The boys rode straight into the car's wheels by bicycle

Two 14-year-old boys were hospitalized in the Lodz region last night with serious injuries. The boys rode on one bike without safety vest and fell under the wheels of a 19-year-old who was passing by.


The accident took place around 20 in the municipality. Two 14-year-old boys were riding on one bike; one of them was sitting on the vehicle's frame. They moved along the left lane of the road, in the same direction the pony Fiat driver was driving - says Barbara from the police in Pocono. The driver saw from the distance a red light point; he was convinced that it was walking. It turned out, however, that they were boys riding a bicycle without any high visibility vest. At one point, the bike came off the side of the road directly under the Fiat wheels. The driver did not manage to brake and collided with the two-wheeler - he reports.


Both 14-year-olds were hospitalized with serious injuries. They are in a difficult condition. Fiat driver was sober, his car was secured for technical tests - says Shape. The police are appealing to adults to pay attention to children riding alone on busy roads. For their safety, remember to wear reflective vests, their bikes are properly lit and, above all, to comply with traffic regulations.


Mandatory reflective vests for every pedestrian

From September 1, every pedestrian walking after dark outside the built-up area will have to wear reflective clothing or a headband. According to statistics, about 1,000 pedestrians and cyclists die in Poland on dark roads every year. From September 1, everyone moving around at dusk along roads in the unconstructed area will have to have visible reflective elements. Janus Dulia from the slip road in Sups should be extended by unpublished areas, including built-up ones, because many municipalities cannot afford sidewalks and illuminate the village all night long.


From the beginning of next month, however, we will be looking closely at pedestrians walking on roads outside the city. At the beginning, we will be instructing those undisciplined, but then punishing them with fines - says the deputy head of the road department of the command. What are the mandates? The new provision on the need to wear reflectors is not yet included in the tariff. Until this happens, we will issue fines on general terms, from PLN 50 to PLN 100 - he adds to the poke. However, it is not about the level of seats, but about the safety of pedestrians. Many people note that in the minds of pedestrians and cyclists, especially those of adults, there is no need to wear reflectors.


- There is a terrible fashion for black. People rarely ask for reflective vests. When I order yellow or red panniers for a bike, they lie for months, and customers ask for dark ones - says Mikoyan from the bicycle shop. The local government was planning to take care of the reflective education. At the meeting in the City Hall, representatives of the office, municipal guard and neighboring municipalities, police, organizations for the disabled and the elderly took the floor. They talked about statistics. In addition, so far, the words ended, because the Arabesque association, which initiated the action, did not receive ministerial money. It is different in rural communes, where the risk of an accident on an unlit road is much greater.


- There were tragic situations with us. Near a village administrator died on an unlit road, and at the exit from the national six to the car hit a cyclist. Fortunately, the construction of safe exits has already been won there - recalls Pawed Lewandowski from the Commune Office in Dominica. - We have been campaigning for the safety of our children a year ago, together with "Gomes Somoza,” as part of which all the first received safety vests and comic booklets. Older urge us to wear flares, distribute them at festivals and harvest festivals to tell the pulpit about road safety.


Firefighters gave students their reflective vests

Firefighters gave students their reflective vests. Dressing them during evening exits will improve security. Students from the Primary School in Plenary visited the drums from the local unit of the Volunteer Fire Brigade.


In a festive gift, they brought reflective vests for all pupils and children from the kindergarten. Preschoolers received safety vests with a smiling face, and other students with the OSP Plenary logo. OSP vice president Macaw Krupp urged children not to forget about wearing vests because they can save health and even life when going out in the evenings on busy streets.


It is worth introducing a fashion for wearing reflective waistcoats, and adults should pay special attention to children's safety on the road and shine the example themselves - say the Dramas.


The company SS manufactures a new mesh vest

The Spanish company Services has expanded its catalog of products with the manufacture of a new version of its full mesh openwork vest CHS-5, approved under EN ISO 20471 CLASS 1, as a perfect solution in High Visibility vest for summer.


The characteristics of this new garment are the use of mesh openwork yellow, orange or red, all fluorine, combined with thick fabric tape above and below the horizontal reflective band, the latter of 3M, sewn one horizontally and two vertically from front to back, passing through the shoulder.


As in the entire range of SS, this garment can customized with reflective logos and manufactured in various sizes. The CHS-5 vest completes the extensive range of High Visibility garments of this Spanish manufacturer, whose textile range is not only focused on AV clothing, but also orientates its productions to the corporate image of its customers, making garments that combine colors, designs, logos, trimmings ...


In addition to these developments, the catalog of products manufactured by this Spanish firm is completed with all kinds of reflective vests and breastplates, harnesses, sleeves, gaiters, belts, windsocks and helmet tapes, as well as a variety of modules, texts and logos made of fabrics and reflective sheets, for application in garments, vehicles and road signs.


SS concentrates all its facilities - offices, warehouses, and workshops - in Madrid, which allows it to offer each of its customers a quality tailoring service that is totally personalized.


In addition, the Spanish firm has new equipment for laser cutting technology, plotters, drum cutting machines, automatic and roller heat-sealing machines, high frequency welding machines, digital printing and screen printing systems, as well as specific sewing machines for each type of job.


Another outstanding facet is the manufacture and distribution of tapes and marking products such as speed reducers, fences, traffic flags, floor and vehicle tapes, cones, beacons, vertical, horizontal, and complementary signs, panels, traffic mirrors and surveillance, and eye protection products such as glasses and masks, among others.


Services and Security has been a pioneer in the homologation of high visibility garments. Already in the 80s bet on this sector, when its founders, then specialized in the field of road signage and emergency vehicles, began to manufacture protective garments High Visibility.


Although these first articles today would not comply with the existing regulations, they have been able to adapt to the new requirements of EN-471: 1994 to continue being pioneers, obtaining the certification of their vests as High Visibility garments in May 1997.


Guide patrons to make safety and fashion

Supporting the creators of a system for producing tailor-made jeans with reflective strips, the editors of a new fashion magazine, or the designers of an androgynous clothing collection are three examples of the projects you can wager on Kick starter, a platform for Make patrons and go shopping that is experiencing a great boom.

Fashion and innovation are two concepts that often walk together. That is why it is not surprising that a web that rewards originality is frequented by fans and professionals to hunt trends. In addition, betting on crowd funding also means saying yes to a financing system that turns its back on banks. Something that has a lot of pull if we consider the popularity they have enjoyed since Lehman Brothers and company panicked the world.

In essence Kick starter’s operation is extremely simple: you propose an idea that you want to finance (there are exceptions), the amount of money needed to put it into practice, explain what your patrons will get in return based on your donations and make a presentation of Your project as clear and beautiful as possible. You should keep in mind that Kick starter is in the United States, although there are ways to present a project from Spain.

Whether seeking to make a donation selflessly or to purchase a reflective product that has fascinated the procedure is simple. You only need to use your Facebook account to sign up for Kick starter and also have one on Amazon to make payments. That's enough to start looking for projects that interest you.

You can bet on those who have already obtained the funding they are looking for and are raising funds or not. In the latter case if the project at the end of 90 days has failed to raise enough money, you have the money that you have contributed. You should also keep in mind if you want to get a product that the project managers send out of the United States. Something that happens in many cases adding a supplement to the amount requested.

Keep in mind, however, that Kick starter does not offer guarantees on the projects it hosts. Some have ended in fiasco after achieving the amount that was marked as goal. But you do not have to be too scared. It is not often that happens. In any case if you have doubts you can always ask the promoter directly anything before making any donation. It may also be well to goggling a bit to gather information on those submitting the projects if you are going to make a large donation.

Here are three examples of fashion proposals that have not yet achieved the quantity that have been marked and that allow shipments to Spain. Reflective clothing is good for riding or skating. If you are horrified by the typical reflective vests you can try to get one of the T-shirts from the Fix project. They are ideal to make yourself visible while riding on bikes or skates. As its design is attractive you can also wear them for the day. You have less than 10 days to support the proposal and for 55 dollars to get a shirt (with shipping costs to Spain included).

Some of the projects are very reminiscent of the teleshopping ads. That is at least what we have suggested stockings with socks built to wear Boo tights high boots. You can get a pair of them for $ 25 plus the 5 that costs shipping to Spain. Although, yes, at the moment does not go very well. They have only risen just over $ 3,000 and have to reach 25,000 by August 23rd.


Elche will use reflective clothing and accessories for the staff

Poles, flip-flops, high-heeled boots, sports and protective footwear, shirts, pants, anoraks ... Municipal workers must have adequate safety clothing and, for this, the City of Elche calls for tenders, normally every four years , A contract for the acquisition of work clothes destined to the personnel attached to different municipal departments. And now it is when it touches again to contest this procedure, which will assume, as the base bid price, a maximum outlay of 568,000 Euros over the next four years.

The purchase of work clothes, both summer and winter, as well as various supplements will be for the various municipal brigades, personnel Urban Mobility and Local Police, a disbursement that a year will amount to less than 142,000 Euros, according to forecasts.

At the time of its award, the composition of the reflective fabrics or materials used, the treatment, washing of the garment and cleaning of the garments will be taken into account and the number of washes for which indemnity is guaranteed must also be indicated. Companies that attend can choose one, several or eight lots in which the contract has been divided.

The successful tendered also undertakes to take particular measures and sizes of each of the officers, taking into account the different sizes of men and women. The costume delivery will be requested during the months of February of each year and must be delivered within a maximum period of 45 days. In addition, each package shall include the name of the official to whom it is intended.

As examples, the contract includes the provision of 390 light blue short-sleeved polo shirts, 400 short-sleeved T-shirts, 505 elastic pants, 60 anoraks, 40 water boots, 15 first-aid flip flops, 14 pot stock shots or 51 clogs Sanitary type, to cite some of the articles. However, it is in providing the Local Police with their uniforms and accessories to perform their functions where more money is intended. In fact, it is planned to supply 300 multistate trousers, 33 specific for bikers, 425 mono-colored poles, 80 caps or 40 jackets, to give some examples.

In addition, there are 100 whistles, 25 protective covers, 25 carrier cases and a police badge, and a few other safety-latching hooks, shackles, gun covers, defense sprayers, chargers, transmitters and raincoats And reflective vests, among other elements. In principle, the clothing lot for the Local Police is the highest of the eight lots, with a bid price of 75,000 Euros.

Councilor for Human Resources, Josй Perez, explains that this type of procedure is habitual and that when the contract is terminated, it should be withdrawn, as in this case to equip the staff, from the cleaners, to the first responders. Even if the pledge is damaged or there is a justified incidence, the public contract also contemplates the replacement; it does not take four years to replace it. The deadline for submission of tenders is 10 April and the most economically advantageous tender will be awarded on the award criteria.


Police in safety vest for concert with strict security measures

How does it look in front of the Eden Hall? The Depeche Mode concert accompanies stringent security measures. More polices in safety clothing for this concert to keep fans’ safety. The concert could become an easy target for terrorist attacks. After Monday's attack in Manchester, the security agency tightened the rules for entering Eden.

The British Depeche Mode concert in Eden is accompanied by increased security measures. This is the case in connection with Monday's attack in Manchester, UK.

"It's almost as if Sparta fans are coming to Salvia, not a music band," one of CTK's visitors saw for the passing police officers, and the fans of yellow and green reflective vests dominated by police and medical staff.

At the concert, visitors could only take A4-size luggage. Entrance to Eden was accompanied by thorough checks. Because of an attack in Britain, security at the concert in Prague will be strengthened, the expert says.

Attending the concert is the presence of up to 20,000 British band fans. According to experts, Eden could easily become the so-called "soft target" for terrorism. It’s better to wear a safety vest to keep safety. The same number of people were in the Manchester Arena, where American singer Arianna Grande performed on Monday night.


Cycling and hiking wear reflective clothing

This weekend will be the occasion to take out the bicycles stored since last summer, and to concretize the good resolutions taken at the beginning of the year. Indeed, this Saturday, May 13, in partnership with the Cycle-club which wears reflective clothing of Lambert and the ADAV, the municipality organizes the 5th edition of the cycle-family.

The children who wear reflective vests of the elementary schools of the city, together with their families, are invited to share the experience of a ride of about an hour by bicycle in procession through the streets of the city and secured by the Cycle-club. The route will be punctuated by cultural stops in the neighborhoods.

 The appointment is given at 10:00 am, 335 rue du Bourg, on the courtyard side of the Louise-de-Betonies school, for a departure at 10.30 am. This event, supervised by members of the Cycle-club, requires On the part of all, including parents, wearing the helmet and the safety vest.

The next day, the Cycle-club organizers with safety clothing made the 22nd edition of the Gent-Lambert. Departures will be made from 7 pm of the room of the Pre-flowered, accessible by the avenue Clemenceau or the street of the Carney, for routes of 15, 30, 65, 85 or 110 km.


Road safety Lesson of Dorati

On Saturday in the conference room he hosted Grove command actress Dorati. The aim of her visit was to conduct for volunteers and pupils Volunteers Good Heart safety lessons in the field of road traffic. Everyone be hand out a safety vest, made by reflective fabric material.

Dorati many years, organized jointly with the Police and other institutions under the banner of many actions, among others, "Be visible on the road." These actions included its reach tens of thousands of children, equipping them with reflective elements and proper knowledge on security.

On Saturday, the actress visited the District Police Headquarters in Grove. During the meeting, among others, he spoke about how important it is to wear reflective elements after dark, and reminded the volunteers and ward Good Heart from Grove, which side of the road you should move. Then Mrs. Stalin explained the audience what the rules every move during the busy road. She also cited the story of the accident, pointing to their own experiences and explaining how it was founded Hope Foundation, whose aim is to undertake and finance measures aimed at preventing road accidents and assisting victims of road accidents.

The youngest could also demonstrate their knowledge and take part in a mini competition on road safety. After the meeting, all participants were given reflective vests. At the end of the meeting he appeared, who handed each child a sweet gifts provided by Volunteering Good Heart. The initiative was held by Mrs. Dorati cooperation with the District Police Headquarters in Grove and Mr. Karol of Volunteering Good Heart.


Municipal Police in Bialystok distributes reflective vests

Dozens of reflective vests went into the hands of Bialystok cyclists. Another Municipal Police in Bialystok will deal on Friday.

- A very large group of accident victim’s road pedestrians and cyclists, or vulnerable road users - says Joanna in safety clothing, a spokeswoman for the Municipal Police in Bialystok. - Therefore, it's about their safety should take care especially. During a collision with another vehicle driver you can count on airbags or seatbelts. Pedestrian and cyclist do not protect anything.

Reflective vests will at least see them from afar. Therefore, the municipal guards decided to take matters into their own hands and take care of security cyclists. On Thursday, each encountered on their way cyclist received safety vest. –Elements reflectors are an excellent form of secure visibility on the road - adds Joanna. - There are still undervalued and often is they save lives unprotected road users.


Boiled chicken to the menu Telethon

This is a family that has just walk for the Telethon, well equipped reflective vests, and lamps

It is gone, the program is completed, and reservations open for lunch Telethon this year, Saturday, December 3, where the boiled chicken is on the menu (preceded by Japan beads and accompanied by stuffing, rice, then cheese, salad and dessert, appetizer, wine and coffee for € 12, € 6 to 12 years). Remember to bring cutlery (soup plate, cutlery and glass). The evening will be hosted by a young singer wear reflective clothes came from the Gers, accompanied on accordion and singer Piaf... and his own compositions. The Baladours, who have previously supervised the march of hope, not fail to go to their catchy choruses.

Note that the march of hope will leave this year (new: parking the industrial zone, near the fence of the railway, road Oursbelille). € 3 walking, 2 € the glow stick, remember lamps, safety vests and good shoes (route across fields partially appreciated in recent years). On Oursbelille, the bus will take you to the starting point in Bazet between 17 hours and 17.45.

And sometimes on the road, sometimes across fields, the arrival will be at Oursbelille.


Shining examples of safety – reflective vest

60 safety vests received the Max Metzger School from ADAC, 1c the class she has hastily tried.


It is a tradition that the ABC students get to their school entry by ADAC reflective vests, which should make the children on their way to school right now, in the dark winter months, to traffic visible.


On Thursday it was again: Karl Heinz Renner, Chairman of Motorsport Club (MSC), brought a thick package with 60 copies of the yellow- and orange-colored vest in reflective material with the Max-Metzger-school past.


At the children and especially their parents, it is now to ensure that the security of the West using the initial joy is also part of everyday journeys to school outfits, such as the MSC Chairman remarked. They went for Renner to the school, where he also the first graders "their" West brought; last week the action has already taken place.


Provide ADAC warning vests to ABC guards

Historic racing club in the ADAC is committed to the ADAC Foundation "Gelber Engel"

. Somewhat unbelieving, but also very curious, the ABC shooters, the 25 first graders of the State Elementary School " Ephraim Lessing" on Tuesday morning, when the director of the school, opened their eyes to an important meeting in the foyer of the school Together. Did they even "eat" something, or what was? Of this entire nothing! Only guests had come to the ADAC with Thomas Roth, Chairman of the Historical Race Club. In ADAC, and Brigitte, Member of the Board of HRC, who had brought something with them? Luminous yellow and orange reflective vests from the ADAC were the ones which they handed over to the children and which immediately covered them with glowing eyes.

Seeing and being seen is a very important moment in road traffic and on the way to school in the coming dark season, according to Thomas Roth, who handed over the ADAC warning vest to the ABC shooters to take the starting shot for the safety challenge for schoolchildren of the ADAC in the district Has.

"Every year 30,000 children under the age of 15 are killed in traffic, often because they are not seen or too late. To prevent this and increase safety, children on the way to school should wear reflective clothing such as Wear a safety vest. For this reason, the ADAC "Gelber Engel" Foundation is conducting the security campaign for schoolchildren for the sixth time. It thus makes an important contribution to the traffic safety of children ", can be read in an information material of the ADAC. Thomas Roth emphasized in the warning vest delivery to the children: "To be seen comes on! Through thereflective materialof these safety vests children are seen well in the dark from a distance of 140 meters. If the clothes are only light, they are perceived from a distance of 40 meters. Darkly dressed children can recognize a driver in the spotlight only 25 meters before - too late to stop in time. This is exactly what we, the ADAC and the association, want to change with our commitment. The key to the success of this action, however, is that children also wear safety vests. Parents and teachers should therefore pay attention to the fact that the children wear these vests daily.

”When it came to the distribution of the safety vest, there was of course excitement and big eyes among the children. The West had to be tried at the same time and the schoolchildren proudly introduced them. They already look sharp, the warning vests with the luminous symbols as well as the reflective stripes at the front as well as at the back and on the hood, which let the children shine from afar. But the West was not only dashing, the children felt great in what they saw their bright eyes. And when every one of the first years got a balloon from the ADAC, there was a lot of fun, because you can do a lot.




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