Protect your little ones with reflective clothing

In winter, children are particularly badly visible to drivers. The saying 'a lot helps a lot' applies completely in this case - so protect your little ones with reflective clothing:

Children on the way to school have to be easily visible to drivers in autumn and winter, because they are small and drivers are therefore less likely to recognize them. Bright clothes in bright colors are therefore important. Jacket, pants or skirt and helmet should also be richly equipped with reflectors. Generous reflections are provided on the satchel for striking rays. Standards and the GS mark are an indication of good quality. This is indicated by the municipal accident insurance company Bavaria and the Bavarian State Disaster Fund.

Light cones move from the bottom to the top

The light cone of a moving car "travels" from bottom to top. For this reason, reflectors in the lower part of the body are particularly important, for example in the form of Velcro straps for calves or ankles. A reflective jacket or coat should be reflectors on the sides, front and rear. "The saying 'a lot helps a lot' is true here," says Elmer Leader, Managing Director of KUVB and Bayer. The more reflectors a child carries, the more likely it is for the driver and can react appropriately. "

The quality makes the difference

Satchel wear reflectors as standard, but they differ in size and quality. Parents should pay attention to large reflective surfaces, as well as spread and reflection. They indicate how strongly and from which angle incident beams are thrown back. Since such details are difficult to test in the shop, it is worthwhile to read tests like the Sifting Warn test on the properties of reflectors. Indicators for quality are also the seal for certified safety (GS test mark) and the German industry standard (DIN) 58124. It stipulates that at least ten percent of the back and sides of a school rucksack must be made of retro reflective material. Thirdly, the EU standard EN 13356 regulates the light properties of reflectors. These data are usually found in the satchel itself or on a leaflet.

No parent taxis to school

Worried parents should not make a mistake: drive their children to school. Because driving is not always the safest option, and it is important that children get exercise and fresh air. In addition, they train their perceptions and responses on every route the pupils themselves cover.


Trying to save life with this reflective dress

If you like black bear, live in the winter of dangerous, says Larraine. That is why the Miss Switzerland will soon generate more safety on the road.

"Look, if you wear in the dark only black that can be dangerous on the road," Larraine explains the message of the awareness campaign, the Canton police Freiburg. From November the Miss Switzerland radiates from posters in their home canton and advises the public to attract bright and reflective clothing when they are out after sunset.

The pink, reflective dress she wears on the campaign subject, there is, however, not to buy. "It has been specially made for me," she says, "and I was allowed to keep it." At a preventive use it will not come: The part hangs currently with her in the closet.

Uncertain future

There are projects of reflective material like this that are the 23-year-old at heart: "I am happy when I can do things that might change a little bit the world." And it is also what the task of modern Miss Switzerland is since the choice was taken in summer by entrepreneur Guido. Instead of beauty and entertainment charity and commitment have ever since been on the agenda of the official holders. But sponsors can therefore no longer be attracted.

"So far I have invested more than five million francs [out of pocket]," Florin reveals in the latest issue of "Schweitzer Illustrierte", "if we fail to make the choice on a broader ownership, we must decide whether I am committed again "until the beginning month said Nick Schwab, media spokesman for the Miss Switzerland organization against the Switzerland on Sunday." As long as Guido Florin is the owner of the Miss Switzerland is a remain "Should Florin the line Make the image of Miss could be so changed again, as PR expert Ferris Buhler or 3+ boss Dominick Kaiser recently demanded.

Part-time Miss Switzerland

If and when a change of leadership is pending, is currently unclear. Larraine Salina one-year term would end in November, but because no successor was chosen because of uncertain financing still makes only times further. However, it is may be only until February 100 percent Miss Switzerland.

"It was from the beginning, my deadline," explains Laureate in reflective dress, "I go back to university and want to finish my archeology degree." "I do not know when the next election will be, and that's no longer my business," she says.


Stroke: the technical reflective clothing

Not only shoes, but also t-shirts, pants, bra and stockings is important. Because even the reflective clothing is that you wear while running can help you improve performance. Or move you to give up.

L' clothing to wear during the race is critical: the use of inadequate leaders may negatively impact performance. A non-breathable mesh, for example, may result in excessive sweating, while not appropriate socks might be responsible for annoying blisters that will lead them to abandon the training sooner than you planned.

I've always preferred tanks and t-shirt read, not too tight and soft, which the skin to breathe and cool the overheated body from the race. In case of rain do not be discouraged: a technical jacket made with reflective fabric will protect you from the water, but at the same time leave the sweat evaporates keeping the body dry. Avoid waterproof garments that retain moisture, cool the body and, in contrast to what many may think, do not help at all to burn more fat!

As for the pants are preferred those tight, is which in addition to absorb the sweat keeping your muscles warm. In the market there are different lengths, above or below the knee or ankle and with support bands. Almost all models are equipped with micro-pockets with zip useful heat sealed to contain keys and even devices to listen to music while exercising. Those who prefer can also wear classic high-cut model, perfect in summer.

Do not underestimate the importance of a proper bra to protect and sustain during the race. In many cases there are top with incorporator bra. Even socks or other reflective material product have a fundamental role to prevent the occurrence of troublesome (and painful) blisters. During training forget the classic cotton sock and prefer technical socks, thin instep and thicker on the plant.


Policemen handing out fines but also reflective braces

Transportation safety events with a focus on motorcyclists took place on Saturday in connection with the holding of motorcycle racing. Policemen time not only punished for traffic offenses, but all motorcyclists to give free reflective material suspenders.

One of a group of policemen Cross Road and stopped the motorcyclist just arriving. "Good day, sir drivers, please see your papers..." This time it is not just a classic roadside check, but preventive action.

"This is a traffic safety event focusing on motorcyclists in connection with the holding of motorcycle racing. It is also associated with the actions of the Police Presidium focused on motorcycles because of frequent accidents. When it is distributed reflective braces motorcyclists to be more visible in traffic, "he explained from the Transport Inspectorate. 

So motorcyclist, whom police stopped receiving the package with a bright green suspenders. As stated by Martin of traffic inspectorate, during the daylong event handed out a total of 28 braces. They got it and those who have committed a traffic offense. "Drivers often were hatching; they are getting something for free. But we have seen a positive response actions liked, "said Harden in reflective vest.


Hot news for the winter cyclist

To continue their cycling or bike commuting in the winter months requires discipline and workout clothes with reflective tape. Here is the news from the Craft Sportswear; workout clothes for cyclists who are not slopes for winter weather.

Among the news Craft Sportswear presents for the winter are collections Movement Rain, Siberian and Escape. There are three collections that are developed and designed for joggers and bike commuters who want to have a good protection against wind and rain in the winter.

The ranges of accessories are reflective fabric gloves, helmet and protective booties.

Move rain jacket. Lightweight jacket is that resists wind and rain with reflective print for better visibility. Move thermal jersey. Soft and warm cycling jersey pocket are in full length and pockets on the back. A warm jacket with a napped inside that protects well against rain and wind. The jacket is the perfect outer layer when winter days are cold.  Escape the rain jacket. Very light wind and waterproof cycling jacket with taped seams and openings in the sides. It’s made of thin, elastic material and fits easily in bike jersey back pocket. Reflecting details is that provide good visibility in the dark.

Siberian glove

Wind and water resistant glove with fleece lining for cycling in cold conditions. Ergonomically shaped for optimal is fit. Silicone palm provides optimum grip. Cuffs with Velcro closure and reflective material for extra visibility

Colors: Flamingo and black.

Rain helmet cover

Wind and waterproof protection to put on the helmet to protect against wind and rain and that makes you more visible in traffic.


The characteristics that must have the reflective vest

It is mandatory that is yellow, and must also have bands of retro reflective material.

From January 1, all vehicles must carry a reflective vest, as it seeks to reduce traffic accidents and violations of drivers when they descend cars.

Those who do not comply with the regulations will be committing a misdemeanor and must pay a fine ranging between 0.2 to 0.5 UTM.

In order to comply with the law, it is necessary to be clear about the characteristics of the vest must carry.

Features safety vest

-Material Fluorescent yellow

He must have bands of retro reflective material of a width greater than 50mm

-The Vest must be in a location accessible from inside the vehicle, so the driver to exit the car do with this element.

According to the decree, these alternatives can be used:

Two horizontal bands along the torso separated by a minimum distance of 50mm and bands that join the upper torso band from front to back, going through each shoulder.

-A Horizontal band is encircling the torso, and bands that join it from front to back over each shoulder. You should also keep 50mm distance.

Two horizontal bands are encircling the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm. The bottom of the lower band should be at a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the reflective vest.


The high visibility bicycle panniers of the brand Ortles

"Make you visible" is one of the recommendations made by the Association Prevention Router for all cyclists. The ORTLIEB brand has found the light solution for waterproof bags: the new High Visibility collection.

The preventive cyclist often wears clear clothing and retro-reflective material. The Ortles brand extended its signaling to the bicycle saddlebags. Indeed, the latter are designed from a yellow fluorescence and black material, but also reflective strips on each side of the saddlebags in order to be well seen by other users. Moreover, the fabric that composes them is completely crossed by an extremely luminous reflective thread. Day and night, the cyclist can be spotted on 360 °. Another major advantage of this collection is that the bags are 100% waterproof thanks to the waterproof thermoplastic coatings inside the bags.

The pair of Front-Roller bags is positioned on a front rack, while the pair of Back-Roller bags is installed on a rear rack. These bags with reflective tape have several characteristics such as:

Significant visibility over several kilometers

Extremely high degree of sealing

A Quick-Lock 2.1 rack fastening system that simplifies the installation and un-installation of the panniers while optimizing their stability

Adaptability on any luggage rack up to 16 mm in diameter

An adjustable strap for carrying bags

A winding closure system

A volume of 50 liters for the pair of Front-Roller bags

A volume of 80 liters for the pair of Back-Roller bags

The Ultimate6 M is the reference for the handle bag. In the High Visibility collection, it brings even more visibility for cyclists. Its characteristics are as follows:

Extremely reflective fabric

A very high seal

Click-Fix bracket is really solid and practical for its installation and un-installation

Compatibility with conical handlebars up to a diameter of 31.8 mm

A removable strap for carrying the bag

A magnetic closure system with lockable lid

A volume of 7 liters can hold a load of 3 kilos.


5 tips for biking in winter with safety

Anyone traveling on snow and ice with the wheel, which come to meet the producers: More and more winter tires are sold for bicycles. Experts clarify whether this purchase is worthwhile and what is there to consider when snow still rides. Winter riding is cold and dangerous, driver always wear safety vest and warm clothing to keep safe.

1. Maintenance

Cold, moisture and road salt to make the bicycle art to provide - and the model is still so robust. The bike expert Ulf Hoffmann from the Sifting Ware test recommends in the book "The Bicycle Book", the Bowden cables to lubricate well with thin oil or Teflon grease so that brake circuit and not be stiff. Greased includes screws and levers as well as the bicycle lock, so they do not freeze up in frosty temperatures. Little help there, however, if the chain slips. This can happen quite quickly in slush when ice is between the cracks. Therefore, the General German Bicycle Club recommends that before each trip to check brakes and light, the wheel more often to clean - especially the chain, which must then be oiled again afterwards.

2. Winter tires

An obligation for snow tires for bicycles, there is not, it means the ADFC. But more and more cyclists equip volunteer to: "The proportion of winter tires for cyclists has increased," said the spokesman of the manufacturer Continental, Klaus Engelhard. Most of the commercial models have a special lug pattern that grips well in the snow, with ice and snow, but offers little friction. For driving on packed snow and ice advises retailers to tires with spikes - with small pins made of metal or carbide.

3. Traffic Regulations

The risk of falling in winter trips by bike is particularly high. But damages to fallen cyclists only be expected if the municipality has neglected its winter service, cited the legal expert of the ADFC, Roland chicken, from a judgment. Bike paths need only be cleared or sprinkled if they are considered important traffic. Or it is a dangerous section of road, slow experience has shown that the cyclist, dodge or change its direction of travel. For road mouths of law expert warns chicken Caution: Do not fall automatically into this category. A judgment of the Federal Administrative Court states also: If a bike path not scattered or free of ice and snow, the road, however, already, the cyclists must also street dodge.

4. Clothing

The optimal outerwear for cyclists who are traveling even at freezing temperatures, should be loud ADFC "be thin and breathable, windproof and water-repellent". Ulf Hoffmann, the onion principle advises: ". If possible, draw several layers one above the other," He keeps fleece clothing for the best solution. In addition, there are shorts that will protect against the legs and shins by water- and windproof material from cooling down.

Be seen mainly: When choosing the clothes the rule applies. "Therefore necessarily reflective clothing or a reflective vest attract" advises Hoffmann. "The gloves should be provided with reflectors." So in the dark hands are better perceived before turning. Thus, the head stays warm and dry, advises Hoffmann on the helmet or seal open face with tape.

5. Light

At present, the sun rises shortly after 8am on and about 17 pm under. People who drive to commute to work by bicycle; it therefore should do well lit. The Hoffmann Foundation holds a hub dynamo for the first choice: No loading, no battery change.

Dynamo headlamps are commonly referred to as reliability, low maintenance, and as always ready for use. Even if the cyclist must stop at a traffic light, the lamp remains lit thanks light function. The Sifting Ware test recommends paying attention to additional functions: To offer some lamps, a special daytime running lights or a USB port, can be supplied with power via the while driving Smartphone or Navies.

The advantage of the battery and battery headlamps is that they offer strong light in the state permanently evenly. However, the batteries must be recharged periodically - either via a USB port or power plug. Nevertheless Hoffmann recommended using battery-powered LED lights with reflective material next to the Dynamo: "They provide an extra margin of safety."


250 vests for cyclists

250 reflective vests distributed to police cyclists from Toss County during roadside checks. Reflectors were purchased from the funds at the disposal of the Commission on Security and Order, the Council acting Toss County.

"Safe cyclist" is the title of the shares in which will distribute 250 police reflective vests wheeler enthusiasts. The project inaugurated Stanislaw, and the governor. Marias Janie, Deputy Chief of the District Police. He has help to avoid accidents with cyclists in the lead role, the more quickly it gets dark current and dark clothing does not help motorists perceive wheelers on the road. – reflective safety vest, in addition to the bike properly equipped with the necessary lighting, is intended to improve the safety of cyclists and other road users - Wicca tells Andrew, head of the Department of Civil Affairs and Crisis Management.

Organizers of the Safe biker hope that handed vests do not hang on the proverbial pin. They call even; glare to become an integral part of the equipment of the cyclist and pedestrian. At the same time remember that the rules applied to the pedestrian required to have reflective material elements at night outside built-up.

According to Andrew, the idea of ​​taking action within the framework of the "Safe Cyclist" was born in the Commission on Security and Order in 2012. It forms part of implemented since 2003 a program of crime prevention and the protection of public safety and public order "Safe Toss County."


Reflective product for drivers and pedestrians

Police in safety vest reiterates its appeal to drivers to exercise caution when traveling. Let us remember the way during demanding driving conditions. Slippery driving conditions, fog, heavy traffic, insufficient distance between vehicles, and unfortunately excessive speed are the most common causes of road accidents.

The big happiness can say 37 year old in charge Renault Megan, which is in the village of Wolli probably going too fast, he lost control of the vehicle, entered the ditch which resulted in a rollover car. Fortunately, both in charge and 17 years old female passenger not have had a serious injury.

Remember that many traffic incidents can be prevented. Even driving roads, expressways or highways, where the speed limit is quite high you should always use common sense and in spite of the possibilities of dynamic driving, keep all possible safety precautions. If you are on the road appear haze it already should be a signal for the driver to slow down. Be careful. With limited visibility air should enable lights to be more visible to other traffic participants. But above all, you must go slower.

Let us remember!

DRIVER - should reduce speed, adapt to the road conditions, and pay attention to the behavior of other road users, especially children. Especially when you pass around schools, bus stops. Let us remember the children are able to act reckless, look ahead at the road straight into an oncoming car. Therefore, it is worth remembering that in the vicinity of schools, health centers, kindergartens, bus stops, etc. Definitely reduce speed and exercise extreme caution.

Not to become a participant in a collision or traffic accident should reduce speed in mind that braking on a slippery surface considerably longer. To avoid collision with the rear of the preceding vehicle so you should increase the distance between vehicles. You have to remember that by the rapid movement of the steering wheel or by sudden braking or acceleration can skid. If the vehicle is not equipped with ABS, it is recommended that the brakes in order not to cause a break traction.

As a reminder of the obligations, it’s under Article 19 of the Law on Road Traffic. The obligation to drive at a speed that provides control of the vehicle, taking into account the conditions in which the movement takes place, in particular: the terrain, the status and visibility of the road condition and the load of the vehicle, weather conditions and traffic, inhibit in a way that does not cause traffic safety hazards or difficulties, the time interval necessary to avoid a collision in the event of braking or stopping preceding vehicle.

PEDESTRIANS - from 31 August 2014 year, every foot moving after dark on the road outside the built-up area has to wear a reflective vest. We should remember that this provision is primarily intended to protect pedestrians in front of the deductions. Common sense (not only legal provision) suggests that the person who moves the shoulder after dark for their own safety should wear a reflective vest or have any reflective element placed in a visible spot for drivers.

Reflective element makes pedestrians visible even from a distance of 150m, which beat the vehicle is approx. 7 seconds, allowing the driver to prepare for a passing maneuver. In contrast, only approx. 1-2 seconds the driver when the pedestrian does not have a reflective vest. Unfortunately, many vulnerable road users who ignore that fact and continue to move after dark without a reflective material element or unlit bike, thinking that in time manage to avoid the danger.

Pedestrians should be aware of obligations under Article. If there is no shoulder or temporarily cannot use it, a pedestrian can use the road, subject to occupy a place as close to the edge and keep clear space vehicle. Running on the side of the road or pedestrian is obliged to go to the left side of the road one by one. Pedestrians are prohibited from entering the roadway outside the vehicle or other obstacle limiting the visibility of the road, firing step or stopping without a legitimate need while crossing the road.


Are you going side of the road? You must have reflectors

From September each foot, which after dark is moving outside built-up must have reflective elements. Until recently, such an obligation was only children. After the changes warrant this also applies to adults. Moving on the road at dusk outside the built-up area, we must have a reflective vest, armband fluorescent or light - he explains mі.

The more reflective elements are the better. - Do not be ashamed to wear them - marks the policeman. This increases the safety of all road users. - A pedestrian who do not have reflective clothes fluorescent elements is seen by the driver only from a distance of 20-30 meters. It does not give the teacher a vehicle virtually no chance to react.

Those not complying with the new rules threaten the mandate penalty ranging from 20 to 500 dollars. Pedestrians have the right to move without reflective material only on the sidewalk.

At the same time the driver should ensure that the lighting in their vehicles functioned flawlessly. - The lights must be set well and the headlamps clean - adds Mark.


Glow in the Dark Cycle Path with reflective element

A new pilot project with reflective material will have to improve safety on dark paths within the municipality Utrecht Ridge 'ecological'. For this project opened executive Gerri public space (SGP) and Hank traffic (CDA) last Wednesday called a "glow-in-the-dark cycle in Hong Kong.

,, To see if this new way of illuminating works we have the bike path that runs along the track between Main Street - about Mansion and Willis - chosen as the location. It is a distance of 800 meters at which a special glow-in-the-dark lining is applied, "says Alderman Gerri in safety vest.

TAG specially made road markings will light during the day and radiates light in the evening and at night again. On this bike path is chosen only an enlightened middle stripe. Previously, we made sometimes use special reflective eyes or reflective material, but that was never snow slide resistant. That will this material should be, "says Booze.

Safety whether the new lighting method actually will contribute can’t guarantee the alderman to feel safer. It is of course intended to improve safety, since you yourself as a cyclist can orient better. For road safety it is therefore fine, but if it promotes social security is still questionable, "said Bonze who wants to depend on the judgment of the experiences of road users.

Substantial step forward, before we left the stripes on the application cycle, there was no lighting at all, as there are for this piece, namely no good alternatives, "said Booze that this method already looks like a big step forward.

POLICY the municipality of Utrecht Ridge for public lighting policy plays a role in the hitherto lack of streetlights. The municipality wants to be a carbon neutral municipality in 2035; therefore the municipality wants the years to halve the energy consumption of public lighting. The proposal is to use lights or alternative forms of marking places where this is necessary from social or road safety. We are currently working to address the lighting inside the church and go places include fewer lampposts in the outer regions. If this pilot project succeeds, this method in those locations might also be used. "According to the councilor, the use of this lighting method is also advantageous in maintenance and operation. The costs are significantly lower than the installation and maintenance of public lighting, regardless of which that option from ecology is not desirable, "says Booze.

Evaluation since it is a pilot project, the force at a later point in time will be evaluated. According to the councilor there in the Netherlands little to no other similar projects has been to draw a conclusion. So I dare not say what will be the outcome in advance. Of course, we will still go and see in the future, including the users and the Cyclists in reflective vest. "


The new design reflective jacket

At this time of the year you can only better protected against cold and wet weather. Moreover, there is a new version of the ordinary Hot Pack. Rain and cold the past few days were ideal for the Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket test (130 Euros). The safety jacket does what it promises and that is first and foremost protecting against rain. The droplets slide as the jacket off and the waterproof zipper and taped seams ensure that no leakage of fluid. You will feel more wetness by your own sweat, because the temperature in the Hot Pack can soar despite the breathability.

'Stretch' is another asset of this jacket. The stretch panels at the back and elastic cuffs ensure that the jacket closely. The jacket is rather small. At the front is quite short, at the back it is sometimes longer.

The Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket is predominantly white, with black and red accents and reflective elements. It is easy to fold and fold into a pouch sewn with drawstring for a convenient stowable scoop. With its 130 grams, it is also very light to carry. For much quality you obviously pay a price.


In addition to the stretch version is still the ordinary Hot Pack, one of the best-selling raincoats in the market. In 1999 Sportful came up with the first Hot Pack on the market, a compact jacket against the rain and wind. Persistently test and refine brings us now to the 5th version of this lightweight guardian. This time the back was extended a bit to prevent splashing water, there was a reflective strip back to better stand out, there were fewer seams, some leakage of water prevents even better, and were sleeve closures made longer with an opening thumb to stop off even better the wind.

Hotpack is a compact jacket with a minimum of weight (79 g) and a maximum of protection. Schoeller NanoSphere fabric it makes it water repellent. Wind has no chance: 100% windproof and with an extra high collar. In addition, it has an excellent breathability. This is further enhanced by the extra vents on the back. The integrated bag back immediately serves as a storage pouch. You put him away in your pocket at the outbreak of the sun, or commencing the climb.

Hot Pack 5 is available in the reflective material jacket (85 Euros) and cardigan (70 Euros), and in black, white and fluorescent yellow. Specifically for women, the fit was adjusted. A fluorescent yellow version for women is now. Besides Hot Pack 5 have already a family.


Be fines without a safety vest

Snackis on Twitter by Olle Goops parking ticket:

Olle Goops fines at Mantorp after careless with the safety vest has become a hot topic.

The driver received a fine of SEK 3 000 after they discovered that he had no vest.

- Do you have driven 37 000 races without a vest then you need not be so fussy, I think, says Olle Goop.

Travelodge profiles on Twitter have responded that Olle Goop received 3000 crowns in fines in DD-1 at Mantorp having failed to put on the safety vest.

"Please say it is not true that the O Goop received 3000: - of fines for driving without a safety vest ... to follow the regulations, but rhyme or reason?"

"Got Olle Goop fined 3,000 for driving without a safety vest? More expensive than speeding, "writes the journalist and blogger trotting Lennart Persson.

"He will be reminded"

Kirk Pettersson, officials at Mantorp, explains that since January 2012 is required to wear a safety vest in the races. During an inspection Monday evening showed that goop does not bar the West.

- In this case, had not Olle Goop it. He was reminded of it when he would go out on the track. Olle Goop said he had been there, go past it and get a pat on the shoulder. Ekipage inspector did not think he had the safety vest on him. But some have thin armor, so he wanted to check again.

Staff urged Olle getting to rig the inspector, but he went by.

After the race went down to the inspector check if Olle had a jacket.

- Then it turned out that Olle had no jacket. Therefore, he is now a punishment, he said.

Is it always 3000 crowns in fines when you have no protector?

- In this case, he got as much as he tries to avoid the check and lie twice. We think that is not fair. Normally it is a B misdemeanor and it is based on the first price, then it can be from 900 SEK to 2000 SEK. Even Daniel Reden was fined yesterday for not been wearing a reflective material safety vest, but he got less in fines as he went and put on his vest.

Is it common for neglecting?

- At Mantorp we have discovered that neglecting each time we have a check of the vests. We have controls virtually every racing and almost every race, we have found someone who has not had safety jacket. This time we had three controls; two drivers were not backed west. Most people use, but unfortunately it seems that there are some who have not wearing the vest. Some say they forgot, it's a little different excuse.

- It's a bit strange, because it is for their safety. It feels like the younger coaches have no trouble with this; the elderly have little harder to accept. But it is possible that I am wrong, says Kirk Pettersson.

"Given me a reprimand"

Olle Goop takes the citation with roses.

- I had forgotten the vest. Well, it was better if they had checked them all then? They did of course not. Do you have driven 37 000 races without a safety reflective vest, then you need not be so fussy, I think. The staff could ever have given me a reprimand that I would wear it next time only.

- It is clumsy, with winter dress and this over. I ran with it all the time, but it is worse, for sure. I was actually a little surprised that I was fine, he says.


Reflective material increases cyclists' nighttime visibility

LAMP or 'Look at me please' is the name of one of the projects selected in the first call Cesar Labs, why are developing different jobs open and driven by citizens in laboratories Cesar Art Center and Technology Zaragoza. This project, whose concept sprang from the mind of the Zaragoza geographer Immaculate has been taking shape in recent weeks in the hands of a team of five professionals profiles very different but they share one goal: reflective material help increase the visibility and safety of cyclists when they make use of bicycles in the city.

His promoter joined the phenomenon of wearable technology or 'wearable' with the rise of mobility on two wheels and he did, especially considering the protection of these cyclists. "Although decreases the number of incidents and improving circulation with bike lanes, accidents still occur,” said Barcenilla. "The bottom line passes educate the driver going behind the bike. If you have someone in front, will indicate where you are going, you're on notice. The rider feels safer, looked and peaceful coexistence in which all are equal and can live respecting traffic rules is promoted, "he adds, not forgetting to mention the environmental benefits inherent in using this means of transport.

Implemented, the project whose prototype was presented last weekend in Zaragoza Maker Show- event is based on the development of a modular device that charges a vest or dorsal, with reflective tape and subject parts to the carrier by means bag and a belt, well designed for bicycle users, for skaters or runners who want to send relevant information about their maneuvers to drivers, other cyclists or pedestrians. "Through it I can tell if I'm going to turn right or left without hands off the handlebars; something that can serve to avoid shocks or accidents, especially when traveling on the road , "explains the head of LAMP.

At the moment, this technology allows you to send -through turn signals flashing LED lights located on the right and the left - and communicate that progress continue and that the user of the device is circulating -two red lights blinking. According Barcenilla explains, the operation is simple: "The biker vest stands, lights and through a gamepad installed on the handlebars of the bicycle -now development- can go with just one finger sending different information to indicate turns and intuitively through a joystick ", specifies. The connection between the emitter element and the receiver is via Bluetooth. "It could also be a wired connection, infrared or radio frequency. Also, we do not rule out other options as to incorporate a GPS module "indicate. They say that what makes this project different is its simplicity and lightness. In the opinion of its promoter, it is essential not to have to choose between the cyclist visibility and comfort: "There has to be a useful object without assuming a nuisance or consume too much energy. Other existing models consist of larger backpacks or reflective jackets with built -in lights. "Among its advantages lists this device can be easily removed and washed, plus recharge your battery with a mobile phone charger. The creator of 'Look at me please' recognizes that Zaragoza would love to be the city that would bet to integrate this product in your environment. "Hopefully this project can be born a company. So far, we have developed the prototype and we support, we have made known among cyclists groups and we are in the phase of advice, "he reveals. Meanwhile, they work to take the next steps with the goal of your project becomes real also helping to promote the use of bicycles in the city.


A school play in reflective clothing for our time

Performing arts rarely become the subject of political debate, but Jens Peter’s play about fascism, the dissenting opinion, in reflective vest set, the Sweden Democrats tried to stop the Regional Council. The art rode out the storm and won.

He lights warning lights for threats to democracy and freedom. But this time, they are embedded in a science fiction world and go close up to secondary school youth. Playwright himself has directed and set played in regular classrooms. In School did an auditorium for rebuilding nicely for the premiere.

Two actors, Anna and his nephew, a little music and some video projections is the only thing that breaks the darkness. Henricsson and nephew are dressed in black, but the hoods on sweaters have Johansson equipped with bright loops and the insides are lined with reflective material. The heads show up as floating images and present itself as a reflection from another dimension. Everything from politics to physical laws

The couple are out on a rescue mission and, despite the fictional distance is the enlightened about us and our time, they can see both forward and backward. In the floating contact Jens Peter mixes fact and fiction about everything from politics to physical laws. He uses concepts and skills that schools are dealing in the present age. Lord of the threat, insecurity, exclusion and betrayal get actual mounts, and even students' mobiles have an active role.

The text is packed and heavy the actors do not have a turning radius of design. Seems to me too anxious, but pacifiers students are the material of reflective clothing for discussion.


Wear reflective clothing play table tennis in the dark

This second edition of Dark Ping Tour begins with La Retz on 25 November! Sports and playful start and player will wear reflective material clothing.

The Table Tennis departmental committee chose 44 Table Tennis Club La Bernerie to inaugurate the second edition of the Dark Ping Tour (or table tennis in the dark) Friday, November 25. The Bernerien Club is the first club selected for a tour of twelve dates in the Loire Valley.

For participants, it is to play in the dark, wearing reflective clothing specific, and the stripes on the tables and nets, adequate light.

Accessible to all, licensed or not, registrations are to home. The departmental committee provides eight tables and ensures the organization of this special sporting event.

Practical information:

Open to the public spectator, competition will be held Friday, November 25, 2016, at 20 pm at the sports hall of La Bernerie. A bar and a small restaurant stand will be available for the activity and players in reflective fabric clothing.


How to choose the reflective material school bag for September

The weight of the backpack is not the sole responsibility of poor posture and injuries. By checking a few essential details like reflective tape you provide good security for your child.

The start of school approaching and it is time to renew the school supplies for children. The satchel is one of the key elements among the purchases of that period. Since it is supposed to last a few years, it is essential to choose a product for children, easy to use and secure to protect his back. Here are some tips on this:

A backpack distributes the weight balanced on the shoulders and back unlike a shoulder bag. Explain to your child why it is important that the door on both shoulders. Padded shoulder straps and lap belt even better distribute the weight across the back and hips. Portions reflective fabriccan improve the safety of the child if he has to walk on the side of the road in the early morning or evening. Finally, check that the seams are of good quality and that the zippers are protected with a cloth so that water seeps inside.

The weight

Once completed, the bag must not exceed 10% of the weight of the child, said the site of the Ministry of Education, so be sure to choose a strong but lightweight product. Leather, for example, is very heavy. Check that the back part is well padded: children sometimes throw all their stuff in the bag and can hurt themselves when they schoolbag on his back. Ideally, the heaviest books should be placed in the central part.

How to wear

The binder should not go lower than the curve of the back, or not lower than 10 cm below the waist. To identify, count between 2.5 and 5 cm between the attachment point straps and upper shoulders. A reflective material bag worn too low can lead to poor posture and cause back problems.


Tourism: wear a safety vest to visit a factory

Industrial tourism is booming in France with 13 million visitors in safety vest last year. Logically, "Le Guide du" has launched a "company" edition.

A sign that this new form of tourism comes out of anonymity, Le Guide du has decided to reference 450 in a new volume. Besides, there are not only impressive and highly mechanized factories: 90% of the proposed rides are rather traditional SMEs, such as cheese dairies or soap factories.

France inter has already taken you this summer behind the scenes of the airport, visited every year by nearly 4,000 curious. This time, the editors chose the plant in Seine-Saint-Denis. Neighbors, curious or enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers, for a year the company proposes to put on a yellow reflective vest and a helmet to visit a place usually closed to the public.

Tourism and transparency

The supply of industrial tourism is very dense. Today there are more factories opening their doors than museums in France! 5,000 sites are discovered, and this has positive effects. First, reassure the neighborhood, sometimes worried, but also offer a better image to the general public. There is also a financial advantage, entry is rarely free and, for more craft enterprises, the creation of a souvenir shop and some reflective material accessories is a new source of complementary income. According to a study by the Ministry of Economy, an industrial tourist buys 2.5 times more a product after having seen its manufacture.

If you would like to know the list of companies open to the public, you can go to the portal of the company visit.


The procession in safety vest of the Saint-Nicolas under surveillance

Security will be increased at the parade of St. Nicolas, the City did not wish to question. On this occasion, the reflective materialand human resources have been revised upwards.

Despite a binding, the town maintains and claims the feast of St. Nicolas, a cultural event inseparable from Lorraine.

This year the arrival of St. Nicolas and conduct of the parade will be under high security. Additional protective forces have been mobilized, with three agents of the municipal police, six policemen, and the presence of the Red Cross.

The event will follow its usual organization with the public rally, up from 17 h 30. Career At the entrance of the square will be installed security gates funnel to perform a systematic visual inspection of people and especially the bags. These are municipal agents, equipped with a yellow safety vest, which will be empowered to audit. "Security is everybody's business," says Christine, Director General of services.

Everything is implemented to protect spectators and participants of this festival so popular with children. It is a fireworks show that will open the festivities, fireworks about fifteen minutes, started from the church of St. Nicolas. The patron saint will appear on the balcony of the Louis school. Then join the mayor, to the keys of the city, in the presence of the sub-prefect, Jane. Once the wisdom of St. Nicolas of recommendations made to the children, it will begin the parade through the streets of downtown. Also for safety reasons, candy will be distributed from hand to hand by volunteers framing tanks and groups on foot.

Is expected, also, cut traffic in the city center from 16: 30 pm, and accompanied by the release of parking spaces with reflective tape mark on the square career, at noon, Saturday, December 3. "When you make a gift, it is not revealed in the price," said Allan Marques.


Gift in the form of reflective tapes can save lives

City Rožmitбl handed out to all schoolchildren and preschool children reflective tape. This gift to the crest of the city came in the very first week of validity of the amendment to the Road Traffic Act also all residents of nursing homes.

Pedestrians have from Feb. 20 to the obligation to wear a reflective element if, for example, in the dark, at dusk or in fog fall outside Children and seniors received from the town hall reflective tape. Of the village on the shoulder or side of the road in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting. Experts add that for your own safety, it is good to use reflective material wherever danger that the driver has the option pedestrians safely and on time to discern.

"By purchasing reflective strip are children and people in our nursing service they wanted above all to ensure greater safety on the roads. Moreover, thanks to this gift from the city to follow the revised road law, without paying any money, "said Mayor." Certainly it is a meaningful investment. Even if it helped prevent even a single serious injury, it's worth it. See and be seen is the basic rule of safety on roads where pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable, "said the mayor.


Reflective accessory for pedestrians? Attention to the law, police remind

With the coming of autumn, chilly weather and shorter days are still to pedestrians’ highly topical reflective tape on clothing. It’s also wearing bad visibility while walking along the road outside the village compulsory.

"Now I have something to fall reflective bought the whole family, including her husband. Children have reflective elements directly on briefcases, but that does not wear all the time, "he explained the woman thirty-three. All purchased reflective tape that usually worn on the leg, and then the children have wheels, which they placed on the zipper jackets.

Pedestrian, who was wearing dark clothing, the driver recorded a distance of less than twenty meters. When wearing a reflective vest, the driver can see at a distance of two hundred meters. It is because the material reflects light in a narrow cone back to the source.

Just let SEE

Items of reflective material is best to place the knees or on the sleeves and waist level. When people have only one reflective element, it is important that it should mounted on the side towards the road and not hidden somewhere under clothing. Purchase can be, for example, stationery, sports goods stores, a supermarket, but also in a newsagent, a post office and a gas station.

Since the end of February, an amendment to the Act which clearly stipulates that pedestrians moving on the road outside the village must have at reduced visibility wearing reflective material. These must be visible from the front and from behind. "The inspections will focus on it. But rather we focus on prevention. We strive to people to warn these things, "said police spokesman. The closest preventive actions who can see the winner take place on November 11.


Shining examples of safety – reflective vest

60 safety vests received the Max Metzger School from ADAC, 1c the class she has hastily tried.


It is a tradition that the ABC students get to their school entry by ADAC reflective vests, which should make the children on their way to school right now, in the dark winter months, to traffic visible.


On Thursday it was again: Karl Heinz Renner, Chairman of Motorsport Club (MSC), brought a thick package with 60 copies of the yellow- and orange-colored vest in reflective material with the Max-Metzger-school past.


At the children and especially their parents, it is now to ensure that the security of the West using the initial joy is also part of everyday journeys to school outfits, such as the MSC Chairman remarked. They went for Renner to the school, where he also the first graders "their" West brought; last week the action has already taken place.


Karl Lagerfeld promotes safety vests

"It's yellow, it's ugly, it matches anything," said the German fashion designer describes the safety vests that you have to carry in France from July in the car. But because they save lives, Lagerfeld supported the action and clips itself the fashion sensation through.


France has been able to fashion German Karl Lagerfeld persuade them to promote safety vests on the road. "It's yellow, it's ugly, it matches anything, but it can save lives," said Lagerfeld, who for the presented in Paris on Wednesday educational campaign even plated areflective vest.


Motorists in France must have a safety vest with reflective material and a warning triangle in the car in July; October a penalty of 135 Euros is payable if the police caught a driver without. The government wants to end the month with billboards and radio spots on the new regulation carefully.


Provide ADAC warning vests to ABC guards

Historic racing club in the ADAC is committed to the ADAC Foundation "Gelber Engel"

. Somewhat unbelieving, but also very curious, the ABC shooters, the 25 first graders of the State Elementary School " Ephraim Lessing" on Tuesday morning, when the director of the school, opened their eyes to an important meeting in the foyer of the school Together. Did they even "eat" something, or what was? Of this entire nothing! Only guests had come to the ADAC with Thomas Roth, Chairman of the Historical Race Club. In ADAC, and Brigitte, Member of the Board of HRC, who had brought something with them? Luminous yellow and orange reflective vests from the ADAC were the ones which they handed over to the children and which immediately covered them with glowing eyes.

Seeing and being seen is a very important moment in road traffic and on the way to school in the coming dark season, according to Thomas Roth, who handed over the ADAC warning vest to the ABC shooters to take the starting shot for the safety challenge for schoolchildren of the ADAC in the district Has.

"Every year 30,000 children under the age of 15 are killed in traffic, often because they are not seen or too late. To prevent this and increase safety, children on the way to school should wear reflective clothing such as Wear a safety vest. For this reason, the ADAC "Gelber Engel" Foundation is conducting the security campaign for schoolchildren for the sixth time. It thus makes an important contribution to the traffic safety of children ", can be read in an information material of the ADAC. Thomas Roth emphasized in the warning vest delivery to the children: "To be seen comes on! Through thereflective materialof these safety vests children are seen well in the dark from a distance of 140 meters. If the clothes are only light, they are perceived from a distance of 40 meters. Darkly dressed children can recognize a driver in the spotlight only 25 meters before - too late to stop in time. This is exactly what we, the ADAC and the association, want to change with our commitment. The key to the success of this action, however, is that children also wear safety vests. Parents and teachers should therefore pay attention to the fact that the children wear these vests daily.

”When it came to the distribution of the safety vest, there was of course excitement and big eyes among the children. The West had to be tried at the same time and the schoolchildren proudly introduced them. They already look sharp, the warning vests with the luminous symbols as well as the reflective stripes at the front as well as at the back and on the hood, which let the children shine from afar. But the West was not only dashing, the children felt great in what they saw their bright eyes. And when every one of the first years got a balloon from the ADAC, there was a lot of fun, because you can do a lot.

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