The safety of pedestrians in traffic

Today we have a current topic for you - the safety of pedestrians in traffic.

Reflective clothing - reflective clothing becomes mandatory in certain situations for pedestrians in the Czech Republic. A pedestrian - walker must then wear a safety vest – reflective vest, a reflective stripe - reflective tape or other reflective elements on clothes. In addition, that applies in the dark - dark and in rain - rain or fog - fog on streets, which have neither sidewalk - footpath nor lighting.


Reflective clothing is made of a material that reflects light, the light coming from a headlight, that is, a reflector. The reflection significantly increases the visibility - visibility of the pedestrian, and therefore motorists - overlook, do not so easily overlook it.


Reflecting means reverberating - to reflect, a reflection isreflection. A reflector is therefore called reflector. In philosophy, the reflection reflex means the perception of one's own mental activity, sometimes it is used as a synonym for reflection - thinking and reflection - reasoning. A consideration is called in Czech treatise or reflexes.


To reflect on something – reflective material on something means to be interested in something - be interested in something or to apply for something - apply. So much for today. Next time we talk about the reflexes. Hear for a week!


Reflective motorcycle clothes - necessity or fad

Autumn is coming soon and the weather will not allow for frequent and long trips on a single track as if we wanted to. Driving after dark and in the dark will become an everyday necessity. It was then good to be visible and to see others. It is not necessary to explain the legitimacy of applying glare - this is how the article would start, but it will not start, if only because translation is necessary, especially among motorcyclists.

Although it often arouses mixed feelings, it is extremely lucid in this matter - the threat of a lack of visibility is enormous and if a well-chosen reflection makes its owner visible on the road from a distance of up to 150 m, its absence means that it will be visible only from a distance of 30 m! Research on the causes of accidents involving motorcyclists clearly indicate that people wearing reflective elements are exposed to an accident by 37% less frequently than people who do not wear any reflections. The helmet itself, in white, light or painted with reflective paint reduces the possibility of taking part in an accident from 19 to 24%.

Autumn is coming soon and the weather will not allow for frequent and long trips on a single track as if we wanted to. Driving after dark and in the dark will become an everyday necessity. It was then good to be visible and to see others. The stories quoted below have indeed happened last season, but they can be dated to any autumn or early spring evening. Way from school to home. 7pm. It is already very grayish, and with the background of an unlit roadside, two pedestrians and one cyclist merge. Their jackets glow in the dark with reflective fabric. "Oh, look! At last, people have thought about safety and wear reflections! Well, unless it is motorcyclists... "Of course, my statement works one hundred percent. If someone "shines", means - a motorcyclist. However, is it always? ... In practice, 120 m dividing the visible and invisible motorcyclist may be the only difference between a motorist alive and dead...

There are many criteria that must be met by motorcycle clothing - as a rule; it must be pleasing and well protected. In addition, how is it with visibility? How much do we pay attention to reflective elements? After all, they also increase our safety. David L. Hough, an authority in the field of motorcycling for many two-wheelers, in his book Motorcycle Player Perfect mentions how important it is to wear flares by people moving on a motorcycle. Hough plays a special role for beginner motorcyclists, but nowadays, especially in Poland, where the weather does not spoil us, regardless of the internship, it is worth investing in one's own safety.

Although there is many reflective clothing on the market, it is most often associated with a green or orange vest - banned by a large group of motorcyclists. Hated, but until recently treated as the only option to improve our visibility, especially on long journeys. It was difficult to deny its raison d'кtre. Increasingly, however, professional motorcycle clothing is equipped with reflective elements. We do not have to think about the vest at the time, especially since the location of these reflections is thoughtful, so that the clothing looks aesthetically and does not scare large parts of reflective material, while also performing the function of reflecting light.


Cirque du Soleil assembles the tent with wear safety vest

This Thursday, July 13, they lifted the iconic blue reflective material and yellow tent from Cirque du Soleil in the Port of Asunciуn. Approximately what will be the stage for the Mauna show, the flags of the artistic group wave, in addition to the national pavilions of Canada and Paraguay?

The expectations of the process; journalists, photojournalists and reporters received a helmet and reflective safety vest on arrival at the construction site.

For the first time in Latin America, and with the support of the Municipality of Asunciуn, the participants accompanied and experienced the visual and technical deployment of the facility, which will last for 8 days.

The invitation to meet behind the scenes and preparations for the circus was made weeks before. The Company Head, Amelia Lavoie, was available during the tent installation, for interviews.

Flags of Cirque du Soleil, from Paraguay and Canada, wave on the property.

The awning has capacity for 2,600-seated people, who will witness the magic of Mauna on Wednesday July 26. There are reflective signs for the guiding.


Five steps to act correctly if you have a breakdown on the road

It is necessary to illuminate the vehicle that represents an obstacle in the road or to place the reflective triangles only when safety conditions allow it. In 2016, road mishaps increased by 16% compared to the previous year. A few situations that make many cars an obstacle for the rest of the road users, so a car parked on the road must always be signaled as quickly as possible.

In order for this action to be carried out without jeopardizing the security of the occupants of the stopped vehicle and being carried out in an appropriate manner, the startup Vitoria Help Flash has summarized some of the keys to action:

1. Move away so as not to disturb: Whenever possible, the vehicle should be stopped on the shoulder and act calmly so that the emergency is as dangerous and uncomfortable as possible. In case the road does not have a shoulder, it is best to leave it as far as possible on the right side, bearing in mind that it is necessary to avoid exits of curves, changes of grade or areas of poor visibility.

2. Activate the emergency lights: If the fault occurs on the motorway or highway, in low visibility conditions or between sunrise and sunset, in addition to turning on the emergency lights, the position lights will also start up, and in its case, those of gauge. However, much of the damage to the vehicles is electrical, which makes it impossible to use warnings and wired devices, so the vehicle will not be visible to other drivers. To avoid this type of situation, it is necessary to have a luminous device that allows the car to be signaled without having to have an electricity point.

3. Put on the reflective vest: Once the vehicle has been placed in a suitable area, the regulations require the driver to put on the reflective vest before getting off the car. A rule that makes it essential to always keep this garment inside the car. Also, and although it is not mandatory that the rest of occupants also wear with the vest, if they do they can avoid possible abuses.

4. Place the safety triangles: This is where we enter one of the most unknown terrains for most drivers, not only when calculating distances, but also in their obligatory nature. Many people who sit behind the wheel do not know that, in case of immobilization of the vehicle due to breakdown or accident, it is not obligatory to use the pre-signaling triangles if the conditions of visibility or traffic prevent it or are not safe.

When the conditions of circulation allow its use, the law forces to place the triangles 50 meters from the damaged vehicle, that is to say about 80 steps. However, this obligation will be such only when from that point it can be visible at a distance of 100 meters (twice the distance that separates us from our vehicle). This separation will guarantee greater safety and allow other drivers to react in time and move with caution before reaching the height of the obstacle. This circumstance usually occurs when the damaged vehicle stops at a grade or a curve, where it is advisable to place it at the beginning of the section.

5. Be safe and ask for help: Once the vehicle has been signaled with reflective material, it's time to get safe. Both the driver and the occupants must not be in an area where they do not distract the rest of the drivers, nor do they pose a new obstacle, and always off the road.

In addition, it is time to ask for help. It is important to identify yourself and the more detailed the information provided, the greater the probability that the services will arrive as soon as possible, both to attend to the injured and to remove the damaged vehicle from the road and to restore circulation.


For more safety - kindergarten gets warning vests

Just like him, other girls and boys from the Kindergarten are also well-known in the future. They received 50 warning vests, sponsored by Active-pro Streamer and Stahlberg.

With this donation, Doris Glen continued her private initiative "Lass ditch sheen" on Tuesday. Together with Karl-Heinz Stahlberg, co-owner of the sponsor, she handed over the present. 700 children in 13 kindergartens and neighboring municipalities were already equipped with this action, explained Glen. Similar initiatives by professional associations had brought them to the idea "to make something like this a good thing for kindergarten children".

In other countries it has long been customary for children to wear such warning signs with reflective material. "I'm trying to spread this here," Glen says. Those who want to support their action can, for example, fill up the donations that are in petrol stations and shops. "This is an investment in the safety of children that helps to avoid accidents," emphasizes the initiator.

"This is a project that we would like to support," says Stahlberg. The topic of mobility and children had the company "on the screen". As the father of five children, he also had a personal relationship with him.

"I think it's a great thing that fits in the season" says Vollmer. She darkened a room, lit a flashlight on the vest, and clearly showed the children the reflective effect of the stripes. According to her, the safety vest should be equipped with the logo of the municipal nursery school and the name of its young visitors.


The current trends in the auto glazing with reflective material

Do you drive a Volkswagen with wear safety vest? Then the chance is great that your car is equipped with discs from Security. You do not care? Since we have a problem! Saint-Gobain Security is one of the three largest suppliers in the world and market leader in Europe, but hardly a car driver takes the company and its products was so right. But this is about to change: the French manufacturer invited European auto journalists to his Paris factory to report on the latest trends and developments according to the motto: "Our products play a big role for drivers, but none is aware of this.” We were there for you.

911 Target with glass roof from France

Saint-Gobain Security calls itself an innovation leader: The panoramic windshields in the new Citroлn Picasso or the Opel Astra GTC come from the company as well as the Panorama in the Peugeot-Kombis or the Porsche 911 Target. And for Ferrari were equipped with a darkened glass roof for the first time. The special model Ferrari 612 Scarlatti Essential presented this year on the occasion of the 60th company anniversary carries a further development of the electro chromic glass roof.

Thermal glass promotes well-being

But what has the normal driver of all this? It can increase comfort and well-being in the car when, for example, it orders the heat glass offered as a supplementary option. The silver reflective material layer in the windshields prevents a large portion of the energy transmission from sunshine into the car interior - the car heats up less. In addition, indoor materials are less bleached and you can save up to three percent energy, because the air conditioning system has to run less. Even the very dark "privacy" glass, which can only be used for the rear side windows and the rear windows, contributes to thermal insulation.

Film heated windshields

A new technology has now been used in heated front windows: while micro-wires have hitherto disturbed the visibility - particularly at night with light from the opposite traffic - a full-surface metal layer is used which prevents the ice from thawing in winter and prevents the sun from heating up.

Acoustic glass for music lovers

For music lovers or intensive users of the hands-free system an acoustic glazing is recommended, with three foils between the two glass panes, one of them the "Noise damping" layer. In the current BMW 5 series, for example, noise in the frequency range from 2,000 to 7,000 hertz is reduced by up to five decibels, which is roughly twofold. In this way, the occupants can be better entertained or the announcements of the navigation device can be heard well. With acoustic glass roofs, unpleasant rain sounds are reduced by up to ten decibels.

Laminated glass also in the sides

In most cars, only the front page is made of laminated glass - this is required by law, since it cannot splinter. This is different in the case of side and rear windshields. In the case of larger vehicles, however, laminated glass is increasingly also offered for the side windows. This means that no motorcycle ripper in reflective vest can just hit the window at the car waiting before the traffic light, grab the handbag or the camera in the back seat, and break away. And at Saint, we tried it out in a workshop: to go through a laminated glass pane takes so much time and energy that the fewest thieves do not. Security services have a special tool for the rescue of enclosed vehicle occupants after an accident, which Security does not like to show. In the USA, by the way, it was found that there would be less traffic if the cars had the composite glass all around, because then in an accident no limbs can stand out.


Jogging in winter: this reflective equipment is going well

Too windy, too cold, too dark: end with excuses - with intelligent functional safety clothing and running accessories, the continuous running through the winter landscape becomes a safe and warm pleasure.

Optimum cold running: the onion principle

The English magic word when choosing the right running gear in winter is "layering". In this case, a plurality of thin layers of clothing, similar to an onion, is layered layer by layer. Anna and Lisa Hanker, German Olympic runners, also advise: "The onion principle ensures that the air heated by the body can move freely between the garments and the runner does not freeze."

But does not it offer a thick winter jacket or a warmly-lined hooey against the cold, as a few airy clothing layers made of high-tech fibers? Thick feeding insulates the body temperature but also prevents moisture transport. If the t-shirt sticks to the body, it is not only extremely unpleasant, it also promotes colds.

Winter jogging: invest in the right running gear

In order to be well-suited to an average German winter when jogging against wetness and cold, a basic outfit with three layers usually suffices. We explain what you should pay attention to when buying:

Welding: Functional clothing with reflective material should be as close to the body as possible, light and seamless. It forms the first layer of optimal running gear. It ensures that the moisture is reliably carried away from the body and transported outwards. However, you should refrain from using natural cotton. For cotton sucks the perspiration like a sponge and inserts it into its fibers. The consequences: the clothing sticks to the body and the runner begins to freeze. The situation is different with the so-called "functional fibers" of the sports industry. These include polypropylene, polyamide or polyester.

Heat: The second layer of the functional clothing has the task of isolating the heat released by the body. This means that body warmth should remain on the body rather than escape into the cold winter air. This is the only way to keep the jogger warm during longer runs. For this purpose, a lined fleece jacket is suitable.

Protective shield: The outermost garment while running has two functions: it protects the weather from the outside, which prevents the cold coming from the outside to the body. On the other hand, the material must ensure removal of the body weld. This garment is typically a light, yet cold-repellent running jacket. Here too, the sportswear industry is waiting with a wide range of innovations that fulfill both functions reliably. The best-known examples are Gore-Tex fibers, which block off external influences such as rain, wind and snow, and are at the same time breathable.

Whether your own clothing is suitable and warm enough for a winter run can be easily determined by the following rule of thumb: A safety vest and training outfit should be chosen for an outdoor temperature, which is six to seven degrees warmer than the current one. In the first steps in the open, the runners should be slightly chilly.


Dark shapes are a welcome

The Halloween parties are gaining in popularity and the number of visitors is increasing annually. Usually darkly costumed and / or painted as dark horror forms, without any reflective tape, the festive guests enter the journey to the next Halloween party.

But not with masks or other objects, which could hinder the driving behavior. It should also be noted that there are no exceptions to the requirements for seat belts and seat belts in Austria. During the drive, attention must also be paid to persons on and off the road. Sometime they will not wear the reflective vest for visibility and can’t be seen clearly. Frequently drowned ghosts can quickly get lost in the streets or react unexpectedly to motor vehicle drivers. That is why it is essential to adjust the speed, to calculate with untypical behavior of others and to avoid vandalism damage on the vehicle, park your own vehicle in a garage all night.

Highly visible, reflective materials

"If you go out into the dark night as a gloomy figure, you should be sure to wear reflective materials on the costume for a longer journey. Often, sidewalks and street lighting are sparse or not at all, which makes the dark creatures at the roadside very dangerous, "warns Jorgen.

In this sense - be careful and have fun at the next ghost hour!


Silesian police in safety vest are offering free reviews

On Friday afternoon in Tychy started the activities of the Silesian highway "Make a free winter review". The date of their launch was not accidental because it coincided with the beginning of the nationwide action "Zincs 2016". Everything is regard to the road safety of road users. The action is carried out together with the diagnostic stations. From October 26 to November 4, nearly 30 vehicle inspection stations located in the 18 districts of the Silesian=, who would like to be able to check the technical condition of the vehicle free of charge before winter or on a long journey.

Controls will be:

- steering - responsible for keeping the driving direction constant or changing it according to the driver's will, its smooth operation can help you get out of the slippery road, which is easy in the wet or slippery road in winter.

- A braking system designed to reduce the speed or stop the vehicle according to the driver's will. Only uniform braking force on the left and right wheels allows for a safe braking maneuver in winter conditions.

- Vehicle lighting. Only correct alignment of lights and proper use of the reflective material will make us visible to others, and drivers will be able to see everything that happens on the road and affects safety.

- Car tires. When it is in proper condition, it will not allow the vehicle to lose its grip on the road in the winter, so the tread will be checked, any mechanical damage that will prevent further operation and tire air pressure.

During the action the police and the diagnose will give the drivers reflective vest, while asking if the pedestrians encountered on the road, especially at dusk, with a poorly visible pedestrian, stopped and handed him a "glare". During the operation, everyone could use a roofing simulator from the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Katowice.

Interested diagnostic stations may still wish to participate in the action by contacting the police units in the cities in which they operate, prior to contacting the Roads Department of the Municipal and District Headquarters to update the list.


Two men without safety vest were killed on the spot

Two pedestrians died without wearing reflective vest after being knocked down by a personal fixture. The driver was sober. The event took place on the road Barossa Kathryn at the crossroads with the road to Meadow.

On Thursday (15 December) approx. 17:20 on the road Barossa Kathryn, at the crossroads with the road, there was a fatal road accident. Two men aged 58 and 61 were killed on site, according to preliminary findings crossing the road from the bus creek, about 50 meters from the designated pedestrian crossing, reports young. Beat Patoka, press officer of the Police Headquarters.

- Men were hit by a personal fixture. The 32-year-old resident of the municipality of Spool was a sober man. He was with the passenger. Preliminary findings indicate that the driver did not notice in the dark men. They did not have any reflective material on their clothing - informs Beta Pataki.

A prosecutor arrives at the place of the tragic accident and the prosecution is under his charge. Beta Pataki shared with us the information that she was doing today on traffic safety with seniors. They gave them reflective items to wear on clothes, after dark, outside the built-up area. Tomorrow, there will be another, previously scheduled activities for seniors with the same theme...


New Reflective Cap - one size fits all

Did you notice? Winter this year is not what it used to be. Frosty days like saffron. Just like an opportunity to try to keep your ears free from Running. Not only need the safety vest but need you keep warm with safety.

Every experienced runner knows that the heat from the body escapes mainly by the hands and the head. That is why you need to cover these vulnerable parts. The hands are first on the wound, but the head also needs proper care - a warm hat, a headband, a scarf, a hood or a ski helmet ... Perhaps you will not feel that important, but you know that your head and head are escaping from the body Up to 40 percent heat? And that is not quite negligible, what do you think?

That's why investing a few hundred into a good running cap will definitely pay off. The test piece from Adidas is available in stores for 479 crowns. The three-striped sign in the emblem boasts that you will have your head warm and cool in the cap. All this thanks to a miracle in the form of a cloth, which also drains moisture from the skin.

Adidas bet on 100% polyester and reflective material, which is the most popular fiber in the textile industry. It is flexible and stable in shape; it is not tangled and holds its shape. All this is true of the tested cap. The manufacturer has made a pleasant micro flee on the inside, thanks to which the hat warmer also pleasantly fewer runners.

Thanks to the flexible and wide cuff, the cap is the way you need it. Adidas says one size fits all types of heads. It's hard to say, I had more running jogs during my testing, but I was sitting well. There is no problem in this regard. It was quite a refinement compared to the previous fleece cap, which slid off the head and had to be permanently modified. On the other hand, I did not remember until the moment I had taken off after the overdue.

I appreciated the classic shape of the hat, the bright black color, the reflexive details in the front and the back, the elegant three strips around the cushion ... Well, I admit - for the wilder running types it's a rather settled piece of clothing, however the main thing is that it does what it has. To bring more variety to your runs, you can buy pink socks.

From my point of view, running the Running cap is ideal especially in frosts or temperatures around zero. At plus values on the thermometer, it's still better to reach for some lighter hat. That's why I had three stripes on my head in the current winter less than I imagined myself. Well, this kind of summer seems to me somewhat unfortunate. We can protest against lack of frost, we can disagree with it, but that's probably all we can do with it.

However, running caps with reflective tape are not disposable things, so if you get cold this winter or leave your frosty arsenal next year, I'll be ready.


A 'second skin' flexible, reflective and full color

A team of scientists from the University Central Florida (USA) has developed an innovative technique to create an ultra-thin, flexible and full-color reflective screen. It is the first device of its kind worldwide and has been collected this week by Nature Communications.

This new technique has allowed designing a lightweight, flexible screen that does not require light source for its operation: it seems a second skin that simulates the mechanism of camouflage animals such as chameleons or octopuses.

"Any man-made display, whether LCD, LED, CRT ... is rigid, fragile and bulky. But if you look at an octopus, you see that you can create colors on your skin, a screen that covers your entire body, with very complex contours, and is also stretchable and flexible. And that is our goal: Can we take inspiration from biology and create a screen that looks like skin? "Explains study leader Dibasic.

Inspired by nature, scientists designed this reflective material with a thin layer of liquid crystal placed on a metal nanostructure capable of absorbing some wavelengths and reflecting others. In this way, the colors that are reflected, that is, those that perceive the ones we look at, can be controlled at will by regulating a small electric current that interacts with the molecules of the liquid crystal layer and the Plasmon waves of the Surface of the metal nanostructure.

Unlike other earlier devices that could display a rather limited range of colors, this screen can "play" with any type of color with a size 15 times thinner than a human hair.

Future applications for this reflective skin are as varied as accessible. We could have clothes that would change color at will (and any type of textile or plastic alike) or screens for mobile or computers completely flexible, thin and light.

"Your camouflage, your clothes, your fashion accessories - All could change. Why do I need 50 shirts in my closet if I can change the color and the drawings of one at will? ", Explains Chandra.


Reflective clothing to avoid the paparazzi

The paparazzi have been, are and will be the great headache of celebrities. Fragrant photographs are the fear of most celebrities, as it can cost them the good image they try to show the public. Now the celebs can be quiet and all thanks to Chris Holmes. This well-known American DJ has launched a collection of clothes made with reflective materials that ruin any photo.

The musician has baptized his new line as Anti Paparazzi Collection since avoiding the shots is the end of his work. All the garments are made with a material of reflective fabric that reflects the flashes of the cameras. As a result, and in case a snapshot is taken, the subject's clothing shines to the point of concealing his face.

The original collection was inspired by the pieces of clothing with reflective tape that Holmes wore in his concerts with the group W.A.S.P, of which he was a guitarist, and "served to ruin the photos of the public." Years later, he decided to retrieve them "for a better purpose" and this was how he devised this innovative fashion firm, he explains in his online store.


New technique of footpaths with reflective tape

Claudio Cumberer, general director of Transportation of the Municipality of General, said in Radio that "it is important to mark the pedestrian path by reflective material in this area, to guarantee the effective access of people entering with an emergency."

"We paint the yellow and safety lines, as well as the pedestrian path and it is an excellent job that the entity is doing," he added.

Cabrera celebrated the installation of new taxi stands, such as the entrance to the MAR Museum, and said that "we are doing a survey to re-mark the bus stops that in some corners ends up being very confusing."


Intending Carlos Fernando Arroyo valued the work carried out by the Municipal Vehicle Entity in the area of the Private Hospital of Community and emphasized the "seriousness and professionalism to be able to finish an integral work in an area of much vehicular circulation and people." This happened today when supervising the closing of the work carried out by the Department of Traffic Engineering, belonging to the Entity of Roads and Public Lighting (EMVIAL) in Cуrdoba between Juan B. Justo.

In this sector, speed reducers were placed, the horizontal and vertical demarcation was made, the conditioning of the pedestrian paths and parking docks with concrete.

In this context, Arroyo in safety clothing said: "This is the fulfillment of an old promise between the Municipality and the Private Hospital of the Community. Today, we were able to concretize this work which is fundamental because all know the complexity of parking and movement, in addition to loading and unloading, in this place. "

Arroyo then said that "this Hospital is wonderful because of the number of staff it has and the services it provides, it is a place of maximum movement all year round. This work was required and we are managing to do it. We have replaced the 'donkey's back' that had been made by the previous administration by a modern system, we have placed - in one part - a system of signaling of the most modern in the world consisting of a rubberized layer that can even be used In adverse weather conditions ". The mayor was accompanied by the General Director of Transport, Claudio Cabrera, the councilman Patricia and the director of EMVIAL, Pablo.


On the other hand, a multinational company based in our city carried out a pilot test for the demarcation of the pedestrian path by placing a polyurethane demarcating tape with mesh and bituminous glue, a system that replaces the traditional demarcation with hot paint.

In this regard, Pablo Simony, president of the Entity of Roads and Public Lighting (EMVIAL) explained that "we are very happy because we are innovating with technology in Mar del Plata. Today we are placing two types of footpaths: one that we do with hot paint, as was usually done by EMVIAL and another with reflective tape and adhesive that grabs any type of substrate. This has no cost to the Municipality. From this, we will analyze what is the fruit of this new technology that we bring to Mar del Plata and that makes us very proud. "


Finally, Nicolas Gonzalez, administrator of the HPC, said: "This is very good because there is a circulation of almost 5,000 people who pass through the Hospital daily. For us, traffic, traffic, signage and parking were all a mess and complexity. The dock, parking control and signage have worked very well. We observe a very clear and clear change in the circulation that for us is fundamental. We are grateful for the efforts made by the Municipality. We have facilitated everything to have a better transit and a better and safe circulation of the people ".


The soft winter gear with reflective fabric

I admit without torture that I really enjoyed this winter gear with reflective material. Not only because it reflects certain specificity of male anatomy but also because of the fact was that somebody thinking about the construction of these elastics. It is known. You will also appreciate the comfort and convenience on your winter cross-country skiing trails.

At first glance, the black jogging leggings, which are on the shelves of specialized stores on dozens? But no, wait! Yet your eye subconsciously records something that varies greatly. What is it? Oh, some other special cut at the top. Take them in your hand and examine them closely. And the detail in detail begins to tell you that with these elastics somebody really did work.

The entire passport is designed extremely untraditionally. The resilient he did not occur in a standard way, simply by folding the base fabric and doubling it into a tunnel through which a rubber or a flexible cord passes. In Shields, the upper edge is a seamless soft tape with a continuous tie cord. The entire front waistline has another sewn belt to make the trousers fit better and even more comfortable. And now the most important thing - where the others are in the middle of a seam, which sooner or later becomes the friction and dirt of the runner-up enemy, the company put an anatomically shaped panel protecting the family treasures, the manly pride of every runner.

Comfort and reflection is never enough

The waist of comfort is far from ending. The comfort zone runs along the length of your legs. The entire front part below the knees is a sofa with a fine micro fleece. At the back, the micro fleet fabric cleverly clears in the kneecap, so that the sweat from the snout can be better ventilated. The rest forms elastic stretch fabric in all directions. The knees are anatomically shaped on the outer fabric. Pants are at the bottom of the last 20 centimeters open with zipper. Zippers have a "garage" shaped at the upper ends. The leg pocket has a half-inch silicone lining on the inside to prevent the legs from rolling out.

The trousers are pleased to find that they are sophisticated in fine detail. Rugged harness holders for YKK quality zippers for easier handling with sweaty hands or finger gloves, high quality reflective features (zipped leggings, left thigh logo, shawl chest pains), pocket on the right side with a waterproof lining It does not get a sweat), a sophisticated cut in the knees from the front and back, a flat, gently springing cord in the waist area with a separate stitched outlet for each end of it ... With every detail your enthusiasm will grow. This makes it more difficult to see that the edges of the front center panel have seams extending into the space, not flat. A distinct and unnecessary discomfort would otherwise be - perfect work.

The pants as a whole will protect you from the wind and also have a water-repellent finish (accept the panel on the buttocks and back thighs). In general, runners enjoy unlimited movement, and at the distance of, say, half marathon, the upcoming seam does not cause any major problems. (If you get angry after a long time, it will be in places other than normal elastics.) Reflective elements will improve visibility and safety, but I would certainly recommend not relying on pants only. Especially in winter, visibility is never enough! (And let's not forget the fact that, according to the approved amendment to the law, we even have the obligation to wear sufficient reflective elements in the case of reduced visibility outside the municipality.)

The pants were comfortable even in the long runs, keeping enough heat on the body, while draining moisture. The fabrication of fabrics and the location of windproof panels are also well thought out. Most of the runners are protected from the wind from the front to the knees, at least in the area of the buttocks and back of the thighs. Overall, this is a very good and sophisticated piece at a fairly reasonable price.


The safety of pedestrians in road traffic

  Reflective clothing is a duty in the Czech Republic for pedestrians in certain situations. A pedestrian - a pedestrian must wear a vest - a reflective vest, and a reflexive strip - reflective strip or other reflective elements. And this is true in the dark - darkness or in the rain - rain or fog - fog on streets that have neither citizens - pavement nor lighting - lighting.

  Reflective clothing is made of a material that emits light, namely the light coming from a reflector, that is, a reflector. The reflection clearly increases the visibility of the pedestrian, and therefore it is not easily overlooked by motorists - to overlook.

  Reflecting is called backlighting, a reflection is okras. A retro-reflector is therefore called odrazka. In philosophy, reflexes reflect the perception of one's own mental activity, sometimes it is used as a synonym for reflection and superior.

  To reflect on something – reflective material means to be interested in something - or to apply for something. Next time we will talk about the reflexes.


Reflex tape test for the best and the worst

The lighted mobile or the white T-shirt will not save your life on the night road. You'd better buy reflective elements, ideal for the widest bands in bright colors. But there are huge differences between them - the ability to reflect light is the best of them, compared to the last sixty times.

The Pilot Formula 1 takes about a quarter of a second before it can respond to an unexpected impulse. The average driver is four times slower. When the evening is torn from work or disturbed by dense chameleonic, its reaction time is still significantly prolonged. Now imagine what happens if a chauffeur in such conditions and moods encounters the "invisible" pedestrian road.

For example, over 130 pedestrians died on the roads last year, 60 percent of which were killed at night. Therefore, according to the amendment to the Road Act, pedestrians are obliged to wear so-called retro reflective material as of February when they move on an unlit road outside the village in the dark, dark, in heavy rain, snow or in the tunnel.

If your life depends on a plastic bracelet, which is roughly the same as one black coffee on the bottom, the question is: Are all of the same quality?

Therefore, the MF DNES Test has tested 26 reflective tapes together with BESIP. We bought them in different places - in shops, post offices, gas stations and e-shops. Measurement of the retro reflection, the intensity with which the tapes reflect the light, was undertaken by an accredited laboratory of the Center for Transport Research.

Most of them are bright yellow

At first glance, tapes at both ends of the qualitative scale are virtually the same - light green, plastic, self-winding. "In fact, it's not the color of the tape, but the amount and density of a special glass mass that provides a reflection of light in the tape," explains the principle of BESIP Martin. However, it is difficult for the layman to know.

The first advice on how to properly choose a reflective tape is, according to the Painter, "Be careful if the tape complies with the standard."

In mind, the standard is EN 471 or 20471. Look for the tape or the enclosed instructions. However, as the test showed, the quality of retro reflection does not necessarily have to be directly related to the quality of the information given. That is why the Farer recommends considering color.

"We recommend the color most bright yellow that is best visible and red or green," says the BESIP chief. Although the red color of reflective elements conforms to a technical standard, it is also better to choose the lightest shade - which is also confirmed by the test results. There was no red or even orange tape in the first half of the ladder, but the last eight had a color of just five.

"The ideal is white and silver, where no color is applied to dampen the reflection. The color will partially absorb the light that falls on it, so the darker the strip will be, the less it will shine, "explains the consequences of physical laws Lukas of the technology company 3M, which deals with the development and production of reflective materials.

The third advice when selecting a tape is quite practical, namely to try to get the widest reflective strip. And when you have the option, choose a predicable dealer for your purchase. Ideal is to get the tape directly with the BESIP logo, the top three also received two products from the Czech Post offer.


Reflective heat transfer film is used in backpack

The reflective backpack is a very important piece of equipment for a motorcyclist. As motorcycles do not have luggage, it is the most practical option to take with you to work or to take a trip. At the same time the backpack cannot interfere with driving, cannot open itself, and cannot cause danger to the driver during the fall. Today we change the motorcycle backpack from the top shelf - Mach 5. This is one of the more expensive proposals for motorcyclists on the market; the question is worth the price?

No Drag Mach 5 is a modified version of No Drag Mach 3. The backpack has gained the capacity to expand its capacity, additional shoeboxes, viewfinder and some other nice extras. In addition, the Mach 5 has the ability to carry a 15-inch laptop, a helmet hanger and the option of folding one of the arms for easier removal of the backpack.

Reflective Material used and finish: The backpack is made of extruded outer shell that gives it a distinctive shape. The carrier system is made of hard-wearing synthetic fabrics. The inside pockets for the shoes and viewfinder are made of mesh and soft flip. The whole is done very carefully and aesthetically. The highest quality materials used and the quality of workmanship make after half a year of use on the backpack, apart from minor scratches, practically no signs of use.

 Comfort and daily use: I would use the comfort of this product in two areas. The first would be backpacking, the second using the backpack alone. As for the ride, it's hard to get a better motorcycle backpack, and I've had plenty of backpacks to ride on two wheels. The Mach 5 is perfectly placed on the back, with straps that fit well into the driver's silhouette, even if the driver's jacket is aerodynamic. The backpack fulfills the manufacturer's promises. It does not interfere with driving; it does not generate turbulence and tug. 250 km / h on a naked motorcycle is sufficient speed to be convinced.

 The Ohio has a great fastening system that prevents the rucksack from opening while riding (it is located on the driver's back). The pockets were designed so that nothing would happen to them. Here we come to the second aspect of using a backpack. Hard casing and fixed form have their limitations. Even with the backpack which has reflective heat transfer film zoom option, the outer shell will never fit into your luggage. Either it is housed or not. Well protected locks require a bit more attention and care in handling. They are not as readily available as in a classic backpack, so efficient packaging and unpacking Mach 5 requires a bit of practice. The laptop pocket is great, the left shoulder strap for easy removal of the backpack is a real revelation (why other manufacturers did not come up with it?), and the helmet fixing system works well, the organizer squeaking is a bit too shallow.

The No Drag Mach 5 is a great idea for a backpack of everyday use during commute to work, or for short trips. It works best on sports and sport-tourist motorbikes. Due to the form has its limitations, but great quality convinced even unconvinced. The only real minus ... is the price. Nearly 800 are quite a lot.


Reflective jacket for autumn and winter

With the advent of autumn aura, rich in variable conditions, shorter days and strong winds, most of us opened the wardrobe to find the most comfortable clothes. If you did not find anything appropriate, this reflective jacket test may of interest to you. On our editorial table set Endure hit series Lomenta, which ideally will work in virtually any conditions of autumn.

Hailing from Scotland Endure autumn aura has in abundance, so from the very beginning the entire collection bestowed producer credit of trust. This collection is dedicated to both everyday driving around town, and longer winter training on the highway. As the name suggests, a series of Lomenta have excellent visibility, which is essential when the days are getting shorter, and we want to feel safe on the road. Fashion yellow colors and reflective panels located on either side confirmed only the motto of the whole collection: "Choose life - select Lomenta".

When I first took a jacket in his hand, the material seemed to us incredibly thin. Appearances proved to be confusing, and used cloth helped create a product that provides good thermal insulation while at the same time very light. Jacket has good "breathability." If you need additional ventilation may be helpful zippers in the armpits. Waterproof fabric, which consists of 2.5 layers, has solid support in the form of bonded seams, respectively, which protects us against strong wind and rain. Bicycle fit perfectly suited to everyday driving around the city, by adjusting the collar, cuffs, and responsible for the "hug" jackets, which were hidden in the side pockets.

Jacket off very good technical properties allows you to feel safe on the road, thanks to a solid number of reflectors placed in strategic locations that are visible from a long distance even in complete darkness! Endure reflective panels on the same, however, did not stop. Noteworthy is located in the back of his jacket pocket LED light, working in three modes: continuous, intermittent or variable intermittent frequency. Lamp mounting system is positioned on the inside and no major problems allows for quick disassembly and included in the kit according to the announcement allows the battery for about 50 hours.

Undoubted advantages of the jackets are also pockets. Endure delights in vast areas in which we are easily able to hide the bare essentials. Lomenta jacket is equipped by the manufacturer with three pockets in the front and high rear pocket. Very good solution is capacious pocket on the left chest, giving access at any time to the ringing phone, documents, and tickets to the office or small coffee. An additional advantage is the ability to carry the headphones inside the jacket through special silicone holes. Side pockets, covering the aforementioned cuffs, like the rest of his pocket, lined with fine hairs are very pleasant, so that the cooler days we can warm your hands, as we saw on the occasion of the first cold weather. The rear compartment is protected by a wide strip, preventing wet hidden objects. No problem in it will put a lot of items and special cut your pocket, thanks to laser cut-out panels of reflective material, does not force us to stow objects.


Protect your little ones with reflective clothing

In winter, children are particularly badly visible to drivers. The saying 'a lot helps a lot' applies completely in this case - so protect your little ones with reflective clothing:

Children on the way to school have to be easily visible to drivers in autumn and winter, because they are small and drivers are therefore less likely to recognize them. Bright clothes in bright colors are therefore important. Jacket, pants or skirt and helmet should also be richly equipped with reflectors. Generous reflections are provided on the satchel for striking rays. Standards and the GS mark are an indication of good quality. This is indicated by the municipal accident insurance company Bavaria and the Bavarian State Disaster Fund.

Light cones move from the bottom to the top

The light cone of a moving car "travels" from bottom to top. For this reason, reflectors in the lower part of the body are particularly important, for example in the form of Velcro straps for calves or ankles. A reflective jacket or coat should be reflectors on the sides, front and rear. "The saying 'a lot helps a lot' is true here," says Elmer Leader, Managing Director of KUVB and Bayer. The more reflectors a child carries, the more likely it is for the driver and can react appropriately. "

The quality makes the difference

Satchel wear reflectors as standard, but they differ in size and quality. Parents should pay attention to large reflective surfaces, as well as spread and reflection. They indicate how strongly and from which angle incident beams are thrown back. Since such details are difficult to test in the shop, it is worthwhile to read tests like the Sifting Warn test on the properties of reflectors. Indicators for quality are also the seal for certified safety (GS test mark) and the German industry standard (DIN) 58124. It stipulates that at least ten percent of the back and sides of a school rucksack must be made of retro reflective material. Thirdly, the EU standard EN 13356 regulates the light properties of reflectors. These data are usually found in the satchel itself or on a leaflet.

No parent taxis to school

Worried parents should not make a mistake: drive their children to school. Because driving is not always the safest option, and it is important that children get exercise and fresh air. In addition, they train their perceptions and responses on every route the pupils themselves cover.


Trying to save life with this reflective dress

If you like black bear, live in the winter of dangerous, says Larraine. That is why the Miss Switzerland will soon generate more safety on the road.

"Look, if you wear in the dark only black that can be dangerous on the road," Larraine explains the message of the awareness campaign, the Canton police Freiburg. From November the Miss Switzerland radiates from posters in their home canton and advises the public to attract bright and reflective clothing when they are out after sunset.

The pink, reflective dress she wears on the campaign subject, there is, however, not to buy. "It has been specially made for me," she says, "and I was allowed to keep it." At a preventive use it will not come: The part hangs currently with her in the closet.

Uncertain future

There are projects of reflective material like this that are the 23-year-old at heart: "I am happy when I can do things that might change a little bit the world." And it is also what the task of modern Miss Switzerland is since the choice was taken in summer by entrepreneur Guido. Instead of beauty and entertainment charity and commitment have ever since been on the agenda of the official holders. But sponsors can therefore no longer be attracted.

"So far I have invested more than five million francs [out of pocket]," Florin reveals in the latest issue of "Schweitzer Illustrierte", "if we fail to make the choice on a broader ownership, we must decide whether I am committed again "until the beginning month said Nick Schwab, media spokesman for the Miss Switzerland organization against the Switzerland on Sunday." As long as Guido Florin is the owner of the Miss Switzerland is a remain "Should Florin the line Make the image of Miss could be so changed again, as PR expert Ferris Buhler or 3+ boss Dominick Kaiser recently demanded.

Part-time Miss Switzerland

If and when a change of leadership is pending, is currently unclear. Larraine Salina one-year term would end in November, but because no successor was chosen because of uncertain financing still makes only times further. However, it is may be only until February 100 percent Miss Switzerland.

"It was from the beginning, my deadline," explains Laureate in reflective dress, "I go back to university and want to finish my archeology degree." "I do not know when the next election will be, and that's no longer my business," she says.


Stroke: the technical reflective clothing

Not only shoes, but also t-shirts, pants, bra and stockings is important. Because even the reflective clothing is that you wear while running can help you improve performance. Or move you to give up.

L' clothing to wear during the race is critical: the use of inadequate leaders may negatively impact performance. A non-breathable mesh, for example, may result in excessive sweating, while not appropriate socks might be responsible for annoying blisters that will lead them to abandon the training sooner than you planned.

I've always preferred tanks and t-shirt read, not too tight and soft, which the skin to breathe and cool the overheated body from the race. In case of rain do not be discouraged: a technical jacket made with reflective fabric will protect you from the water, but at the same time leave the sweat evaporates keeping the body dry. Avoid waterproof garments that retain moisture, cool the body and, in contrast to what many may think, do not help at all to burn more fat!

As for the pants are preferred those tight, is which in addition to absorb the sweat keeping your muscles warm. In the market there are different lengths, above or below the knee or ankle and with support bands. Almost all models are equipped with micro-pockets with zip useful heat sealed to contain keys and even devices to listen to music while exercising. Those who prefer can also wear classic high-cut model, perfect in summer.

Do not underestimate the importance of a proper bra to protect and sustain during the race. In many cases there are top with incorporator bra. Even socks or other reflective material product have a fundamental role to prevent the occurrence of troublesome (and painful) blisters. During training forget the classic cotton sock and prefer technical socks, thin instep and thicker on the plant.


Policemen handing out fines but also reflective braces

Transportation safety events with a focus on motorcyclists took place on Saturday in connection with the holding of motorcycle racing. Policemen time not only punished for traffic offenses, but all motorcyclists to give free reflective material suspenders.

One of a group of policemen Cross Road and stopped the motorcyclist just arriving. "Good day, sir drivers, please see your papers..." This time it is not just a classic roadside check, but preventive action.

"This is a traffic safety event focusing on motorcyclists in connection with the holding of motorcycle racing. It is also associated with the actions of the Police Presidium focused on motorcycles because of frequent accidents. When it is distributed reflective braces motorcyclists to be more visible in traffic, "he explained from the Transport Inspectorate. 

So motorcyclist, whom police stopped receiving the package with a bright green suspenders. As stated by Martin of traffic inspectorate, during the daylong event handed out a total of 28 braces. They got it and those who have committed a traffic offense. "Drivers often were hatching; they are getting something for free. But we have seen a positive response actions liked, "said Harden in reflective vest.


Hot news for the winter cyclist

To continue their cycling or bike commuting in the winter months requires discipline and workout clothes with reflective tape. Here is the news from the Craft Sportswear; workout clothes for cyclists who are not slopes for winter weather.

Among the news Craft Sportswear presents for the winter are collections Movement Rain, Siberian and Escape. There are three collections that are developed and designed for joggers and bike commuters who want to have a good protection against wind and rain in the winter.

The ranges of accessories are reflective fabric gloves, helmet and protective booties.

Move rain jacket. Lightweight jacket is that resists wind and rain with reflective print for better visibility. Move thermal jersey. Soft and warm cycling jersey pocket are in full length and pockets on the back. A warm jacket with a napped inside that protects well against rain and wind. The jacket is the perfect outer layer when winter days are cold.  Escape the rain jacket. Very light wind and waterproof cycling jacket with taped seams and openings in the sides. It’s made of thin, elastic material and fits easily in bike jersey back pocket. Reflecting details is that provide good visibility in the dark.

Siberian glove

Wind and water resistant glove with fleece lining for cycling in cold conditions. Ergonomically shaped for optimal is fit. Silicone palm provides optimum grip. Cuffs with Velcro closure and reflective material for extra visibility

Colors: Flamingo and black.

Rain helmet cover

Wind and waterproof protection to put on the helmet to protect against wind and rain and that makes you more visible in traffic.


The characteristics that must have the reflective vest

It is mandatory that is yellow, and must also have bands of retro reflective material.

From January 1, all vehicles must carry a reflective vest, as it seeks to reduce traffic accidents and violations of drivers when they descend cars.

Those who do not comply with the regulations will be committing a misdemeanor and must pay a fine ranging between 0.2 to 0.5 UTM.

In order to comply with the law, it is necessary to be clear about the characteristics of the vest must carry.

Features safety vest

-Material Fluorescent yellow

He must have bands of retro reflective material of a width greater than 50mm

-The Vest must be in a location accessible from inside the vehicle, so the driver to exit the car do with this element.

According to the decree, these alternatives can be used:

Two horizontal bands along the torso separated by a minimum distance of 50mm and bands that join the upper torso band from front to back, going through each shoulder.

-A Horizontal band is encircling the torso, and bands that join it from front to back over each shoulder. You should also keep 50mm distance.

Two horizontal bands are encircling the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm. The bottom of the lower band should be at a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the reflective vest.

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