The new design reflective jacket

At this time of the year you can only better protected against cold and wet weather. Moreover, there is a new version of the ordinary Hot Pack. Rain and cold the past few days were ideal for the Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket test (130 Euros). The safety jacket does what it promises and that is first and foremost protecting against rain. The droplets slide as the jacket off and the waterproof zipper and taped seams ensure that no leakage of fluid. You will feel more wetness by your own sweat, because the temperature in the Hot Pack can soar despite the breathability.

'Stretch' is another asset of this jacket. The stretch panels at the back and elastic cuffs ensure that the jacket closely. The jacket is rather small. At the front is quite short, at the back it is sometimes longer.

The Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket is predominantly white, with black and red accents and reflective elements. It is easy to fold and fold into a pouch sewn with drawstring for a convenient stowable scoop. With its 130 grams, it is also very light to carry. For much quality you obviously pay a price.


In addition to the stretch version is still the ordinary Hot Pack, one of the best-selling raincoats in the market. In 1999 Sportful came up with the first Hot Pack on the market, a compact jacket against the rain and wind. Persistently test and refine brings us now to the 5th version of this lightweight guardian. This time the back was extended a bit to prevent splashing water, there was a reflective strip back to better stand out, there were fewer seams, some leakage of water prevents even better, and were sleeve closures made longer with an opening thumb to stop off even better the wind.

Hotpack is a compact jacket with a minimum of weight (79 g) and a maximum of protection. Schoeller NanoSphere fabric it makes it water repellent. Wind has no chance: 100% windproof and with an extra high collar. In addition, it has an excellent breathability. This is further enhanced by the extra vents on the back. The integrated bag back immediately serves as a storage pouch. You put him away in your pocket at the outbreak of the sun, or commencing the climb.

Hot Pack 5 is available in the reflective material jacket (85 Euros) and cardigan (70 Euros), and in black, white and fluorescent yellow. Specifically for women, the fit was adjusted. A fluorescent yellow version for women is now. Besides Hot Pack 5 have already a family.

Jacket with reflective tape that keep you safe

The Dutch supplier MACNA was working for twenty years on products for pilots. After Mood jacket with reflective tape, his new jacket Ivy RL was designed for women who ride every day on a motorcycle or scooter.
Featuring a straight cut, Ivy RL is constructed using tissue abrasion resistant and weatherproof membranes. Inside, the RL Ivy has a removable thermal lining in fine weather. The Ivy RL is more compatible with the new heating vest MACNA range. Practicalities aside, this jacket has two large side pockets. Finally, in terms of security, Ivy RL includes safeguards elbows and shoulders CE approved, and a housing for receiving a spine. This model is also equipped with reflective strips on the sides and front of the jacket. These "Side Eye" bands are invisible by day, but a reflective after dark.
The Ivy RL jacket is also available in a version by MACNA entirely of reflective Night-Eye technology. This version is available in anthracite. This version of Ivy RL combines discretion daytime high power night vision. Old crap snake legislation, wearing reflective equipment has become mandatory under certain conditions, from 1 January.
jacket features MACNA Ivy RL

Soft Touch material
Waterproof and breathable membrane Reinter
Removable winter lining
shoulders and elbows CE protectors
housing for receiving a dorsal
Reflecting device Side Eye
size adjustment system
Prepared to receive a heating safety jacket
Sizes: XS to XXL
Colors: black, beige or anthracite Night-Eye

Lahemaa the eve of tomorrow's marathon Mart Riemann tells safety and give recommendations

September 6, will take place again in Lahemaa Marathon. The competition provides an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to test themselves on sterling. The event is open to both professionals and amateurs.
The main organizer, Mart Riemann with reflective element, welcomes the Movement for the Year 2014 to all my fellow countrymen: so those who plan to undertake a serious competition, as well as those who simply wish to spend a nice day and its fun, and its ability to test the row to come.
Sea must be respected, says a seasoned sailor. The sea has a million faces, the mood. Every day is a unique special. Tomorrow will be no false aerutamismaratonile is expected this year, good weather, which makes this passage easier. Safety is the key word, which can never be over or around the marine context.
We asked the main organizer, an experienced paddler, Riemann Mart, even before tomorrow's marathon recommendations and share tips and answer some questions.
How has this year secured a marathon?
Lahemaa region is one of the most interesting meresstasiduks north and Kirkkonummi in the bay can be considered safest bay in Northern Ireland. The event is hedging Africa fugitive from justice Intentional Rescue Association and the Estonian Volunteer Marine Rescue Lake and the 10-boat. Sea Rescuers have attended training courses and trainings in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the UK. Marathon is realized paddler and sea rescuers common interest. Marine rescuers interest in the competition was a real pstmiskogemuste securing the acquisition of a real opportunity to see the accident, not only the consequences of the deal and save.
It is probably also the biggest around here paddler and volunteer marine rescuers concentration and integration. How often do you think kaatrifriigid that kayaking is a pointless exercise, here are various reasons a large part of the sea rescuer managed to both short and long journey kayak attract. Some even have a voluntary sea rescuer Finland paddle.
Do you recommend people rely on the safety boat or take a personal responsibility?
Despite the security team is, however, important to the security of each competitor himself, and to think about the equipment. It is known that in addition to security also important competitor launches a personal contribution to security. All participants must be able to swim and must also know how to behave in the event of a rollover. All competitors must wear a safety vest and wrapped in a waterproof cell phone (this does not need to be waterproof bag phone just makes waterproofing a security tool - a condom).
What would you recommend to wear marathon tomorrow?
In order to have an enjoyable and memorable kayaking experience to dress so that it would be warm when wet still. It is important to prevent cotton. Since the weather during the marathon has predictably warmed, there is no sense in them too thoroughly wrapped. Tomorrow's weather fit well with shorts and sandaaalid or kalipsosussid. It is always wise to something in the water and wind resistant and certainly spares clothes. As a safety vest is obligatory, it also keeps safety vest quite warm. Sea is necessary to protect from the wind and sun hat. One can also think of sunglasses.
With the weather tomorrow is allowed?
Did the information has yet to be reviewed tomorrow, but there is going to be good weather warnings not. Tomorrow will be cloudy, the visibility mostly good, South, southwest wind 3-9 m / s.
How to choose the distance?
If 24 km is too much for the opportunity to participate in a shorter 9 km Pedassaare round. Be honest with yourself and take the appropriate distance capabilities. 24 kilometer distance is required after the 12 km kayak
come out and Mauls Island drinking a bottle of run. This is good
sirutusharjutus kayak because driving legs and hips tend to be stiff.
Who is expected to participate in what must be the people's physical preparation?
In order to participate in the marathon does not have to be every day working out. If prior to paddle at all, the marathon is not painful turn. Sstavistlustel are frequent situations how respectable gentlemen with elegant beer stomach aerutmmetega young and muscular mehehakatised leave behind. Paddling is a big part of techniques but a good athletic form, excellent stamina technique can compensate for the shortcomings.
Please share more tips and recommendations with regard to safety?
1. Watch carefully over your marine equipment. The injection is in good condition, wearing a life safety jacket, and certainly to the pump. Smart is also possible to take with paddle float.
2. Polishing your driving techniques and skills. It is advisable to do all year round. Learn more experienced. Attend training for weeks at sea. If possible, take part in some professional training.
3. Take the water to the mobile phone, which has a waterproof bag (waterproof bag if did not want to buy a security tool also helps a condom). If you have a choice, take the keys to the cell phone, because smartphones mostly through the waterproof bag will not work and the water is being awkward to handle.
4. Before the marathon adjustable pedals carefully, look at the sea, and over the starboard mentally prepared to be fixed at 24 kilometers.
5. Paddler slightly inclined forwards and leans not on the seat back. This helps to maintain a better balance and better implement your strength.
6. Feel free to paddle a wave or slightly diagonally. Keep the injection constantly in motion, since moving into a better direction and keep the wave the same time better controlled. This applies particularly to the rear - the wave of the event. The more waves of baptism to keep the kayak, it is safer to fly. For the purpose of moving a larger wave along sikksakkjoont.
Upwind stones after note that the wave carries you to the stone (s) closer, and you can either drive into a stone or a stick klglainesse side against the rocks.
Stay away from possible murdlainetusest. Murdlainetuses upper water layers move faster than the lower one, and here is the risk of rollover. Usually, such a place in either low or submerged rocks, which increases the risk even more. If murdlainetuse passage cannot be avoided, it must pass through the possible transverse wave.
7. Try to feel the sea, because the kayak paddler moves the light and the interaction of the sea.
8. Although it is a competition notice the people around you. Go for help when someone needs help. Despite the fact that it is well secured a marathon, not always winning the main target. This last is one of the most important points.

Firefighters coverall made of reflective fabric

l Three years ago, the county Department of fire and rescue (SDIS 64) launched a study on the protective suit against the fire of his firefighters with reflective fabric. After two years of testing in different centers fire and rescue (CIS) department, the first held, responding to regulatory changes, improving personal safety of firefighters and providing better comfort use were delivered in July.
Tuesday, October 7 is from the rescue center Mourned / Arty, captained by Joel Prod man, Lieutenant Colonel Ararat, head of group general means, came to the presentation of these outfits front number local councilors and the deputy chairman of the SDIS 64, Michel LaTourette.
"We were asked that our expectations for protection, comfort and efficiency comments Humid Raga firefighter in Mourned rescue center, with some of his colleagues, had worn the new uniform for this presentation.
Exit dark blue, red square, decorated with reflective tape, "much more visible in all circumstances", after the Colonel. Second change, this new outfit is composed of a shorter jacket and pants amount, allowing a better ease in the squatting position. It is lighter and sorting complex layer allows evacuation of water, so heat.
Many small practical details, passersby for inches that prevent the handle back, reinforcements at the back and shoulders for comfort when the firefighter carries the breathing apparatus, a front pocket to the dimensions of the new radio stations portable, two large pockets on the legs to put the material, two rings on the safety jacket to hang the gloves and harness passes for fall protection kit.
The interview was also thought. The quality of the fabric, seams and reinforcements gives an average life of tracksuits about 8 years, against 6 for the old. The washing protocol no longer requires re-treatment product and 25 washes are guaranteed. "Its d is therefore a long-term investment. This outfit meets our regulatory and practical issues, while coming within a controlled budget, "said the colonel Ararat.


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