You have three times the chance at night with the reflex tape

They have tested whether the reflection element can actually save life for pedestrians. It turned out to help surprisingly much. The walker with the strap is seen three times as far away as a pedestrian in ordinary clothing. Therefore, the driver gets valuable seconds to react.

One would say: a plain striped belt. When I kept him at dusk in the alley, I almost doubted he was going to do something for me. However, in the darkness that only the reflectors of the car brighten, the belt suddenly shines. The Ministry of Transport and Traffic Police jointly suggest that all the pedestrians who are in poor visibility on the edge of a street where street lamps are not lit (more here) should wear the belt the following winter. The relevant law has already been drafted, and it approved by the Ministry in the second half of the year.

Do you think introducing mandatory pedestrian reflexes is a good idea?

Together with the camera operator, we took three measurements. We started by trying to see how far the driver of an unlit pedestrian can see. Followed by a two-piece reflex tapes experiment wrapped around the sleeve and around the foot. For the third time, I put on a reflective vest, which is used for example by roadmen.

The precursor to the current head of the traffic police played in the interviews with the idea that the pedestrians should wear a vest. At the first attempt, I went like an illuminated figurant on the sidewalk, and the camera operator in the car had to stop now he saw me. Then I used the mobile and GPS app to measure the distance between my position and the car. We verified the distance by stepping.

It was just before eight o'clock in the evening, not yet complete darkness. We were told we had seen 50 meters in front of the car, and it was because it was only blushing and I had the red pants at the same time. These are better than dark. The second attempt took place with the reflective strip a few minutes later in the regular darkness. A measured distance of 147 meters was shown on the mobile display. It came to me that the car is from a safe distance from me.

Guide patrons to make safety and fashion

Supporting the creators of a system for producing tailor-made jeans with reflective strips, the editors of a new fashion magazine, or the designers of an androgynous clothing collection are three examples of the projects you can wager on Kick starter, a platform for Make patrons and go shopping that is experiencing a great boom.

Fashion and innovation are two concepts that often walk together. That is why it is not surprising that a web that rewards originality is frequented by fans and professionals to hunt trends. In addition, betting on crowd funding also means saying yes to a financing system that turns its back on banks. Something that has a lot of pull if we consider the popularity they have enjoyed since Lehman Brothers and company panicked the world.

In essence Kick starters operation is extremely simple: you propose an idea that you want to finance (there are exceptions), the amount of money needed to put it into practice, explain what your patrons will get in return based on your donations and make a presentation of Your project as clear and beautiful as possible. You should keep in mind that Kick starter is in the United States, although there are ways to present a project from Spain.

Whether seeking to make a donation selflessly or to purchase a reflective product that has fascinated the procedure is simple. You only need to use your Facebook account to sign up for Kick starter and also have one on Amazon to make payments. That's enough to start looking for projects that interest you.

You can bet on those who have already obtained the funding they are looking for and are raising funds or not. In the latter case if the project at the end of 90 days has failed to raise enough money, you have the money that you have contributed. You should also keep in mind if you want to get a product that the project managers send out of the United States. Something that happens in many cases adding a supplement to the amount requested.

Keep in mind, however, that Kick starter does not offer guarantees on the projects it hosts. Some have ended in fiasco after achieving the amount that was marked as goal. But you do not have to be too scared. It is not often that happens. In any case if you have doubts you can always ask the promoter directly anything before making any donation. It may also be well to goggling a bit to gather information on those submitting the projects if you are going to make a large donation.

Here are three examples of fashion proposals that have not yet achieved the quantity that have been marked and that allow shipments to Spain. Reflective clothing is good for riding or skating. If you are horrified by the typical reflective vests you can try to get one of the T-shirts from the Fix project. They are ideal to make yourself visible while riding on bikes or skates. As its design is attractive you can also wear them for the day. You have less than 10 days to support the proposal and for 55 dollars to get a shirt (with shipping costs to Spain included).

Some of the projects are very reminiscent of the teleshopping ads. That is at least what we have suggested stockings with socks built to wear Boo tights high boots. You can get a pair of them for $ 25 plus the 5 that costs shipping to Spain. Although, yes, at the moment does not go very well. They have only risen just over $ 3,000 and have to reach 25,000 by August 23rd.

Reflex tape test for the best and the worst

The lighted mobile or the white T-shirt will not save your life on the night road. You'd better buy reflective elements, ideal for the widest bands in bright colors. But there are huge differences between them - the ability to reflect light is the best of them, compared to the last sixty times.

The Pilot Formula 1 takes about a quarter of a second before it can respond to an unexpected impulse. The average driver is four times slower. When the evening is torn from work or disturbed by dense chameleonic, its reaction time is still significantly prolonged. Now imagine what happens if a chauffeur in such conditions and moods encounters the "invisible" pedestrian road.

For example, over 130 pedestrians died on the roads last year, 60 percent of which were killed at night. Therefore, according to the amendment to the Road Act, pedestrians are obliged to wear so-called retro reflective material as of February when they move on an unlit road outside the village in the dark, dark, in heavy rain, snow or in the tunnel.

If your life depends on a plastic bracelet, which is roughly the same as one black coffee on the bottom, the question is: Are all of the same quality?

Therefore, the MF DNES Test has tested 26 reflective tapes together with BESIP. We bought them in different places - in shops, post offices, gas stations and e-shops. Measurement of the retro reflection, the intensity with which the tapes reflect the light, was undertaken by an accredited laboratory of the Center for Transport Research.

Most of them are bright yellow

At first glance, tapes at both ends of the qualitative scale are virtually the same - light green, plastic, self-winding. "In fact, it's not the color of the tape, but the amount and density of a special glass mass that provides a reflection of light in the tape," explains the principle of BESIP Martin. However, it is difficult for the layman to know.

The first advice on how to properly choose a reflective tape is, according to the Painter, "Be careful if the tape complies with the standard."

In mind, the standard is EN 471 or 20471. Look for the tape or the enclosed instructions. However, as the test showed, the quality of retro reflection does not necessarily have to be directly related to the quality of the information given. That is why the Farer recommends considering color.

"We recommend the color most bright yellow that is best visible and red or green," says the BESIP chief. Although the red color of reflective elements conforms to a technical standard, it is also better to choose the lightest shade - which is also confirmed by the test results. There was no red or even orange tape in the first half of the ladder, but the last eight had a color of just five.

"The ideal is white and silver, where no color is applied to dampen the reflection. The color will partially absorb the light that falls on it, so the darker the strip will be, the less it will shine, "explains the consequences of physical laws Lukas of the technology company 3M, which deals with the development and production of reflective materials.

The third advice when selecting a tape is quite practical, namely to try to get the widest reflective strip. And when you have the option, choose a predicable dealer for your purchase. Ideal is to get the tape directly with the BESIP logo, the top three also received two products from the Czech Post offer.

A Nike Flash high visibility vest for safety

When you find out what this safety vest is made of, you will certainly be able to exclaim: What?! Well yes, it's really made of goose down! And that's far from being the only gadget that will surprise you. The "Flash" in the title means that you will not just run like a flash, but you will also shine. This is exactly what this vest is going to bring to you this year, if you have been worthy of the whole year, helping the road and not choking anyone.

The vest has on the chest and in the upper two thirds of the back of the classic tunnels filled with thermal insulation material. You know exactly the same with feather jackets. But they are not so busy here. The waistcoat is designed to cool well, but not overheat when it is cold. The manufacturer had to take into account the specifics of active movement at low temperatures. This also corresponds to the processing of individual tunnels. Their departments no longer provide classic sewn seams, but seams welded with state-of-the-art technology. These joints are wider and in the middle of each you will find laser-cut, regularly changing smaller and larger ventilation holes. On the back, the vests pass through the reflective fabric, but on the chest there are two layers that follow on like bricks - where the top layer has an insulating charge, the lower layer has ventilation holes and vice versa. Even though the chest area is ventilated, the wind will not blow your vest.

Upstairs, the vest is ended by a small collar, which may give reason to regret that it does not have a proper roller collar. However, it is also well-calculated - when the runner heats up, the feeling of cold on his neck is gone, and he can enjoy the pleasant touch of a small elastic collar that does not squeeze out anywhere. The vest also has elastic side panels, so you do not have the least fear of limiting your movement during the run. Its rear is elongated, so you will not get back from it even in a very dynamic run.

The vest is fastened with a zipper with two opposite riders, so it can only be unlocked from the bottom when you need to step up in the mountains or hills, for example, and you do not want to clothe your garment. I was just a little surprised at the beginning that I had riders on the other side than I expected (and really it was a men's variant). It's just a habit, so the manufacturer has all the zips in the men's models. Enjoy the water-repellent finish of the overcoat, which will give you a relatively lightweight overcoat in relative dry conditions.

You'll definitely appreciate the pair of zippered pockets. Each of them holds a small secret. One includes a stitched elastic hand strap and a double-sided zip. So the vest is just enough to stuff the cloak into this pocket, turn it on - and you have a light, practical pack of warm clothes on the road. In the second pocket you will find a small internal pocket for the MP3 player or a key from the house.

The upper two-thirds of the front and rear waistline prints a huge number of reflective segments. If something in the dark shines on you, you will surely see it from an international orbital station. It's just a shine like lightning. Different wide lines also make up a very interesting design element, which optically opposes even under ordinary daylight. The same motif is used by Nike for other garments this year's winter collection. A large reflective strip is added at the back of the back.

I wonder in vain what's best about this jacket. Dust Goose Quill? Dazzling Reflector? Can you pack it into a small pocket and put it on your hand? I cannot decide exactly why a person falls in love with this warm girlfriend. But know that you will not want to leave from a run-of-date rendezvous with her. Do not even run away.

more color for safety clothing, please

The Hamburg police in reflective vest want more colorful clothes to reduce accidents. Other topics of the newsletter "deepening of the Elbe": a fish restaurant and child protection

Good Morning,

"Dogs that are no longer allowed to run without a leash on the Isabel, smooth roads, cyclists with fingers," wrote a reader from Barmen, "us in Hamburg it's still gold. She's see what's on the islands off! "

So we look at the islands. Languor about stranded some time ago and weeks before Easter thousands of colorful surprise eggs (without chocolate coating). What at first amputate like a scene from a fairy tale movie, soon turned to annoyance? So we can be ever so very great-great-great-descendant of pirates and robbers beach, what shall be identical with 267 plastic figures? Then Lego blocks, then plastic reflective strip came, and finally the whole of man overboard shipping containers was coming blessing for tangible waste problem.

On the other hand, winter storms drove containers with timber of. That would have been able to rather take the islanders, but there was the bureaucracy before: Imports into the EU have to be cleared! So the wooden beams distributed only over the beach, and then, at high tide, drove them back into the sea and brought ships in danger.

Salt but does that problem track. When regional transport to the mainland had reached "the limit of what is reasonable," now attributed desperate Island Mayor and entrepreneurs in a letter which is present ndr.de. The rolling stock was "too described as historic," under the high susceptibility to failure suffer "the safety of travelers." And otherwise the conditions are obvious, as known from Internet forums unnerved train victim knows - of non-communication across treacherous track change games to broken toilets. Only in December, the German railway acquired the regional transport between Hamburg and Wasteland, after the previous operator, the Nord-Ostsee, all had drawn carriage for coupling problems from the market. This was followed by torturous swing replacement services, precipitating compounds, Minister Proverbs instead, and then came the German railway. But there are still problems. Even with the couplings. They would, so studied ndr.de for months. Why so long? "Only when we know the cause, you can find a solution," said a spokesman expressed as compared to the NDR.

Dear Reader from Barmen, you're right. And as for the dogs of the Isabel Concern: The dog owners wear reflective clothing whose pets not even allowed to freely run around in a corner in the future by the canal, are now collecting signatures against the arbitrariness of the district.

The new design reflective jacket

At this time of the year you can only better protected against cold and wet weather. Moreover, there is a new version of the ordinary Hot Pack. Rain and cold the past few days were ideal for the Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket test (130 Euros). The safety jacket does what it promises and that is first and foremost protecting against rain. The droplets slide as the jacket off and the waterproof zipper and taped seams ensure that no leakage of fluid. You will feel more wetness by your own sweat, because the temperature in the Hot Pack can soar despite the breathability.

'Stretch' is another asset of this jacket. The stretch panels at the back and elastic cuffs ensure that the jacket closely. The jacket is rather small. At the front is quite short, at the back it is sometimes longer.

The Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket is predominantly white, with black and red accents and reflective elements. It is easy to fold and fold into a pouch sewn with drawstring for a convenient stowable scoop. With its 130 grams, it is also very light to carry. For much quality you obviously pay a price.


In addition to the stretch version is still the ordinary Hot Pack, one of the best-selling raincoats in the market. In 1999 Sportful came up with the first Hot Pack on the market, a compact jacket against the rain and wind. Persistently test and refine brings us now to the 5th version of this lightweight guardian. This time the back was extended a bit to prevent splashing water, there was a reflective strip back to better stand out, there were fewer seams, some leakage of water prevents even better, and were sleeve closures made longer with an opening thumb to stop off even better the wind.

Hotpack is a compact jacket with a minimum of weight (79 g) and a maximum of protection. Schoeller NanoSphere fabric it makes it water repellent. Wind has no chance: 100% windproof and with an extra high collar. In addition, it has an excellent breathability. This is further enhanced by the extra vents on the back. The integrated bag back immediately serves as a storage pouch. You put him away in your pocket at the outbreak of the sun, or commencing the climb.

Hot Pack 5 is available in the reflective material jacket (85 Euros) and cardigan (70 Euros), and in black, white and fluorescent yellow. Specifically for women, the fit was adjusted. A fluorescent yellow version for women is now. Besides Hot Pack 5 have already a family.

Gift in the form of reflective tapes can save lives

City Rožmitl handed out to all schoolchildren and preschool children reflective tape. This gift to the crest of the city came in the very first week of validity of the amendment to the Road Traffic Act also all residents of nursing homes.

Pedestrians have from Feb. 20 to the obligation to wear a reflective element if, for example, in the dark, at dusk or in fog fall outside Children and seniors received from the town hall reflective tape. Of the village on the shoulder or side of the road in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting. Experts add that for your own safety, it is good to use reflective material wherever danger that the driver has the option pedestrians safely and on time to discern.

"By purchasing reflective strip are children and people in our nursing service they wanted above all to ensure greater safety on the roads. Moreover, thanks to this gift from the city to follow the revised road law, without paying any money, "said Mayor." Certainly it is a meaningful investment. Even if it helped prevent even a single serious injury, it's worth it. See and be seen is the basic rule of safety on roads where pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable, "said the mayor.

Reflective strips on school bags

Each month seven children are victims of road accidents, often due to lack of visibility. To reduce risk, the Road Safety wants the reflective bands must be included in the binders of small schoolchildren.

In France, children are often victims of road accidents, most of the time on the way to school. From their 1.20 m, they do not apprehend the danger in the same way as adults, and motorists do not always have the reflex to stop in time when a toddler up behind a parked car, or to retrieve a ball. According to theRoad Safety, 7 children under 12 years are killed every month and 12 children were injured and hospitalized every day, 4,295 children per year.

Zero children killed on our roads.

To reduce the risk of accidents, the Road Safety Association published a manifesto entitled "Zero children killed on our roads." She claims a VAT rate of 5.5% for car seats against 20% today, the spread of pedestrian collision avoidance systems on all new vehicles as well as the speed limit of 30 km / h on the edge schools, gyms, parks and public gardens, estates and conservatories. The association also asked the secure management of all pedestrian crossings with zebra and a stop line one meter before passing.

Fluorescent strips on school bags.

Finally, the Road Safety wants reflective strip on all school back to school bags and bags become mandatory. In winter, when night falls early, children are visible at 150 meters instead of 30 meters. ”Withany law, safety devices would be widespread, fairly large and mostly well placed in front, behind and to the side," says the newspaper Le Anne, President of the Association Road Safety. In Germany for example, the binders are regulated: the reflective tape should cover 20% of the surface of the bag and 10% of straps.

Finally, remember that accidents occur most often between 11 and 13 years old at the time of entry into 6th. It was during this period that young school children are the way for the first time, to visit their new school. Do not hesitate to make the trip together and make sure your child is well integrated all codes and road hazards before letting him make the path as a great.

Jacket with reflective tape that keep you safe

The Dutch supplier MACNA was working for twenty years on products for pilots. After Mood jacket with reflective tape, his new jacket Ivy RL was designed for women who ride every day on a motorcycle or scooter.
Featuring a straight cut, Ivy RL is constructed using tissue abrasion resistant and weatherproof membranes. Inside, the RL Ivy has a removable thermal lining in fine weather. The Ivy RL is more compatible with the new heating vest MACNA range. Practicalities aside, this jacket has two large side pockets. Finally, in terms of security, Ivy RL includes safeguards elbows and shoulders CE approved, and a housing for receiving a spine. This model is also equipped with reflective strips on the sides and front of the jacket. These "Side Eye" bands are invisible by day, but a reflective after dark.
The Ivy RL jacket is also available in a version by MACNA entirely of reflective Night-Eye technology. This version is available in anthracite. This version of Ivy RL combines discretion daytime high power night vision. Old crap snake legislation, wearing reflective equipment has become mandatory under certain conditions, from 1 January.
jacket features MACNA Ivy RL

Soft Touch material
Waterproof and breathable membrane Reinter
Removable winter lining
shoulders and elbows CE protectors
housing for receiving a dorsal
Reflecting device Side Eye
size adjustment system
Prepared to receive a heating safety jacket
Sizes: XS to XXL
Colors: black, beige or anthracite Night-Eye

Fomented - Saint-Jacques de Compostable on foot: it left for Zed!

At almost 80 years, Zephyr Regard, a resident of Saint-Georges-des-Grisailles with safety vest, left walk Fomented this Friday towards Saint-Jacques de Compostable.
It left for Zed! This inhabitant of Saint-Georges-des-Grisailles, near Fleers, took the road to Saint Jacques de Compostable, this Friday, May 1, at 8:00.
Zephirin Jegard, who turns 80 on August 25, wearing a reflective vest, intends to make the round trip, which is a walk of 3000 km. He will be back in about 5 months.
Before leaving, Zed had invited his relatives at the community hall of Fomented near Bronze, to share a coffee. The mayor of Saint-Georges-des-Grisailles, Guy Lange, wanted to make the move.
Then the Georgian took the start of the cross of Saint-Jacques, the Yveteaux, which was specially moved for this event. The rain did not deter Zef and some friends who wanted to accompany him in the first kilometers of the long march.
Already exploits to his credit
His entourage crafted him a cart with reflective strips so that he can take his equipment, including a tent and clothing. He has not forgotten his Credential, a pilgrim book, he did dab at his departure.
This is not the first time that Zephyr Regard embarks on such a challenge. In 2000, the Breton of origin had made a world tour by bicycle, or 30 000 km, and a few years later, the Brest-Vladivostok distance, especially.

Jacket with integrated airbag for motorcyclists of the National Police

With the approach of winter, the motorcyclists of the National Police will receive a new outfit: Boots adapted to the practice of two-wheels, all-season pants and safety vest airbag are scheduled ...
While on October 2 the Interior Minister, Manuel Vals has mandated wearing gloves for users of motorized two-wheelers, it is clear that the interest brought to the lives of 2,400 motorcyclists of the Police or much more important ...
Avoid heavy legacy
Indeed, in late November, bikers Police will wear a new outfit with a fitted jacket with an airbag. As is the case for equipment for individuals, this airbag is integrated into the jacket and fires in 130 milliseconds in case of fall. It allows taking care of neck, back, sides, but also the chest of our security forces including fifty experiencing the fall in intervention during the year.
More visibility
Also, if the airbag made its appearance, it is clear that the jacket will make bikers (the police) more visible. Indeed, in addition to the "POLICE" visible, marine blue, blue sky and reflective tape, their new outfits receive fluorescent yellow reflective strips at the pants and jacket. The equipment is also reinforced by specific protective shells placed at the shoulders, elbows and forearms.
It is also worth noting that pants every season is part of the lot and the riding boots will not be used. They will be replaced by boots more suited to the practice of two-wheelers.

Six tips for sports safety in winter

Whether you come to put you to the sport or you regularly pratiquiez physical activity, in winter there are some basic rules that it is good to respect. Here are 6 tips to practice sports in the winter. Safety vest is necessary for practice.

Temperatures drop more and more, it gets dark early and put his nose out can resemble an obstacle course. In winter, it is important to follow some rules to play sports safely and without putting his health at risk.
1. Stay in the Light

In winter, the sun rises late and it's dark early enough, if you're used to run out around 6 or 7 am or around 19h, you must be careful to see where you step and especially to be seen motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. For this you can provide yourself with a front or ventral lamp to see and reflective strips on clothing or a reflective vest to be seen.
2. Choose the right outfit

As we mentioned earlier, it is important that your outfit will allow you to see and be seen if you run in the morning or in the evening after 18pm. It must also be suited to the climate. The idea is to opt for 3 layers of clothing: one to wick away perspiration, the second to keep the heat and third in waterproof material. Cover your priority extremities: head, hands and feet, feel free to use gloves and a hat or headband to the head.
3. Warm up longer

Now that you have put on the perfect outfit for sports in winter, you can go to heating. Know that when it's cold there more risks possibly resulting in injury, so you have to warm up longer than usual.
4. Do not sports below 0 C

Even if it's cold, you're right to want to continue to play sports, but careful not to put your body at risk. Below 0 C it is best not to go running outside, rather prefer the sports sessions indoors. You are sporty and courageous but remember that you are not a super-hero!
5. Remember to hydrate yourself

Quite often it is repeated in summer: it is important to stay hydrated especially when you do sport. But this is not because it is 5 C outside that your body does not need water! Remember to stay hydrated in winter the sensation of thirst is lower than in summer, the risk of dehydration are very large. When you run or you go to the gym, always carry a water bottle with you.
6. Wrap up warm

After your workout you are sweating and you're hot, but you must not forget to cover yourself. To avoid colds, the ideal is to go into dry clothes after your session; otherwise you may find yourself with reflective accessories bedridden with fever of 40 C!

You get to brave the cold for your workout? It's very brave! But remember that in winter there are certain rules for sports without endangering!

People in reflective clothing talk about the Ministry

And we called it no MOE and Mari emergency rescue service (AMIS)) to our questions willingly and rescuers respond in detail to all acute and uncomfortable - open. Of particular interest are the stories of real cases. Honestly told about financial distress services: lack of equipment, supplies, and transportation makes itself felt. Usually, when people in reflective clothing talk about the Ministry of Emergency Situations, submitted him to the troop planes, helicopters, with the technique. Our rescuers that deprived - 4 radios and a navigator on the whole service ... Often, people do not work for money, but for the time off that has accumulated every 3 months. Since the shortage of people affected, they need help of volunteers and it is desirable at least in some measure prepared.

We hope that among us there are people who will respond and will be part of the search party Wild janitor. Another point, the search for missing people in the forest - is not a priority of the service, it is not an emergency situation, and the fact that you lost in the forest - it's your fault. Yes, that's so harsh truth of life. Let's go to the forest - tell your family where to go and why, that is take, wear reflective garment, bring food, water, matches, compass, navigation, mobile phone charged. If there is nobody to warn, you can safely call Mari emergency rescue services and indicate their intention. Yes, you can do so too!

Out in the woods September 10 and did not return. The search continued all the days since the disappearance. Now they are working Kazan dog handlers. Alive or alive - in any case, a person must be found. We have one in the car seat. If anyone has the opportunity to go on their own, will be good, the road to the camp is a good rescue.

WHAT TO BRING? - Water - food, no less than a day (the day of searching, you can lose 3 to 4 kg) - Flashlight - Whistle - charged phone - Compass - Navigator (if available) - the radio (if any) - first-aid kit (a minimum of: bandage, iodine) how to dress? - Durable clothing c / b, preferably a bright color - if not bright clothes - buy bright vest with reflective strips (worth 150-250r) - on foot or ankle boots. Who will be able to travel, write, and call?

How to check the quality of reflective elements

Not all materials have the required quality. Many of the patches after a short washing operation and dramatically lose their protective properties. Some of the icons or suspension originally has such a low coefficient svetovozvrata that are just decoration, but does not provide the necessary security to the owner.

1. Assess the appearance of stripes. The surface of the reflective element should be smooth, responsive and smooth to the touch; it should not have cracks, scratches, abrasions, creases and folds.

2. Make sure the tape has been sewn, if we are talking about the clothing / backpack. The lines must be located at a distance of 2-3 mm from the edge of the tape. This is to protect the edges from damage patch when washing or dry cleaning.

3. High-quality reflective strip has only a fabric base. Check the foundation can be slightly tilting edge sewed stripes. The largest manufacturers of retro reflective materials commonly labeled fabric base, to confirm the quality standard of the tape. It is also testament to the quality can be a tag with the manufacturer's logo, which is attached to clothing, shoes, and briefcases. If there is a drawing of reflectors, it should not be smeared and / or erased.

4. At home, check the quality of already purchased "Reflector" can be wrong. Aim the beam at an icon or badge - if you are in the hands of high-quality retro reflector, it will shine brightly in the beam. It is important that retro reflector operated at any angle, it is necessary to rotate the icon or suspension in different directions, continuing to shine on them. The glow of the retro reflective material shall not be degraded or disappear.


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