Reflective motorcycle clothes - necessity or fad

Autumn is coming soon and the weather will not allow for frequent and long trips on a single track as if we wanted to. Driving after dark and in the dark will become an everyday necessity. It was then good to be visible and to see others. It is not necessary to explain the legitimacy of applying glare - this is how the article would start, but it will not start, if only because translation is necessary, especially among motorcyclists.

Although it often arouses mixed feelings, it is extremely lucid in this matter - the threat of a lack of visibility is enormous and if a well-chosen reflection makes its owner visible on the road from a distance of up to 150 m, its absence means that it will be visible only from a distance of 30 m! Research on the causes of accidents involving motorcyclists clearly indicate that people wearing reflective elements are exposed to an accident by 37% less frequently than people who do not wear any reflections. The helmet itself, in white, light or painted with reflective paint reduces the possibility of taking part in an accident from 19 to 24%.

Autumn is coming soon and the weather will not allow for frequent and long trips on a single track as if we wanted to. Driving after dark and in the dark will become an everyday necessity. It was then good to be visible and to see others. The stories quoted below have indeed happened last season, but they can be dated to any autumn or early spring evening. Way from school to home. 7pm. It is already very grayish, and with the background of an unlit roadside, two pedestrians and one cyclist merge. Their jackets glow in the dark with reflective fabric. "Oh, look! At last, people have thought about safety and wear reflections! Well, unless it is motorcyclists... "Of course, my statement works one hundred percent. If someone "shines", means - a motorcyclist. However, is it always? ... In practice, 120 m dividing the visible and invisible motorcyclist may be the only difference between a motorist alive and dead...

There are many criteria that must be met by motorcycle clothing - as a rule; it must be pleasing and well protected. In addition, how is it with visibility? How much do we pay attention to reflective elements? After all, they also increase our safety. David L. Hough, an authority in the field of motorcycling for many two-wheelers, in his book Motorcycle Player Perfect mentions how important it is to wear flares by people moving on a motorcycle. Hough plays a special role for beginner motorcyclists, but nowadays, especially in Poland, where the weather does not spoil us, regardless of the internship, it is worth investing in one's own safety.

Although there is many reflective clothing on the market, it is most often associated with a green or orange vest - banned by a large group of motorcyclists. Hated, but until recently treated as the only option to improve our visibility, especially on long journeys. It was difficult to deny its raison d'кtre. Increasingly, however, professional motorcycle clothing is equipped with reflective elements. We do not have to think about the vest at the time, especially since the location of these reflections is thoughtful, so that the clothing looks aesthetically and does not scare large parts of reflective material, while also performing the function of reflecting light.


Protect children safe return to school

On Saturday, police officers from the District Police Headquarters together with the Carrefour supermarket and firefighters, reminded children about the basic traffic rules and general safety rules.


The beginning of the school year is an opportunity to give children and teenagers a few comments on safety. After the summer vacation, the youngest often forget about the basic safety rules, as well as about the dangers lurking on them every day.


That is why on Saturday, September 2, police officers command together with fire brigade officers and the Carrefour supermarket, on the square in front of the store, carried out an action under the slogan "Safe return to school." Police officers explained to the children how to behave during the road to school and how to cross safely the road or rail crossing. The officers reminded about safety rules while cycling, in the car, and on the bus. They also observed children and adolescents against contacts with strangers. A very important element enhancing road safety is wearing retro-reflective elements, which was called by law enforcement officers during conversations with students and their parents. During the action, children received pendants, vests and other reflective elements, which the Carrefour market gave to them - reports the younger Bowen, spokeswoman for the policemen.


A big attraction for the youngest was the display of equipment that is on the equipment of the police and fire brigade and the possibility of entering the wheel of a police car or fire engine.

- We hope that thanks to such actions, children will be able to avoid situations posing a threat to their health and life and behave in an appropriate manner in crises - sums up a police spokesperson.


It is worth noting that from Monday, social prevention officers began a series of meetings with the youngest students and teachers about staying safe while walking on the road, passing through belts, wearing reflective vest and other situations related to the road to school.


Finale of the Reflective School competition

The ceremonial summary of the Reflective School action was held at the ICE Congress Center. This is the 5th edition of the Competition. Feel was the star. The competition was addressed to all primary schools. The organizers of the action were, among others.

The purpose of the action was to improve the safety and awareness of pedagogues, parents as well as the youngest, why wearing reflective vest is so important. It’s contested as many as 415 primary schools.

Thanks to that, in September and October, more than 60 thousand of vests and reflectors have been equipped with reflectors and reflective elements. In addition, numerous traffic safety events were held.


The soft winter gear with reflective fabric

I admit without torture that I really enjoyed this winter gear with reflective material. Not only because it reflects certain specificity of male anatomy but also because of the fact was that somebody thinking about the construction of these elastics. It is known. You will also appreciate the comfort and convenience on your winter cross-country skiing trails.

At first glance, the black jogging leggings, which are on the shelves of specialized stores on dozens? But no, wait! Yet your eye subconsciously records something that varies greatly. What is it? Oh, some other special cut at the top. Take them in your hand and examine them closely. And the detail in detail begins to tell you that with these elastics somebody really did work.

The entire passport is designed extremely untraditionally. The resilient he did not occur in a standard way, simply by folding the base fabric and doubling it into a tunnel through which a rubber or a flexible cord passes. In Shields, the upper edge is a seamless soft tape with a continuous tie cord. The entire front waistline has another sewn belt to make the trousers fit better and even more comfortable. And now the most important thing - where the others are in the middle of a seam, which sooner or later becomes the friction and dirt of the runner-up enemy, the company put an anatomically shaped panel protecting the family treasures, the manly pride of every runner.

Comfort and reflection is never enough

The waist of comfort is far from ending. The comfort zone runs along the length of your legs. The entire front part below the knees is a sofa with a fine micro fleece. At the back, the micro fleet fabric cleverly clears in the kneecap, so that the sweat from the snout can be better ventilated. The rest forms elastic stretch fabric in all directions. The knees are anatomically shaped on the outer fabric. Pants are at the bottom of the last 20 centimeters open with zipper. Zippers have a "garage" shaped at the upper ends. The leg pocket has a half-inch silicone lining on the inside to prevent the legs from rolling out.

The trousers are pleased to find that they are sophisticated in fine detail. Rugged harness holders for YKK quality zippers for easier handling with sweaty hands or finger gloves, high quality reflective features (zipped leggings, left thigh logo, shawl chest pains), pocket on the right side with a waterproof lining It does not get a sweat), a sophisticated cut in the knees from the front and back, a flat, gently springing cord in the waist area with a separate stitched outlet for each end of it ... With every detail your enthusiasm will grow. This makes it more difficult to see that the edges of the front center panel have seams extending into the space, not flat. A distinct and unnecessary discomfort would otherwise be - perfect work.

The pants as a whole will protect you from the wind and also have a water-repellent finish (accept the panel on the buttocks and back thighs). In general, runners enjoy unlimited movement, and at the distance of, say, half marathon, the upcoming seam does not cause any major problems. (If you get angry after a long time, it will be in places other than normal elastics.) Reflective elements will improve visibility and safety, but I would certainly recommend not relying on pants only. Especially in winter, visibility is never enough! (And let's not forget the fact that, according to the approved amendment to the law, we even have the obligation to wear sufficient reflective elements in the case of reduced visibility outside the municipality.)

The pants were comfortable even in the long runs, keeping enough heat on the body, while draining moisture. The fabrication of fabrics and the location of windproof panels are also well thought out. Most of the runners are protected from the wind from the front to the knees, at least in the area of the buttocks and back of the thighs. Overall, this is a very good and sophisticated piece at a fairly reasonable price.




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