Movement of yellow vests: 9 false information circulating on social networks

Police violence, hello Nazi, support of lawyers and police... Again, the mobilization of yellow safety vests, which is organized on social networks, has made much talk about it on Facebook and Twitter. A rich flow of messages and reactions in which several false information has slipped.

The mobilization of the Yellow Vests is a citizen and not a political one. So it is on social networks that it is organized, in groups such as "Vests yellow all in Paris! November 24!" or simply "Yellow Vests", which brings together 90,000 Internet users. The problem between the videos and the images of the mobilization, which were massively diffused on social networks, there slipped some false information. And these are not isolated cases.

What makes a list, non-exhaustive, false images that share Internet users, pro or anti-yellow jackets, since the beginning of the mobilization.


Prevention campaign in road traffic

For the second time in a row, the cantonal police will participate in the MADE VISIBLE campaign of the TCS, the bf and the Fund for Traffic Safety from 15 November 2018. This coincides with the twelfth issue "Day of Light" and lasts until the end of the month.

With the darker seasons and shorter days, the visibility of each road user contributes to safety. From 15th November, the date of the 12th Day of Light, the Cantonal Police will actively support the "MADE VISIBLE" campaign of the TCS, the bf and the Fund for Traffic Safety.

By the end of the month, officials in the canton's shopping centers will ensure a preventive presence to alert as many people as possible to the issue of visibility, especially pedestrians and cyclists. In particular, the police will be present at the start of the campaign on 15 November 2018 between 15.30 and 20.30 at the Fribourg Center. The population thus has the opportunity to discover the Virtual Reality game developed by the French police force, which encourages them to adopt the right behaviors through the emotions they experience through the game.

Close to pedestrians, bus stops, etc., special attention is given to the so-called "weak" road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, to remind them that their visibility can play a protective role. Reflective fabrics on reflective bags and flyers are distributed with prevention advice.

Pedestrians, joggers

Bright clothing and reflective vests make you already visible at 140m, compared to 25m for dark clothes. The drivers will thus have more time to react.

To be seen at all times, be completely visible (360 °).

Do not fall on the road! Look for the eye contact before crossing.


Before getting on the bike, check the condition of the front and rear lights.

Is your bike well equipped? A white front reflector, a red rear, and orange pedals are mandatory.

Non-assertion of the entrance is the main cause of accident of cyclists; be visible all around (360 °) and show every change of direction clearly.

Laterally visible: equip the bike with reflective material for spokes or reflective tires.

Motor vehicle drivers

Before leaving, check the lights and direction indicators.

Always keep the lights, rearview mirrors, windscreen, side and rear windows clean for a better view.

Adjust your speed and lighting, day and night, weather conditions and visibility.

Turn on the light - even during the day!

Let your eyes control. A visit to the optician can save a life.

Snow and ice belong on a vehicle, neither on the windows nor on the roof.


Wear reflections

"Poor visibility caused by adverse weather conditions and early darkness causes that pedestrians on the road are not very visible to the drivers. Therefore, using the road when difficult conditions prevail on it requires increasing attention by both pedestrians and motorists of road traffic," police officers call.


Pursuant to the provisions of the Road Traffic Law, pedestrians who move along the road after dark outside the built-up area are obliged to use reflective materials in a manner visible to other road users. An exception is provided in the regulations, according to which a pedestrian can move outside the built-up area without retro-reflecting elements at dusk if it is on a road intended only for pedestrians or on the sidewalk.


The use of reflective elements by pedestrians, especially in autumn and winter, when it is dark early and visibility is definitely worse, can save a life.


The reflective element should be placed in such a place that it will be in the field of car lights and it would be noticeable for drivers approaching from both directions (back and front). The car dipped beam illuminates the path asymmetrically (more light is directed to the right side of the road), it is recommended to walk the left side of the road (in the opposite direction to the vehicle traffic) wearing reflectors on the right hand or leg (from the direction of vehicle movement).


Outside the built-up area, the roads usually do not have separate pavements and are mostly not lit or are poorly lit. In addition, drivers develop much higher speeds than in the built-up area, and pedestrians in dark clothes, without reflections, unfortunately, are completely invisible to the drivers. Correctly worn reflective elements can save lives by walking.


1. Wear reflections - no gadgets!


When buying a reflector, pay attention to whether the CE mark has been affixed to it, the name of the manufacturer and the type of the product and whether the instructions for use are included. The lack of these elements means that it is a gadget - not a reflection.


2. Be visible - do not cover it!


Check if the reflective elements are not covered by, for example, a scarf, bag or backpack which made by reflective fabric.


3. You care for health - be an example!


Do you like to run? Use reflective elements.


4. You love - take care of safety!


Make sure your loved ones are visible on the road and use reflective vests.


5. Live - think!


Do not enter the road directly in front of a moving vehicle, including a pedestrian crossing. Wear reflective elements.


The pedestrians arrived

The number of pedestrian accidents has risen. They do not wear reflective vests.

In recent weeks, police have reported several traffic accidents involving pedestrians. In Klatovy, such an accident even made men a life. Many pedestrians still do not realize that they are obliged to use different reflective materials in low visibility when they are in places where there is no illumination. Especially outside the village.

"If a pedestrian goes out of the village in low visibility on the roadside or on the edge of the road in a place which is not illuminated by public lighting, he shall be obliged to wear retro-reflective elements positioned so as to be visible to other road users" is in the law.

In the autumn and winter, the morning gets darker and the afternoon diminishes earlier. Frequency is also fog. Any reflective element that reflects the light back to the source increases the chances of the pedestrian-driver noticing reduced visibility even in the dark.

Appropriate use of reflective elements can prevent the pedestrian from colliding with the vehicle. "In addition to the reflective strips, there are also pendants and patches, which are recommended to be placed on the limbs in the direction of communication. The walker can also use the vest with reflective fabrics while walking outside the illuminated places, "said Dana Layman, a spokeswoman for the Czech police.


Vests help avoid motorcycle crime

In a survey, on more than a thousand cases, 70 percent of the people of Mar del Plata considered that the use of the reflective vest can suppress the crimes.

An opinion poll held that the use of reflective vest which made of reflective fabricon motorcyclists can help in issues of insecurity.

The use of vests with a patent helps to avoid motorcycle crimes, according to a survey carried out by the Vial de la, the chamber that brings together the companies that produce road software.

The same was done by telephone in 1,052 homes of Mar del Plata, in order to have an "X-ray" on the general opinion about the use of vests to discourage the crimes linked to the so-called "motorcycle crimes ". In the province of Buenos Aires, the legislation that would force the passengers to ride with a reflective vest (and the patent of the printed roll) is being treated in the Legislature, as an action to avoid these events.

The question of the telephone survey, conducted in 1,052 households, was "To what degree, between much and nothing, would you say that the use of safety vests with the patent number in the driver's companion helps to avoid the crimes of the motorcycles? "

Thus, for "7 out of 10 of those consulted", the use of the vest helps to a greater or lesser extent to avoid crimes: "24 percent responded that it helps a lot, 23 percent something and 21 percent little. The rest argued that it does not help or was not inclined to any option. "

Taking into account the age of the respondents, the study "observed a wide difference" in the answers. Thus, those over 65 were those who were more in agreement that the use of the vest is a positive contribution: 78 percent opted for the options "help a lot, little or something", but the percentage decreased to 63 percent when those consulted "were between 16 and 29 years old".

For the Road Observatory, the use of the reflective vest contributes "both to road safety and to insecurity", since by using it "the vehicle is better identified, increasing visibility and reducing the chances of a road accident occurring".

On the other hand, he considered that "by having the registration number registered, it contributes to security, granting specific data of the vehicle".

However, the results varied "remarkably" when considering the age of the respondents. Only "3 out of 10 adults over 65 years," said being a victim or knowing a victim of the "motorcycle", or 33 percent. The response rose "to 5 out of 10, 47 percent, in the age group between 16 and 29 years."

In the city of Buenos Aires, the obligation to use the reflective vest for motorcyclists applies since 2017.

In the province of Buenos Aires, it is still not legislated, although last April a project was presented by legislators Carolina, Manias Rankin, and Martina Dominguez. The proposal is to make mandatory the use of the reflective vest with reflective material and helmet (both with the engraved patent) for the driver as for the passenger.

In addition, the prohibition to circulate by two in certain areas and at certain times is projected.


The police persuaded the pedestrians to be seen!

Please be on the road to see and wear reflective vests, protecting yourself and others. This would sum up a police message to the pedestrians, which the policemen handed over to them last week as part of the preventive action on local roads and crossings. The event took place throughout the region, including the Karvina district.

"The visibility of pedestrians is important throughout the year, but in this period, conditions are usually worse, often raining, fogs are diminishing soon. When a pedestrian wears a dark garment without reflective fabrics, it is virtually invisible under the conditions of the driver, "Laure, a spokesman for the Karvina police, said during the event.

Traffic accidents involving pedestrians are not very low, and those with children are also increasing. "This year, we have solved 36 road accidents in the territory of the Karvina district with the participation of pedestrians, four of which ended with the death of the pedestrian," the police spokesman further points out.

So what can pedestrians do for their safety? In addition to increased attention around roads and crossings, they are just reflective elements, for example, the police handed out reflective tapes to people. "Although it is not mandatory in cities, pedestrians should think about their safety and use reflective elements, it is true for all ages," she added.

As mentioned earlier by the Austrian BESIP Coordinator for the Moravian-Silesian Region, we should all think that when there is an unfortunate event on the road, two people and two families, the injured pedestrian and the driver, will be responsible. By thinking about our safety, we are mindful of all others.


We'll advise you how to ride for running in the dark, winter and rain

This autumn has been extremely favorable for runners in terms of weather, but the change of the seasons is inexorable. light is diminishing, the temperature is decreasing, the probability of fresh weather is increasing. Learn how to sneak in the dark, winter and rain.

Running in the dark

Some runners are accustomed to the darkness. Most people, however, train from daylight in the spring to autumn, and in the darkness, they go only in the highest distress. However, the sun's late sunrise and its early west have greatly diminished the possibilities, so almost everybody who has to think about it in the winter months at least a little seriously.

In the dark, the runner can encounter two main problems: he cannot see and cannot be seen.

Most parks and cycle paths are now fitted with street lighting and there is no reason to wear your own light source. The first problem is most likely to meet runners who run in the field or outside the city.

The easiest and most effective way to solve the situation is to purchase a headlamp or headlamp. You can get them in different forms from the basic ones that come out of you a few hundred, up to the top devices for several thousand.

The amount of potential investment should depend on how much light you need. For running on roads, pavements, and paved roads, you'll have a simple low-power headlamp, but as soon as you're thinking about night-time jogging on the ground, make sure that cheap headlamp is not enough. For more information on how to choose the right headlamp, you can look forward to an article that comes out in a few days.

Finally, it is advisable to add that when using the headlamp, you should consider your surroundings. When the counterman firs the pupils directly in the eyes by direct light, it is not pleasant. For pedestrians, runners, bikers, and cars, therefore, be careful that the intensity of the light is not unnecessarily high and that the headlight is slightly flanked.

Problem number two, on the other hand, will be mainly runners who are moving in the city and its surroundings.

There is nothing worse than when a cyclist or a car driver overlooks a bicycle because he simply does not see you. Everyone who runs in the dark is supposed to add his overlays to the reflective materials and ideally also to an active light source such as a reflective vest with integrated diodes or a color indicator that can be attached to his backpack or clothing.

Some runners also use special flashlights that can be attached to the running shoe, but I personally prefer ordinary "pin" flashlights that can be pinned wherever you are. Thanks to them, you can cover all possible angles where there is a danger of collision.

Running in winter

Summer is a beautiful season, the runner does not have to solve anything and it suffices with a functional T-shirt and well-fitting shorts. With the advent of autumn and winter, however, one layer stops you enough, and in order to keep you warm, you will have to dress.

The absolute foundation is to use exclusively functional materials that manage to quickly sweat away and maintain body temperature. These materials are by no means a cotton which, after sweating, remains wet, studying, and can run uncomfortably during the long run.

Another principle is to use thinner layers instead of one robust. Rather than warm your jacket, you'd better take two tricks and a light windbreaker. Ensure a much more efficient sweat sweep away from your body and you will not be as dirty as a heavy and breathable jacket.

You can read about how to lay clothes properly in this article.

Running in the rain

Rain is the greatest enemy of the runner in every season, perhaps except for the summer. The problem is that when the cloth is satisfactory waterproof, it usually does not offer very good vapor permeability. You will have a lot of sweat under the waterproof upper, which is not pleasant for the intense movement.

The number one option is to wait until the rain stops and dry, but if you want to run out of the rain for some time or other, you will need a quality membrane jacket that will be reliably waterproof and breathable at the same time.

These requirements are met by a number of jackets made of reflective fabrics such as Shield, Gore-Tex, or Blount. The used membranes are even more on the market, but these are among the most reliable and most widespread. The Gore-Tex membrane is considered to be the absolute leader but counts on jackets made from this material to cost you five to nine thousand crowns. The other diaphragms can usually be obtained for somewhat more favorable sums, but in any case, it is necessary to prepare for a quality waterproof jacket never to represent an investment of hundreds of crowns.


Every second reflective vest did not meet the requirements

"Every second safety vest had a low luminance factor," said the Office of Consumer Protection and Competition on Tuesday. It was emphasized that this means the lack of adequate visibility of the user, which poses a threat to his health and life.

As we read in the communiquй, "The Trade Inspection has taken a closer look at the reflective clothing, reflective accessories and hearing protectors". Inspectors checked mainly wholesalers and stores. They looked at 53 products and questioned 16 of them (30.2%), including due to the negative results of laboratory tests, errors in the instructions for use and the absence of a declaration of conformity confirming that the manufacturer has carried out the conformity assessment procedure.

"Most entrepreneurs have removed errors voluntarily"

"Every second warning vest with reflective fabric tested in the laboratory had a low luminance coefficient, which means that there is no adequate visibility of the user, which poses a threat to his health and life when he moves to the side. For the reasons of formal incompatibility, the inspectors also questioned 5 hearing protectors " it was written in the communiquй.

It has been added that most entrepreneurs have voluntarily removed errors. The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection initiated proceedings in five cases.

"The instructions must be in Polish"

The audit took place in the second quarter of 2017 in nine voivodeships.

Koki pointed out that companies often hand out accessories that resemble glare. "It is not known, however, whether they have the appropriate properties because they have not undergone a conformity assessment procedure." The confirmation that the reflective element meets the requirements is the CE mark, placed directly on the reflector or on the attached label "- it was written. The Office stressed that it was necessary to check whether the name of the producer and "type of glare (1 - freely hanging, 2 - removable, 3 - fixed permanently) on the packaging or label".



In this opportunity, while the cyclists ran the time trial that ended in the Main Park of Sesquilй, the Social Classic 2018 focused on reading and using the bicycle as educational tools for progress.

Aiming to strengthen the commitment to education that has both RCN Radio, the country's leading beverage company, joined the Social Classic 2018 with the program, which delivers bicycles to children and young people from rural areas to improve their displacements between the home and the educational institution they attend.

On Tuesday, the educational institution and 60 of its students were the beneficiaries of the Program, who was given 60 bicycles equipped with a helmet, reflecting vest with the reflective fabric and maintenance items.

"We want to contribute to the purpose of promoting the education of the RCN Social Classic. With the program we have made the bicycle an integral tool to transform the lives of the beneficiaries, avoiding student desertion, improving study indicators and contributing to families having a means of transport, "said Martha Ruby, Director of Sustainability on the podium while the children were given the official delivery of their bicycles.

Bicycles are delivered presently a resistance superior to all those existing in the market and have a load capacity of up to 100 kilos. The seats are ergonomic, the frames reinforced, the tires protected against punctures, the brakes resistant to the climate and are easy to repair.

From 2014 to today, the program has delivered 7,576 bicycles in 12 departments, with an approximate investment of $ 6,066 million, resources coming from direct contributions and from allies who have believed in the program.

It is more than clear that stage 5 of the Social Classic RCN 2018 took the bicycle as a transformation tool and facilitator of the country's development.


The possibilities of company clothing

The purchase of company clothing can be such a task that you do not want to spend too much time and money on. Nevertheless, it is advisable to sit down for a while. Because you have nothing on a piece of clothing that is not worn afterward. How do you ensure that your employees are well cared for while they can do their work safely and efficiently? With the attention points below, you can map out the wishes in the field of corporate safety clothing.

Point of interest 1: Safety

Safety comes first. According to the Working Conditions Act, you as an employer are responsible for providing your employees with the right personal protective equipment to carry out their work safely. It is important that you comply with the EN ISO 13688 standards. Does your staff work under special circumstances, such as with toxic substances or with fire? Then you may have to meet more standards. Take a good look at the circumstances that apply to your employee and opt for firefight reflective tape, or reflective clothing with reflective fabric for high visibility.

Point of interest 2: Functionality

You will be particularly inclined to pay attention to the price tag when purchasing company clothing. And let's be honest. That is also a very important factor. But do not just wrap the first work shorts into your shopping basket, because believe me, one is not the other. There is sometimes a whole philosophy behind something seemingly simple as bags. Always involve your staff in the choice of new company clothing. After all, they can tell you what they really need to be able to work efficiently and pleasantly. Also thinks of comfort. You can, after all, purchase such a nice work coat, if he does not like your employee, he will certainly leave the coat on the left.

Point of interest 3: Professional appearance

Always choose high-quality materials. It is more than worth the investment. Because worn out work trousers quickly no longer meet the safety standards. Cracks and discolorations are also not neat. The quality can, therefore, play an important role in representing your company correctly. And that does not only apply to the individual employee. Uniform corporate clothing not only ensures that your team is recognizable to others, but you also create a sense of unity. Handy, if you work a lot with hired workers.

Point of interest 4: Promotion of the company

Some companies have opportunities to increase their brand awareness when buying company clothing. Sin! If your staff is well looked after, it is a calling card for your company. And of course, logo and contact details also belong to a business card. You can, for example, have your company clothing printed. But even more up-to-date (and hardwearing) is it to have your logo in the clothing embroidered. Did you know that certain company clothing is deductible for the tax if it is provided with a logo?


Reflective motorcycle clothes - necessity or fad

Autumn is coming soon and the weather will not allow for frequent and long trips on a single track as if we wanted to. Driving after dark and in the dark will become an everyday necessity. It was then good to be visible and to see others. It is not necessary to explain the legitimacy of applying glare - this is how the article would start, but it will not start, if only because translation is necessary, especially among motorcyclists.

Although it often arouses mixed feelings, it is extremely lucid in this matter - the threat of a lack of visibility is enormous and if a well-chosen reflection makes its owner visible on the road from a distance of up to 150 m, its absence means that it will be visible only from a distance of 30 m! Research on the causes of accidents involving motorcyclists clearly indicate that people wearing reflective elements are exposed to an accident by 37% less frequently than people who do not wear any reflections. The helmet itself, in white, light or painted with reflective paint reduces the possibility of taking part in an accident from 19 to 24%.

Autumn is coming soon and the weather will not allow for frequent and long trips on a single track as if we wanted to. Driving after dark and in the dark will become an everyday necessity. It was then good to be visible and to see others. The stories quoted below have indeed happened last season, but they can be dated to any autumn or early spring evening. Way from school to home. 7pm. It is already very grayish, and with the background of an unlit roadside, two pedestrians and one cyclist merge. Their jackets glow in the dark with reflective fabric. "Oh, look! At last, people have thought about safety and wear reflections! Well, unless it is motorcyclists... "Of course, my statement works one hundred percent. If someone "shines", means - a motorcyclist. However, is it always? ... In practice, 120 m dividing the visible and invisible motorcyclist may be the only difference between a motorist alive and dead...

There are many criteria that must be met by motorcycle clothing - as a rule; it must be pleasing and well protected. In addition, how is it with visibility? How much do we pay attention to reflective elements? After all, they also increase our safety. David L. Hough, an authority in the field of motorcycling for many two-wheelers, in his book Motorcycle Player Perfect mentions how important it is to wear flares by people moving on a motorcycle. Hough plays a special role for beginner motorcyclists, but nowadays, especially in Poland, where the weather does not spoil us, regardless of the internship, it is worth investing in one's own safety.

Although there is many reflective clothing on the market, it is most often associated with a green or orange vest - banned by a large group of motorcyclists. Hated, but until recently treated as the only option to improve our visibility, especially on long journeys. It was difficult to deny its raison d'кtre. Increasingly, however, professional motorcycle clothing is equipped with reflective elements. We do not have to think about the vest at the time, especially since the location of these reflections is thoughtful, so that the clothing looks aesthetically and does not scare large parts of reflective material, while also performing the function of reflecting light.


Reebok Spartan reflective shorts for rugged runners

Yes, these shorts are for rough actions like made. Thanks to the special reflective fabric, you can be rough runners moving through harsh obstacles, and yet there will be no wobbling, obstruction. The barbed wire symbol does not bear on its front for nothing. He is right in the collection of the Spartan Race mud fighters.

The manufacturer claims that when sweat, Mud Rivers, and barbed-up barriers or barbed wires come on, you can rely on these gates. He staked on Corduroy. You will most often encounter this fabric with equipment such as backpacks in nature, but also many items for the army. The fabric is very durable and is known for it’s very difficult to tear or break. So these shorts are right.

The pants are relatively simple cuts. The front panel is divided above by inserting a wedge-shaped cloth, which is a hint of a hat, but you cannot look for it anywhere. The fastening and tightening of the trousers at the waist is solved in an ancient proven way - by binding to the weave. The entire front panel of the yellow color is made of solid, durable fabric with reflective tape. Rear panels are flexible, so shorts do not limit movement. At the back, the belt is reinforced by a so-called solid seat. The waist circumference is so steady, fixed, and your pants will not come to you either when wet or just crawling through a mud ditch.

In front there is a large pictogram of barbed wire; the back of the pants is decorated with stylized black-and-white graffiti. On the left side you will find the brand of the manufacturer in reflection. The pants also have one large pocket with a zipper closure on the left hip. It is a bit unusually turned backwards so that its contents do not interfere with the craft already mentioned. For times when a person is not running Spartan Race and still wants to use shorts, I would welcome the same pocket on the other side.

The pant draw system has only a small deficiency - it is not as versatile as classic pulling by a drawstring, rubber or belt, so choosing a fitting size really needs to be chosen. It is available in six degrees from XS to XXL, so you should definitely do it. What to say at the end? The reflective shorts really did. They are becoming and durable, so if something goes wrong at the next muddy and other hurdle races, surely they will not. Running and mowing well!


Elche will use reflective clothing and accessories for the staff

Poles, flip-flops, high-heeled boots, sports and protective footwear, shirts, pants, anoraks ... Municipal workers must have adequate safety clothing and, for this, the City of Elche calls for tenders, normally every four years , A contract for the acquisition of work clothes destined to the personnel attached to different municipal departments. And now it is when it touches again to contest this procedure, which will assume, as the base bid price, a maximum outlay of 568,000 Euros over the next four years.

The purchase of work clothes, both summer and winter, as well as various supplements will be for the various municipal brigades, personnel Urban Mobility and Local Police, a disbursement that a year will amount to less than 142,000 Euros, according to forecasts.

At the time of its award, the composition of the reflective fabrics or materials used, the treatment, washing of the garment and cleaning of the garments will be taken into account and the number of washes for which indemnity is guaranteed must also be indicated. Companies that attend can choose one, several or eight lots in which the contract has been divided.

The successful tendered also undertakes to take particular measures and sizes of each of the officers, taking into account the different sizes of men and women. The costume delivery will be requested during the months of February of each year and must be delivered within a maximum period of 45 days. In addition, each package shall include the name of the official to whom it is intended.

As examples, the contract includes the provision of 390 light blue short-sleeved polo shirts, 400 short-sleeved T-shirts, 505 elastic pants, 60 anoraks, 40 water boots, 15 first-aid flip flops, 14 pot stock shots or 51 clogs Sanitary type, to cite some of the articles. However, it is in providing the Local Police with their uniforms and accessories to perform their functions where more money is intended. In fact, it is planned to supply 300 multistate trousers, 33 specific for bikers, 425 mono-colored poles, 80 caps or 40 jackets, to give some examples.

In addition, there are 100 whistles, 25 protective covers, 25 carrier cases and a police badge, and a few other safety-latching hooks, shackles, gun covers, defense sprayers, chargers, transmitters and raincoats And reflective vests, among other elements. In principle, the clothing lot for the Local Police is the highest of the eight lots, with a bid price of 75,000 Euros.

Councilor for Human Resources, Josй Perez, explains that this type of procedure is habitual and that when the contract is terminated, it should be withdrawn, as in this case to equip the staff, from the cleaners, to the first responders. Even if the pledge is damaged or there is a justified incidence, the public contract also contemplates the replacement; it does not take four years to replace it. The deadline for submission of tenders is 10 April and the most economically advantageous tender will be awarded on the award criteria.


Reflective clothing to avoid the paparazzi

The paparazzi have been, are and will be the great headache of celebrities. Fragrant photographs are the fear of most celebrities, as it can cost them the good image they try to show the public. Now the celebs can be quiet and all thanks to Chris Holmes. This well-known American DJ has launched a collection of clothes made with reflective materials that ruin any photo.

The musician has baptized his new line as Anti Paparazzi Collection since avoiding the shots is the end of his work. All the garments are made with a material of reflective fabric that reflects the flashes of the cameras. As a result, and in case a snapshot is taken, the subject's clothing shines to the point of concealing his face.

The original collection was inspired by the pieces of clothing with reflective tape that Holmes wore in his concerts with the group W.A.S.P, of which he was a guitarist, and "served to ruin the photos of the public." Years later, he decided to retrieve them "for a better purpose" and this was how he devised this innovative fashion firm, he explains in his online store.


The lightweight jacket with reflective tape for runners

No, this is not a fairy tale. This is a user test run of a lightweight jacket with reflective tape so you're probably no lighter yet in your hand. In truth, when we could see it for the first time, we mistakenly assumed that the Japanese mistakenly sent us a tissue paper model. Do you know all these lucky lamps? From light paper, somewhere in the middle you'll fire it, and its flying. Very imaginative, we said. Only then did we realize that this jacket is really real.

The lightweight 7D Jacket was really a great surprise. Running jacket in timeless, inflexible, waterproof, weighing 50 grams? A few days ago I would say that it is not possible. Ultrafine nylon fiber is durable, strong and lightweight.

The whole collar with a collar is made of the same material with a rips top finish. The small squares framed with stronger fibers prevent the fabric from further deteriorating in the case of damage to the fabric. The black jacket has a full-body zipper from the YKK quality workshop and has a fine graphic print on the shoulders and sleeves in the same reflective fabric green printing as the zipper itself. Ventilation under increased effort, both the sleeves and the bottom hem of the jacket are finished with elasticized waistband.

On the right side you will find a small double-sided zipper from the pocket, which also includes a larger mobile phone. If you do not use your jacket, you can pack it very comfortably into this pocket and use a stitched rubber strap to put it on your arm. The collapsed jacket, due to its small size, can fit virtually any pocket of other pieces of treadmill. In the shorts pockets, small pockets on a running jersey or vest. You can take it as a backup option anywhere for longer runs. You do not even feel weight in your pocket or backpack. At the same time, it is a piece of equipment that can literally save you in the mountains. In addition, all the prints are reflex.

Although the jacket is very thin and it may seem that its contribution to thermal comfort will not be stunning, the opposite is true. On the one hand, it creates a barrier capable of resisting the elements, and between the body and its cloth maintains a certain air layer. And that's what the thermal insulation is about. The immobile layer of air is a very good insulator. Even the famous goose feather is such a good insulator, precisely because it is capable of retaining air. On the other hand, these good qualities of the jacket will be greatly reduced if we have a backpack on our backs. Its weight in some places does not allow keeping the air-insulating interlayer.

Overall, the reflective jacket is probably not a mistake. It's very simple in both editing and execution, but you will not miss it. I think it's a great choice for challenging runs in worse conditions or uncertain weather conditions. At the same time, it will delight all who want the minimum weight of their equipment.


A Nike Flash high visibility vest for safety

When you find out what this safety vest is made of, you will certainly be able to exclaim: What?! Well yes, it's really made of goose down! And that's far from being the only gadget that will surprise you. The "Flash" in the title means that you will not just run like a flash, but you will also shine. This is exactly what this vest is going to bring to you this year, if you have been worthy of the whole year, helping the road and not choking anyone.

The vest has on the chest and in the upper two thirds of the back of the classic tunnels filled with thermal insulation material. You know exactly the same with feather jackets. But they are not so busy here. The waistcoat is designed to cool well, but not overheat when it is cold. The manufacturer had to take into account the specifics of active movement at low temperatures. This also corresponds to the processing of individual tunnels. Their departments no longer provide classic sewn seams, but seams welded with state-of-the-art technology. These joints are wider and in the middle of each you will find laser-cut, regularly changing smaller and larger ventilation holes. On the back, the vests pass through the reflective fabric, but on the chest there are two layers that follow on like bricks - where the top layer has an insulating charge, the lower layer has ventilation holes and vice versa. Even though the chest area is ventilated, the wind will not blow your vest.

Upstairs, the vest is ended by a small collar, which may give reason to regret that it does not have a proper roller collar. However, it is also well-calculated - when the runner heats up, the feeling of cold on his neck is gone, and he can enjoy the pleasant touch of a small elastic collar that does not squeeze out anywhere. The vest also has elastic side panels, so you do not have the least fear of limiting your movement during the run. Its rear is elongated, so you will not get back from it even in a very dynamic run.

The vest is fastened with a zipper with two opposite riders, so it can only be unlocked from the bottom when you need to step up in the mountains or hills, for example, and you do not want to clothe your garment. I was just a little surprised at the beginning that I had riders on the other side than I expected (and really it was a men's variant). It's just a habit, so the manufacturer has all the zips in the men's models. Enjoy the water-repellent finish of the overcoat, which will give you a relatively lightweight overcoat in relative dry conditions.

You'll definitely appreciate the pair of zippered pockets. Each of them holds a small secret. One includes a stitched elastic hand strap and a double-sided zip. So the vest is just enough to stuff the cloak into this pocket, turn it on - and you have a light, practical pack of warm clothes on the road. In the second pocket you will find a small internal pocket for the MP3 player or a key from the house.

The upper two-thirds of the front and rear waistline prints a huge number of reflective segments. If something in the dark shines on you, you will surely see it from an international orbital station. It's just a shine like lightning. Different wide lines also make up a very interesting design element, which optically opposes even under ordinary daylight. The same motif is used by Nike for other garments this year's winter collection. A large reflective strip is added at the back of the back.

I wonder in vain what's best about this jacket. Dust Goose Quill? Dazzling Reflector? Can you pack it into a small pocket and put it on your hand? I cannot decide exactly why a person falls in love with this warm girlfriend. But know that you will not want to leave from a run-of-date rendezvous with her. Do not even run away.


Kappa reflective rainwear SK101 Dry Plus

The autumn and its procession of showers are back. The opportunity to present Kappa whole reflective jacket and rain pants SK101 Dry Plus, a product that appeals to nothing less than a waterproof and breathable membrane.

Ally bikers and scooter riders in the winter months, rain combination currently are back deep chests and backpacks. Kappa took the opportunity to launch two new sets to wear over his equipment, including the SK101 Dry Plus, consisting of a jacket and trousers. Unlike most of his colleagues, he does not opt for a coated reflective fabric, but for laminated polyester with a membrane.

If this difference does not seem to change much on paper, in practice, the approval should gain: the membrane in question is indeed announced breathable, which will prevent the combination SK101 Dry Plus to turn into steam during prolonged use. Still, she would stand in the words of Kappa in a water column of two meters, guaranteeing good protection against the elements (wind or rain). Also in this context, the seams are heat sealed, and a Velcro flap covers the zipper of the jacket.

For better comfort, the combination has an inner lining. The Italian brand has even provided two external pockets (do still there to keep your phone ...) and an internal and a reflective stripe on the front.

If the idea of a wide cut unisex is appreciable, the adjustment entrusted only to elastic in no doubt. However there are settings by Velcro ankle for a better connection with boots. For storage, a cover with elastic belts (so-coat) is provided.


The reflective dress on the fashion show

The time of a pause, the discreet Anne Valerie Hash wear reflective dress and unveils. The City of Lace and fashion in Calais unfolds the first 13 years of creation of one of the few French women to have parade in haute couture.

The exhibition declines the process of creation and manufacture of a seamstress who does not approach the sewing work by the pencil but by the chisel and the needle. "" Delray "is a neologism that refers to the vocabulary of sewing, the" dice ", here, no traces of pencils, sketches or sketches, but traces of" chalk "tailors," describes Sylvie Marot, Curator of the exhibition. And scroll the canvases, buildings and other patterns, so many "drafts of clothes". The clothes are uncovered without glass, without filter.

On the cartels is detailed the number of pieces that was used to constitute the garment. In each showcase, a text chalked in chalk, reflective clothes, and photographs specially made for the occasion by Fabric Larches, a close collaborator of Anne Valerie Hash.

From the first piece, a dress made from men's trousers, to the last one, a lace and reflective fabric tailoring suit, the exhibition develops a thematic course organized around the lexicon of sewing where it is question of "" Debase, "" disintegrate, "or even" unfold.” Since her first collection in 2001 called "Filename", Anne Valerie Hash defends her style and defines her identity: a male locker room totally disfigured to develop a women's locker room. The seamstress decays, decodes and sews. "Its luxury is to take the time to undo and do," says the commissioner. And the visitor discovers by how little trousers can become a jacket, the art of disproportions, and the dissymmetry: "Some pieces have parading carried in several senses", decrypts Anne Valerie Hash. "I love workshop work and accidents," she says.


Reflective fabric is used for dome cinema

The lightest domed cinema makes it possible to immerse yourself in the world of the oceans.

In order to dive into the sea, visitors who wear safety vest first have to look up: the ceiling is arched, from there up sparse daylight penetrates down into the deep sea, which surrounds the visitors. Fish and jellyfish streak past, and suddenly one is in the middle of the experience ocean. The fact that you can keep dry during the exciting dive is due to the modern technology: the ground is a 360-degree film projection, with a planetary dome on all sides.

The Koppel Kino belongs to the Helmholtz Center, Center for material and Coastal Research. It is inflatable like a bouncy castle and thus extremely easy for a cinema. Only 100 square meters of free space is required to build it, one day working time and one hydrant, because the dome does not blow away, it is held on the ground with a water ballast of eight tons. A reflective fabric for the projection is sucked in on the inside - and the temporary round-the-screen cinema, which can hold up to 35 spectators, is finished.

The airy design is mostly on the road to give viewers the opportunity to gain insight into the work of scientists all over Germany. Currently, a film about the so-called small marine vertebrates is running in the Koppel zest. Until recently they were unknown; In the meantime, researchers have found that they have a significant influence on fish stocks, the transport of energy in the oceans, the great turbulence in the world's oceans and the climate. However, other films are also conceivable for the inflatable dome cinema: people like to stay in the cinema are to be able to look virtually into reflective materials and enter molecules.


Stroke: the technical reflective clothing

Not only shoes, but also t-shirts, pants, bra and stockings is important. Because even the reflective clothing is that you wear while running can help you improve performance. Or move you to give up.

L' clothing to wear during the race is critical: the use of inadequate leaders may negatively impact performance. A non-breathable mesh, for example, may result in excessive sweating, while not appropriate socks might be responsible for annoying blisters that will lead them to abandon the training sooner than you planned.

I've always preferred tanks and t-shirt read, not too tight and soft, which the skin to breathe and cool the overheated body from the race. In case of rain do not be discouraged: a technical jacket made with reflective fabric will protect you from the water, but at the same time leave the sweat evaporates keeping the body dry. Avoid waterproof garments that retain moisture, cool the body and, in contrast to what many may think, do not help at all to burn more fat!

As for the pants are preferred those tight, is which in addition to absorb the sweat keeping your muscles warm. In the market there are different lengths, above or below the knee or ankle and with support bands. Almost all models are equipped with micro-pockets with zip useful heat sealed to contain keys and even devices to listen to music while exercising. Those who prefer can also wear classic high-cut model, perfect in summer.

Do not underestimate the importance of a proper bra to protect and sustain during the race. In many cases there are top with incorporator bra. Even socks or other reflective material product have a fundamental role to prevent the occurrence of troublesome (and painful) blisters. During training forget the classic cotton sock and prefer technical socks, thin instep and thicker on the plant.


Hot news for the winter cyclist

To continue their cycling or bike commuting in the winter months requires discipline and workout clothes with reflective tape. Here is the news from the Craft Sportswear; workout clothes for cyclists who are not slopes for winter weather.

Among the news Craft Sportswear presents for the winter are collections Movement Rain, Siberian and Escape. There are three collections that are developed and designed for joggers and bike commuters who want to have a good protection against wind and rain in the winter.

The ranges of accessories are reflective fabric gloves, helmet and protective booties.

Move rain jacket. Lightweight jacket is that resists wind and rain with reflective print for better visibility. Move thermal jersey. Soft and warm cycling jersey pocket are in full length and pockets on the back. A warm jacket with a napped inside that protects well against rain and wind. The jacket is the perfect outer layer when winter days are cold.  Escape the rain jacket. Very light wind and waterproof cycling jacket with taped seams and openings in the sides. It’s made of thin, elastic material and fits easily in bike jersey back pocket. Reflecting details is that provide good visibility in the dark.

Siberian glove

Wind and water resistant glove with fleece lining for cycling in cold conditions. Ergonomically shaped for optimal is fit. Silicone palm provides optimum grip. Cuffs with Velcro closure and reflective material for extra visibility

Colors: Flamingo and black.

Rain helmet cover

Wind and waterproof protection to put on the helmet to protect against wind and rain and that makes you more visible in traffic.


Be like lightning with a running reflective vest

To find out what this safety vest is made, surely he can accomplish on the exclamation: What?! Well yes, it is indeed a goose feather! And that's not the only gadgets that you find this piece for connoisseur’s surprise. "Flash" in the name implies that you run not only as a flash, but will also shine so. Exactly this waistcoat will this year bring Jesus if you were nice the whole year, you're helping travelers and exalted above anybody.

The vest has on the chest and the upper two-thirds of the back classic tunnels filled with insulating material. Here, however, they are not so packed. Filling vest is designed that when a cold paddocks plays well, but at the same time not overheat. The manufacturer had to take into account the specificities of active movement at low temperatures. This corresponds with the processing of individual tunnels. Their departments do not have the classic stitched seams, but the seams welded latest technologies. These connections are wider in the middle, each with a laser-cut, regularly alternating smaller and larger ventilation openings. On the back permeate right through the reflective fabric vests, chest, however, in two layers, which follow one another like bricks - where it has a top layer of insulating material has a lower layer ventilation holes and vice versa. Although that ventilates the chest area, while you keep the wind does wind.

Above is topped with small collar vest, which may at first sight give reason to regret that he had no proper turtleneck collar. However, it is well recalculated - when the runner is hot, cold feeling will pass on his neck, and he can enjoy a pleasant touch of a small elastic collar, which avoids stiffness longer covered. Vista also has an elastic side panels so you do not have the slightest fear that when you run limit movement. Her back is extended, leaving you out of it even in a highly dynamic running back.

Vista is switched zip with two counter-rotating drivers, so you can unbutton from the bottom and only when, for example, in the mountains or hills you need to extend the step and you do not want your clothes summarized. I'm just the beginning always a little surprised that I'm the rider on the other side than I would have expected (and indeed it was the men's variant). But it's just a habit, so the manufacturer has fitted all zips for men's models. Please superstructure, which gives you a relative drought and spend some have lighter.

You will definitely appreciate a pair of zippered pockets. Each conceals little secret. One contains a sewn-in elastic armband and has sided zipper. So vest Wooden HOUSE enough to cram into this pocket, turn it on - and you have a lightweight, practical package of warm clothing for the journey. The second pocket can be found even small internal pocket for an MP3 player or perhaps a key to the house.

The upper two thirds vest front and back is printed huge amounts of reflective segments. If you something shining in the darkness, you will definitely see even from the international space station. It's just glitter like lightning. Having a different point also forms a very interesting design element that even under normal daylight interesting opalescent. The same theme uses Nike and other apparel for this year's winter collection. At the rear of the back is a large additional reflective stripe.

TIP: The vest is machine washable. Once you do so, put her (in addition to the appropriate device) is also a tennis ball. Feathers remain fluffy and will not stick to each other so much.

In vain I wonder what the best reflective vest is this really. Goose quill? I cannot decide on what the exact reason why a person in this warm girlfriend falls. But know that the cross-country with her you do not want to leave. Nor run away.


The high visibility bicycle panniers of the brand Ortles

"Make you visible" is one of the recommendations made by the Association Prevention Router for all cyclists. The ORTLIEB brand has found the light solution for waterproof bags: the new High Visibility collection.

The preventive cyclist often wears clear clothing and retro-reflective material. The Ortles brand extended its signaling to the bicycle saddlebags. Indeed, the latter are designed from a yellow fluorescence and black material, but also reflective strips on each side of the saddlebags in order to be well seen by other users. Moreover, the fabric that composes them is completely crossed by an extremely luminous reflective thread. Day and night, the cyclist can be spotted on 360 °. Another major advantage of this collection is that the bags are 100% waterproof thanks to the waterproof thermoplastic coatings inside the bags.

The pair of Front-Roller bags is positioned on a front rack, while the pair of Back-Roller bags is installed on a rear rack. These bags with reflective tape have several characteristics such as:

Significant visibility over several kilometers

Extremely high degree of sealing

A Quick-Lock 2.1 rack fastening system that simplifies the installation and un-installation of the panniers while optimizing their stability

Adaptability on any luggage rack up to 16 mm in diameter

An adjustable strap for carrying bags

A winding closure system

A volume of 50 liters for the pair of Front-Roller bags

A volume of 80 liters for the pair of Back-Roller bags

The Ultimate6 M is the reference for the handle bag. In the High Visibility collection, it brings even more visibility for cyclists. Its characteristics are as follows:

Extremely reflective fabric

A very high seal

Click-Fix bracket is really solid and practical for its installation and un-installation

Compatibility with conical handlebars up to a diameter of 31.8 mm

A removable strap for carrying the bag

A magnetic closure system with lockable lid

A volume of 7 liters can hold a load of 3 kilos.


Wear reflective clothing play table tennis in the dark

This second edition of Dark Ping Tour begins with La Retz on 25 November! Sports and playful start and player will wear reflective material clothing.

The Table Tennis departmental committee chose 44 Table Tennis Club La Bernerie to inaugurate the second edition of the Dark Ping Tour (or table tennis in the dark) Friday, November 25. The Bernerien Club is the first club selected for a tour of twelve dates in the Loire Valley.

For participants, it is to play in the dark, wearing reflective clothing specific, and the stripes on the tables and nets, adequate light.

Accessible to all, licensed or not, registrations are to home. The departmental committee provides eight tables and ensures the organization of this special sporting event.

Practical information:

Open to the public spectator, competition will be held Friday, November 25, 2016, at 20 pm at the sports hall of La Bernerie. A bar and a small restaurant stand will be available for the activity and players in reflective fabric clothing.


How to choose the reflective material school bag for September

The weight of the backpack is not the sole responsibility of poor posture and injuries. By checking a few essential details like reflective tape you provide good security for your child.

The start of school approaching and it is time to renew the school supplies for children. The satchel is one of the key elements among the purchases of that period. Since it is supposed to last a few years, it is essential to choose a product for children, easy to use and secure to protect his back. Here are some tips on this:

A backpack distributes the weight balanced on the shoulders and back unlike a shoulder bag. Explain to your child why it is important that the door on both shoulders. Padded shoulder straps and lap belt even better distribute the weight across the back and hips. Portions reflective fabriccan improve the safety of the child if he has to walk on the side of the road in the early morning or evening. Finally, check that the seams are of good quality and that the zippers are protected with a cloth so that water seeps inside.

The weight

Once completed, the bag must not exceed 10% of the weight of the child, said the site of the Ministry of Education, so be sure to choose a strong but lightweight product. Leather, for example, is very heavy. Check that the back part is well padded: children sometimes throw all their stuff in the bag and can hurt themselves when they schoolbag on his back. Ideally, the heaviest books should be placed in the central part.

How to wear

The binder should not go lower than the curve of the back, or not lower than 10 cm below the waist. To identify, count between 2.5 and 5 cm between the attachment point straps and upper shoulders. A reflective material bag worn too low can lead to poor posture and cause back problems.

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