The reflective vest use for the visualization theme

After the presentation of the six schools that will participate in the final phase of the second school competition "In the voice of children", last Tuesday in the communal building, NORTE in reflective uniform spoke with the Director General of Transit and Transportation of the Municipality of Rivera.


Mauricio referred to the school safe transit contest. He expressed that the contest "is a great success", because the Department of Rivera is the only country level with this modality, where the Intendance and the Departmental Inspection of Primary act together.


"The objective is to generate culture in transit, transfer it to the population, since it is the fundamental tool to lower the accident rate. The idea is to show what is being done from Rivera to the world, "explained the head.

Gonzalez emphasized, "There are already more than 36,000 views in a week. This will serve as an example for the whole population and for the world, being a message of the children, who teach us how to behave in transit.”


Referring to the accident figures in the Department of Rivera, he said that this occurs more with motorcycles and mopeds. "In our car park there are more than one hundred thousand vehicles, between the two cities, and sixty thousand motorcycles circulate. For being more dangerous, we are working on the use of the reflective vest, for the visualization theme, "he explained.


The Director of Traffic and Transportation noted that "the driver must slow down, respect traffic signals, not use the cell phone", although he recalled that "there is a correct signaling from the Transit Division, which in two years has been applied a lot and it has the backing of the Departmental Intending. The idea is to continue advancing and counting on the support of the public.”


Returning to the theme of the school competition "In the voice of children", said that the contest "is one more stage of the work of Road Education in schools. Officials go to schools to educate children on road safety, and work with teachers, principals and later in the year, the contest takes place. "

In Dilbert Cholula’s photographic shot, Education officials give a talk about traffic in the initial education school "Green Land School".


Security team is setting up as planned

By the end of the year, 60 security devices will be on the road, with 120 employees planned by 2019. On rape in U3 station: Victim is supposed to say on Thursday

Vienna - safety vest with Wiener Linen logo: This is the basic equipment of the equipment with which the security personnel will be traveling in the Wiener Offa stations and vehicles. The first 22 employees took up their duties on Wednesday. By the end of the year 60 are planned, said the responsible councilor Ulla Simi. By 2019, the company's in-house security team will comprise 120 employees.

After the rape in the Viennese subway, photos of the surveillance cameras are evaluated by the police. At the same time security staff of the Viennese lines patrol all over the subway area. The security should show more presence and have a de-escalating effect. If people do not stick to the house rules, they can be punished according to Viennese lines - should not be exhortations - also be punished by the security personnel.

The plans for a security package were presented for the first time at the club's SPЦ in March 2017. Previously, since April 2016, external security was also on the road of Wiener Linen. The Austrian subsidiary of the company Securitas was commissioned, according to Simi it was about 30 people. According to the councilor, the external order was necessary as a transitional solution, because mainly dealers in subway stations caused problems.

The new security staff is hired directly by the Wiener Linen. As a transitional solution, besides the 22 Wiener Securities, which are active since Wednesday, ten external Securitas employees are also on the road.

With the announced further new positions of security staff, according to Simi soon there will be no external security. Wiener Linen Managing Director Gьnter Steinberger did not want to estimate the costs for the security package. He said the personnel package was "cost neutral" through internal redeployment.

The service team at Wiener Linen is also to become more visible to customers with wear reflective vest. Concretely, it is planned to redefine the existing station maintenance and "get it out of its chamber", as Simi called it. They should - with their own red and white vest clearly visible - be in the area of the stations on the road and provide all sorts of relevant information. By the end of 2019, 210 servicemen will be employed. To this end, service points are set up at large metro stations, about 25 information columns are planned as a whole. By means of a button, customers can also be directly connected to the control center.

Steinberger described the Wiener Linen as "as safe as in hardly any other country". However, he also referred to an "unappetizing incident", very unhappily. On the evening of Monday, a young woman was reportedly raped on an escalator in the subway station. A man had approached her from behind. This witness, who had been aware of the young woman's screams and was able to expel the perpetrator, has reported to the police.

But he was not yet interrogated. One is waiting before further steps on the statement of the victim, which is interrogated on Thursday, a police officer in reflective uniform told the STANDARD. Video material of the Wiener Linen was evaluated. The public prosecutor's office decides on a possible publication of a search warrant.


Prostitutes in Milan in reflective uniforms

The authorities of Milan have decided to take care of the safety of prostitutes and the movement of vehicles on the roadways. Women who drive customers on the roads will have to wear reflective uniforms - the same as road workers wear.

In Milan, new regulations have been established under which prostitutes were required to wear reflective uniforms for road workers. In this way the authorities have taken care of road safety.

In the absence of the required dress code, prostitutes may be fined a fine of 500 Euros. "When it comes to safety and visibility, prostitutes should be treated in the same way as road workers and therefore reflect on reflective clothing," said city councilor Lucian in a conversation with Carrier Della Sera.

As noted by the media, the rules introduced are linked to the raid of prostitutes in Milan, where the Expo World Fair is currently underway.

According to estimates, about 15,000 sex workers have appeared in the city. Many of them come from South America, Africa or Eastern Europe. For this reason, the Expo World Fair is referred to as the "Sexton World Fair". After this, all of them need to wear the reflective vest for visibility and safety.


They dressed up as road people with safety vest

They had helmets, reflective vests and road signs warning of ongoing work. Pseudo ibices planned - on the pretext of carrying out work to stop on the A1 highway bus carrying the fans of the hostile team. The "action" at the last minute tracked the police officers.

The findings so far indicate that a group of young men waited for a bus carrying fans of the Lodz Sports Club who were going to Labara for a match. The route passed through the A1 motorway. There was an ambush there. Inside were young men. In addition to the symbols associated with the Lodz Wide, they also had machetes, wooden sticks, hammers and axes.

"They also had tear gas, balaclavas, combat gloves, teeth protectors and light rays," says the inspector. The Arsenal was to be used in an insidious action against LKS supporters. The clothes were meant to be used by road builders performing repairs.

- Men cut a grid separating the highway from the technical way - explains Joanna in reflective clothing. Most likely they wanted to stop the bus traffic with hostile fans.

Officials suggest that the whole "action" was supposed to take place with very low visibility, because the strikers also prepared tires and dry branches. According to the police, they wanted to fire them at a critical moment.

The creators of this spectacular plan did not, however, take into account that the route of passage of the spectators was previously checked by the police. And the officers quickly got information about the suspicious group gathering at A1.

At the sight of police officers, pseudo cysts began to run away from the woods without resorting to instructions. There was an attempt to push the car out of the way - says Joanna. The attempt to stop was very dynamic - one of the policemen at the last moment escaped. Among the detainees is a 28-year-old wanted to serve a prison sentence. He immediately found himself in custody.

The police wear reflective uniform report that each of the detained men will be "meticulously settled for breaking the law". We will analyze their responsibility both in terms of possible liability for the offense and for offenses - ends Keck.


Estonia traffic accidens rate

Estonia is a country of men and officers still generating excitement with ideas enough commissions. Teflonmьtsi never recommend, and now a bicycle helmet. Concerned citizens are asking for that to be the next Chastity roller sports. I confirm that there was no plan of work, but the Interior Ministry is still grateful to all the proposals, which will contribute to injuries in traffic and reduction of fatalities.
This year's statistics are particularly worrying. Traffic has fallen by more than two times higher than last year at the same time. 33 corpses and 584 injured in a huge loss for a small country. It would be easy to blame everything bad weather, the warm winter and poor roads. By analyzing each traffic accident in isolation from drawing out clearly that in most cases they have been managers or users themselves obvious carelessness.It also appears that more and more accidents occur NMT. Approximately 25-30 percent of those killed on the roads and streets are pedestrians, cyclists with safety vest or moped riders. In the past five months of the year compared to a significant increase in the number of cyclists injured in the accident.
This brings out the proposals on helmet. These are not quite into the air, nor so might extreme as you browse the newspapers one think. On the table are two proposals.
The first of these relates to the criminal code. Currently, the parliament's right to table the draft provides for a fine of up to 50 units of financial penalties in cases where the motto is not included as a helmet. This amendment to the Penal Code does not apply to cyclists, but motorcycle drivers and co-drivers who do not wear a helmet. For repeated violations provides for the possibility of up to 100 fine units in the amount of punishment. This is a technical correction to, such as the penalty rate applies today; the question was the only correct repeated violations of sanction. I believe that it is not necessary to explain why the motor bike helmet is a head assembly required.
Another proposal concerns currently being prepared by the Ministry of Economic Affairs a draft law on road traffic and cyclists. Today, current traffic law puts under the age of 16 riders and drivers pisimopeedi obligation to wear a helmet in traffic. Ministry of the Interior submitted last year a proposal to extend the helmet obligation for all adults. Cited proposed amendments to the Penal Code does not speak, nor the requirement of establishing the fine. A similar practice is, for example, in Finland.
I agree that the obligation to wear a helmet at all times and everywhere there is perhaps too much. The same logic could also wear a reflective helmet at home, trams and at rest. At the same time, I continue to believe that cyclists wear a helmet and reflective vest should be where the run time of the evening, and an unlit stretch of road. 2012. Conducted by TNS Emory survey shows that more than half, or 55 percent of the population over the last 12 months, driven by bike and 80 percent of them will do so at night. A large proportion of cyclist’s accidents have occurred, however, precisely the darkness of the night, and 65 percent of the cyclists not wearing a helmet at there. Thus, there is a problem, and the official responsible for the field, I cannot ignore it.
Have a good practice to be an obligation of traffic law, of course, is another matter altogether. At the same time, what else can this traffic then the law is good if one of the collection? For its part, we presented our proposal and we'll further discussion with stakeholders and experts indicate that makes sense, what does not. I can only assure you that the police with reflective uniform will pay this year more attention to pedestrians and cyclists, the traffic would behave the same care and reduce the number of accidents.


Snow Prisoner behind the car driver was killed on the road

Yesterday 21:35 pm happened during the Tallinn-Nava Highwaytraffic accident which killed a man exited the car stuck in the snow.
The accident happened on the Tallinn-Nava rural road 55 kilometers Casuals field Kombi village. According to preliminary data, the road remained closed snowdrifts Land Rover, which left the man was hit by a passing vehicle and died at the scene. What happened is being investigated, said a spokesman for the North Prefecture.
With regard to the enormous weather conditions suggests that a police with reflective uniform where possible, to abandon the race. If driving is unavoidable, but it should be much more careful than usual to be in a selected speed and time gap to the emergency situation, reserve enough time to react.
Rural roads navigation is reasonable to think through in advance what to do with remaining stuck up, or when the road turns impenetrability. Here is a helpful snow shovel, passenger forces and warm clothes. If you need to seek help push the vehicle through a car or leave the vehicle, do so, as well as yourself as visible as possible to other drivers either reflector, safety vest, flashlight, or even a telephone. On the way stops, turn off the main-beam or dipped-beam instead of the beam in the park.
Today's weather should be taken into account, unfortunately, the worst, and therefore gird any case warmly, regardless of how long you plan to ride, charge the battery, and make sure you have enough gasoline.


I spent fifteen days in Leos in a refugee camp

In early November, a message dropped into my email box: a call for volunteers in a refugee camp in Leos, Greece. It evoked a camp underfunded, overcrowded and understaffed. Thousands of refugees were arriving daily in the island. The message spoke of inhumane treatment by representatives of the Greek authorities. The refugees, forced to sleep on the street, desperately need help.
Although coming from a stranger awoke this message resonate with me. Leos, one of the many islands in the front line of the refugee crisis in Europe is less than three hours from my family home in Munich. The abundance and security I enjoyed giving me a sense of guilt. I volunteered my entire adult life-and I do not idealize the worker but, visiting a camp of Greek refugees, not cook for a soup kitchen or teach disadvantaged students with reflective vest. Friends have asked me not to go, but I felt compelled.
The magnitude of the crisis was disconcerting and yet did play an intimate spring. Millions of refugee’s risk their lives for an uncertain future in Europe and at each stage of the trip, local authorities and voluntary organizations are overwhelmed, and this for months. I took the decision to leave in less than a day.
"Island of the Damned"
The Dodecanese islands -a set of twelve major islands, including Rhodes and Patmos- are much closer to Turkey than Greece. If Leos has the bucolic beauty that we associate with all the Greek islands, this is not a particularly popular destination with tourists in reflective overall. Populated by 8,000 inhabitants, it is covered relics of a past housing boom, dating from a time when the loans were cheap and where even the corner baker felt entitled to a second home.
The island is covered with crumbling houses and half-finished, windows and empty restaurants. Its strategic location and its great natural harbors have earned Leos to be occupied by Italy for over thirty years, from 1912 to 1943 -which explains the profusion of military structures in ruins throughout the island. The largest have been transformed into mental hospitals in the 1950s, designed to manage the most incurable patients of Greece. The atrociously inhumane conditions of these asylums prompted the BBC to Leos nickname "Island of the Damned." Describing scenes in which patients were tied naked to trees in 1989, the London Observer newspaper Leos likened to a "concentration camp."
Visiting a camp of Greek refugees, not cook for a soup kitchen or teach disadvantaged students
Leos is a microcosm of the refugee crisis. When I arrived in the month of December, the work had become "easier", as it were. Falling temperatures made the crossing from Turkey more dangerous than ever, so we will receive on average 400 refugees a day-sometimes 60, sometimes 800. However, the camp population was growing and life soon will become unbearable.
How do they manage to this deserted island? A preferred transit zones is Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey and platform of the traffic industry as human beings. A Syrian refugee, whom I will call Ahmed, told me: "Just mention that you are in transit for tens of smugglers appear and offer to make you cross. These are all Syrians. "From Izmir, migrants are taken in smaller coastal towns, begins their dangerous journey to Greece. At this point, it's been months they roam.
Ahmed said that Leos is the seventeenth stage. In the way with his little brother, he "adopted" a Moroccan of 13, who spoke only Arabic and traveled alone, without family or friend. The trip costs between 800 and 3,500 dollars, depending on your bargaining skills, your destination and you pay a fee of "big" or one pass. This is the stark reality, unless you can claim a genuine refugee by proving you just war zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. If you are a "migrant", you must smuggle further into Europe.
Being a "migrant" will cost you. If you are Morocco, Algeria or Iran, if you travel without a passport or with false papers, prices soar. You may be rejected at the EU border, and if you manage to get in and get caught, you can be deported. Greek border guards are sometimes quite tolerant but, once the non-refugees arrive in Greece and venture further into the EU, the system is much less conciliatory.
So, in the camps, we had to keep reminding the refugees their rights under international law, while warning them against the serious complications that awaited them. And yet, without any exception, all insisted to continue their way.
Given the risk of prosecution and imprisonment, smugglers do not lead their human cargo directly to Leos. Enter without a visa is obviously illegal, but the number of entrants makes any application of the law almost impossible. In general, Leos to refugees are deposited Farmakonisi, a desolate island with a small military base, where they have to wait days before being recovered by the Greek coast guard boat or a Merchant Navy the VOS Grace given by Britain to help search and rescue missions in the Aegean sea.
The inhuman living conditions Farmakonisi led to accusations of human rights violations against the Greek army. A refugee who was traveling with his wife and daughter told me how he and a group of eighty people were parked on the sterile and arid island for five days. The soldiers fired in the air to intimidate them. Instead of feed, as required by law, the soldiers with reflective uniform happily sold their water and biscuits. He slept on the ground, in the rain, and saw other refugees dying of hunger eating snails.
They dubbed the place "Island of biscuits."
Depending on their mood and their nationality, officials are trying to record most of the migrants without passports as Syrian refugees
When refugees end up landing on Leos, they are given blankets, toothbrushes, soap and food. Then they are recorded in the proceedings organized by Fronted. Fronted is the European border police, but it has no real power. It is reduced to check passports, take fingerprints or question those who do not have papers and claim refugee status.
This process has become more rigorous when it was learned that two terrorist attacks in Paris had passed through Leos with passports stolen last year. But a volunteer working here a long time, and who prefers to remain anonymous, told me that, according to their mood and their nationality, officials are trying to record most of the migrants without passports as Syrian refugees. A local resident swear installed long time he saw the brain massacres of Paris, Abdel amid Abacus on the island during the summer 2015.
Next to the makeshift recording area, stands a cafй whose owner -who also menisci- office oracle caters for newcomers and onlookers loitering. One Friday, he hosted a tumultuous evening just as a boat landed 300 refugees shivering. Another volunteer and I had to take a young Iraqi mother and her three children-including a autistic- soaked up a house outside the camp. The scene was disturbing: on one side the rowdy carousing, the other miserable and dejected arrivals.
In the best case, save the newcomers is a chaotic process we, the volunteers, often guenons the course. Some simply use the situation to lather a little. Volunteers normally follow a strict code of conduct which places the discretion above everything else. But Leos, this code does not automatically govern all behavior. A reflective vest is the only thing necessary to impart an air of authority and to inflate the sense of your own importance. The coordinators told me about volunteers who were enticed by the idea of ​​living the adventures of extreme -as save the people of sea drowning. When the boats said they deposited the refugees at the port, some volunteers went.
I met young European men who went to Leros just "to see how it was" -a kind of tourism disaster. It is found throughout Europe such people who assume that everything the refugees needed is for warmth, teddy bears and their mere presence. In reality, they need much more; legal assistance such as medical care, security, shelter and work.
When the number of refugees has decreased briefly a week before my arrival, I learned that the person who sent the email inflamed me urging me to come to volunteer Domain had spun near the Macedonian border. This place became a new focus of the refugee crisis, suddenly enjoyed a tremendous media attention.
The media have little interest in Leos these days. The camp is in the center of town, in the middle of the local high school, a nursing home, hospital and empty restaurants. Caught between an old, dilapidated insane asylum and an abandoned shipbuilding building, the camp consists of a cluster of small huts Ikea (which can each accommodate five people). There is a wall of portable toilets, a handful of caravans and two large tents percent people sitting on a dirty place and covered with gravel.


IF Security Fund donates Revere kindergarteners get reflective vest.

Reflector cans Revere Kanga kindergarten, private kindergarten Kauri and Revere City Elementary School. Revere Mayor Andres Jerald giving reflective vest to kindergartens over on Friday, September 23 at 11:30 Revere Kanga beginning in kindergarten with safe driving event.
Helkurverstid can Revere Kanga kindergarten, private kindergarten Kauri and Revere City Elementary School. Revere Mayor Andres Jerald giving reflective vests to kindergartens over on Friday, September 23 at 11:30 Revere Kungla beginning in kindergarten with safe driving event. Youth Police with reflective uniform Leo Leona Kanga teach kindergarten children safe movement of traffic square.
Revere IF received support from Security Fund in 2009 and acquired by the city of Revere 300 kindergartens vest. Vests awarded with the IF representatives of the kindergartens across the World Car Free Day on 22 September during ьhisliiklemisьrituse.
Then a project was successful, and the purchase of armor because all kindergartens was, however, a number of existing armor itself, a guarantee to all kindergartens in the city of street children to move safely in traffic safety vest.



Lorient. Very well equipped, it poses as a gendarme Aura

For months, a young Lorient was posing as a policeman with reflective vest. He was unmasked by trying to get a deposit.

The case dates back to the beginning of August. The owner of an apartment in Lorient receives a letter from his tenant notice to leave reduced to one month for professional transfer to get a deposit.

The latter then contact the Aura brigade where the tenant claims to work.
While a policeman cloakroom

No trace of the young man will be found there, or in the workforce nationwide. The landlord tells police have repeatedly seen his tenant in reflective uniform, gun belt.

The Lorient search brigade took the matter in hand and put into custody the young Lorient. The search is successful. In housing, the police found uniforms, caps, armbands, reflective tape, as the GIGN that the canine brigade, and a toy gun.

His partner is stunned: for months, she thought living with a policeman...

The young man will appear in court in December Lorient.


Thousands of cyclisr recieve new safety vest

2,400 bikers National Police will all receive a complete new reflective uniform in the coming days.
If you take a driving holiday of All Saints, you may have the opportunity to cross the bikers of the national police. In the coming days, they will all wear a new uniform, which includes an integrated airbag.

Boots, pants, jacket, police bikers will be dressed again for the winter and the coming seasons. If the main color does not change and that the inscription "police" are still clearly visible, many improvements have been made. No more riding boots, motorbike officials will now have specially adapted half-boots. Fluorescent yellow reflective stripe are appearing on the pants and jacket, to make them more visible police. The equipment is reinforced by specific protective shells.
"Everything is new in this outfit. The boots are shorter. The public will not see the riding boots which they were accustomed. Then when we go back we have a winter-summer pants, with reinforced knees. And the bottom line is the jacket with an "airbag details the Commissioner Patrick Charles Dares, assistant director of facilities at Seals (Service purchase, equipment and logistics Homeland security).
This integrated into the jacket airbag is triggered in the event of a fall as Europe 1 have seen the motorcyclist national training center (CNFM) of the police, in Sense, who provides training 1,000 per year. Inflated with a gas cartridge, the airbag is triggered within 130 milliseconds, instantly protecting the neck, back, sides and chest.

This type of dress especially suitable team already gendarmerie and bikers Customs. Each year, about fifty police motorcyclists in safety vest are victims of injuries in accidents service.


Preschoolers will be safe in reflective vest

Parents of children of Warsaw can breathe a sigh of relief. Their children will be much more visible during the tour. Children were given the safety vest.

City Hall gave the capital kindergarten 11 thousand Pieces of warning vests. Children will use them in the course of joint excursions. This is a continuation of the shares held by the city and to improve road safety. - Transferring vests they will be accompanied by preventive activities with the knowledge of traffic involving municipal police officer in reflective uniform or guard - tells Hanna      Gronkiewicz-Waltz (63 l.), President of the capital. The city paid for the vest 84 thousand. zł. In previous years the nursery hit main town traffic and bicycles.

 To enhance road safety, this way to protect children can be spread to more people.


Policemen in reflective uniform

Fiat lox! Let there be light! Not for everyone obviously. That's what a dozen policemen found Tuesday, January 20, between 7 am and 8 pm 30 at the foot of Corium, during a two-wheeler control operation (motorized or moved by the sheer force of their owners). Where he was so matter of checking whether cyclists in safety vest and moped circulated visibly, until the solar star wants to leave well limbo this late night as would everyone else, excessive morning laziness.

And, for once, officials in sixty short minutes faced a platoon of offenses. Of the fifty five cycles stopped, seven were without lighting. The yellow jersey back certainly this mother traveling without any light, but with her toddler, harnessed in a seat behind her.

Each time, the only sanction fell. Because the police also fined six scooter riders taking sidewalks Claps for county; four who ignored the signs; one, in short, who ran a fire?

Major finding Margret, the police headquarters in reflective uniform: "In Montpellier, it is madness every day there are accidents.”


Reflective work wears to feel good

In the clothing of staff pursued Schlep two important goals: the use of advanced reflective work wear is to offer employees enhanced functionality, safety and comfort and a modern design. Simultaneously, the system provider for industrial assembly wanted to govern the provision of work wear uniform.

Experienced partners took Schlep in the work wear specialists Keble and the dealer for Occupational Safety and Work wear Eyelet GmbH.

"After more than ten years of use the same clothing line it was time to bring the outfit on the present state," explains Got Schlitz, Regional Director at Schlep. Under his leadership, a project team created with representatives from all departments and the works council the duties and accompanied the tender. Given the wide range of services ranging from industrial assembly on machine removals up to the relocation of entire production sites it was necessary to take into account diverse needs. From the new Work wear with reflective stripes was expected that it combines a modern, matching the corporate image appearance is pleasant to wear, robustness and security.

Particular attention put the team on the updating of the security-related features amenities such as knee pads and reflective strips. It was also important from the same series, a color combination for Schlep assembly and a second for the specialized maintenance, upgrading and certification of machines and presses an employee of PTC Press Engineering GmbH is able to provide. "We want to make visible to the outside, that the employee Schlep and PTC belong to a group of companies," says Schlitz. The desire for a reflective uniform appearance drew also the employees who perform in refineries and tank farms montages.


Drivers in the Liberec region dressed in protest reflective vests

Dozens of drivers in the Liberec region today, sat down behind the steering wheels of their buses in a reflective vest. Announced that the politicians: We have enough competition on the low price, we do not like situation in public transport. The orange and yellow vests rode today on the roads, most bus driver’s company bus line in Jawbone. The local trade unionists in late September announced a strike alert and called for the fight against dumping 'in public transport and low wages drivers. If the problem does not begin within a month to act are ready to go on strike.

At the same time today, the unions have brought to the Ministry of Transport Materials for the tender for bus services in the Hradec Kralove Region with a request that the tenders were more taken into account other parameters, not just the lowest price. "In all those Folders nothing about the chauffeur," said Chairman Jawbone basic trade union bus line George kitchenette. Today protest orange vests, according to him supported on the 4000 drivers from across the country. "Reflective vests dressed drivers in eastern Bohemia and in many other places. Even many of those who actively did not join the protest, but expressed support us," he added.

Unions protest by kitchenettes pushing for the creation of a working group in cooperation with the regions and the government to develop a reflective uniform methodology according to which list each region then competition on the public bus service. The tenders would be one of the key conditions of compliance with the minimum wage for drivers.

This corresponds to 100 crowns per hour. Need bus drivers in Jawbone by taking kitchenettes now 72 crowns per hour, per month, while earning around 22.000 to 23.000 crowns gross, but only at the cost of tens of hours of overtime. According to a survey ČTK wages of drivers in the majority of transport companies in the Czech Republic under the average wage. Trade unionists call for a revision of contracts, which was the sole criterion of the lowest price, and calling for dialogue at the level of the union, regional authorities and company management.

I can now choose the region by criteria other than price, said Transport Ministry spokesman Tomas Enfold. An adjustment methodology tenders will be representatives from the ministry of trade unionists to discuss further. But he also said that it is the Ministry of Transport, who sets specific tenders for the operation of its bus lines, but the region.

In addition to the Ministry of Transport intend unions next week to address even the Ministry for Regional Development which is in charge of the tender, adding kitchenette. Eyesore drivers are particularly tender for public bus transport, which in September announced the Hradec Kralove region.. There was the fact that we zastropovali wage to some 120 crowns, which I think is outrageous. Ceiling someone that you may earn just enough, but not to think that cannot go home for beggar’s cane, it seems to me from the councilors of the Hradec Karloff region as very arrogant, "he added.

Wearing safety clothing today by the kitchens drivers across the country have shown that they are able to agree and act together. "All those who today wore a vest, they are ready to go on strike, some are even so upset that called for it, hastened to strike," said kitchenette. Now it's time to act, according to him. Politicians give union members a month, and then they are ready to declare a strike.


Motorcyclists shall add reflective stripes on clothes

"Motorbike, remember that public roads are not racetracks! Think, therefore, of the other drivers" - calls whiskies police in reflective uniform and reports that since the beginning of the year on the roads in the region killed 11 motorcyclists, it's about one person less than in all of 2012.

Since the beginning of the year in the province whiskies came to 76 accidents involving motorcyclists. 11 people died and 73 were injured. - The number of fatalities is already very high and close to the number of victims from around 2012. And by the end of the motorcycle season still far away - he told PAP on Monday, a police spokesman Chamberlain of whiskies. Gregory Dude.

He noted that the most common cause of accidents involving motorcyclists wear reflective stripes on clothes, among others, speeding, overestimation of their skills, to stop at a red light, "pushing" between cars. - And that does not damage the asphalt, sand on the road and increased traffic and accident - Dude said.

That's why police appeals to all two-wheelers in charge of prudence and compliance. Riding on a motorcycle, you have to show a limited trust towards other drivers and take care of reflective clothing, through which a motorcyclist will be more visible on the road.

Each participanthas to bear in mind the safety of themselves and others. In the event of even the slightest motorcycle and car collision, the rider is less likely to survive or out of an accident without injuries - said Dude.




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