Duties of a local police in safety vest

Local police in safety vestduties are diverse: from ensuring public order and to check traders and fine drivers who violate certain provisions of the Highway Code. Advocate inventoried the most important tasks of local police, so you know you can help police in the area where you live, but you can avoid abuse from them.

According to Law no. 155/2010 regulating the activity of local police, local police responsibilities in six areas:

- Public order and peace

- Circulation

- Discipline in constructions and street

- Environment protection

- Economic activity

- Population records

Public order and peace

Local police maintain public order and peace in areas is ascribed, including in the vicinity of the schools public of the public hospitals, in car parks and in commercial areas and recreational parks, squares, cemeteries also in other public places.

The law forces him to participate with authorized institutions to rescue and evacuation activities of persons and goods endangered by natural calamity or disaster, and limiting and removing the consequences caused by such events;

He also should identify the beggars, the homeless and children deprived of parental care and supervision and to entrust the public service of social assistance to solve their situation further.

Local police are the ones who ensure that owners of aggressive dogs or dangerous (as considered the breed pit-bull, Rottweiler, dog Argentine mastiff or Caucasian Shepherd) they comply with all obligations they have opposite raising and caring for them, the skills to sanction offending owners.

Also, local police are the ones who establish contraventions and apply sanctions for non-compliance with laws on social cohabitation, for the facts established within the area of ​​competence.

Local police can give fines road

In the field of public traffic, local police have precise tasks under Article 7 of Law no. 155/2010, like those of road police. When exercising powers of movement, local police agencies must be equipped in a manner similar to movement of traffic police agencies. Specifically, they must wear a specific uniform, and depending on the season, will wear over uniform with reflective vest or short, which is imprinted logo "local police", and helmet with white cuff.

According to Law no. 155/2011, local police have the right to establish contraventions and apply penalties for violating legal norms concerning the stopping, standing, parking cars and trespassing.

The basemen, they have the right to impose measures to remove the vehicles illegally parked.

Local police can give fines for violating traffic rules and statutory maximum allowable mass and access to certain sections of the road, with the right to carry signals to stop the drivers in reflective jacket of these vehicles.

In addition, agents of the local police can ascertain contraventions and apply sanctions for breaching the law on the movement in the pedestrian zone in the residential area, in parks and recreational areas, as well as parking adapted, reserved and signaled through international sign for people disabled.


The cyclist injured last night without safety vest

A cyclist was hit by a car last night! Husband of 49 years is traveling the bicycle without it to be flagged accordingly and without wearing the safety vest. The driver who swerved left and struck noticed.

The victim was taken to an ambulance and taken to hospital in Novice, explained Andrew Lazar in safety clothing, Gory county police spokesman. Moreover, before leaving the road, the rider had consumed alcohol.

Now, the rider is hospitalized. He suffered several injuries and will remain under medical supervision. Fortunately, his life is not endangered. Such accidents occur frequently on roads in Gory because cyclists do not realize the danger when they go out on the road without having signaled bicycles and reflective vest especially at night. Cops make an appeal to all road users to move carefully.


Glow in the Dark Cycle Path with reflective element

A new pilot project with reflective material will have to improve safety on dark paths within the municipality Utrecht Ridge 'ecological'. For this project opened executive Gerri public space (SGP) and Hank traffic (CDA) last Wednesday called a "glow-in-the-dark cycle in Hong Kong.

,, To see if this new way of illuminating works we have the bike path that runs along the track between Main Street - about Mansion and Willis - chosen as the location. It is a distance of 800 meters at which a special glow-in-the-dark lining is applied, "says Alderman Gerri in safety vest.

TAG specially made road markings will light during the day and radiates light in the evening and at night again. On this bike path is chosen only an enlightened middle stripe. Previously, we made sometimes use special reflective eyes or reflective material, but that was never snow slide resistant. That will this material should be, "says Booze.

Safety whether the new lighting method actually will contribute can’t guarantee the alderman to feel safer. It is of course intended to improve safety, since you yourself as a cyclist can orient better. For road safety it is therefore fine, but if it promotes social security is still questionable, "said Bonze who wants to depend on the judgment of the experiences of road users.

Substantial step forward, before we left the stripes on the application cycle, there was no lighting at all, as there are for this piece, namely no good alternatives, "said Booze that this method already looks like a big step forward.

POLICY the municipality of Utrecht Ridge for public lighting policy plays a role in the hitherto lack of streetlights. The municipality wants to be a carbon neutral municipality in 2035; therefore the municipality wants the years to halve the energy consumption of public lighting. The proposal is to use lights or alternative forms of marking places where this is necessary from social or road safety. We are currently working to address the lighting inside the church and go places include fewer lampposts in the outer regions. If this pilot project succeeds, this method in those locations might also be used. "According to the councilor, the use of this lighting method is also advantageous in maintenance and operation. The costs are significantly lower than the installation and maintenance of public lighting, regardless of which that option from ecology is not desirable, "says Booze.

Evaluation since it is a pilot project, the force at a later point in time will be evaluated. According to the councilor there in the Netherlands little to no other similar projects has been to draw a conclusion. So I dare not say what will be the outcome in advance. Of course, we will still go and see in the future, including the users and the Cyclists in reflective vest. "


Be fines without a safety vest

Snackis on Twitter by Olle Goops parking ticket:

Olle Goops fines at Mantorp after careless with the safety vest has become a hot topic.

The driver received a fine of SEK 3 000 after they discovered that he had no vest.

- Do you have driven 37 000 races without a vest then you need not be so fussy, I think, says Olle Goop.

Travelodge profiles on Twitter have responded that Olle Goop received 3000 crowns in fines in DD-1 at Mantorp having failed to put on the safety vest.

"Please say it is not true that the O Goop received 3000: - of fines for driving without a safety vest ... to follow the regulations, but rhyme or reason?"

"Got Olle Goop fined 3,000 for driving without a safety vest? More expensive than speeding, "writes the journalist and blogger trotting Lennart Persson.

"He will be reminded"

Kirk Pettersson, officials at Mantorp, explains that since January 2012 is required to wear a safety vest in the races. During an inspection Monday evening showed that goop does not bar the West.

- In this case, had not Olle Goop it. He was reminded of it when he would go out on the track. Olle Goop said he had been there, go past it and get a pat on the shoulder. Ekipage inspector did not think he had the safety vest on him. But some have thin armor, so he wanted to check again.

Staff urged Olle getting to rig the inspector, but he went by.

After the race went down to the inspector check if Olle had a jacket.

- Then it turned out that Olle had no jacket. Therefore, he is now a punishment, he said.

Is it always 3000 crowns in fines when you have no protector?

- In this case, he got as much as he tries to avoid the check and lie twice. We think that is not fair. Normally it is a B misdemeanor and it is based on the first price, then it can be from 900 SEK to 2000 SEK. Even Daniel Reden was fined yesterday for not been wearing a reflective material safety vest, but he got less in fines as he went and put on his vest.

Is it common for neglecting?

- At Mantorp we have discovered that neglecting each time we have a check of the vests. We have controls virtually every racing and almost every race, we have found someone who has not had safety jacket. This time we had three controls; two drivers were not backed west. Most people use, but unfortunately it seems that there are some who have not wearing the vest. Some say they forgot, it's a little different excuse.

- It's a bit strange, because it is for their safety. It feels like the younger coaches have no trouble with this; the elderly have little harder to accept. But it is possible that I am wrong, says Kirk Pettersson.

"Given me a reprimand"

Olle Goop takes the citation with roses.

- I had forgotten the vest. Well, it was better if they had checked them all then? They did of course not. Do you have driven 37 000 races without a safety reflective vest, then you need not be so fussy, I think. The staff could ever have given me a reprimand that I would wear it next time only.

- It is clumsy, with winter dress and this over. I ran with it all the time, but it is worse, for sure. I was actually a little surprised that I was fine, he says.


Keep safety on the road: colorful safety vest

It will get crowded on the roads this Thursday for the long Christmas weekend. Take precautions to keep your safe, wearing a safety vest is a good choice.

Thursday, December 22

- Do not leave Paris after 11 hours and major cities, 15 hours and 20 hours. (Green)

Friday, December 23

- Do not leave Paris after 11 hours and large cities between 15 hours and 20 hours (orange)

- Avoid driving on the A7 southbound from 12 hours.

Saturday, December 24

- Avoid leaving a large city between 11 and 16 hours (red)

- A practice driving "soothed" in heavy traffic on A6, A43, A40 between 10 hours and 13 hours.

Monday, December 26

- Avoid leaving Paris between 11 and 15 hours,

- Avoid driving on the A43 between 12 hours and 19 hours on the A40 between 14 hours and 19 hours.

In the direction of returns: Monday, December 26

- Planning a return to Paris until after 15 hours or 20 hours.

Practical advice

Prepare your departure: Check the condition and operation of your vehicle, especially the tires and their pressure. A well maintained and well-tuned vehicle is a guarantee of safety. It consumes less (up to - 10%) and therefore pollutes less (up to - 20%).

Make sure of the presence in your vehicle, the safety vest with reflective tape and warning triangle pre-approved. They are mandatory in all vehicles since October 1, 2008

Think about the additional equipment: safety vest, squeegees and brushes; bulbs, fuses and spare flashlight, very useful in case of failure.

Bring a "supply kit"  : Have your vehicle warm clothing, gloves, blankets, water and something to eat for long journeys, or if the vehicle prolonged immobilization.

During the trip: Adjust your speed to the circumstances and extend significantly the safety distances , especially in rain, snow, or when temperatures are negative or close to zero.

Stay informed of traffic conditions and advice provided by professionals in the road information (variable message signs, GPS navigator, radio information messages) or takes a break to visit the website or mobile application Traffic monitoring. If anything happen, police in safety clothing will help you.


Safety vest for cyclists in South France

Safety vest for cyclists in France: safety vest for cyclists in France are required already since last year. Not only help that safety vests for cyclists in the south of France, to avoid accidents involving cyclists, is already beyond dispute.

Now approaching the autumn in Provence, and in southwestern France with big steps, the weather, and thus the visibility and traffic conditions are bad. Reason enough, the cyclists, the bicycle holiday in the South of France want to draw attention to the obligation to wear the safety vest again.

Cyclists without risking vest in southern France not only health or life, but - on public roads in France a toll caution second class of 35 €! The approved with the marking of the EC must vest according to the regulation that comes as a guide to the West, in poor visibility - night or day - carried by each cyclist outside of towns.

Autumn has in many regions of southern France, as in the Rhone valley, in the Massif Central in Alpine regions and parts of the Pyrenees and the Aquitaine, the first vigorous fog episode. Anyone who has seen the often impenetrable fog once that waft especially in the morning or evening hours through the countryside who understands quickly to mind the West duty in southern France.

The objection of certain cyclists clubs or associations that this cycling would be less attractive, similar to the argument that the Oktoberfest in Germany at the end either because you are not allowed to drive a car after drinking alcohol. Cycling in Southern France is very interesting, the show tens of thousands of southern France-tourists and wheeled very impressive.

The aim of the measure in terms of safety vest for cyclists in all regions of France was the safety of cyclists - one of the most vulnerable groups of road users - to sustainably increase. That safety vests for cyclists are by no means unattractive, the French show even own fashion shows for safety vests and safety clothing, see picture above.

Tested and occupied again and again: The reflective safety vest increasing the visibility of the cyclist at day three times, at night by five times than that of a pedestrian without vest.

Reminder: Since July 1, 2008 in France is also the carriage of a safety reflective vest and a warning triangle compulsory in all motor vehicles. If one of these two objects in the vehicle, so a flat penalty of 135 € will be charged. Checks and penalties are also made since October 1, 2008. Anyone who is planning autumn holidays in Southern France, please note the valid traffic regulations.


Caring more about road safety with safety vest

Since Thursday, a radar speed sign was installed avenue of Paris, an initiative of a group of insurance, also contributing to an awareness campaign for students in reflective vest of a school in our city.

This insurance company also contributes to the awareness and road safety by providing the various cities and towns of a radar speed sign.

"This action is part of an educational framework; barometer developed by our company demonstrates in fact that the rate continues to be excessive in urban areas. 52% of drivers have a sense of insecurity in the city and 46% of them report regularly circulate at 65 kilometers above the speed limit, "said Celine at the reception at the Town Hall.

Joel noted "The city is very attentive to the safety of citizens."

Support Assistant the public space recalled the various arrangements made with the installation of speed bumps trays and various facilities for cyclists in safety vest and cyclists (more and more) without forgetting prevention at the school gate.

Mr. Lefebvre noted "The city will be able to better understand and analyze the speed and adapt its actions to improve road safety."


addition a poster campaign showcased their agency, and Pascal Vincent, in cooperation with Axa Prevention offered educational booklets in the series "The Adventures horn" to students the kindergarten and elementary school Laennec.

Playful and educational works designed by Axa Prevention in partnership with Michel Education.

Another gesture insurance agent, high visibility vests for pupils of the two aforementioned schools.


Active Seniors in safety vest familiar with the road safety

Listens Pleszew University of the Third Age learned how to safely participate in traffic .Bank Cooperative in Pleszew gave them a reflective vest.

Police handed a large dose of information the Audience University of the Third Age, who came to the Police Headquarters a meeting in the framework of "I saw, and I heard...?”.

Head of the Department of Prevention encouraged observing what is happening. He urged that in the event; call the toll free number 997.

- By phone and inform the dispatcher commands that something happens, cause immediate response patrol police in safety vest - Thanks to avoid danger, maybe we can help many a man in need - he added.

With the favor of Cooperative Bank they received reflective vests. Marketing Tomasz handed all reflective vests, which are designed to improve road safety .Bank Cooperative also sponsored calendars, pens and leash. The vest with reflective tape can be useful when riding a bicycle or walking.


Police in safety vest let people be considerate on the road

The turn of November and December is a dangerous time for all road users. Changing auras forces the techniques of driving. Unfortunately, many drivers forget about it. The police in safety vestcall for caution and common sense. Inappropriate speed for road conditions may be the cause of the tragedy.

Prevailing in our country today weather makes road conditions are getting very volatile, more treacherous and dangerous to both vehicular and pedestrian. Therefore, the traffic police are appealing to all, both for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, with particular care and consideration.

Many drivers, it seems that the roadway is black and dry. Meanwhile, it may already be przymrożona, and therefore slippery, and in such situations, the wheels lose grip easily. Let us remember that in many places the road surface combined with rain, and often have the snow, increases the braking distance of the vehicle, in extreme cases, control may slip and you do not control the car. Overtaking in such conditions, overtaking, cornering can be very dangerous. Drivers should wear reflective clothing and remember to navigate the road with lights and obey the speed limits, and when the weather conditions are worse, to slow down the principle that the slower means safer. We call for it to not charge, think, and anticipate threats.

Especially need to be careful in depressions, on slopes, close to forests and water reservoirs - roadway there may be particularly slippery. Take extreme caution in the vicinity of pedestrian crossings. Also be careful when approaching them. When a pedestrian enters the passage control car cannot slow down.

A special appeal is also addressed to pedestrians not to enter directly in front of an oncoming vehicle. Even at a pedestrian crossing, make sure that the control has time to slow down. Of course, this pedestrian has priority on the passage, but here the principle of trust as the most applicable.

Each pedestrian and cyclist should also be aware of their safety and ensure that, in order to be visible. Vest, pendant, bracelet, or even a simple flashlight will make moving around the dimly lit road will be more visible to oncoming drivers. Reminder: from 31 August 2014. Every pedestrian who is moving after dark on the road outside the built-up area must be placed in a reflection visible to managers. It is true that traffic regulations do not impose an obligation to use reflective vest and reflective elements in the built-up area, but to a large extent they improve visibility. They give drivers valuable time to make a proper response - often saving life and health.

This period is also dangerous for motorcycles managers, who increasingly use their machines to late autumn, and even throughout the year. Adverse weather conditions affect the reduction of tire grip to asphalt and even seemingly harmless fall when you try hard braking can be fatal.

Let us remember - permitted speed during heavy rain or snow, or when frost does not always mean safe speed!

You should also be aware of the right and a legitimate use of the fog lights and daytime running lights (art. 51 of the Act "Law on Road Traffic").

An additional difficulty in this period (not only for drivers) is often worse mood. A bad mood can affect the reaction speed and concentration, which should also remember moving on the roads.


Tourism: wear a safety vest to visit a factory

Industrial tourism is booming in France with 13 million visitors in safety vest last year. Logically, "Le Guide du" has launched a "company" edition.

A sign that this new form of tourism comes out of anonymity, Le Guide du has decided to reference 450 in a new volume. Besides, there are not only impressive and highly mechanized factories: 90% of the proposed rides are rather traditional SMEs, such as cheese dairies or soap factories.

France inter has already taken you this summer behind the scenes of the airport, visited every year by nearly 4,000 curious. This time, the editors chose the plant in Seine-Saint-Denis. Neighbors, curious or enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers, for a year the company proposes to put on a yellow reflective vest and a helmet to visit a place usually closed to the public.

Tourism and transparency

The supply of industrial tourism is very dense. Today there are more factories opening their doors than museums in France! 5,000 sites are discovered, and this has positive effects. First, reassure the neighborhood, sometimes worried, but also offer a better image to the general public. There is also a financial advantage, entry is rarely free and, for more craft enterprises, the creation of a souvenir shop and some reflective material accessories is a new source of complementary income. According to a study by the Ministry of Economy, an industrial tourist buys 2.5 times more a product after having seen its manufacture.

If you would like to know the list of companies open to the public, you can go to the portal of the company visit.


Volunteers in safety vest: New edition of free zones

Two free zones were organized this Saturday in Charente-Maritime. The principle: on a day, we wear reflective clothing lay down what serves us more and we recover what we need. The aim is to raise awareness about the re-use of objects.

The union organized this Saturday two free zones in Charente-Maritime, one in Royale, the other in Saint. This is the sixth edition in the department. A free zone is like a flea market or an empty attic except that there is no transaction, no exchange of money or barter. During this day, everyone gets what he wants and gives what he wants. The one who comes empty-handed can also leave with business.

The objective of these days is to raise awareness of re-use and the fight against waste, because many objects are thrown away at the waste dump when they can re-use. Volunteers in safety vest help to deal with the things. According to Merle, communication and prevention manager, "it is impossible to pick up items at the waste disposal center, it is prohibited and dangerous, so we thought that organizing free zones could raise awareness So that they could see that the objects they no longer needed served others."

According to the mixed union, re-use and repair make it possible to avoid 13 kilos of waste per inhabitant per year.

"An extraordinary idea"

In Saint, among the people who made the trip in this free zone installed in the multipurpose hall, there is Jean who comes for the first time. A friend told him about the concept; he has a hard time believing it: "I find this extraordinary idea, it questions me and I am curious so I come to see if it is true". And that's true, Claudine can confirm it. She has come for three years to recover "what she needs and no more". Claudine arrives with a list a head, this time she searches for children's books and clothes.

Next to the room where all the stuff is gathered, the clothes, the books, the knick-knacks, there is a line of cars and people who come to lay down what they no longer want. The young woman "loves the zones of gratuity". She brings every year the things she does not need any more so that they have "a second life" and then she goes to hunt for her and for her children.

To manage these free zones, on each site, there are about sixty volunteers, all in fluorescent reflective vest. The associations are integrated into the project because they want to make them known. According to Merle, "It is to tell people, the objects you get here; you can buy them all year round in solidarity shops at very low prices."


The procession in safety vest of the Saint-Nicolas under surveillance

Security will be increased at the parade of St. Nicolas, the City did not wish to question. On this occasion, the reflective materialand human resources have been revised upwards.

Despite a binding, the town maintains and claims the feast of St. Nicolas, a cultural event inseparable from Lorraine.

This year the arrival of St. Nicolas and conduct of the parade will be under high security. Additional protective forces have been mobilized, with three agents of the municipal police, six policemen, and the presence of the Red Cross.

The event will follow its usual organization with the public rally, up from 17 h 30. Career At the entrance of the square will be installed security gates funnel to perform a systematic visual inspection of people and especially the bags. These are municipal agents, equipped with a yellow safety vest, which will be empowered to audit. "Security is everybody's business," says Christine, Director General of services.

Everything is implemented to protect spectators and participants of this festival so popular with children. It is a fireworks show that will open the festivities, fireworks about fifteen minutes, started from the church of St. Nicolas. The patron saint will appear on the balcony of the Louis school. Then join the mayor, to the keys of the city, in the presence of the sub-prefect, Jane. Once the wisdom of St. Nicolas of recommendations made to the children, it will begin the parade through the streets of downtown. Also for safety reasons, candy will be distributed from hand to hand by volunteers framing tanks and groups on foot.

Is expected, also, cut traffic in the city center from 16: 30 pm, and accompanied by the release of parking spaces with reflective tape mark on the square career, at noon, Saturday, December 3. "When you make a gift, it is not revealed in the price," said Allan Marques.


Workers in safety vest for developing "Yamanote Line"

After midnight, workers wear safety vest removal and installation work of the splitter and the rolling iron machine under yellow lighting has been made.

Midnight rehearsal

 After closing, museums and accept the special visitors at night, that night tours such as the aquarium is calling topic. The daytime bustle of another world, hushed fantastic atmosphere is it he popularity.

 In that sense, there is no one was discarded quite a train station after leaving the last train, I think.

 That night, was around the other 21 o'clock when I arrived at the Yangon Central Station. Lost people of the signs, the outer wall of the cream that emerge dazed in darkness lit by light is fantastic, there was even somewhere romantic.

 Patter ..., up the stairs while listening to the echoing awfully on the premises of their footsteps was silenced, across the line 3 of the platform.

 While feeling gloomy air of mid-May, which was ahead of the rainy season entering the verge is from clinging to the skin, and are walking silently down the line, from the front, Khan, I heard the metallic sound and low motor sound that Khan.

 Band of light is shaking to wobbling. When I approached, it was found that it is the reflection of fluorescent tape affixed to the reflective vest.

 A man who was wearing a helmet is about 30 people, moving around briskly. What to say, even with the "1, 2, 3!” It is more and more removed the concrete sleepers with shout. Order must finish the work by tomorrow morning, everyone, and it seriously. Under the light of a yellow fluorescent lamp, glowing and sparkling eyes of men.

 After a while, beside the gravel called basket full of ballast comes carried one after another, one man swung up a big hammer with the whole body, and began driving the Inukugi to sleepers. Is also not mistyped once, in the figure to continue waving silently hammer, the voice of admiration rises from Japanese to watch the work.

 The first section will be built in the UK in 1877, which has been placed under the governance of; after independence also extends from the point of view of the minority measures and national unity have been repeated Myanmar railway. However, track maintenance and repair, or for the updating of the facility has not been almost done, in recent years, not only the loss or delay of speed, are also frequent accidents such as derailment.

 In particular, the current situation where electrical interlock device to control the traffic signals and the turnout required for the safe operation of the train have been used over the useful lives, not only interfere with the train scheduled service, great even in the safety of the plane problem's.

 Based on this current situation, Japan in March 2014, for about 140 kilometers between the Yangon Central Station and Pyuntaza station, train central monitoring equipment and train for a unified grasp the position information of the train is operated automatically when approaching with to develop a railway crossing automatic warning device in grant aid, it decided to renovate Yangon Station signal system.

 Along with this, sequentially and one of the branching unit were divided or different line a line or crossed, rolling iron machine to change the route from January 2017, it was supposed to be replaced.

 To say that, because we cannot stop the train during the day, to carry out the work is limited to the time until the first train runs from out last train. So, one set the current of the device, in order to try to measure the time required for the installation actually removes it again, night work wear reflective clothing at the beginning was supposed to be done.


The compulsory yellow vest for two motorized wheels

Like motorists, drivers of two or three wheelers will obligation from 1 January 2016 to have on board a yellow safety vest, according to a decree published on Sunday in the Official.

Officially called "high visibility vest," "Reflective vest" or "fluorescent jacket" by some, this accessory will be within hand drivers of "motor vehicle with two or three wheels or a quadricycle engine, without fairing.”

"They should dispose of them or in storage of their vehicles (net, trunk) and wear the reflective vest when they come down from their vehicle after an emergency stop, to improve their visibility," says Decree.

Mandatory since 1 July 2008 for motorists - like red triangle - the fluorescent yellow vest, complies with the regulations in force (CE marking), must be endorsed by the driver before leaving his vehicle in case of immobilization on the floor or its surroundings after an emergency stop.

Violators will incur a fine of 11 Euros if no jacket on board, 135 Euros if they do not carry the following emergency stop.


Road safety: how to remain visible on foot or by bicycle when the night comes down?

When night falls, pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable. The workers without a safety vestcan’t be seen clearly when the light is dimly. The winter season is almost half the pedestrians killed last year, and accidents involving cyclists are increasing. Preventive actions are carried out.

Visible up to 150 meters

Retro reflective stick strips on the schoolbag children or in the back of cycling proves particularly effective. Beyond 30 meters, an individual having these stickers continues to be visible up to 150 meters.

It is also essential that the bikes are visible at night. For this, the lights should be installed. A danger retractor can also sit on the motorbike so that motorists take more distance to overtake the cyclist. Finally, it is advisable to wear a reflective vest.


Two wheelers: the compulsory yellow vest

From 1 January 2016, the bikers will have to hold them or in storage their vehicle a high visibility vest, commonly referred to as "yellow vest" or "safety vest".

In case of emergency stop, they should wear it at the descent of their two or three wheels to improve their visibility. Compliance with this requirement may be checked by the police and fined by a contravention of 1st class for non-detention and 4th class in the case of not wearing the reflective vest as a result of an emergency stop (11 Euros for the absence of the jacket up to 135 Euros if it is not worn in case of emergency stop ..

Reminder: the night cyclists riding off or agglomeration day by poor visibility should carry with them a fluorescent safety vest certified with CE mark on this one. The possession of this retro-reflective safety vest is mandatory for all motorists.


Shining examples of safety – reflective vest

60 safety vests received the Max Metzger School from ADAC, 1c the class she has hastily tried.


It is a tradition that the ABC students get to their school entry by ADAC reflective vests, which should make the children on their way to school right now, in the dark winter months, to traffic visible.


On Thursday it was again: Karl Heinz Renner, Chairman of Motorsport Club (MSC), brought a thick package with 60 copies of the yellow- and orange-colored vest in reflective material with the Max-Metzger-school past.


At the children and especially their parents, it is now to ensure that the security of the West using the initial joy is also part of everyday journeys to school outfits, such as the MSC Chairman remarked. They went for Renner to the school, where he also the first graders "their" West brought; last week the action has already taken place.


That's to do with breakdowns on the highway

The engine stutters, the car will slow down the other cars race past a. Those who remain are on the highway, must be careful. What to do now? Reflective accessory and safety vest can help you.

The important thing is that you do not panic and act rashly. Remember that the car does not count on the highway with pedestrians and go much faster than in the city. With these tips you can master the next breakdown on the highway.

Step 1: road users warn

Once you realize that their car is something wrong, you should turn on the hazard lights to warn the traffic behind. Should also the hazard lights have failed, you need to draw attention to them by raising hands. This should take if possible the passenger.

Step 2: Walk from the kerbside

Control at the first signs of a breakdown a suitable place to stop, if possible, a breakdown bay or regular parking. Who is not able to get there, must be the vehicle on the hard shoulder, but in any case leave as much as possible at the right edge of the roadway.

Step 3: The safety vest is mandatory

Once the vehicle is stationary, you should wear a safety reflective vest. If the situation allows, you can first get out and they create there. As of July 01, 2014 in Germany, the requirement to carry such applies. "However, we recommend carry additional west, so that passengers from a distance can be seen leaving the car," explains Kurt, President of the German road (DVW).

"Most important, exit the vehicle on the passenger side and embark directly behind the guardrail," says Kurt.

Step 4: Set up the warning triangle

If all occupants of moving traffic in security secure the vehicle from: Place the warning triangle with reflective tape at the right edge of the roadway on. On motorways there should be 150 meters ahead of the broken-down vehicle are positioned so that the following road users sufficient time to adjust their driving behavior accordingly. Offer guidance delineators that are placed every 50 meters.

Step 5: call roadside assistance

Or you call the breakdown service. Many drivers use her phone. It is important to convey the exact breakdown location and direction of travel. Per GPS on the navigation device or smartphone to people can easily locate.


Karl Lagerfeld promotes safety vests

"It's yellow, it's ugly, it matches anything," said the German fashion designer describes the safety vests that you have to carry in France from July in the car. But because they save lives, Lagerfeld supported the action and clips itself the fashion sensation through.


France has been able to fashion German Karl Lagerfeld persuade them to promote safety vests on the road. "It's yellow, it's ugly, it matches anything, but it can save lives," said Lagerfeld, who for the presented in Paris on Wednesday educational campaign even plated areflective vest.


Motorists in France must have a safety vest with reflective material and a warning triangle in the car in July; October a penalty of 135 Euros is payable if the police caught a driver without. The government wants to end the month with billboards and radio spots on the new regulation carefully.


Provide ADAC warning vests to ABC guards

Historic racing club in the ADAC is committed to the ADAC Foundation "Gelber Engel"

. Somewhat unbelieving, but also very curious, the ABC shooters, the 25 first graders of the State Elementary School " Ephraim Lessing" on Tuesday morning, when the director of the school, opened their eyes to an important meeting in the foyer of the school Together. Did they even "eat" something, or what was? Of this entire nothing! Only guests had come to the ADAC with Thomas Roth, Chairman of the Historical Race Club. In ADAC, and Brigitte, Member of the Board of HRC, who had brought something with them? Luminous yellow and orange reflective vests from the ADAC were the ones which they handed over to the children and which immediately covered them with glowing eyes.

Seeing and being seen is a very important moment in road traffic and on the way to school in the coming dark season, according to Thomas Roth, who handed over the ADAC warning vest to the ABC shooters to take the starting shot for the safety challenge for schoolchildren of the ADAC in the district Has.

"Every year 30,000 children under the age of 15 are killed in traffic, often because they are not seen or too late. To prevent this and increase safety, children on the way to school should wear reflective clothing such as Wear a safety vest. For this reason, the ADAC "Gelber Engel" Foundation is conducting the security campaign for schoolchildren for the sixth time. It thus makes an important contribution to the traffic safety of children ", can be read in an information material of the ADAC. Thomas Roth emphasized in the warning vest delivery to the children: "To be seen comes on! Through thereflective materialof these safety vests children are seen well in the dark from a distance of 140 meters. If the clothes are only light, they are perceived from a distance of 40 meters. Darkly dressed children can recognize a driver in the spotlight only 25 meters before - too late to stop in time. This is exactly what we, the ADAC and the association, want to change with our commitment. The key to the success of this action, however, is that children also wear safety vests. Parents and teachers should therefore pay attention to the fact that the children wear these vests daily.

”When it came to the distribution of the safety vest, there was of course excitement and big eyes among the children. The West had to be tried at the same time and the schoolchildren proudly introduced them. They already look sharp, the warning vests with the luminous symbols as well as the reflective stripes at the front as well as at the back and on the hood, which let the children shine from afar. But the West was not only dashing, the children felt great in what they saw their bright eyes. And when every one of the first years got a balloon from the ADAC, there was a lot of fun, because you can do a lot.


Police wearing safety vest are seized half a ton of cocaine

LO Agents of the National Police wearing safety vestand the Tax Agency have arrested last Tuesday in the Mediterranean, a merchant ship with Tanzania flag carrying about half a ton of cocaine on board. The four crew of the ship, all Turkish nationals, have been arrested and brought to justice. The criminal organization used the so - called Oriental, which have been taking significant seizures of hashish in recent months.

In the course of various investigations related to drug trafficking and smuggling of knowledge acquisition in Rotterdam (Netherlands) of a merchant ship by a criminal organization that sought to move a significant stash of narcotics in the Mediterranean Sea had.

The actions carried out by the Tax Customs Enforcement Agency and National Police, coordinated by the Center for Intelligence against Organized Crime -CICO-, helped identify and locate the merchant middle of last August in waters to the Kingdom of Morocco. Of the investigations and police patrols made on the vessel it could deduce that at that time had already received the burden of drug intended for introduction into the European continent.

After obtaining the authorization of the Tanzanian authorities, national flag merchant, and the court investigating the case, the ship was boarded on the 2nd, 13 nautical miles north of the island, with the participation of two patrol crews Customs officials Andalusia and UDYCO Central Police.

Cocaine hidden under meters of chain in the tank anchor

Initially, officials of the National Police with reflective vest and Customs Surveillance who made the approach found no drugs, but evidence confirming suspicions that the vessel could be used to transport narcotics. This prompted the transfer of the ship to the Port of Cartagena to make the entry and search of the vessel in the presence of the mandatory judicial commission.

Late on Wednesday, customs officials and police officers involved in the registry found hidden under meters of chain in the tank ship anchor ten packs containing about half a ton of cocaine. Each of the bales wearing a life jacket, reflective tape and were wet, indicating that they were anchored by another ship until collection by the intercepted vessel.

The four crew members of the merchant, all Turkish nationals, were arrested for their alleged involvement in a criminal organization and drug trafficking. The intervention vessel is a merchant of 59 meters long and 9 meters wide, with provisional registration of Zanzibar, Tanzania, and whose owner is a holding company.

The drug as detainees, the ship and the police inquiries go today available to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 2, Alicante.

The operation was conducted by agents of Galicia Section of the Central Narcotics Brigade General -UDYCO Central Police Station Judiciary-, Narcotics Group of the Commissariat Cartagena, the UDYCO Velez Malaga.


Safety for children

In the front of the Second Precinct, oversight of school transport sector, at which time recommendations for the safety of the children were given, was performed. Not only let children wearing reflective vestfor enhance their visibility. The school bus must meet a number of basic requirements, so you can be current and mobilize the smallest of home, plus the role of parents is essential, since they must be fully aware of what is required and when opting for a service or other, opt for safety for their children over all things.

The Commissioner of the Second Police Station, Mayor Moraga wearing safety vest, said regarding the audit in the commune "is performed with the goal of delivering security for all children who are transported daily in the commune and its surroundings; Before this issue is critical that parents and guardians are informed of the measures to be taken to perform optimally busing.”

As watchdog and educational role to publicize the measures to be taken both carriers as well as parents and guardians to exercise adequately the busing within them are that at the time of vehicle audited one logo with which it is established that they have the requirements as enrollment in the National Register of School Transportation, drivers should have professional license class A1 or A3 and safety conditions as strobe light or retroreflective tape on both sides, or a fire extinguisher. In addition, parents have a fundamental role to enforce aspects as travel time not to exceed one hour, maximum capacity allowed for children or two adults who attend if they go more than 5 preschool children.


Reflective jackets are compulsory from 1 July

Dusseldorf. From July 1, applies in this country, the high visibility vest compulsory. It heard as in some other EU countries, a reflective vest in each vehicle. As this information has apparently not yet widespread, because every fourth driver has not yet been the safety vest.

From July 1, a reflective vest requirement also applies in Germany; it must be present in every vehicle a safety vest. Shortly before the deadline, however, know 42 percent of drivers still unaware of the new regime, as evidenced by a recent survey of the portal "deals.com".

Although Of the more than 2,000 respondents own three-quarters of female (75%) and two thirds of male car owners (69%) alreadysafety clothing. However, more than one in four still has to be retrofitted (28%).

One reason for the poor interim results could be that 41 percent of respondents consider the safety vest unnecessary.

This could, however, soon revenge, because who from July 1, has no safety vest in the car, which may be a fine of 15 Euros will be imposed. And who bears at an accident no safety vest, who even risked his insurance coverage.

Available are the red, yellow or orange vests, which are mandatory in other EU countries for years on the Internet from two Euros. But many gas stations have safety vests. But beware: The vest has the standard DIN EN 471 or EN ISO 20471: 2013 match.


Cyclists, shine with reflective tape!

Because in cycling, see and be seen is simply vital, A little bike in the head and the Association for the Development of Public Transport (ADTC) organized yesterday a major awareness campaign throughout the agglomeration, with the support of the Metro. Employees and volunteers were well placed on bike paths in strategic locations. "Many cyclists have no lighting or security equipment such as safety vest or reflective tape, says Isabelle, a volunteer at the ADTC. We explain to them why it's dangerous, while offering bicycle clips, reflective vests and coupons to buy powerful headlights. "

Effective action is an opportunity to remember that regulations require the presence of light and a reflector at the front and rear of the bike, not to mention wearing a fluorescent jacket with reflective tape at night outside built.

L initiative is certainly well placed with the first question, such Linsay: "Generally, I pay attention, but it's true that now I have nothing. I am even more conservative than urban development is not always safe for bikes, as the Berriat course where the bike path ends on a curb! "


Automotive: New toll to motorists in safety vests

One hundred employees of the PSA plant promised to close, once again motorists wearing safety vests at highway toll Sunday night organized by a journalist of AFP.

This toll belongs to the Sanef operating company, "which the Peugeot family is a shareholder," the CGT, at the initiative of this event.

Similar action was taken by 200 employees of PSA Friday and even toll has raised 1,800 Euros, according to the union.

"This is a time when people return weekend, they are also employees and will be facing unemployment. We want to educate as layoffs, it covers all workers," he told AFP Jean -Pierre Mercier, delegate CGT PSA.

According to the union leader of the factory, "one can only rely on the employees of mobilization force to push back the bosses".

Dressed in fluorescent yellow reflective vests with inscriptions denouncing the closure of their factory, protesters unfurled two large banners "No to the closure of PSA" at the toll barriers on the A1. Some employees hold polls to collect money from motorists and others distributed leaflets and reflective tape with promotional words.

"They are quite right, if they do anything that does not move and more for us motorists toll free, we will not complain," he told Kevin, 27, from Compiegne.

The operation, which took place peacefully without the intervention of police forces, began around 7:15 p.m. ET ended around 8:30 p.m.

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