"Reflective harness for mushroom": the bill by Angelo

"Avoiding or reducing as much as possible the occurrence of accidents during the hunting season, it is due to the lack of recognition of people who are in the woods looking for mushrooms. Through a high visibility reflective vest that they will wear and that will make them more visible even when there is a need to find them in case of loss.”


This is the content of a bill presented by Angelo, leader of Forsa Italia in the Liguria Region. "In light of the latest events that have occurred in our woods, I thought it necessary to propose an amendment to the Regional Law of 2014 that regulates the collection and marketing. With the adoption of a reflective harness, the seekers would have the possibility of being visible from long distances, clearly reducing the risk of being hit in a manner accidental, as recently happened, with tragic implications, in the Municipality".


"The reflective harness - continues the regional councilor - would also have another important purpose: to facilitate relief if there was the need to find a lost person in the woods, another event that often happened. For all these reasons, which are designed to protect both mushroom and hunters, I have prepared this bill and safety vest, which would provide the delivery of the harness to the fun aioli by the bodies responsible for issuing the card or by the searcher himself.”


"Safety during the hunting season must come first and this change to the existing law would be a piece to make it more concrete," concludes the president of the council group Forsa Italy.




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