Dark shapes are a welcome

The Halloween parties are gaining in popularity and the number of visitors is increasing annually. Usually darkly costumed and / or painted as dark horror forms, without any reflective tape, the festive guests enter the journey to the next Halloween party.

But not with masks or other objects, which could hinder the driving behavior. It should also be noted that there are no exceptions to the requirements for seat belts and seat belts in Austria. During the drive, attention must also be paid to persons on and off the road. Sometime they will not wear the reflective vest for visibility and can’t be seen clearly. Frequently drowned ghosts can quickly get lost in the streets or react unexpectedly to motor vehicle drivers. That is why it is essential to adjust the speed, to calculate with untypical behavior of others and to avoid vandalism damage on the vehicle, park your own vehicle in a garage all night.

Highly visible, reflective materials

"If you go out into the dark night as a gloomy figure, you should be sure to wear reflective materials on the costume for a longer journey. Often, sidewalks and street lighting are sparse or not at all, which makes the dark creatures at the roadside very dangerous, "warns Jorgen.

In this sense - be careful and have fun at the next ghost hour!


New Reflective Cap - one size fits all

Did you notice? Winter this year is not what it used to be. Frosty days like saffron. Just like an opportunity to try to keep your ears free from Running. Not only need the safety vest but need you keep warm with safety.

Every experienced runner knows that the heat from the body escapes mainly by the hands and the head. That is why you need to cover these vulnerable parts. The hands are first on the wound, but the head also needs proper care - a warm hat, a headband, a scarf, a hood or a ski helmet ... Perhaps you will not feel that important, but you know that your head and head are escaping from the body Up to 40 percent heat? And that is not quite negligible, what do you think?

That's why investing a few hundred into a good running cap will definitely pay off. The test piece from Adidas is available in stores for 479 crowns. The three-striped sign in the emblem boasts that you will have your head warm and cool in the cap. All this thanks to a miracle in the form of a cloth, which also drains moisture from the skin.

Adidas bet on 100% polyester and reflective material, which is the most popular fiber in the textile industry. It is flexible and stable in shape; it is not tangled and holds its shape. All this is true of the tested cap. The manufacturer has made a pleasant micro flee on the inside, thanks to which the hat warmer also pleasantly fewer runners.

Thanks to the flexible and wide cuff, the cap is the way you need it. Adidas says one size fits all types of heads. It's hard to say, I had more running jogs during my testing, but I was sitting well. There is no problem in this regard. It was quite a refinement compared to the previous fleece cap, which slid off the head and had to be permanently modified. On the other hand, I did not remember until the moment I had taken off after the overdue.

I appreciated the classic shape of the hat, the bright black color, the reflexive details in the front and the back, the elegant three strips around the cushion ... Well, I admit - for the wilder running types it's a rather settled piece of clothing, however the main thing is that it does what it has. To bring more variety to your runs, you can buy pink socks.

From my point of view, running the Running cap is ideal especially in frosts or temperatures around zero. At plus values on the thermometer, it's still better to reach for some lighter hat. That's why I had three stripes on my head in the current winter less than I imagined myself. Well, this kind of summer seems to me somewhat unfortunate. We can protest against lack of frost, we can disagree with it, but that's probably all we can do with it.

However, running caps with reflective tape are not disposable things, so if you get cold this winter or leave your frosty arsenal next year, I'll be ready.


Reebok Spartan reflective shorts for rugged runners

Yes, these shorts are for rough actions like made. Thanks to the special reflective fabric, you can be rough runners moving through harsh obstacles, and yet there will be no wobbling, obstruction. The barbed wire symbol does not bear on its front for nothing. He is right in the collection of the Spartan Race mud fighters.

The manufacturer claims that when sweat, Mud Rivers, and barbed-up barriers or barbed wires come on, you can rely on these gates. He staked on Corduroy. You will most often encounter this fabric with equipment such as backpacks in nature, but also many items for the army. The fabric is very durable and is known for it’s very difficult to tear or break. So these shorts are right.

The pants are relatively simple cuts. The front panel is divided above by inserting a wedge-shaped cloth, which is a hint of a hat, but you cannot look for it anywhere. The fastening and tightening of the trousers at the waist is solved in an ancient proven way - by binding to the weave. The entire front panel of the yellow color is made of solid, durable fabric with reflective tape. Rear panels are flexible, so shorts do not limit movement. At the back, the belt is reinforced by a so-called solid seat. The waist circumference is so steady, fixed, and your pants will not come to you either when wet or just crawling through a mud ditch.

In front there is a large pictogram of barbed wire; the back of the pants is decorated with stylized black-and-white graffiti. On the left side you will find the brand of the manufacturer in reflection. The pants also have one large pocket with a zipper closure on the left hip. It is a bit unusually turned backwards so that its contents do not interfere with the craft already mentioned. For times when a person is not running Spartan Race and still wants to use shorts, I would welcome the same pocket on the other side.

The pant draw system has only a small deficiency - it is not as versatile as classic pulling by a drawstring, rubber or belt, so choosing a fitting size really needs to be chosen. It is available in six degrees from XS to XXL, so you should definitely do it. What to say at the end? The reflective shorts really did. They are becoming and durable, so if something goes wrong at the next muddy and other hurdle races, surely they will not. Running and mowing well!


Reflective clothing to avoid the paparazzi

The paparazzi have been, are and will be the great headache of celebrities. Fragrant photographs are the fear of most celebrities, as it can cost them the good image they try to show the public. Now the celebs can be quiet and all thanks to Chris Holmes. This well-known American DJ has launched a collection of clothes made with reflective materials that ruin any photo.

The musician has baptized his new line as Anti Paparazzi Collection since avoiding the shots is the end of his work. All the garments are made with a material of reflective fabric that reflects the flashes of the cameras. As a result, and in case a snapshot is taken, the subject's clothing shines to the point of concealing his face.

The original collection was inspired by the pieces of clothing with reflective tape that Holmes wore in his concerts with the group W.A.S.P, of which he was a guitarist, and "served to ruin the photos of the public." Years later, he decided to retrieve them "for a better purpose" and this was how he devised this innovative fashion firm, he explains in his online store.


New technique of footpaths with reflective tape

Claudio Cumberer, general director of Transportation of the Municipality of General, said in Radio that "it is important to mark the pedestrian path by reflective material in this area, to guarantee the effective access of people entering with an emergency."

"We paint the yellow and safety lines, as well as the pedestrian path and it is an excellent job that the entity is doing," he added.

Cabrera celebrated the installation of new taxi stands, such as the entrance to the MAR Museum, and said that "we are doing a survey to re-mark the bus stops that in some corners ends up being very confusing."


Intending Carlos Fernando Arroyo valued the work carried out by the Municipal Vehicle Entity in the area of the Private Hospital of Community and emphasized the "seriousness and professionalism to be able to finish an integral work in an area of much vehicular circulation and people." This happened today when supervising the closing of the work carried out by the Department of Traffic Engineering, belonging to the Entity of Roads and Public Lighting (EMVIAL) in Cуrdoba between Juan B. Justo.

In this sector, speed reducers were placed, the horizontal and vertical demarcation was made, the conditioning of the pedestrian paths and parking docks with concrete.

In this context, Arroyo in safety clothing said: "This is the fulfillment of an old promise between the Municipality and the Private Hospital of the Community. Today, we were able to concretize this work which is fundamental because all know the complexity of parking and movement, in addition to loading and unloading, in this place. "

Arroyo then said that "this Hospital is wonderful because of the number of staff it has and the services it provides, it is a place of maximum movement all year round. This work was required and we are managing to do it. We have replaced the 'donkey's back' that had been made by the previous administration by a modern system, we have placed - in one part - a system of signaling of the most modern in the world consisting of a rubberized layer that can even be used In adverse weather conditions ". The mayor was accompanied by the General Director of Transport, Claudio Cabrera, the councilman Patricia and the director of EMVIAL, Pablo.


On the other hand, a multinational company based in our city carried out a pilot test for the demarcation of the pedestrian path by placing a polyurethane demarcating tape with mesh and bituminous glue, a system that replaces the traditional demarcation with hot paint.

In this regard, Pablo Simony, president of the Entity of Roads and Public Lighting (EMVIAL) explained that "we are very happy because we are innovating with technology in Mar del Plata. Today we are placing two types of footpaths: one that we do with hot paint, as was usually done by EMVIAL and another with reflective tape and adhesive that grabs any type of substrate. This has no cost to the Municipality. From this, we will analyze what is the fruit of this new technology that we bring to Mar del Plata and that makes us very proud. "


Finally, Nicolas Gonzalez, administrator of the HPC, said: "This is very good because there is a circulation of almost 5,000 people who pass through the Hospital daily. For us, traffic, traffic, signage and parking were all a mess and complexity. The dock, parking control and signage have worked very well. We observe a very clear and clear change in the circulation that for us is fundamental. We are grateful for the efforts made by the Municipality. We have facilitated everything to have a better transit and a better and safe circulation of the people ".


The lightweight jacket with reflective tape for runners

No, this is not a fairy tale. This is a user test run of a lightweight jacket with reflective tape so you're probably no lighter yet in your hand. In truth, when we could see it for the first time, we mistakenly assumed that the Japanese mistakenly sent us a tissue paper model. Do you know all these lucky lamps? From light paper, somewhere in the middle you'll fire it, and its flying. Very imaginative, we said. Only then did we realize that this jacket is really real.

The lightweight 7D Jacket was really a great surprise. Running jacket in timeless, inflexible, waterproof, weighing 50 grams? A few days ago I would say that it is not possible. Ultrafine nylon fiber is durable, strong and lightweight.

The whole collar with a collar is made of the same material with a rips top finish. The small squares framed with stronger fibers prevent the fabric from further deteriorating in the case of damage to the fabric. The black jacket has a full-body zipper from the YKK quality workshop and has a fine graphic print on the shoulders and sleeves in the same reflective fabric green printing as the zipper itself. Ventilation under increased effort, both the sleeves and the bottom hem of the jacket are finished with elasticized waistband.

On the right side you will find a small double-sided zipper from the pocket, which also includes a larger mobile phone. If you do not use your jacket, you can pack it very comfortably into this pocket and use a stitched rubber strap to put it on your arm. The collapsed jacket, due to its small size, can fit virtually any pocket of other pieces of treadmill. In the shorts pockets, small pockets on a running jersey or vest. You can take it as a backup option anywhere for longer runs. You do not even feel weight in your pocket or backpack. At the same time, it is a piece of equipment that can literally save you in the mountains. In addition, all the prints are reflex.

Although the jacket is very thin and it may seem that its contribution to thermal comfort will not be stunning, the opposite is true. On the one hand, it creates a barrier capable of resisting the elements, and between the body and its cloth maintains a certain air layer. And that's what the thermal insulation is about. The immobile layer of air is a very good insulator. Even the famous goose feather is such a good insulator, precisely because it is capable of retaining air. On the other hand, these good qualities of the jacket will be greatly reduced if we have a backpack on our backs. Its weight in some places does not allow keeping the air-insulating interlayer.

Overall, the reflective jacket is probably not a mistake. It's very simple in both editing and execution, but you will not miss it. I think it's a great choice for challenging runs in worse conditions or uncertain weather conditions. At the same time, it will delight all who want the minimum weight of their equipment.


Responsible drivers received a reflective gift

The non-alcoholic beer and the reflective tape were given to drivers on Thursday morning for reward, who passed the roadside inspection without any problems. The police stopped the drivers on Bauer Street and checked the alcohol at the wheel. The preventive event called "Driving, I drink non-alcoholic beer" took place throughout the country.

The South Moravian police and Basin were jointly prepared in Brno, with breweries and malt breweries from the Czech Brewery and Malt Association. "Especially now, before Easter, we also try to warn the driver to avoid being drunk. In the morning, we have checked about 20 drivers so far and we have not seen anyone driving under the influence of alcohol, "regional coordinator Bezique Patel in reflective vest said after the first third of the morning.

At the same time, he remarked that many Easter holidays, when people drink more alcohol, are driving many drunk drivers. "That's why the preventive event takes place just before the Easter weekend," added Dike.

The police also stopped Martin during the check. "I think such preventive actions are very important because roads are dangerous because of irresponsible drivers. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by the small gift as a reward, "Hiver said.

Police officers in safety vest encounter drunken drivers quite often. "Similar events constantly remind drivers that they should drive responsibly, and never drive drunk or drugged. In the first two months of this year, we stopped one hundred and twenty-eight drunk drivers in Brno and one hundred and thirty drivers under the influence of drugs, "said Patel, spokesman for the South Moravian police.


Crash barriers designated reflective tape for safety

Road workers began to guardrails on dangerous sections of roads lower classes put reflective tape. In the same way, and will refer to trees near roadways. Measures to improve safety and help reduce the number of accidents. Last year, according to statistics of traffic accidents claimed more than four dozen victims.

Drivers should have reflective tape in bad weather or at night to facilitate orientation on the roads, said spokesman Simon road racers. Moravian-Silesian Region owns 2,733 kilometers of roads, second and third class. For example, on reflective tape highlight the avenue of trees in the village Petro.

On Ocala were deployed in dangerous corners must be between Hradec Melt and villages, where they are often traffic accidents. Confusing and sharp turns are also referred, where a selection of high-risk sites helped police.

"The first class roads and motorways are reflective stripes already commonplace. We decided that we also contribute to reducing accidents and possible injuries on the roads of lower classes, where roads are often narrow with lots of blind turns and abundant trees. "

Half of the victims were pedestrians

In the Region last year on the road fewer people died than in previous years. While last year there were 45 lives in 2015, there were eight more. Nearly half of last year's accident victims while they were pedestrians, which after a collision with a car killed seven more than last year, said the head of traffic police Silesian.

The number of casualties is decreasing in the Moravian region in the long term since 2004, when police recorded 128 deaths on the roads. In 2013 there had been only 68, then the last 45. There were 227 the year before about 46 more.

The big problem Evil perceives mainly the number of deaths of pedestrians. Last year there were 22, before last seven less. "At least 11 cases were complicit," said Evil. They lay on the road, not wearing reflective vest, climbing over the guardrail, crossed a red light or entered directly under the wheels of a moving car. "We note a huge lack of discipline on the part of pedestrians. Definitely gamble with their lives, "he added.


Required triangles and safety vest on the highway

Motorway companies advise against the use of the triangle during a stop on the emergency lane because too dangerous to ask Contacted, the Delegate for Road Safety estimates must be assessed case by case, with "common sense."

Required, but not recommended in some cases. Already the center of a scandal last fall, the warning triangles and their use may become a real headache for motorists and police. The controversy was triggered after a Wednesday press Society, which discourages the use of the triangle during a stop on the emergency lane. Too dangerous, she argues, because the driver may be mowed by a vehicle.

According to professionals, the risk of death is real on the emergency lane. The Association of French motorway companies (ASFA) finds this "position based" and draws the attention of the authorities on the subject. "We explain to motorists that it is dangerous to travel by car or on foot, on the emergency lane, it is not coherent to use the triangle on this reflective tape," said one holder word of Auto routes Paris-Rhino-Rhone.

The big blur for motorists

The company can rely on the order of 30 September 2008 on the advance warning of vehicles, Article 2: "The warning triangle must be placed on the floor at a distance of about 30 meters, or beyond if necessary of the vehicle or the obstacle signal such as to be visible to the driver of a vehicle coming in the same traffic lane, "it is first notified. Then is added precision that potentially opens the door to many interpretations of the law that there are individual situations with the risk of many disputes: "The obligation to put in place the triangle does not apply when this action constitutes a clear endangering the lives of the driver."

At the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, the game face is calm to what might be seen as a big blur by motorists. Use the warning triangle, associated Reflective yellow vest is mandatory since 1 July 2008. And still is, even on the motorway, on pain of a fine of up to 135 Euros. Delegate for road safety, Michele, calls "the good sense of the drivers... and reframes the debate.”The motorway companies have claimed a too generalized way." Admittedly, it recognizes that it is "quite dangerous" to put near expressways. But the binding is more like an incentive to use these triangles as soon as the situation allows.

"If the vehicle is completely on the emergency lane, it is not on the road, so there is no real obligation." But if it encroaches on the floor, it must assess the situation. "Frankly, if the configuration of the premises where the accident or breakdown allows it, it's worth it for the driver to get behind the guardrail, walk 30 meters and put his triangle without risk." Rest that each situation must be assessed ... including - and even especially - by the security forces, invited by Michele applying texts while showing themselves, as "common sense."


Open day police Vela success: 500 visitors in safety vest

The Vela police team opened its doors Saturday. The day was a great success with over 500 visitors in reflective vest.

Saturday you had the opportunity to meet with the district team of the police. The police had put together a nice program that an impression was given that the police all content and what Vela the district team during a service. Besides the police in vest with reflective tape was also present BOA Township.


Courses were to see the police vehicles. You could also experience what it is to wear a safety vest. Police also showed how the vests look. These days the children were at the police also take a ride in a police car with a cop.


Hot news for the winter cyclist

To continue their cycling or bike commuting in the winter months requires discipline and workout clothes with reflective tape. Here is the news from the Craft Sportswear; workout clothes for cyclists who are not slopes for winter weather.

Among the news Craft Sportswear presents for the winter are collections Movement Rain, Siberian and Escape. There are three collections that are developed and designed for joggers and bike commuters who want to have a good protection against wind and rain in the winter.

The ranges of accessories are reflective fabric gloves, helmet and protective booties.

Move rain jacket. Lightweight jacket is that resists wind and rain with reflective print for better visibility. Move thermal jersey. Soft and warm cycling jersey pocket are in full length and pockets on the back. A warm jacket with a napped inside that protects well against rain and wind. The jacket is the perfect outer layer when winter days are cold.  Escape the rain jacket. Very light wind and waterproof cycling jacket with taped seams and openings in the sides. It’s made of thin, elastic material and fits easily in bike jersey back pocket. Reflecting details is that provide good visibility in the dark.

Siberian glove

Wind and water resistant glove with fleece lining for cycling in cold conditions. Ergonomically shaped for optimal is fit. Silicone palm provides optimum grip. Cuffs with Velcro closure and reflective material for extra visibility

Colors: Flamingo and black.

Rain helmet cover

Wind and waterproof protection to put on the helmet to protect against wind and rain and that makes you more visible in traffic.


The high visibility bicycle panniers of the brand Ortles

"Make you visible" is one of the recommendations made by the Association Prevention Router for all cyclists. The ORTLIEB brand has found the light solution for waterproof bags: the new High Visibility collection.

The preventive cyclist often wears clear clothing and retro-reflective material. The Ortles brand extended its signaling to the bicycle saddlebags. Indeed, the latter are designed from a yellow fluorescence and black material, but also reflective strips on each side of the saddlebags in order to be well seen by other users. Moreover, the fabric that composes them is completely crossed by an extremely luminous reflective thread. Day and night, the cyclist can be spotted on 360 °. Another major advantage of this collection is that the bags are 100% waterproof thanks to the waterproof thermoplastic coatings inside the bags.

The pair of Front-Roller bags is positioned on a front rack, while the pair of Back-Roller bags is installed on a rear rack. These bags with reflective tape have several characteristics such as:

Significant visibility over several kilometers

Extremely high degree of sealing

A Quick-Lock 2.1 rack fastening system that simplifies the installation and un-installation of the panniers while optimizing their stability

Adaptability on any luggage rack up to 16 mm in diameter

An adjustable strap for carrying bags

A winding closure system

A volume of 50 liters for the pair of Front-Roller bags

A volume of 80 liters for the pair of Back-Roller bags

The Ultimate6 M is the reference for the handle bag. In the High Visibility collection, it brings even more visibility for cyclists. Its characteristics are as follows:

Extremely reflective fabric

A very high seal

Click-Fix bracket is really solid and practical for its installation and un-installation

Compatibility with conical handlebars up to a diameter of 31.8 mm

A removable strap for carrying the bag

A magnetic closure system with lockable lid

A volume of 7 liters can hold a load of 3 kilos.


Surprise light in the dark – Cyclists in reflective vest

It's November. Shortly after 16 o'clock it gets dark. In the city there is a lot of traffic - caravans from cars, trucks and bikes roll through the streets, all have to knock off before our eyes.

Then everything goes very fast: a bang, a cyclist without safety vest crashes, has been detected with the wheel of a car, because it was not illuminated. During the car drivers of this comes with a fright and sheet metal damage to the vehicle, the cyclist injured in his fall.

He is not alone. According to the Federal Statistics Office last year, 2,086 cyclists were injured slightly, or even difficult to Saxony-Anhalt's streets. 15 died as a result of an accident. Roland Stiegel, Councilor and avid cyclist, has raised the issue unlit bicycles already in the main and in order committee of the city. "I asked that the police and the clerk's office to perform together and publicity controls," said Stiegel.

Striking many young cyclists without lights

It was noticed that young people in particular are often on the road bike without a light. "I have also been looking for talks with some and they pointed out that what they do is dangerous. I cannot understand that wheels without proper lighting will be sold at all." To get safely through the dark season, there are few demands on a roadworthy bicycle. Bicycles need a front and a rear reflector, both best fitted with reflectors and side lamps. These yellow reflectors on pedals are spokes reflectors or reflective tape on the tires.

"Biking, who are in the dark travel frequently should consider their lighting systems and their reflectors regularly," recommends Christophe Deice, country manager of the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) in Magdeburg. In case of defects should be taken as soon as possible and as a workshop be consulted.

"To avoid conflicts between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, unique guides all modes of transport are needed," appeals Deice. "Here, the bicycle should always be performed in the visual range of cars, for example, and not behind hedges, trees, parked cars or disappear far away from the road." Cyclists who do not turn on their light, thus endangering other road users, is threatening otherwise a fine of 25 Euros. If there is an accident, even a fine of 35 Euros must be paid.

Wear reflective vest

"We recommend that every bear visibility reflective clothing which case," said police spokesman Jorgen Muller on MZ request. Also wearing a safety vest is possible, but not mandatory. Basically, Muller, the light must be turned on when the host vehicle is no longer sufficient to detect other road users, and not only when light is needed on the road. This also applies to cyclists.

"This week was in a traffic stop cyclists controlled," explains Muller. However, this took place in daylight; it was all about the behavior on the road. Controls in the dark, however, the police did not specify. "I do not want that huge penalties are imposed. I am really only important that every road user is healthy and safe to its destination. "


Keep safety on the road: colorful safety vest

It will get crowded on the roads this Thursday for the long Christmas weekend. Take precautions to keep your safe, wearing a safety vest is a good choice.

Thursday, December 22

- Do not leave Paris after 11 hours and major cities, 15 hours and 20 hours. (Green)

Friday, December 23

- Do not leave Paris after 11 hours and large cities between 15 hours and 20 hours (orange)

- Avoid driving on the A7 southbound from 12 hours.

Saturday, December 24

- Avoid leaving a large city between 11 and 16 hours (red)

- A practice driving "soothed" in heavy traffic on A6, A43, A40 between 10 hours and 13 hours.

Monday, December 26

- Avoid leaving Paris between 11 and 15 hours,

- Avoid driving on the A43 between 12 hours and 19 hours on the A40 between 14 hours and 19 hours.

In the direction of returns: Monday, December 26

- Planning a return to Paris until after 15 hours or 20 hours.

Practical advice

Prepare your departure: Check the condition and operation of your vehicle, especially the tires and their pressure. A well maintained and well-tuned vehicle is a guarantee of safety. It consumes less (up to - 10%) and therefore pollutes less (up to - 20%).

Make sure of the presence in your vehicle, the safety vest with reflective tape and warning triangle pre-approved. They are mandatory in all vehicles since October 1, 2008

Think about the additional equipment: safety vest, squeegees and brushes; bulbs, fuses and spare flashlight, very useful in case of failure.

Bring a "supply kit"  : Have your vehicle warm clothing, gloves, blankets, water and something to eat for long journeys, or if the vehicle prolonged immobilization.

During the trip: Adjust your speed to the circumstances and extend significantly the safety distances , especially in rain, snow, or when temperatures are negative or close to zero.

Stay informed of traffic conditions and advice provided by professionals in the road information (variable message signs, GPS navigator, radio information messages) or takes a break to visit the website or mobile application Traffic monitoring. If anything happen, police in safety clothing will help you.


Reflective material increases cyclists' nighttime visibility

LAMP or 'Look at me please' is the name of one of the projects selected in the first call Cesar Labs, why are developing different jobs open and driven by citizens in laboratories Cesar Art Center and Technology Zaragoza. This project, whose concept sprang from the mind of the Zaragoza geographer Immaculate has been taking shape in recent weeks in the hands of a team of five professionals profiles very different but they share one goal: reflective material help increase the visibility and safety of cyclists when they make use of bicycles in the city.

His promoter joined the phenomenon of wearable technology or 'wearable' with the rise of mobility on two wheels and he did, especially considering the protection of these cyclists. "Although decreases the number of incidents and improving circulation with bike lanes, accidents still occur,” said Barcenilla. "The bottom line passes educate the driver going behind the bike. If you have someone in front, will indicate where you are going, you're on notice. The rider feels safer, looked and peaceful coexistence in which all are equal and can live respecting traffic rules is promoted, "he adds, not forgetting to mention the environmental benefits inherent in using this means of transport.

Implemented, the project whose prototype was presented last weekend in Zaragoza Maker Show- event is based on the development of a modular device that charges a vest or dorsal, with reflective tape and subject parts to the carrier by means bag and a belt, well designed for bicycle users, for skaters or runners who want to send relevant information about their maneuvers to drivers, other cyclists or pedestrians. "Through it I can tell if I'm going to turn right or left without hands off the handlebars; something that can serve to avoid shocks or accidents, especially when traveling on the road , "explains the head of LAMP.

At the moment, this technology allows you to send -through turn signals flashing LED lights located on the right and the left - and communicate that progress continue and that the user of the device is circulating -two red lights blinking. According Barcenilla explains, the operation is simple: "The biker vest stands, lights and through a gamepad installed on the handlebars of the bicycle -now development- can go with just one finger sending different information to indicate turns and intuitively through a joystick ", specifies. The connection between the emitter element and the receiver is via Bluetooth. "It could also be a wired connection, infrared or radio frequency. Also, we do not rule out other options as to incorporate a GPS module "indicate. They say that what makes this project different is its simplicity and lightness. In the opinion of its promoter, it is essential not to have to choose between the cyclist visibility and comfort: "There has to be a useful object without assuming a nuisance or consume too much energy. Other existing models consist of larger backpacks or reflective jackets with built -in lights. "Among its advantages lists this device can be easily removed and washed, plus recharge your battery with a mobile phone charger. The creator of 'Look at me please' recognizes that Zaragoza would love to be the city that would bet to integrate this product in your environment. "Hopefully this project can be born a company. So far, we have developed the prototype and we support, we have made known among cyclists groups and we are in the phase of advice, "he reveals. Meanwhile, they work to take the next steps with the goal of your project becomes real also helping to promote the use of bicycles in the city.


Active Seniors in safety vest familiar with the road safety

Listens Pleszew University of the Third Age learned how to safely participate in traffic .Bank Cooperative in Pleszew gave them a reflective vest.

Police handed a large dose of information the Audience University of the Third Age, who came to the Police Headquarters a meeting in the framework of "I saw, and I heard...?”.

Head of the Department of Prevention encouraged observing what is happening. He urged that in the event; call the toll free number 997.

- By phone and inform the dispatcher commands that something happens, cause immediate response patrol police in safety vest - Thanks to avoid danger, maybe we can help many a man in need - he added.

With the favor of Cooperative Bank they received reflective vests. Marketing Tomasz handed all reflective vests, which are designed to improve road safety .Bank Cooperative also sponsored calendars, pens and leash. The vest with reflective tape can be useful when riding a bicycle or walking.


How to choose the reflective material school bag for September

The weight of the backpack is not the sole responsibility of poor posture and injuries. By checking a few essential details like reflective tape you provide good security for your child.

The start of school approaching and it is time to renew the school supplies for children. The satchel is one of the key elements among the purchases of that period. Since it is supposed to last a few years, it is essential to choose a product for children, easy to use and secure to protect his back. Here are some tips on this:

A backpack distributes the weight balanced on the shoulders and back unlike a shoulder bag. Explain to your child why it is important that the door on both shoulders. Padded shoulder straps and lap belt even better distribute the weight across the back and hips. Portions reflective fabriccan improve the safety of the child if he has to walk on the side of the road in the early morning or evening. Finally, check that the seams are of good quality and that the zippers are protected with a cloth so that water seeps inside.

The weight

Once completed, the bag must not exceed 10% of the weight of the child, said the site of the Ministry of Education, so be sure to choose a strong but lightweight product. Leather, for example, is very heavy. Check that the back part is well padded: children sometimes throw all their stuff in the bag and can hurt themselves when they schoolbag on his back. Ideally, the heaviest books should be placed in the central part.

How to wear

The binder should not go lower than the curve of the back, or not lower than 10 cm below the waist. To identify, count between 2.5 and 5 cm between the attachment point straps and upper shoulders. A reflective material bag worn too low can lead to poor posture and cause back problems.


New safety vest measures to better protect pedestrians and cyclists

It is a plan fight against road accidents in four areas that will present on Monday, the interior minister, Bernard. This device, which, according to our information, will focus on prevention, vulnerable users without safety vest, risky behavior and infrastructure, wants an immediate response to poor 2014 figures for the first time, in fact, after twelve years of consecutive decline , mortality is rising again. While the number of road deaths was 3268 in 2013-a record figure since 1948-, the announced increase will be 4%.

Even with this brutal degradation, 2014 will, it is true, the second year less deadly since the existence of statistics on road safety. Nevertheless, these figures are a bad thing for the government. But in response to this negative balance, the choice was not facing the announcement of a measure to a shock but rather provisions of dusting, as was also suggested the minister in late December. Asked about the brutal stall, he had said he wanted "all-out action" to improve the situation.

Some of these measures will therefore concern the vulnerable. The figures reveal that pedestrians and cyclists have paid a heavy price last year. For this category, the number of lives cut would be greater than 6%. Suddenly, the tone will harden against motorists. Parking on pedestrian crossings and cycle tracks should be more severely punished. In addition, parking should be prohibited a few meters before the crosswalk. Regarding motorcycles, a measure resurfaced. Wearing a yellow vest, optional, should eventually be compulsory, but in case of emergency stop only.

As for risk behaviors, alcohol and drugs are in the sights. For driving while intoxicated - second cause of death in France since it occurs in 20% of fatal accidents - it is about reviving the Alcolock (EAD). Under a 2011 law, the latter hardly are used. The judges, who may decide his installation on a vehicle, replacing a sentence or additional sentence, do little because of the virtual absence of certified installers in France. In this EAD "judicial", might add an EAD "administrative". The installation of the device could also be decided by the medical boards of prefectures, responsible for receiving drivers whose license has been suspended.

Regarding drugs and driving - the main cause in 4% of fatal accidents in 2013 -, the minister should announce the acceleration of the generalization of the saliva test. This new technique, not now essential blood sample, and that will strengthen controls, it is experienced daily.

To improve infrastructure, various measures will be taken, including increasing the use of reflective tape signs deforms on impact. A more visible signage at the entrance of the motorway to avoid misinterpretation could be announced. Finally, concerning the speed down to 80 km / h instead of 90 km / h on the county will not be widespread but experienced a few axes. Those selected for the experiment have not yet been chosen.

For supporters of a shock measure to a sharp decline in mortality, certainly not. This is the case of Chantal League president against road violence, which wants the 80 km/h generalized immediately. For others, it should not over-interpret this increase in mortality, which can only be explained by "2013", an exceptional year. Such is the perspective of forty million motorists who, incidentally, noted that despite the increase in radar center in 2014, more lives were cut short. For the pro-motorist association, demonstration is made that the hunt for speed can no longer reduce mortality...


The procession in safety vest of the Saint-Nicolas under surveillance

Security will be increased at the parade of St. Nicolas, the City did not wish to question. On this occasion, the reflective materialand human resources have been revised upwards.

Despite a binding, the town maintains and claims the feast of St. Nicolas, a cultural event inseparable from Lorraine.

This year the arrival of St. Nicolas and conduct of the parade will be under high security. Additional protective forces have been mobilized, with three agents of the municipal police, six policemen, and the presence of the Red Cross.

The event will follow its usual organization with the public rally, up from 17 h 30. Career At the entrance of the square will be installed security gates funnel to perform a systematic visual inspection of people and especially the bags. These are municipal agents, equipped with a yellow safety vest, which will be empowered to audit. "Security is everybody's business," says Christine, Director General of services.

Everything is implemented to protect spectators and participants of this festival so popular with children. It is a fireworks show that will open the festivities, fireworks about fifteen minutes, started from the church of St. Nicolas. The patron saint will appear on the balcony of the Louis school. Then join the mayor, to the keys of the city, in the presence of the sub-prefect, Jane. Once the wisdom of St. Nicolas of recommendations made to the children, it will begin the parade through the streets of downtown. Also for safety reasons, candy will be distributed from hand to hand by volunteers framing tanks and groups on foot.

Is expected, also, cut traffic in the city center from 16: 30 pm, and accompanied by the release of parking spaces with reflective tape mark on the square career, at noon, Saturday, December 3. "When you make a gift, it is not revealed in the price," said Allan Marques.


Gift in the form of reflective tapes can save lives

City Rožmitбl handed out to all schoolchildren and preschool children reflective tape. This gift to the crest of the city came in the very first week of validity of the amendment to the Road Traffic Act also all residents of nursing homes.

Pedestrians have from Feb. 20 to the obligation to wear a reflective element if, for example, in the dark, at dusk or in fog fall outside Children and seniors received from the town hall reflective tape. Of the village on the shoulder or side of the road in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting. Experts add that for your own safety, it is good to use reflective material wherever danger that the driver has the option pedestrians safely and on time to discern.

"By purchasing reflective strip are children and people in our nursing service they wanted above all to ensure greater safety on the roads. Moreover, thanks to this gift from the city to follow the revised road law, without paying any money, "said Mayor." Certainly it is a meaningful investment. Even if it helped prevent even a single serious injury, it's worth it. See and be seen is the basic rule of safety on roads where pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable, "said the mayor.


Reflective accessory for pedestrians? Attention to the law, police remind

With the coming of autumn, chilly weather and shorter days are still to pedestrians’ highly topical reflective tape on clothing. It’s also wearing bad visibility while walking along the road outside the village compulsory.

"Now I have something to fall reflective bought the whole family, including her husband. Children have reflective elements directly on briefcases, but that does not wear all the time, "he explained the woman thirty-three. All purchased reflective tape that usually worn on the leg, and then the children have wheels, which they placed on the zipper jackets.

Pedestrian, who was wearing dark clothing, the driver recorded a distance of less than twenty meters. When wearing a reflective vest, the driver can see at a distance of two hundred meters. It is because the material reflects light in a narrow cone back to the source.

Just let SEE

Items of reflective material is best to place the knees or on the sleeves and waist level. When people have only one reflective element, it is important that it should mounted on the side towards the road and not hidden somewhere under clothing. Purchase can be, for example, stationery, sports goods stores, a supermarket, but also in a newsagent, a post office and a gas station.

Since the end of February, an amendment to the Act which clearly stipulates that pedestrians moving on the road outside the village must have at reduced visibility wearing reflective material. These must be visible from the front and from behind. "The inspections will focus on it. But rather we focus on prevention. We strive to people to warn these things, "said police spokesman. The closest preventive actions who can see the winner take place on November 11.


That's to do with breakdowns on the highway

The engine stutters, the car will slow down the other cars race past a. Those who remain are on the highway, must be careful. What to do now? Reflective accessory and safety vest can help you.

The important thing is that you do not panic and act rashly. Remember that the car does not count on the highway with pedestrians and go much faster than in the city. With these tips you can master the next breakdown on the highway.

Step 1: road users warn

Once you realize that their car is something wrong, you should turn on the hazard lights to warn the traffic behind. Should also the hazard lights have failed, you need to draw attention to them by raising hands. This should take if possible the passenger.

Step 2: Walk from the kerbside

Control at the first signs of a breakdown a suitable place to stop, if possible, a breakdown bay or regular parking. Who is not able to get there, must be the vehicle on the hard shoulder, but in any case leave as much as possible at the right edge of the roadway.

Step 3: The safety vest is mandatory

Once the vehicle is stationary, you should wear a safety reflective vest. If the situation allows, you can first get out and they create there. As of July 01, 2014 in Germany, the requirement to carry such applies. "However, we recommend carry additional west, so that passengers from a distance can be seen leaving the car," explains Kurt, President of the German road (DVW).

"Most important, exit the vehicle on the passenger side and embark directly behind the guardrail," says Kurt.

Step 4: Set up the warning triangle

If all occupants of moving traffic in security secure the vehicle from: Place the warning triangle with reflective tape at the right edge of the roadway on. On motorways there should be 150 meters ahead of the broken-down vehicle are positioned so that the following road users sufficient time to adjust their driving behavior accordingly. Offer guidance delineators that are placed every 50 meters.

Step 5: call roadside assistance

Or you call the breakdown service. Many drivers use her phone. It is important to convey the exact breakdown location and direction of travel. Per GPS on the navigation device or smartphone to people can easily locate.


VW delivers more than 300 police vehicles with reflective tape in Saxony-Anhalt

Volkswagen delivers more than 300 vehicles to the police in Saxony-Anhalt, after a Europe-wide tender for the Wolfsburg-based group received the order for the vehicles with reflective tapethat now come successively used.


299 Pass at sedans and Variant and another 36 models of VW strengthen the country's police Saxony-Anhalt; they are used both as a patrol car as well as for domestic use.


The keys to the first new vehicles took the interior minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Holger Stahlknecht, from the hands of Jost, Head of Volkswagen authorities Sales Germany, Magdeburg contrary. "Decisive for the acquisition of vehicles with reflective material were in addition to the quality and the consumption the good price / performance ratio," Stahlknecht said.


All cars are equipped with the two-liter diesel version with 140 hp, combined with the 6-speed dual clutch transmission. Feature is the unusual color coding, which is unique to police vehicles in Germany, according to VW. In addition to the silver-blue base design the Passat feature a revolving light yellow reflective stripes and the tail of a corresponding hatching. In grille front flashers are housed.


The market shares of producers in the nationwide for police fleet are not known. VW quoted unnamed market assessments, which total (cars and vans) comes every second police vehicle from their own group.


Safety bicycle care

Bicycle Care - The chain is dripping, the saddle is sticky, and the frame has a crust layer. With these tricks the spring makeover runs smoothly for your bike.


1. Tire

Provide wheel on the saddle. Solve a good shot soft soap in a bucket of hot water. With the sponge tire soap (inside out). With the rough side, thereflective tape (white) Brush. Use an old toothbrush to clean tread pattern.


2. Chain

The bicycle chain with "Degreaser" degrease (from the bike shop, 8 Euros), grease with a cloth. Thus, the members remain pliable, then freshly oiled: chain oil (10 Euros) drip on a cloth, apply cream chain gossamer.


3. Saddle

You drive a very modern bike? Then the seat is probably from gel or plastic. If you find Wet wipe, in stubborn cases spray beforehand with a glass cleaner. For old leather saddles: lotion with leather greases and polishes well.


4. Setting

Fill the mop bucket with water and soap and the whole wheel (omitting only the chain!) soap. The bubble can act 10 minutes, then go dirty crusts slightly down. Rinse with clean water, dry with a towel frame.


5. Pedals

The trick: You must come between the cracks. Dip it in a rag: thread reflective clothing through the pursuit, scratch off, repeat the procedure. Dry pedals with paper towels, thus it runs like clockwork: dab a little oil on the hinge screws.


6. Links

As wash the frame and polish dry. On the rod to rust has settled? The body with steel wool or sandpaper until the Red is gone. Rust preventive strikes pat - that preserves the shiny result.


7. Light

A few dirt splashes, the light already is tarnished! Allow the lamp an extra treatment: spray glass cleaner onto a safety clothes, wipe the visor front and rear. Does not the light, the dirt has possibly deeper.


8. Spokes

Brilliant idea: spokes spray with oven spray, soak for about 20 minutes and buff up. With water from the watering can, rinse, dry. Thin lotion with Vaseline - protects against rust! At the wheels are cat's eyes? Place them while you brush your spokes. This solves sticky dust!


Police wearing safety vest are seized half a ton of cocaine

LO Agents of the National Police wearing safety vestand the Tax Agency have arrested last Tuesday in the Mediterranean, a merchant ship with Tanzania flag carrying about half a ton of cocaine on board. The four crew of the ship, all Turkish nationals, have been arrested and brought to justice. The criminal organization used the so - called Oriental, which have been taking significant seizures of hashish in recent months.

In the course of various investigations related to drug trafficking and smuggling of knowledge acquisition in Rotterdam (Netherlands) of a merchant ship by a criminal organization that sought to move a significant stash of narcotics in the Mediterranean Sea had.

The actions carried out by the Tax Customs Enforcement Agency and National Police, coordinated by the Center for Intelligence against Organized Crime -CICO-, helped identify and locate the merchant middle of last August in waters to the Kingdom of Morocco. Of the investigations and police patrols made on the vessel it could deduce that at that time had already received the burden of drug intended for introduction into the European continent.

After obtaining the authorization of the Tanzanian authorities, national flag merchant, and the court investigating the case, the ship was boarded on the 2nd, 13 nautical miles north of the island, with the participation of two patrol crews Customs officials Andalusia and UDYCO Central Police.

Cocaine hidden under meters of chain in the tank anchor

Initially, officials of the National Police with reflective vest and Customs Surveillance who made the approach found no drugs, but evidence confirming suspicions that the vessel could be used to transport narcotics. This prompted the transfer of the ship to the Port of Cartagena to make the entry and search of the vessel in the presence of the mandatory judicial commission.

Late on Wednesday, customs officials and police officers involved in the registry found hidden under meters of chain in the tank ship anchor ten packs containing about half a ton of cocaine. Each of the bales wearing a life jacket, reflective tape and were wet, indicating that they were anchored by another ship until collection by the intercepted vessel.

The four crew members of the merchant, all Turkish nationals, were arrested for their alleged involvement in a criminal organization and drug trafficking. The intervention vessel is a merchant of 59 meters long and 9 meters wide, with provisional registration of Zanzibar, Tanzania, and whose owner is a holding company.

The drug as detainees, the ship and the police inquiries go today available to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 2, Alicante.

The operation was conducted by agents of Galicia Section of the Central Narcotics Brigade General -UDYCO Central Police Station Judiciary-, Narcotics Group of the Commissariat Cartagena, the UDYCO Velez Malaga.

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