendation, but the people in rural areas lack of flicker on the clothes will have to pay a fine of 500 rubles.
- Seeing a man in dark clothes on a dimly lit passage (in the city and districts such places abound) is very difficult. Therefore, the more reflective elements on the clothes, the better it is. It happens that even one little gleam of the key fob can prevent trouble, - said Eugene Senyukov driver.

Where to buy a reflector in Syktyvkar? In "Electrics and Light" at the October Avenue, at the intersection with Highway Systole! For preschool student or junior level, you can choose a vest. It makes the child is visible on all sides: the front, rear and side.

School children and older teenagers may flicker or stick to clothing or attached to the bag stylish keychain. When placing the flicker on the clothes, it is desirable to take into account the fact that when a person goes on a pedestrian crossing, the driver sees him often on the side.
In addition to the reflectors in the shop "Electrics and Light" large variety of electrical products for the home: lamps of different types, lamps, sockets, switches, wiring. Delivery is possible to shop for individual orders.

I have two children. One daughter goes to kindergarten, the other - to school (second shift). Therefore, going to the store "Electrics and Light", I gladly bought what has long sought: reflector . It focuses on two sets: one - eight applications-feet, in another - a dozen strips. The cost of each package - only 90 rubles! Just stick them on your clothing, backpacks, and bags for shoes. Now calm. But the SDA we still study, -kommentiruet Irina Svelte, ecologist.

Reflector Adhesive is very convenient. It can be attached anywhere. And in the wash just remove flickers with clothes and glue them back into the package.

The range of flicker in the store, "Electrics and Light" is very diverse, vests and bags for shoes, bracelets, key chains, stickers, sets.

The prices are one of the most democratic of Syktyvkar: from 34 rubles! Come to the store, "Electrics and light." And better do it right after reading the article: the autumnal equinox (23 September) is over. This means that every day is now darkens all before.


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