The lightweight jacket with reflective tape for runners

No, this is not a fairy tale. This is a user test run of a lightweight jacket with reflective tape so you're probably no lighter yet in your hand. In truth, when we could see it for the first time, we mistakenly assumed that the Japanese mistakenly sent us a tissue paper model. Do you know all these lucky lamps? From light paper, somewhere in the middle you'll fire it, and its flying. Very imaginative, we said. Only then did we realize that this jacket is really real.

The lightweight 7D Jacket was really a great surprise. Running jacket in timeless, inflexible, waterproof, weighing 50 grams? A few days ago I would say that it is not possible. Ultrafine nylon fiber is durable, strong and lightweight.

The whole collar with a collar is made of the same material with a rips top finish. The small squares framed with stronger fibers prevent the fabric from further deteriorating in the case of damage to the fabric. The black jacket has a full-body zipper from the YKK quality workshop and has a fine graphic print on the shoulders and sleeves in the same reflective fabric green printing as the zipper itself. Ventilation under increased effort, both the sleeves and the bottom hem of the jacket are finished with elasticized waistband.

On the right side you will find a small double-sided zipper from the pocket, which also includes a larger mobile phone. If you do not use your jacket, you can pack it very comfortably into this pocket and use a stitched rubber strap to put it on your arm. The collapsed jacket, due to its small size, can fit virtually any pocket of other pieces of treadmill. In the shorts pockets, small pockets on a running jersey or vest. You can take it as a backup option anywhere for longer runs. You do not even feel weight in your pocket or backpack. At the same time, it is a piece of equipment that can literally save you in the mountains. In addition, all the prints are reflex.

Although the jacket is very thin and it may seem that its contribution to thermal comfort will not be stunning, the opposite is true. On the one hand, it creates a barrier capable of resisting the elements, and between the body and its cloth maintains a certain air layer. And that's what the thermal insulation is about. The immobile layer of air is a very good insulator. Even the famous goose feather is such a good insulator, precisely because it is capable of retaining air. On the other hand, these good qualities of the jacket will be greatly reduced if we have a backpack on our backs. Its weight in some places does not allow keeping the air-insulating interlayer.

Overall, the reflective jacket is probably not a mistake. It's very simple in both editing and execution, but you will not miss it. I think it's a great choice for challenging runs in worse conditions or uncertain weather conditions. At the same time, it will delight all who want the minimum weight of their equipment.


Cycling season begins: You have your rights and duties

And here it is! We are probably expecting the first really warm weekend of 2017. A lot of us are already polishing bikes for a premiere trip. Looking at the statistics, however, frost runs backwards. Do you know how many cyclists without wearing safety vest died on the roads last year? Do you know your rights and obligations? Surely there is nothing to underestimate!

Cycling is one of our most popular hobbies, with about four million bicycles in Czech households. If we ride a bike on a regular basis, it helps us maintain good physical fitness; we also use it as a means of transport or relaxation. Despite all the undeniable benefits that cycling brings, we should also be aware of the risks.

Whenever we are sitting on a bicycle, it is useful to recall that cyclists are the most vulnerable road users along with pedestrians. Also, according to the statistics of the Czech Police, the popularity of this sport is redeemed by an increased number of injuries and deaths. The number of road accidents caused by cyclists without reflective jacket is also considerable.

"Bikes caused by cyclists are in the order of hundreds of thousands, but cyclists, unlike car drivers, have no liability to protect them, so if they cause an accident and do not have a liability insurance, the damages must be paid," says Jan, Commercial Director of one of the leading Czech insurance companies. How to prepare for a cycling season and what steps to take to prevent accidents and enjoy cycling tours and without unnecessary unpleasant consequences?

At the same time, drivers of a non-motorized vehicle, especially cyclists or scooters, caused 2,625 accidents in which 24 people died. Most accidents occurred in Prague, the Central Bohemian region and the Asti Labem Region.

In the case of road traffic, the cases where the cyclist accident is the culprit are not unique. They confirm both police statistics and insurance companies. "The cyclist drove down the hill at high speed, he did not manage the steering and got to the opposite direction where the passenger car was driving, but he managed to avoid the cyclist with wear reflective vest, but the two drivers ended up off the road, causing the injured driver to injure a car with a health-rated injury. CZK 50,000, and property damage of CZK 160,000, compensation was covered by bicycle liability insurance, "Jan describes a typical accident that is the subject of an insurance company's performance.


Kappa reflective rainwear SK101 Dry Plus

The autumn and its procession of showers are back. The opportunity to present Kappa whole reflective jacket and rain pants SK101 Dry Plus, a product that appeals to nothing less than a waterproof and breathable membrane.

Ally bikers and scooter riders in the winter months, rain combination currently are back deep chests and backpacks. Kappa took the opportunity to launch two new sets to wear over his equipment, including the SK101 Dry Plus, consisting of a jacket and trousers. Unlike most of his colleagues, he does not opt for a coated reflective fabric, but for laminated polyester with a membrane.

If this difference does not seem to change much on paper, in practice, the approval should gain: the membrane in question is indeed announced breathable, which will prevent the combination SK101 Dry Plus to turn into steam during prolonged use. Still, she would stand in the words of Kappa in a water column of two meters, guaranteeing good protection against the elements (wind or rain). Also in this context, the seams are heat sealed, and a Velcro flap covers the zipper of the jacket.

For better comfort, the combination has an inner lining. The Italian brand has even provided two external pockets (do still there to keep your phone ...) and an internal and a reflective stripe on the front.

If the idea of a wide cut unisex is appreciable, the adjustment entrusted only to elastic in no doubt. However there are settings by Velcro ankle for a better connection with boots. For storage, a cover with elastic belts (so-coat) is provided.


A cyclist in safety vest ride for the old bike memory

Garza has come for sixty years the road that linked his home in via the field that grew in Magalia. "From farmer I did 14 times around the world, four of Merck", he said. The cyclists in safety vest will meet Catania to retrace his steps to seven years after his death.

White hair and a dark cap - to protect themselves when the rain when the heat - with his head pushing his bike for all 15 kilometers of ascent that connected the house where he lived - in Catania - with land cultivated, near Magalia. "And he did not want anyone's help." Every day, for all its past sixty years, this was the life of Borzoi Di Garza. It was called so the man that many people of Catania have crossed at least once along the road that connects the city to the municipalities foothills, but any of them remembers how  the old bike . It failed to 84 years old, on November 4, seven years ago. L ' Association released Promenade, in collaboration with freewheels and square Liberate Sunday commemorates him with a ride.

"We will start from Catania Cathedral at 11 - says Alsip Machete, one of the organizers -, we will pass by his home, and we will reach Nicolas ", at about 16:30. Participants will trace in single file the way that Di Garza daily grind "with the boots rubber at the feet and - said those who knew him - a bicycle loaded with vegetables, fruit and working tools." Messy all inside a red box, linked to the carrier. After being hit by a car - and hospitalized - he decided to wear an orange reflective vest. Particular that made his figure and his effort even more evident to the eyes of commuters and residents.

Among them is Alessandro Marinara, which the old bike he wanted to dedicate a feature film. He tells the story "of an extraordinary man, out of time - explains the director - who loved cycling, nature and especially Gazelle." The girl he wanted to marry but instead - by the will of the family - she married a rich cousin, while Di Garza had left for World War II. ”He had no news of his beloved for two years. All the letters he sent were torn from the father of her that - adds Marinara - told her that he was dead. ”But instead he deserted, returned to Sicily and met again; "But she was not the girl he remembered the pain of having lost had stopped eating." He died a few months later "and Horace turned mourning into guilt for not being able to protect her."

From then on, "he claimed that God had sentenced him to push his bicycle as along a Via Cruces - the director continues - but at the same time, in his love for cycling could be free." In the documentary Di Garza said: "Gazelle has not been able to enjoy life, I will not enjoy it either." The cycling champion Eddy Merck said once to have done ten times around the world, wear a reflective jacket running with his bike. "Horace was sure I beat him - he tells marinate - said" I, or, as a farmer, around the world fourteen times I did it.' "In memory of those who knew him" will remain an example of freedom, simplicity, poetry, strength of will - said the director - that should make us reflect on what our company is certified to conformity."


Invests pedestrian without reflective jacket

The conduct of the pedestrian invested that circles on foot, at night time, road devoid of lighting, without reflective vest and in the wrong direction, cannot be regarded as foreseeable by the motorist investor. And 'what emerges from the judgment of the Fourth Chamber of the Criminal Court of Cassation of 30 August 2016.

The event saw a man at the wheel of his car, hit a pedestrian who, during the night and no reflective clothing, proceeded in the same direction of travel. According to the judges of merit, however, the responsibility was attributed to the motorist who had not adapted their driving behavior to road conditions, devoid of adequate lighting, a speed kept failing commensurate with those conditions, such as to maintain control of the vehicle and anticipate all dangerous situations.

As a general principle, the fault is defined as a lack of the event will be accompanied by the ability to observe a certain pre-trial rule, the concrete possibility of requiring compliance with that rule, and the collectability of the required behavior.

As obvious, for there to be liability in negligence is required, first, the event causation that the rule intended to prevent and, secondly, that the appropriate conduct, if held, would have avoided the event.

As evidenced by the case law, with reference to pre-trial adjustment of speed to environmental conditions rule, it must be the need to take into account the elements of space and time, having to evaluate, in practice, whether drivers have had any chance of avoid the left.

In this case, the judges were asked to verify whether, in the concrete conditions, the conduct of the victim who circulated on the country road, in night time, in the street devoid of retro reflective vest without illumination, it was foreseeable by the motorist.

Relates exclusively to the events that fall within the scope and predictability of the behavior of the pedestrian who proceeds in a suburban road, in the dark, without retro reflective jacket, it constitutes conduct that well may escape from such predictability sphere.


Reflective vest is important to people’s safety

If the Police who wear a reflective vest request your medical kit or fire extinguisher in your traffic and you do not have them, you should know that the fine is quite high: 4-5 fine points that are 580 - 725 lei or half in two working days. If the car is firm, the fine is between 20 and 100 points, between 2,900 and 14,500 lei.

 When it became mandatory for each car to be equipped with a first-aid kit, the officials thought that all drivers could help someone who had suffered an accident. This is rarely done in practice for at least three reasons: many have no idea to do so; others have no courage, and do not want to do so in order not to further affect the health of the injured person. A call to 112 is often the best help if a driver is witnessing a road accident.

And doctors are pretty much the same, especially because, they say, the kit does not contain much what it should be.

"It contains more things that can help the one who intervenes to give first aid, take care of wounds, than for something else. There is, for example, a collar. The victim's throat cannot be immobilized if necessary. Now, anyway, do not interfere with that if you do not know what you are doing. In addition, the accidents that occur nowadays, either people do not have a big deal, or have to do with specialized personnel. Helping yourself with your own kit is harder. Maybe someone who gets an accident who knows how much to take first aid can use the kit, "said Drama, UPU doctor and ambulance in Sibiu.

Asked about the or pharyngeal tubes that are included in the kit, the urgent person says that if the injured person is unconscious, and someone unspecialized inserts that pipe, he can move the cervical column, for example, and harm them if the injured person has a column fracture. Likewise, it can create a reflective jacket, which is also not desirable in the case of an unconscious wound.

"You need to know what you do when you use them. It's more complicated for someone who does not know. It is best for the person who gets or involved in a road accident to call 112. If he knows what he does and has as much instruction as he can. Driving schools do training, but I doubt they all remember and they all have the courage to intervene, "the doctor said.

 It's not a fortune to buy a first-aid kit. It does not even reach the half of the fine that drivers have to pay within 48 hours.

According to art8 of GEO 195/2002 to be driven on public roads, every motor vehicle, agricultural or forestry tractor and tram must be equipped with a first aid kit, two reflective triangles and a fire extinguisher, all approved.

In case of non-observance of these provisions, the driver is sanctioned with a fine of 4 or 5 points, according to art. 100 paragraph 1, point 13 of GEO 195/2002. In the legal persons the fine is between 21 and 100 points, the representatives of the Sibiu Police say.

We find kits on the internet or in the gas stations. Costs differ. A first aid kit costs between 30 and 54 lei, an extinguisher between 25 lei and 40 lei, the most expensive are the reflective triangles ranging from 20 to 55 lei. From the last we should have two pieces. To be whole, the kit must also contain a reflective vest, which can be purchased at prices of up to 20 lei.

Be careful, however, not to expect the products! All have shelf life on the box. The fire extinguisher with reflective element, however, even if it is valid, must be changed if you intervened to fire a fire.

Romania, Croatia and Austria are the only countries in the EU where the medical kit is mandatory in the car. In other countries, this is only recommended.


Reflective jacket for autumn and winter

With the advent of autumn aura, rich in variable conditions, shorter days and strong winds, most of us opened the wardrobe to find the most comfortable clothes. If you did not find anything appropriate, this reflective jacket test may of interest to you. On our editorial table set Endure hit series Lomenta, which ideally will work in virtually any conditions of autumn.

Hailing from Scotland Endure autumn aura has in abundance, so from the very beginning the entire collection bestowed producer credit of trust. This collection is dedicated to both everyday driving around town, and longer winter training on the highway. As the name suggests, a series of Lomenta have excellent visibility, which is essential when the days are getting shorter, and we want to feel safe on the road. Fashion yellow colors and reflective panels located on either side confirmed only the motto of the whole collection: "Choose life - select Lomenta".

When I first took a jacket in his hand, the material seemed to us incredibly thin. Appearances proved to be confusing, and used cloth helped create a product that provides good thermal insulation while at the same time very light. Jacket has good "breathability." If you need additional ventilation may be helpful zippers in the armpits. Waterproof fabric, which consists of 2.5 layers, has solid support in the form of bonded seams, respectively, which protects us against strong wind and rain. Bicycle fit perfectly suited to everyday driving around the city, by adjusting the collar, cuffs, and responsible for the "hug" jackets, which were hidden in the side pockets.

Jacket off very good technical properties allows you to feel safe on the road, thanks to a solid number of reflectors placed in strategic locations that are visible from a long distance even in complete darkness! Endure reflective panels on the same, however, did not stop. Noteworthy is located in the back of his jacket pocket LED light, working in three modes: continuous, intermittent or variable intermittent frequency. Lamp mounting system is positioned on the inside and no major problems allows for quick disassembly and included in the kit according to the announcement allows the battery for about 50 hours.

Undoubted advantages of the jackets are also pockets. Endure delights in vast areas in which we are easily able to hide the bare essentials. Lomenta jacket is equipped by the manufacturer with three pockets in the front and high rear pocket. Very good solution is capacious pocket on the left chest, giving access at any time to the ringing phone, documents, and tickets to the office or small coffee. An additional advantage is the ability to carry the headphones inside the jacket through special silicone holes. Side pockets, covering the aforementioned cuffs, like the rest of his pocket, lined with fine hairs are very pleasant, so that the cooler days we can warm your hands, as we saw on the occasion of the first cold weather. The rear compartment is protected by a wide strip, preventing wet hidden objects. No problem in it will put a lot of items and special cut your pocket, thanks to laser cut-out panels of reflective material, does not force us to stow objects.


Protect your little ones with reflective clothing

In winter, children are particularly badly visible to drivers. The saying 'a lot helps a lot' applies completely in this case - so protect your little ones with reflective clothing:

Children on the way to school have to be easily visible to drivers in autumn and winter, because they are small and drivers are therefore less likely to recognize them. Bright clothes in bright colors are therefore important. Jacket, pants or skirt and helmet should also be richly equipped with reflectors. Generous reflections are provided on the satchel for striking rays. Standards and the GS mark are an indication of good quality. This is indicated by the municipal accident insurance company Bavaria and the Bavarian State Disaster Fund.

Light cones move from the bottom to the top

The light cone of a moving car "travels" from bottom to top. For this reason, reflectors in the lower part of the body are particularly important, for example in the form of Velcro straps for calves or ankles. A reflective jacket or coat should be reflectors on the sides, front and rear. "The saying 'a lot helps a lot' is true here," says Elmer Leader, Managing Director of KUVB and Bayer. The more reflectors a child carries, the more likely it is for the driver and can react appropriately. "

The quality makes the difference

Satchel wear reflectors as standard, but they differ in size and quality. Parents should pay attention to large reflective surfaces, as well as spread and reflection. They indicate how strongly and from which angle incident beams are thrown back. Since such details are difficult to test in the shop, it is worthwhile to read tests like the Sifting Warn test on the properties of reflectors. Indicators for quality are also the seal for certified safety (GS test mark) and the German industry standard (DIN) 58124. It stipulates that at least ten percent of the back and sides of a school rucksack must be made of retro reflective material. Thirdly, the EU standard EN 13356 regulates the light properties of reflectors. These data are usually found in the satchel itself or on a leaflet.

No parent taxis to school

Worried parents should not make a mistake: drive their children to school. Because driving is not always the safest option, and it is important that children get exercise and fresh air. In addition, they train their perceptions and responses on every route the pupils themselves cover.


Reflective vest is required equipment even in vacation

If you have chosen Spain for a vacation, be sure to follow the recommendations of Auto Plus to avoid PV on the road! And remember to put a safety vest and warming triangle in your car.

It's the holidays! This year, many French motorists are expected on Spanish roads. Although it is close to ours, the code of the Iberian route contains some specifics that it is good to master to avoid unpleasant surprises. Auto Plus an update for you.

Required equipment Spain

>> Mandatory equipment

Be vigilant, the Spanish authorities require two warning triangles in your vehicle (against a home). They must be accompanied by a reflective vest, also obligatory in France. In case of non compliance with these rules, you risk a fine of € 91. Note that a replacement bulbs game is also mandatory.

Speed ​​limits and telephone use

>> Speed limits

In town and on country roads, the limitations are identical to those that are known in France (respectively 50 km / h, 90 km / h). Attention, however, it will slightly slow down on the highway, since the maximum speed is set at 120 km / h.

>> Use of mobile devices

Just like other European countries, it is forbidden to use the phone while driving. Only Bluetooth systems (integrated in the car or wireless headsets) are tolerated. Use your headphones you will scoop a PV of 200 €.

BAC and parking rules

>> BAC authorized

With regard to alcohol, there are also values close to ours, with a maximum tolerated rate of 0.5 g / L (0.3 g / L for young drivers).

>> Parking Rules

Finally, note that Spain does not mess with the annoying parking! This type of crime causes indeed an impounded the vehicle and a fine of € 84 by police in reflective jacket.

In the blue areas, the duration of parking is limited between 8 and 21h. Remember to put your European parking disc.

In the NRS areas (in urban areas), parking is permitted for a period of 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Remember to take a ticket!

Happy Holidays to all!


Duties of a local police in safety vest

Local police in safety vestduties are diverse: from ensuring public order and to check traders and fine drivers who violate certain provisions of the Highway Code. Advocate inventoried the most important tasks of local police, so you know you can help police in the area where you live, but you can avoid abuse from them.

According to Law no. 155/2010 regulating the activity of local police, local police responsibilities in six areas:

- Public order and peace

- Circulation

- Discipline in constructions and street

- Environment protection

- Economic activity

- Population records

Public order and peace

Local police maintain public order and peace in areas is ascribed, including in the vicinity of the schools public of the public hospitals, in car parks and in commercial areas and recreational parks, squares, cemeteries also in other public places.

The law forces him to participate with authorized institutions to rescue and evacuation activities of persons and goods endangered by natural calamity or disaster, and limiting and removing the consequences caused by such events;

He also should identify the beggars, the homeless and children deprived of parental care and supervision and to entrust the public service of social assistance to solve their situation further.

Local police are the ones who ensure that owners of aggressive dogs or dangerous (as considered the breed pit-bull, Rottweiler, dog Argentine mastiff or Caucasian Shepherd) they comply with all obligations they have opposite raising and caring for them, the skills to sanction offending owners.

Also, local police are the ones who establish contraventions and apply sanctions for non-compliance with laws on social cohabitation, for the facts established within the area of ​​competence.

Local police can give fines road

In the field of public traffic, local police have precise tasks under Article 7 of Law no. 155/2010, like those of road police. When exercising powers of movement, local police agencies must be equipped in a manner similar to movement of traffic police agencies. Specifically, they must wear a specific uniform, and depending on the season, will wear over uniform with reflective vest or short, which is imprinted logo "local police", and helmet with white cuff.

According to Law no. 155/2011, local police have the right to establish contraventions and apply penalties for violating legal norms concerning the stopping, standing, parking cars and trespassing.

The basemen, they have the right to impose measures to remove the vehicles illegally parked.

Local police can give fines for violating traffic rules and statutory maximum allowable mass and access to certain sections of the road, with the right to carry signals to stop the drivers in reflective jacket of these vehicles.

In addition, agents of the local police can ascertain contraventions and apply sanctions for breaching the law on the movement in the pedestrian zone in the residential area, in parks and recreational areas, as well as parking adapted, reserved and signaled through international sign for people disabled.


Reflective material increases cyclists' nighttime visibility

LAMP or 'Look at me please' is the name of one of the projects selected in the first call Cesar Labs, why are developing different jobs open and driven by citizens in laboratories Cesar Art Center and Technology Zaragoza. This project, whose concept sprang from the mind of the Zaragoza geographer Immaculate has been taking shape in recent weeks in the hands of a team of five professionals profiles very different but they share one goal: reflective material help increase the visibility and safety of cyclists when they make use of bicycles in the city.

His promoter joined the phenomenon of wearable technology or 'wearable' with the rise of mobility on two wheels and he did, especially considering the protection of these cyclists. "Although decreases the number of incidents and improving circulation with bike lanes, accidents still occur,” said Barcenilla. "The bottom line passes educate the driver going behind the bike. If you have someone in front, will indicate where you are going, you're on notice. The rider feels safer, looked and peaceful coexistence in which all are equal and can live respecting traffic rules is promoted, "he adds, not forgetting to mention the environmental benefits inherent in using this means of transport.

Implemented, the project whose prototype was presented last weekend in Zaragoza Maker Show- event is based on the development of a modular device that charges a vest or dorsal, with reflective tape and subject parts to the carrier by means bag and a belt, well designed for bicycle users, for skaters or runners who want to send relevant information about their maneuvers to drivers, other cyclists or pedestrians. "Through it I can tell if I'm going to turn right or left without hands off the handlebars; something that can serve to avoid shocks or accidents, especially when traveling on the road , "explains the head of LAMP.

At the moment, this technology allows you to send -through turn signals flashing LED lights located on the right and the left - and communicate that progress continue and that the user of the device is circulating -two red lights blinking. According Barcenilla explains, the operation is simple: "The biker vest stands, lights and through a gamepad installed on the handlebars of the bicycle -now development- can go with just one finger sending different information to indicate turns and intuitively through a joystick ", specifies. The connection between the emitter element and the receiver is via Bluetooth. "It could also be a wired connection, infrared or radio frequency. Also, we do not rule out other options as to incorporate a GPS module "indicate. They say that what makes this project different is its simplicity and lightness. In the opinion of its promoter, it is essential not to have to choose between the cyclist visibility and comfort: "There has to be a useful object without assuming a nuisance or consume too much energy. Other existing models consist of larger backpacks or reflective jackets with built -in lights. "Among its advantages lists this device can be easily removed and washed, plus recharge your battery with a mobile phone charger. The creator of 'Look at me please' recognizes that Zaragoza would love to be the city that would bet to integrate this product in your environment. "Hopefully this project can be born a company. So far, we have developed the prototype and we support, we have made known among cyclists groups and we are in the phase of advice, "he reveals. Meanwhile, they work to take the next steps with the goal of your project becomes real also helping to promote the use of bicycles in the city.


Demand employees wear reflective clothing

Demanding better working conditions for employees who wear reflective clothing, union representatives UOCRA Bahia Blanca paralyzed a work of laying optical fiber that is being developed at the entrance to the town of Saver.

According to Ruben Dario Pascal, chief of work it was conducted an informational meeting in search of better working conditions, and that "people are in poor condition, because there is no room for a snack box, no chemical toilets and the workers have no "right to work clothes.

Furthermore, noting that most workers in reflective jacket come from the province of San Juan, they requested that work be given to workers in the area.

"We seek security for the partner, and for those who came from San Juan, because they have no proper clothes, as safety vest Even some are working in slippers;.. There are no signs of caution, or cones for motorists so we cannot work, "Pascal said.

The union said a meeting between the parties in the city of Bahia Blanca will take place, and warned that "does not materialize any positive aspect, follow the informational meeting until give work to local people."

"We had seen the conditions in which these people and was working through the Secretary General UOCRA Bahia Blanca came to this visit," he said Pascal.


Reflective inserts positioned at the garment

Jacket Dinesen Gore Niagara Fall 2014, the Italian brand Dinesen unveiled a new collection dedicated to the city urban two-wheeler drivers. Among the new line include the Niagara Gore Tex reflective jacket, a dress entirely made of polyamide fabric high resistance to laminated Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane.

On sober appearance, this jacket adopts an inner thermal liner that promises optimum protection against the cold with the arrival of winter and frost. However, the user can easily remove it if higher thanks to the side zip temperatures.

The jacket is also equipped with certified soft protectors Pro-Shape, reflective inserts positioned at strategic points of the reflective garment and a wire passage system for headphones.

Dinesen jacket features Gore Tex Niagara.


Create a reflective jacket and pants set for women

The GTX Ladies Neptune has a specific cut and adjustable zones.

The Dutch supplier Rev 'it! Presents a set of reflective jacket and pants developed specifically for women: Neptune GTX Ladies.

Neptune is not that one of the most distant planets in the solar system: it is also the Roman goddess of the white water and springs. So we will not be surprised to learn that all Neptune GTX Ladies Rev 'It! These impermeability flawless thanks to its removable Gore-Tex Palate membrane, light and compact in both: Know that its pores are 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule (which allows the evacuation of perspiration) but they are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, which makes it waterproof. We cannot imagine how big it can be, a drop of water!

A removable lining and several ventilation zips give this set a real versatility for use throughout the year. This set includes protections CE certified Level 2. In addition, the jacket and Neptune GTX Ladies reflective trousers are made of PWR / Shell high density, with good abrasion resistance. Reflective stripe complete the safety device.

Worried, rightly, elegance women Rev 'It! states that the equipment is specifically designed to take account of the curves in the feminine silhouette and different adjustable zones are there to better stick to the specificities of each.


Reflective jackets save lives

We have with us 2300 reflective tapes, piles with conventional reflectors and moreover many figure reflexes. And to say it goes away!

Arne A base in Road Safety marking the national day reflex through distribution of free reflex to anyone arriving downtown with light rail or bus to Festplassen and Olav Kyra Street...

Far from all have reflectors on them, when they get off the bus. And the vast majority welcomes the Abase calls "a cheap insurance."

Many people go around in the belief that here in the city we do not flare, but it is wrong. Many have haste, go in dark clothes and may have to cross several streets until they are at work. Also inside the city streets can be difficult for motorists to spot pedestrians. Today there is great clear day, but tomorrow it may be pour POS rainy weather, which makes visibility even worse, he says.

2.8 million Norwegians have experienced almost run on a pedestrian in the dark, writes for road Safety in a statement.

Everyone knows that reflexsaves lives, but too few are using it, says Carina Penske, Acting Communications Director of Road Safety.

According to Institute of Transport Economics happens about 35 percent of the fatalities with consistently in the dark? Only five percent of pedestrians are hit and injured, because they wear reflective jackets.




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