The possibilities of company clothing

The purchase of company clothing can be such a task that you do not want to spend too much time and money on. Nevertheless, it is advisable to sit down for a while. Because you have nothing on a piece of clothing that is not worn afterward. How do you ensure that your employees are well cared for while they can do their work safely and efficiently? With the attention points below, you can map out the wishes in the field of corporate safety clothing.

Point of interest 1: Safety

Safety comes first. According to the Working Conditions Act, you as an employer are responsible for providing your employees with the right personal protective equipment to carry out their work safely. It is important that you comply with the EN ISO 13688 standards. Does your staff work under special circumstances, such as with toxic substances or with fire? Then you may have to meet more standards. Take a good look at the circumstances that apply to your employee and opt for firefight reflective tape, or reflective clothing with reflective fabricfor high visibility.

Point of interest 2: Functionality

You will be particularly inclined to pay attention to the price tag when purchasing company clothing. And let's be honest. That is also a very important factor. But do not just wrap the first work shorts into your shopping basket, because believe me, one is not the other. There is sometimes a whole philosophy behind something seemingly simple as bags. Always involve your staff in the choice of new company clothing. After all, they can tell you what they really need to be able to work efficiently and pleasantly. Also thinks of comfort. You can, after all, purchase such a nice work coat, if he does not like your employee, he will certainly leave the coat on the left.

Point of interest 3: Professional appearance

Always choose high-quality materials. It is more than worth the investment. Because worn out work trousers quickly no longer meet the safety standards. Cracks and discolorations are also not neat. The quality can, therefore, play an important role in representing your company correctly. And that does not only apply to the individual employee. Uniform corporate clothing not only ensures that your team is recognizable to others, but you also create a sense of unity. Handy, if you work a lot with hired workers.

Point of interest 4: Promotion of the company

Some companies have opportunities to increase their brand awareness when buying company clothing. Sin! If your staff is well looked after, it is a calling card for your company. And of course, logo and contact details also belong to a business card. You can, for example, have your company clothing printed. But even more up-to-date (and hardwearing) is it to have your logo in the clothing embroidered. Did you know that certain company clothing is deductible for the tax if it is provided with a logo?

The hunters in safety vest hunted on the wild boar

About 60 hunters in safety vest stalked wild boars near the populated parts of Labem today. Animals have grown in the city and often run into settlements. Hunters annually blast about two thousand pigs; 15 years ago, it was a quarter, said ČTK vice-chairman of the district hunting association Vaclav. The hunter wants to motivate the town hall to bury the animals in the town, for every bumped pig will contribute 300 crowns.

The hunters gathered at one of the dominant of the town, Marians, just a few dozen meters from the housing estate. They also focused on the part. To blast pigs out of hunting, the hunter must have a municipal permit. According to Surety, they will evaluate the safety of hunters. "All hunters are experienced people, they have a firearms license, and they have to guess the situation, basically it's up to them to shoot or not, they all have reflective vests and they should see," said Sutra.

After splitting into three groups, pigs chased. "Part of the people goes into the swarm, that is, they surround the whole territory, they are at different intervals and try to hunt the game that is coming out of the water, and there is a place where animals are detained, and there are deer hunts and hares. The game is not hunted at all, because it is already protected by the dying game.

The Stucco hunters have solved problems with wild pigs for about 30 years. Initially, the animals were only in the outskirts of the city, and now it is not unusual for them to appear in the center. For example, in April, a group of wild swans ran up to the city center, one of them arriving at the clinic. In the place, the vet killed him, and the other animals were gone.

"People can often do this on their own, and when they throw away food outside the bin, the pigs feel it, of course, and then they get into the city," said Roman, another hunter. Unanimity is that bureaus and authorities are burying them. "There was a time when shooting a backyard, but her chicks did not get enough food in the wild and, of course, they also retreated where they can eat easily," Juanita added.

According to hunters, wild pigs are mostly shy. Throughout the day, they seek peace not only in the forests, but also in the bushes. Dangerous are either injured animals or piglets with piglets. If a person hits a backyard, he should slowly back away. In most cases, according to the hunters, only the young will pass. The game will end up according to the gamekeeper on the plates. "The game must be examined on the muscles and then distributed to the hunters," added Sutra in safety clothing. There are six hunting clubs in Labem. For the sowing of the wild pigs, each of them can get up to 10,000 crowns, so the town hall has a maximum of 60,000, the deputy mayor Panel said earlier.

The total safety equipments to SLRC police

As part of the coordinated work and friendship ties between Yuma Police Department and the Preventive Police and Municipal Transit, the Arizonan corporation delivered tactical safety equipment, informed the graduate Julio Csar Valenzuela Murrieta.

The Commissioner General of Municipal Public Safety indicated that the donation consisted of tactical equipment, helmets and safety vests for road operations, which will be of great support for the different preventive tasks performed in this population. He thanked the Arizona authorities for the donation of the equipment, but mainly for the coordinated work that is done to maintain security on both sides of the border.

He recalled that a close relationship is maintained on issues of recovered stolen vehicles, arrest warrants and other crimes. In the same way, the police chief recalled that prevention actions are promoted, such as warning children and young students who cross the border daily to go to school, this to avoid being used and tricked into carrying drugs in their backpacks.

Julio Csar Valenzuela Murrieta thanked the Yuma Police Department and the Sonora-Arizona International Police organization for their support, especially the liaison officers of the Arizona Department of Public Security, Cedillas, and Miguel Castillo. The commander of the Municipal Traffic Department, Hector in safety clothing, who is the liaison with the corporations of the neighboring US entity, was present at the meeting, he added.

How about install radars in private cars

After a pilot test in Normandy, its presence will be generalized in September; they will circulate without identifying and will be almost undetectable. France privatizes radars as it sounds: these days a pilot test starts in Normandy whereby civilians in safety vest will drive the radar cars. What until now was an exclusive task of the security forces, happens to depend, in part, on the citizens.

The objective seems to be that in September the service is completely outsourced. Right now, in France there is a fleet of 400 vehicles with built-in radar, with an average of one hour of operation per day. Agents are missing so that the cars do more kilometers.

When the service is privatized, it wills probably double the number of cars and these will circulate up to eight hours a day. Obviously, the direct consequence will be an increase in the number of sanctions. The Government, however, justifies its decision by ensuring that it will be able to generate more employment and that it will not pay drivers based on the fines they impose. No spokesperson for the Directorate General of Traffic has wanted, but sources of the (DGT) ensure that, for now, "this solution is not even raised." "Two weeks ago, the Interior Minister presented a series of measures to reduce the accident rate and this was not among them," they add the same sources.

The idea of the French Government is that civil mobile radars, in approved cars, operate under these conditions:

•Camouflaged. They will be completely undetectable. The clinometers will be very inconspicuous and only the driver will go inside, without a uniform or a reflective vest.

•Fines in movement. The vehicles will not hide behind the hedges or park on the shoulder. The sanctions will always make them move.

•Send the GPS. Drivers cannot choose the route they want. The cars will incorporate a GPS in which the itinerary will be set by the Administration.

•Sign recognition. The radars themselves will integrate cartography and will have registered the maximum speeds of each road. It will be an automatic service.

In Spain, currently a fleet of 300 mobile radars is monitor the road both in motion and stationed. The legislation does not oblige the DGT to signal its presence, but fixed radars are always identified and mobiles are increasingly identified.

Apart from fixed radars, tripods and guns, in Spain there is a fleet of 275 mobile radars integrated in vehicles. They wear safety clothing and are not always in operation, because a percentage of them are usually under repair at the Institute of Metrology, and the DGT does not offer data on the number of hours that remain in circulation. What it does indicate on its website are the sections where surveillance is intensified, although that does not mean there are no radars in other places.

They raise fines for not wearing the vest

Deputy DC Mario argued, "You have to make a legal change to the Traffic Law so that this can be considered a fault and you can take a fine as appropriate if you do not use reflective vest. Because otherwise it have made spend thousands and thousands of Chileans to ride this famous vest in the glove compartment.

The Minister of Transport, who highlighted the effects of the decree, welcomed the assessments.

"I am responsible for any problem in its implementation. We had differences between regions, but when we talking about a white reflective gear, the problem of a white march is the white gear ends. There will be the same problem, people who did not buy and gave that we had started this decree that was published 15 months before its implementation, it was a sufficiently broad term to inform," he said.

Gomez-Lobo added "to legislate on the use, I am open to study that One of the benefits of this initiative has been that it has had a side effect." Cyclists have also started using this safety clothing, so I think that it has been positive. "

Dont forget the safety equipment when walk in the sea

A boat trip is for sure a lot of fun. But between the weather, the equipment on board and the prolonged exposure to natural light, some recommendations are essential to navigate safely. Especially if you have children!

Before going out to sea, check carefully the schedules and coefficients of the tides as well as the weather forecasts, so as not to be surprised by the variations of the nature. Also ensure that everyone on board has a safety lifejacket that fits their size. Everyone must also leave with their sunglasses and a cap or hat to protect the eyes, the head ... and thus avoid sunstroke.

On the side of the skin, apply sunscreen before leaving on all visible parts, even on your whole body in anticipation of a dive in the open sea. Take with you the tubes of cream for regular applications. Yes, despite appearances and feelings, the clouds let a large number of UV rays that can weaken your skin. Finally, even if the end of the holidays is approaching and your skin is already tanned, do not worry! Tanning certainly limits the occurrence of sunburn since your skin has become accustomed to sun exposure. But the risk 0 does not exist, let alone at sea on the surface of which the impression of freshness and moisture easily masks the force of the rays. A high visibility safety vest is eye catching for keeping your safety.

Before leaving, check that your basket will be enough to sustain everyone's stomachs. Think of the practical and nutritious picnic formula, and plan for 1 liter of water per person if you leave for the day. Know it, to go to sea with an empty stomach exposes to seasickness! Be careful however to fatty and heavy meals. They can cause difficulties of digestion often misguided on board. In addition, do not forget the pharmacy kit with its lot of bandages, anti-nausea, mercurochrome, scissors and tweezers.

In the piloting department now ... if you have to do little tricky maneuvers, your children will have to sit, both hands on fixed supports, buttocks well set, especially if the toddlers are light weights. In the best case, tell the young people to stay in the cockpit for maximum safety.

Finally, never leave a child alone on board or at the controls of the boat even they wear the safety clothing. And despite the concentration you show, always keep an eye on the actions of your toddlers. Also plan a child's difficulty in staying in place for a long time. If it starts to get agitated, try taking a break where everyone can let off steam.

Safety vest on and off you go

So, dear construction worker, now take a break and let the children ran with their reflective vest! They can also do this: tap nails into boards, put stones on mortar until it bangs, or drill holes in concrete, which it just dusts!

The center management of the future Holston Gallery shows heart for all the small builders who, with their parents in the past months, have observed the construction work at Neumunsters largest building site, sometimes with a longing, and invites to the children's construction site: May, children from 4 to 8 years of age can sometimes look around the building site, which so far they have only been able to marvel at from the outside.

Experts show them how to go with the plastering, walls, roofing and the carpenter, and of course the young guests are allowed to try their hand at expert craftsmanship. Helmet on, safety vest on and off you go!

The children get an insight into the real construction site day and may ask the accompanying masters the famous holes in the belly: What was the tallest crane? What weighs a wall concrete? Or what else is urgent to clarify.

The center management promises an exciting day at the construction site, with accompanying program and a small surprise. Guests go through the construction site stations in two groups, from 10 am to 2 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm. In between there is ample time to strengthen the little builders.

Several teams have already signed up, but there are still vacancies. Visitors should bring solid footwear and weatherproof safety clothing. Further information as well as the registration form can be found on the Internet. Registration is possible until the following Monday, 4 May.

Do not forget to leave safety equipment before you leave

About 17 million Germans went on holiday last year by car. From June 22nd to September 11th, when at least one federal state is a summer holiday, thousands of families will return to the motorways with their cars to drive the popular holiday resorts in Germany and the neighboring European countries. The safety vest is the mandatory equipment for road safety.

Before the holiday trip to the tire check

The Tire Quality Initiative of the German Traffic Safety Council (DVR) and its partners recommends that a careful tire check be carried out in good time before travel begins. If you are driving with a tire without a tire, you will not only do something for your own safety, but also for those who are on the road. Nothing trims the joy of the well-earned holiday more than a tire on any European highway. If you want to be certain, ask for a tire check for a specialist, who can also make a possible tire change. Those who prefer to test their tires themselves should take the following advice:

With summer tire in summer vacation

Ever since Easter, according to the well-known rule of thumb "From O to O", the winter tires should be stored and the summer tires should be reared. Anyone who is still on the road with winter tires should change at the latest. Due to their nature, summer tires on hot asphalt wear less strongly and shorten the braking distance significantly in the case of full braking.

Adjust the tire pressure and pay attention to the minimum profile depth

If the tire pressure is too low, the tire will wear more quickly. If the tire is too high, the bearing surface will decrease and the adhesion will be poorer. Therefore, it is important to keep to the tire pressure indicated on the door handle or in the fuel cap. When the vehicle is fully loaded, it must be increased accordingly. This is often forgotten when you go on holiday. Just as important is the test of the tire profile, because only with sufficient profiling depth the car has also enough on wet roads. For summer tires a minimum profile depth of 3 mm is strongly recommended, so that the water on the road is derived and the car does not come into the proverbial swimming. Not to be despised side effect: With correct tire pressure, drivers in safety clothing are significantly more economical on the road and safer.

Do not start with damaged or old tires

If a tire shows cracks, bumps or drive-in damage, it should be replaced in any case. In the worst case the trip ends with a "flat foot" on the roadside. Visible wear phenomena can also be a sign that the tire has its best days already behind it. The older it is, the more brittle the rubber and the worse its handling. From the age of six years, a tire should be regularly checked for its condition and the profile depth. From the age of ten the DVR recommends the exchange of the tire.

More than the fifth wheel on the car

Once the vehicle has passed this tire check, nothing stands in the way of the unshakable ride. Or better: almost nothing, because the spare wheel is often forgotten, because it is hidden almost invisibly under the trunk. How big is the anger when it is used against expectations, but unfortunately cannot be used due to damage? For the tire check, the conscientious consideration of the reserve tire is just as much the same as that of all others. And, of course, it is advisable to inspect the water and oil level, as well as the presence of a vest, reflective vest (ideal for all inmates, as is required in some countries). Afterwards, you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Safety for Motorcycle service

On Saturday, August 20, the second motorcycle service takes place in Gladbeck. The weekend is starting on Friday, with the dusk on the Lambert with safety clothing and live music the band.

On Saturday, the telescopic motorcyclists meet at 9.30 am on the Anna berg in Halter at the parking lot in front of the Gottfried. From there they start after the Reassign from Props Andr Muller in the direction of Gladbeck.

There the worship service takes place at 11.15 am in the St. Lambert, to which all motorcyclists and visitors in reflective vest are cordially invited.

Afterwards the festival will be staged at the Lambert with the Petra Buhrmann, which will present their latest collections, Meats Art, Caritas, a lottery, the childrens mobile home of the city of Gladbeck and a check for the Escher Lippi.

The food is under the motto and this includes of course Curry worst fries, Frisks and other treats.

Who would like a Lambert safety vest with the Lambert logo as well as the motto "Hummel auks Asphalt". Please indicate the normal motorcycle jacket size when registering. On the day of the motorcycle god's service they are then issued against an obsolete of five Euros.

Jogging in winter: this reflective equipment is going well

Too windy, too cold, too dark: end with excuses - with intelligent functional safety clothing and running accessories, the continuous running through the winter landscape becomes a safe and warm pleasure.

Optimum cold running: the onion principle

The English magic word when choosing the right running gear in winter is "layering". In this case, a plurality of thin layers of clothing, similar to an onion, is layered layer by layer. Anna and Lisa Hanker, German Olympic runners, also advise: "The onion principle ensures that the air heated by the body can move freely between the garments and the runner does not freeze."

But does not it offer a thick winter jacket or a warmly-lined hooey against the cold, as a few airy clothing layers made of high-tech fibers? Thick feeding insulates the body temperature but also prevents moisture transport. If the t-shirt sticks to the body, it is not only extremely unpleasant, it also promotes colds.

Winter jogging: invest in the right running gear

In order to be well-suited to an average German winter when jogging against wetness and cold, a basic outfit with three layers usually suffices. We explain what you should pay attention to when buying:

Welding: Functional clothing with reflective material should be as close to the body as possible, light and seamless. It forms the first layer of optimal running gear. It ensures that the moisture is reliably carried away from the body and transported outwards. However, you should refrain from using natural cotton. For cotton sucks the perspiration like a sponge and inserts it into its fibers. The consequences: the clothing sticks to the body and the runner begins to freeze. The situation is different with the so-called "functional fibers" of the sports industry. These include polypropylene, polyamide or polyester.

Heat: The second layer of the functional clothing has the task of isolating the heat released by the body. This means that body warmth should remain on the body rather than escape into the cold winter air. This is the only way to keep the jogger warm during longer runs. For this purpose, a lined fleece jacket is suitable.

Protective shield: The outermost garment while running has two functions: it protects the weather from the outside, which prevents the cold coming from the outside to the body. On the other hand, the material must ensure removal of the body weld. This garment is typically a light, yet cold-repellent running jacket. Here too, the sportswear industry is waiting with a wide range of innovations that fulfill both functions reliably. The best-known examples are Gore-Tex fibers, which block off external influences such as rain, wind and snow, and are at the same time breathable.

Whether your own clothing is suitable and warm enough for a winter run can be easily determined by the following rule of thumb: A safety vest and training outfit should be chosen for an outdoor temperature, which is six to seven degrees warmer than the current one. In the first steps in the open, the runners should be slightly chilly.

Elche will use reflective clothing and accessories for the staff

Poles, flip-flops, high-heeled boots, sports and protective footwear, shirts, pants, anoraks ... Municipal workers must have adequate safety clothing and, for this, the City of Elche calls for tenders, normally every four years , A contract for the acquisition of work clothes destined to the personnel attached to different municipal departments. And now it is when it touches again to contest this procedure, which will assume, as the base bid price, a maximum outlay of 568,000 Euros over the next four years.

The purchase of work clothes, both summer and winter, as well as various supplements will be for the various municipal brigades, personnel Urban Mobility and Local Police, a disbursement that a year will amount to less than 142,000 Euros, according to forecasts.

At the time of its award, the composition of the reflective fabrics or materials used, the treatment, washing of the garment and cleaning of the garments will be taken into account and the number of washes for which indemnity is guaranteed must also be indicated. Companies that attend can choose one, several or eight lots in which the contract has been divided.

The successful tendered also undertakes to take particular measures and sizes of each of the officers, taking into account the different sizes of men and women. The costume delivery will be requested during the months of February of each year and must be delivered within a maximum period of 45 days. In addition, each package shall include the name of the official to whom it is intended.

As examples, the contract includes the provision of 390 light blue short-sleeved polo shirts, 400 short-sleeved T-shirts, 505 elastic pants, 60 anoraks, 40 water boots, 15 first-aid flip flops, 14 pot stock shots or 51 clogs Sanitary type, to cite some of the articles. However, it is in providing the Local Police with their uniforms and accessories to perform their functions where more money is intended. In fact, it is planned to supply 300 multistate trousers, 33 specific for bikers, 425 mono-colored poles, 80 caps or 40 jackets, to give some examples.

In addition, there are 100 whistles, 25 protective covers, 25 carrier cases and a police badge, and a few other safety-latching hooks, shackles, gun covers, defense sprayers, chargers, transmitters and raincoats And reflective vests, among other elements. In principle, the clothing lot for the Local Police is the highest of the eight lots, with a bid price of 75,000 Euros.

Councilor for Human Resources, Jos Perez, explains that this type of procedure is habitual and that when the contract is terminated, it should be withdrawn, as in this case to equip the staff, from the cleaners, to the first responders. Even if the pledge is damaged or there is a justified incidence, the public contract also contemplates the replacement; it does not take four years to replace it. The deadline for submission of tenders is 10 April and the most economically advantageous tender will be awarded on the award criteria.

New technique of footpaths with reflective tape

Claudio Cumberer, general director of Transportation of the Municipality of General, said in Radio that "it is important to mark the pedestrian path by reflective material in this area, to guarantee the effective access of people entering with an emergency."

"We paint the yellow and safety lines, as well as the pedestrian path and it is an excellent job that the entity is doing," he added.

Cabrera celebrated the installation of new taxi stands, such as the entrance to the MAR Museum, and said that "we are doing a survey to re-mark the bus stops that in some corners ends up being very confusing."


Intending Carlos Fernando Arroyo valued the work carried out by the Municipal Vehicle Entity in the area of the Private Hospital of Community and emphasized the "seriousness and professionalism to be able to finish an integral work in an area of much vehicular circulation and people." This happened today when supervising the closing of the work carried out by the Department of Traffic Engineering, belonging to the Entity of Roads and Public Lighting (EMVIAL) in Crdoba between Juan B. Justo.

In this sector, speed reducers were placed, the horizontal and vertical demarcation was made, the conditioning of the pedestrian paths and parking docks with concrete.

In this context, Arroyo in safety clothing said: "This is the fulfillment of an old promise between the Municipality and the Private Hospital of the Community. Today, we were able to concretize this work which is fundamental because all know the complexity of parking and movement, in addition to loading and unloading, in this place. "

Arroyo then said that "this Hospital is wonderful because of the number of staff it has and the services it provides, it is a place of maximum movement all year round. This work was required and we are managing to do it. We have replaced the 'donkey's back' that had been made by the previous administration by a modern system, we have placed - in one part - a system of signaling of the most modern in the world consisting of a rubberized layer that can even be used In adverse weather conditions ". The mayor was accompanied by the General Director of Transport, Claudio Cabrera, the councilman Patricia and the director of EMVIAL, Pablo.


On the other hand, a multinational company based in our city carried out a pilot test for the demarcation of the pedestrian path by placing a polyurethane demarcating tape with mesh and bituminous glue, a system that replaces the traditional demarcation with hot paint.

In this regard, Pablo Simony, president of the Entity of Roads and Public Lighting (EMVIAL) explained that "we are very happy because we are innovating with technology in Mar del Plata. Today we are placing two types of footpaths: one that we do with hot paint, as was usually done by EMVIAL and another with reflective tape and adhesive that grabs any type of substrate. This has no cost to the Municipality. From this, we will analyze what is the fruit of this new technology that we bring to Mar del Plata and that makes us very proud. "


Finally, Nicolas Gonzalez, administrator of the HPC, said: "This is very good because there is a circulation of almost 5,000 people who pass through the Hospital daily. For us, traffic, traffic, signage and parking were all a mess and complexity. The dock, parking control and signage have worked very well. We observe a very clear and clear change in the circulation that for us is fundamental. We are grateful for the efforts made by the Municipality. We have facilitated everything to have a better transit and a better and safe circulation of the people ".

Police in safety vest for concert with strict security measures

How does it look in front of the Eden Hall? The Depeche Mode concert accompanies stringent security measures. More polices in safety clothing for this concert to keep fans safety. The concert could become an easy target for terrorist attacks. After Monday's attack in Manchester, the security agency tightened the rules for entering Eden.

The British Depeche Mode concert in Eden is accompanied by increased security measures. This is the case in connection with Monday's attack in Manchester, UK.

"It's almost as if Sparta fans are coming to Salvia, not a music band," one of CTK's visitors saw for the passing police officers, and the fans of yellow and green reflective vests dominated by police and medical staff.

At the concert, visitors could only take A4-size luggage. Entrance to Eden was accompanied by thorough checks. Because of an attack in Britain, security at the concert in Prague will be strengthened, the expert says.

Attending the concert is the presence of up to 20,000 British band fans. According to experts, Eden could easily become the so-called "soft target" for terrorism. Its better to wear a safety vest to keep safety. The same number of people were in the Manchester Arena, where American singer Arianna Grande performed on Monday night.

A man without safety vest occur accidents

Just a few hundred meters away from the house, bike tire exploded and the man without safety vest crashed head against a concrete pillar, as witnesses say.

Man, father of two children, one in July and another nine years, could not be saved by doctors. Terrible scenes took place Friday night on a street in Sector 6 of Bucharest.

Man, without any safety clothing, aged 44 years riding his bike and had only minutes to get home, where he waited for his wife and two children. Witness: "I was on the balcony; I heard a bang and saw him falling. He crossed a lady with a child, they called an ambulance, took a few seconds a car in reverse."

Witnesses say an explosion at the front tire of the bicycle made man losing his balance and pushing against strong pillar of electricity.

Witness: "He fell down and could not do anything; tire blew and hit his head. He came to SMURD, they resuscitated 40 minutes."

He suffered a serious wound to the head, and doctors could not do anything to save it.

Cristina Incur: "Prior to the fatal impact, the man was not wearing reflective vest or helmet. Furthermore, bike he was driving was not a common one, but one equipped with a special motor." Police will now know under what circumstances the accident occurred.

Police in safety vest know that drivers have no idea

From time to time, the traffic police in safety vest from habit to check drivers if the car first aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning triangles. While this may seem trivial, it can complicate things at a certain time because many drivers do not know that the fire extinguisher and medical kit date. Because, let's face who looks at these details.

Most drivers buy their kit, put in the trunk and hopes not get to use it again.

"I was stopped by the police and I have asked, in addition to documents and the verification of periodic technical inspection (PTI) to show and first aid kit. I quietly removed it and I showed it to the traffic police in reflective vest. But when they checked my feet were soaked. Perishable items, to speak, had exceeded the terms of validity. So I got 5 penalty points and a fine of 300 lei ", told an amateur driver 54 years of Arad.

Even if this case occurred some time ago, the question at issue is a constant topic at national level for traffic police. So it is better to make sure in advance that you are legal with wear safety clothing. A medical kit price is about 100 lei and a fire extinguisher around 60 lei. Open your eyes not open the wallet!

Police wear reflective vest when handle a case

The man who has become the protagonist of the fact is a 32 year-old Nigerian.

At midnight yesterday, the men of the State Police wear safety clothing - Commissariat of Faenza - intervened for a request received from Pope John XXIII community workers who had found a car in the parking lot of the facility. On arrival, a facility operator signaled the fire of his car and the obvious damage to the vehicle used by the community, both in the car park.

Police officers immediately identified the presence of 32-year-old Nigerian E.C. who, immediately under personal search, was found holding a reflective element lighter in the jacket pocket. The man, charged by the cops, confessed he had burned the operator's car because he had prevented him from entering the facility.

In fact, it turned out that the 32-year-old had no title to be hosted in that community, in which, among other things, he had repeatedly had problems with other guests due to his intolerant and violent attitudes.

He was also arrested two days ago by the military of the Faenza Carabineer Company for injury and resistance to the Public Officer, forcing three soldiers to go to the First Aid Room for several bruises. Also on that occasion, the military had intervened at the reception facility at the request of the operators who complained of Nigerian episodes of intemperance.

E.C was arrested by police officers who wear reflective vest at Faenza's Commissariat for arson, continued aggravated domicile and aggravated damage. The man spent the night in the Security Cells of the Commissariat and, at the disposition of the competent Judicial Authority, was brought into jail in Ravenna today.

Cycling and hiking wear reflective clothing

This weekend will be the occasion to take out the bicycles stored since last summer, and to concretize the good resolutions taken at the beginning of the year. Indeed, this Saturday, May 13, in partnership with the Cycle-club which wears reflective clothing of Lambert and the ADAV, the municipality organizes the 5th edition of the cycle-family.

The children who wear reflective vests of the elementary schools of the city, together with their families, are invited to share the experience of a ride of about an hour by bicycle in procession through the streets of the city and secured by the Cycle-club. The route will be punctuated by cultural stops in the neighborhoods.

The appointment is given at 10:00 am, 335 rue du Bourg, on the courtyard side of the Louise-de-Betonies school, for a departure at 10.30 am. This event, supervised by members of the Cycle-club, requires On the part of all, including parents, wearing the helmet and the safety vest.

The next day, the Cycle-club organizers with safety clothing made the 22nd edition of the Gent-Lambert. Departures will be made from 7 pm of the room of the Pre-flowered, accessible by the avenue Clemenceau or the street of the Carney, for routes of 15, 30, 65, 85 or 110 km.

Municipal Police in Bialystok distributes reflective vests

Dozens of reflective vests went into the hands of Bialystok cyclists. Another Municipal Police in Bialystok will deal on Friday.

- A very large group of accident victims road pedestrians and cyclists, or vulnerable road users - says Joanna in safety clothing, a spokeswoman for the Municipal Police in Bialystok. - Therefore, it's about their safety should take care especially. During a collision with another vehicle driver you can count on airbags or seatbelts. Pedestrian and cyclist do not protect anything.

Reflective vests will at least see them from afar. Therefore, the municipal guards decided to take matters into their own hands and take care of security cyclists. On Thursday, each encountered on their way cyclist received safety vest. –Elements reflectors are an excellent form of secure visibility on the road - adds Joanna. - There are still undervalued and often is they save lives unprotected road users.

The cyclist injured last night without safety vest

A cyclist was hit by a car last night! Husband of 49 years is traveling the bicycle without it to be flagged accordingly and without wearing the safety vest. The driver who swerved left and struck noticed.

The victim was taken to an ambulance and taken to hospital in Novice, explained Andrew Lazar in safety clothing, Gory county police spokesman. Moreover, before leaving the road, the rider had consumed alcohol.

Now, the rider is hospitalized. He suffered several injuries and will remain under medical supervision. Fortunately, his life is not endangered. Such accidents occur frequently on roads in Gory because cyclists do not realize the danger when they go out on the road without having signaled bicycles and reflective vest especially at night. Cops make an appeal to all road users to move carefully.

Keep safety on the road: colorful safety vest

It will get crowded on the roads this Thursday for the long Christmas weekend. Take precautions to keep your safe, wearing a safety vest is a good choice.

Thursday, December 22

- Do not leave Paris after 11 hours and major cities, 15 hours and 20 hours. (Green)

Friday, December 23

- Do not leave Paris after 11 hours and large cities between 15 hours and 20 hours (orange)

- Avoid driving on the A7 southbound from 12 hours.

Saturday, December 24

- Avoid leaving a large city between 11 and 16 hours (red)

- A practice driving "soothed" in heavy traffic on A6, A43, A40 between 10 hours and 13 hours.

Monday, December 26

- Avoid leaving Paris between 11 and 15 hours,

- Avoid driving on the A43 between 12 hours and 19 hours on the A40 between 14 hours and 19 hours.

In the direction of returns: Monday, December 26

- Planning a return to Paris until after 15 hours or 20 hours.

Practical advice

Prepare your departure: Check the condition and operation of your vehicle, especially the tires and their pressure. A well maintained and well-tuned vehicle is a guarantee of safety. It consumes less (up to - 10%) and therefore pollutes less (up to - 20%).

Make sure of the presence in your vehicle, the safety vest with reflective tape and warning triangle pre-approved. They are mandatory in all vehicles since October 1, 2008

Think about the additional equipment: safety vest, squeegees and brushes; bulbs, fuses and spare flashlight, very useful in case of failure.

Bring a "supply kit" : Have your vehicle warm clothing, gloves, blankets, water and something to eat for long journeys, or if the vehicle prolonged immobilization.

During the trip: Adjust your speed to the circumstances and extend significantly the safety distances , especially in rain, snow, or when temperatures are negative or close to zero.

Stay informed of traffic conditions and advice provided by professionals in the road information (variable message signs, GPS navigator, radio information messages) or takes a break to visit the website or mobile application Traffic monitoring. If anything happen, police in safety clothing will help you.

Safety vest for cyclists in South France

Safety vest for cyclists in France: safety vest for cyclists in France are required already since last year. Not only help that safety vests for cyclists in the south of France, to avoid accidents involving cyclists, is already beyond dispute.

Now approaching the autumn in Provence, and in southwestern France with big steps, the weather, and thus the visibility and traffic conditions are bad. Reason enough, the cyclists, the bicycle holiday in the South of France want to draw attention to the obligation to wear the safety vest again.

Cyclists without risking vest in southern France not only health or life, but - on public roads in France a toll caution second class of 35 €! The approved with the marking of the EC must vest according to the regulation that comes as a guide to the West, in poor visibility - night or day - carried by each cyclist outside of towns.

Autumn has in many regions of southern France, as in the Rhone valley, in the Massif Central in Alpine regions and parts of the Pyrenees and the Aquitaine, the first vigorous fog episode. Anyone who has seen the often impenetrable fog once that waft especially in the morning or evening hours through the countryside who understands quickly to mind the West duty in southern France.

The objection of certain cyclists clubs or associations that this cycling would be less attractive, similar to the argument that the Oktoberfest in Germany at the end either because you are not allowed to drive a car after drinking alcohol. Cycling in Southern France is very interesting, the show tens of thousands of southern France-tourists and wheeled very impressive.

The aim of the measure in terms of safety vest for cyclists in all regions of France was the safety of cyclists - one of the most vulnerable groups of road users - to sustainably increase. That safety vests for cyclists are by no means unattractive, the French show even own fashion shows for safety vests and safety clothing, see picture above.

Tested and occupied again and again: The reflective safety vest increasing the visibility of the cyclist at day three times, at night by five times than that of a pedestrian without vest.

Reminder: Since July 1, 2008 in France is also the carriage of a safety reflective vest and a warning triangle compulsory in all motor vehicles. If one of these two objects in the vehicle, so a flat penalty of 135 € will be charged. Checks and penalties are also made since October 1, 2008. Anyone who is planning autumn holidays in Southern France, please note the valid traffic regulations.

New routes for pilgrims

He was thinking that the road "is a dangerous spot for pilgrims" the territorial detachment of Caldas da Rainha GNR is suggesting some alternatives to pedestrians with safety vest and vehicles do not travel in the same way, arranging paths, as well as safer, are shorter in distance.

Pilgrims coming from the West region are faced this year with an innovation provided by the GNR, issuing leaflets and bookmarks with alternative paths and safety advice. On the ground, fifty military focuses on strategic points of passage and provides guidance to the faithful on the way to the shrine of Fatima. "When moving vehicles and pedestrians at the same time we must be very careful to avoid accidents," stressed the detachment commander of Caldas da Rainha, Captain Ana Vaz, noting that often "people walk less attentive." As part of operation "Safe Pilgrimage 2012", taking place at national level on April 28 to May 13, the various positions of the detachment were distributed 100 leaflets and 100 markers to deliver to the groups of pilgrims. "They give some advice to make the route safe and refer to routes where there is less traffic and are an asset, because the route is less," said the head of the GNR. It is not possible to follow up step by step in each group of pilgrims, the GNR placed in "key sites", so that "there is visibility of our presence for vehicles traveling". The GNR fail is "policing proximity" to patrol the area, being attentive to other possible occurrences. "The pilgrims feel safer and are surprised how little new this year. They have shown interest, and thank liked," said Ana Vaz, satisfied that so far have not been registered any accident, although it is expected to move higher in the faithful coming days. The detachment also has contacted the parish priests of the region, to inform the groups that are expected leave on pilgrimage. "The parents are important to help in the dissemination of security advice, and we will meet with them also to sensitize them to pass messages to other older people, because of scams and robberies. They are things that people neglect but through pastors masses and can reach more people and warn them, "said the commander. Alternatives are pointed Obidos two paths alternative. Anyone who drives down the national road just off the A8 So Mamede, the sight of a tunnel under the highway, you can take the path on your left to the village of A-da-Gorda and later by a municipal road to Obidos, instead of the national highway. In the medieval village, the GNR suggests that between the walls of the castle, past the street right and the GNR, to exit the Castle walls, down to the level crossing, followed then to the right, in Couple Avarela direction and Bairro da Senhora da Luz until Caldas da Rainha, rather than go through the busy en8. ADVICE "Whenever possible choose roads with less traffic. Avoid the main roads and complementary. Walk Indian row, always by the berm, as far as possible the range of the shooting and in the opposite direction of traffic," advises the GNR in brochures distributes. Another recommendation is to use, whether by day or night, the reflective vest. "This way is to become visible to all motorists," he says. The beginning and end of the group should be flagged, and when they stop to rest, it should do so as far as possible the carriageway. Cross the road must involve special care. Avoid walking alone, be carrying identification, do not wear headphones or radio, do not carry excess cash or wear jewelery valuable are other councils. I follow my son. The difficulty is in the legs and feet. We walked all parties. It is the first time that we came with GNR . I feel like that is a journey safer. I like to see the GNR. " Victor Jorge, 46, Ferrel (Peniche) "I'm barefoot for a promise I made at a time when they had no work and life got more difficult and I said if he got better and ten times the Fatima barefoot. It is the first time as well, but I went 18 times. The family joins me. it communicates the GNR. GNR is what came to us from Ferrel and accompanies us. it is another security. Motorists have another respect, because it passed us and pretended that were not anybody, just beeped. now loose and let them pass. " Zelia Fidalgo, 38, Ferrel (Peniche) "Now I'm a regular pilgrimage for several years, in May and October. I've been monitoring my cousin, who made the promise. We usually take a day and a half, but as more people spend more time. In the past we had a police motorcycle in spots, but this year is with us from home. it gives us a much greater safety, because people have no car and no respect when they see the pilgrims seem to still do on purpose and whistles, speed, and do not enjoy any case of those coming on the road. So there is a connection, because they come more slowly. it was good that this service was monitoring every year. Even just a military, as the uniform, was a safety clothing. we do not have roads conditions for pilgrims. this year we also learn alternative paths through the GNR. saved us at least two kilometers. And we've got another suggestion for October. "

School medical service at Schaffer School has proven itself

32 students in safety clothing have to be trained to first responders and are always ready for use in an emergency.

Since the autumn holidays the school medical service at Bad Sacking bushel school is actively in use and has proven itself in the meantime. 32 pupils from the classes eight to ten were still cared for according to a communication from the school by the responsible for this Area Secretary Maria Merle from the German Red Cross, Ortsverein Bad Sacking, prepared in twelve lessons on the service and be of her.

In exchange are daily four students together with a teacher at the school in readiness to make, if necessary, on-site first aid and quickly, if necessary, be able to notify the emergency services. This rapid alerting the young rescuer is possible, stands at the school a special radio system available. From several places in the school building and the sports hall of the assistants and the relevant accompanying teacher can be radioed so directly. They are then usually in less than a minute at the scene. Their use here is not limited to the school day, even at school events such as sports events, they are ready.

Both the cost of training the school paramedics as well as for the procurement of radio equipment was taken over by the Association of Friends of Schaffer Gymnasium.

Equipped are the paramedics with a provided by a health insurance available medical service school bag that is filled with inter alia all necessary dressing materials. Also, a safety vest and lots of useful information are included. The aim, says Michael Nether, district manager of insurance company Barer GEK-Wald shut, also other students like to the first-aid service be made.

These meet weekly with the students, thereby to discuss, for example, the expenditure assignments and the knowledge of First Aid refresh again.

By training to school paramedics the pupils are able to provide a fast, proper first aid to injured people. At the official launch of the campaign on Schaffer school, all participants in reflective tape on clothing were in agreement that this is also an important contribution to health care and accident prevention will done and the sense of community and social commitment would be strengthened, it says in the statement. In addition, the students, to take responsibility for others, which also boosts their self-confidence and team spirit promotes learned.

Drivers in the Liberec region dressed in protest reflective vests

Dozens of drivers in the Liberec region today, sat down behind the steering wheels of their buses in a reflective vest. Announced that the politicians: We have enough competition on the low price, we do not like situation in public transport. The orange and yellow vests rode today on the roads, most bus drivers company bus line in Jawbone. The local trade unionists in late September announced a strike alert and called for the fight against dumping 'in public transport and low wages drivers. If the problem does not begin within a month to act are ready to go on strike.

At the same time today, the unions have brought to the Ministry of Transport Materials for the tender for bus services in the Hradec Kralove Region with a request that the tenders were more taken into account other parameters, not just the lowest price. "In all those Folders nothing about the chauffeur," said Chairman Jawbone basic trade union bus line George kitchenette. Today protest orange vests, according to him supported on the 4000 drivers from across the country. "Reflective vests dressed drivers in eastern Bohemia and in many other places. Even many of those who actively did not join the protest, but expressed support us," he added.

Unions protest by kitchenettes pushing for the creation of a working group in cooperation with the regions and the government to develop a reflective uniform methodology according to which list each region then competition on the public bus service. The tenders would be one of the key conditions of compliance with the minimum wage for drivers.

This corresponds to 100 crowns per hour. Need bus drivers in Jawbone by taking kitchenettes now 72 crowns per hour, per month, while earning around 22.000 to 23.000 crowns gross, but only at the cost of tens of hours of overtime. According to a survey ČTK wages of drivers in the majority of transport companies in the Czech Republic under the average wage. Trade unionists call for a revision of contracts, which was the sole criterion of the lowest price, and calling for dialogue at the level of the union, regional authorities and company management.

I can now choose the region by criteria other than price, said Transport Ministry spokesman Tomas Enfold. An adjustment methodology tenders will be representatives from the ministry of trade unionists to discuss further. But he also said that it is the Ministry of Transport, who sets specific tenders for the operation of its bus lines, but the region.

In addition to the Ministry of Transport intend unions next week to address even the Ministry for Regional Development which is in charge of the tender, adding kitchenette. Eyesore drivers are particularly tender for public bus transport, which in September announced the Hradec Kralove region.. There was the fact that we zastropovali wage to some 120 crowns, which I think is outrageous. Ceiling someone that you may earn just enough, but not to think that cannot go home for beggars cane, it seems to me from the councilors of the Hradec Karloff region as very arrogant, "he added.

Wearing safety clothing today by the kitchens drivers across the country have shown that they are able to agree and act together. "All those who today wore a vest, they are ready to go on strike, some are even so upset that called for it, hastened to strike," said kitchenette. Now it's time to act, according to him. Politicians give union members a month, and then they are ready to declare a strike.

Reflective tape is essential for pedestrians and cyclists

It is the proposal to improve transit through the street. There would arise a pedestrian crossing and drive for bicycles or since cyclists are allowed to move new technical sidewalk along the Canal Fredonia. It was built under renovation trough.

Although it is not a classic bicycle path, because it allowed for a movement of pedestrians, cyclists can easily meet there. They should wearreflective tapes on clothing to make them visible. They feel safer there than going to and from the center of Gdansk busy Tract St. Delbert. The problem is that the way they said sidewalk intersects the street. Suburban - the busy street that connects among others Orinda upper with Orinda and further from the city center. Within an hour can ride there almost 3 thousand Cars. Some cyclists do not care for it and pass the road as if it were part of road cycling. Meanwhile, priority is given to their cars that cyclists should pass or get to located approx. 30 meters further crosswalks and bike perform that way. On the road it is sometimes so dangerous. Often, drivers are forced to brake suddenly. The problem already described the first year before.

On the road it is sometimes so dangerous. Often, drivers are forced to brake suddenly. The problem already described the first year before. Cyclists: it will be safer there may yet change. Gdansk Cycling Campaign reported to the Citizens Budget for next year project to improve safety, which includes, among others, a number of reconstructions on the existing cycling infrastructure. The project won the primaries vote took place during the Great RIDE Bike June 14, 2015 on. One of the improvements included in the project will be the demarcation of pedestrian with safety clothing crossings and a bicycle ride on the conflictual intersection. Cyclists and so that way can ride, do not introduce anything new. But we want to improve their safety there. In addition to the painted lane markings also want to set the mirrors and reflective material, which improve the visibility of all those who move there - says Michal Bait of the Gdansk Cycling Campaign. It also has a Yield sign appear of way to cyclists.


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