Two men without safety vest were killed on the spot

Two pedestrians died without wearing reflective vest after being knocked down by a personal fixture. The driver was sober. The event took place on the road Barossa Kathryn at the crossroads with the road to Meadow.

On Thursday (15 December) approx. 17:20 on the road Barossa Kathryn, at the crossroads with the road, there was a fatal road accident. Two men aged 58 and 61 were killed on site, according to preliminary findings crossing the road from the bus creek, about 50 meters from the designated pedestrian crossing, reports young. Beat Patoka, press officer of the Police Headquarters.

- Men were hit by a personal fixture. The 32-year-old resident of the municipality of Spool was a sober man. He was with the passenger. Preliminary findings indicate that the driver did not notice in the dark men. They did not have any reflective material on their clothing - informs Beta Pataki.

A prosecutor arrives at the place of the tragic accident and the prosecution is under his charge. Beta Pataki shared with us the information that she was doing today on traffic safety with seniors. They gave them reflective items to wear on clothes, after dark, outside the built-up area. Tomorrow, there will be another, previously scheduled activities for seniors with the same theme...




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