Reflective jacket for autumn and winter

With the advent of autumn aura, rich in variable conditions, shorter days and strong winds, most of us opened the wardrobe to find the most comfortable clothes. If you did not find anything appropriate, this reflective jacket test may of interest to you. On our editorial table set Endure hit series Lomenta, which ideally will work in virtually any conditions of autumn.

Hailing from Scotland Endure autumn aura has in abundance, so from the very beginning the entire collection bestowed producer credit of trust. This collection is dedicated to both everyday driving around town, and longer winter training on the highway. As the name suggests, a series of Lomenta have excellent visibility, which is essential when the days are getting shorter, and we want to feel safe on the road. Fashion yellow colors and reflective panels located on either side confirmed only the motto of the whole collection: "Choose life - select Lomenta".

When I first took a jacket in his hand, the material seemed to us incredibly thin. Appearances proved to be confusing, and used cloth helped create a product that provides good thermal insulation while at the same time very light. Jacket has good "breathability." If you need additional ventilation may be helpful zippers in the armpits. Waterproof fabric, which consists of 2.5 layers, has solid support in the form of bonded seams, respectively, which protects us against strong wind and rain. Bicycle fit perfectly suited to everyday driving around the city, by adjusting the collar, cuffs, and responsible for the "hug" jackets, which were hidden in the side pockets.

Jacket off very good technical properties allows you to feel safe on the road, thanks to a solid number of reflectors placed in strategic locations that are visible from a long distance even in complete darkness! Endure reflective panels on the same, however, did not stop. Noteworthy is located in the back of his jacket pocket LED light, working in three modes: continuous, intermittent or variable intermittent frequency. Lamp mounting system is positioned on the inside and no major problems allows for quick disassembly and included in the kit according to the announcement allows the battery for about 50 hours.

Undoubted advantages of the jackets are also pockets. Endure delights in vast areas in which we are easily able to hide the bare essentials. Lomenta jacket is equipped by the manufacturer with three pockets in the front and high rear pocket. Very good solution is capacious pocket on the left chest, giving access at any time to the ringing phone, documents, and tickets to the office or small coffee. An additional advantage is the ability to carry the headphones inside the jacket through special silicone holes. Side pockets, covering the aforementioned cuffs, like the rest of his pocket, lined with fine hairs are very pleasant, so that the cooler days we can warm your hands, as we saw on the occasion of the first cold weather. The rear compartment is protected by a wide strip, preventing wet hidden objects. No problem in it will put a lot of items and special cut your pocket, thanks to laser cut-out panels of reflective material, does not force us to stow objects.




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