Crash barriers designated reflective tape for safety

Road workers began to guardrails on dangerous sections of roads lower classes put reflective tape. In the same way, and will refer to trees near roadways. Measures to improve safety and help reduce the number of accidents. Last year, according to statistics of traffic accidents claimed more than four dozen victims.

Drivers should have reflective tape in bad weather or at night to facilitate orientation on the roads, said spokesman Simon road racers. Moravian-Silesian Region owns 2,733 kilometers of roads, second and third class. For example, on reflective tape highlight the avenue of trees in the village Petro.

On Ocala were deployed in dangerous corners must be between Hradec Melt and villages, where they are often traffic accidents. Confusing and sharp turns are also referred, where a selection of high-risk sites helped police.

"The first class roads and motorways are reflective stripes already commonplace. We decided that we also contribute to reducing accidents and possible injuries on the roads of lower classes, where roads are often narrow with lots of blind turns and abundant trees. "

Half of the victims were pedestrians

In the Region last year on the road fewer people died than in previous years. While last year there were 45 lives in 2015, there were eight more. Nearly half of last year's accident victims while they were pedestrians, which after a collision with a car killed seven more than last year, said the head of traffic police Silesian.

The number of casualties is decreasing in the Moravian region in the long term since 2004, when police recorded 128 deaths on the roads. In 2013 there had been only 68, then the last 45. There were 227 the year before about 46 more.

The big problem Evil perceives mainly the number of deaths of pedestrians. Last year there were 22, before last seven less. "At least 11 cases were complicit," said Evil. They lay on the road, not wearing reflective vest, climbing over the guardrail, crossed a red light or entered directly under the wheels of a moving car. "We note a huge lack of discipline on the part of pedestrians. Definitely gamble with their lives, "he added.


VW delivers more than 300 police vehicles with reflective tape in Saxony-Anhalt

Volkswagen delivers more than 300 vehicles to the police in Saxony-Anhalt, after a Europe-wide tender for the Wolfsburg-based group received the order for the vehicles with reflective tapethat now come successively used.


299 Pass at sedans and Variant and another 36 models of VW strengthen the country's police Saxony-Anhalt; they are used both as a patrol car as well as for domestic use.


The keys to the first new vehicles took the interior minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Holger Stahlknecht, from the hands of Jost, Head of Volkswagen authorities Sales Germany, Magdeburg contrary. "Decisive for the acquisition of vehicles with reflective material were in addition to the quality and the consumption the good price / performance ratio," Stahlknecht said.


All cars are equipped with the two-liter diesel version with 140 hp, combined with the 6-speed dual clutch transmission. Feature is the unusual color coding, which is unique to police vehicles in Germany, according to VW. In addition to the silver-blue base design the Passat feature a revolving light yellow reflective stripes and the tail of a corresponding hatching. In grille front flashers are housed.


The market shares of producers in the nationwide for police fleet are not known. VW quoted unnamed market assessments, which total (cars and vans) comes every second police vehicle from their own group.




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