Pilot jacket, ENAC clarifies the requirement of high visibility

The new version of the regulation on remotely piloted aircraft by art 8 paragraph 8 obliges the pilot to wear a high visibility jacket with the words "pilot of APR" to be immediately visible and recognized. The term high visibility has made many think that it is necessary to use a jacket according to EN ISO 20471: 2013.

FIAPR took an interest in the matter and today announced that ENAC has specified that it is sufficient to use a reflective vest similar to that used for emergency stops of cars as long as it has the appropriate wording.

In the note, the Italian APR Federation adds: "the reflective jackets conforming to the EN ISO 20471: 2013 standards concern those aimed at a different purpose than that foreseen for the pilots of SAPR, for which in our case it is NOT necessary to refer to this standard."




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