Motorcyclists against the law of use of safety vest

This afternoon from 17:00, members of different groups and independent motorcyclists will be concentrating in the Castaneda of the city. In addition, they will carry out a protest against the measures that will be implementing in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and that would be replicate in the rest of the country, which will force motorcyclists to wear safety vests and helmets with the motorcycle's patent.


On March 9, in a joint action between the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the national government, announced that in 90 days motorcyclists will be required to carry the patent on the road printed or engraved on the helmet, both the driver and the passenger. While the latter, in addition, must use a reflective vest with the domain.


This measure has already been implementing in the province of Buenos Aires since 2014; they are carrying out even more extreme regulations, such as prohibiting two people on board of a vehicle with these characteristics.


According to the authorities, these measures "will have an impact on the reduction of the accident rate because other vehicles will be able to recognize motorcycles at a distance.” In addition to being a palliative in favor of the fight against crime as "the last years grew steals with motorcycles, reaching 60 percent of crimes committed in some provinces."


Eduardo Perez president of the "Grouping 2 Wheels" of Commodore announced to El that this afternoon from 17:00 on the Castaneda downtown "we will meet all the clubs and independent motorcyclists groups of yellow vest with patent number and helmet with patent number.”


Perez stressed that "this call will be in almost all cities of the country, today all motorcyclists in the country are against this law, and we invite the entire community to support us in this claim."


Boiled chicken to the menu Telethon

This is a family that has just walk for the Telethon, well equipped reflective vests, and lamps

It is gone, the program is completed, and reservations open for lunch Telethon this year, Saturday, December 3, where the boiled chicken is on the menu (preceded by Japan beads and accompanied by stuffing, rice, then cheese, salad and dessert, appetizer, wine and coffee for € 12, € 6 to 12 years). Remember to bring cutlery (soup plate, cutlery and glass). The evening will be hosted by a young singer wear reflective clothes came from the Gers, accompanied on accordion and singer Piaf... and his own compositions. The Baladours, who have previously supervised the march of hope, not fail to go to their catchy choruses.

Note that the march of hope will leave this year (new: parking the industrial zone, near the fence of the railway, road Oursbelille). € 3 walking, 2 € the glow stick, remember lamps, safety vests and good shoes (route across fields partially appreciated in recent years). On Oursbelille, the bus will take you to the starting point in Bazet between 17 hours and 17.45.

And sometimes on the road, sometimes across fields, the arrival will be at Oursbelille.




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